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Found 10 results

  1. Mysterycat

    Is Trixie good or bad?

    Trixie was bad when she first appeared but does she turn good or is she a bad guy? I'm asking this because some people think she's good and some people think she's bad.
  2. This is my third SFM poster staring every pony's' favorite pony Luna fighting her dark side for control of Equestria. As always looking for opinions and whatever else you want to say.
  3. A Black Circle

    Good vs. Evil

    Welcome to... GOOD VS. EVIL This was a highly popular game on another forum I was on, so I've started to remake it here with some minor changes. Each game starts at 50. Each poster can either increase, or decrease, it by one. Evil wins when the number reaches 0, Good wins when the number reaches 100. You can post either Good, Evil, or Neutral. Neutral posting keeps the number at whatever it was previously, and the next poster increases/decreases said number by 1 + however many neutrals before. Here's an example: FlinchCat: 55 Time Shield: 54 Chikorita: 54 Time Shield: 52 Or, let's say there were many neutrals: FlinchCat 55 Time Shield 54 Chikorita 54 Time Shield 54 Chikorita 54 FlinchCat 59 See? But there is ANOTHER mechanic: The Magic Word. Each day, I randomly generate 1 magic word, and keep it secret. The next person who uses that word now has their posting power increased by 1. So, if the magic word was Grape, and Chikorita happened to say Grape randomly, he would now Increase/decrease by 2. Their neutral also counts as 2 neutrals. There is no limit to the amount of magic words you can have correct. Score tally: Good: 0 Evil: 0 People with increased posting power: None so far. I will start at 50. Good luck!
  4. OK, I'm going to go ahead and admit something. I don't believe in morality and I don't think it has an existence. I think that there are "Right and Wrong" Choices in the sense that you shouldn't do that if you were told not to, but not "Right and Wrong" Choices morally. I also don't think that "Good vs Evil" exist. because of everyone's different opinions and view points on life. So basically, I don't believe in Morality or Good vs Evil and I don't think it has an existence. I know this makes me sound like a heartless bastard, but I do have feelings. I just don't believe in Morality and Good vs Evil anymore. Let me know that you think down below.
  5. So, based on the TV Series Game Of Thrones, what do you think the character's alignments should be? The character can be ALIVE or DEAD. Please use a spoiler tag if you wish to explain your choices! (Unless you're purely explaining their personality without referring to events) For those of you who don't know about alignment, here's an explanation from Wikipedia: I'll give my thoughts on a few: Edard Stark - Lawful Good Tyrion Lannister - Neutral Joffrey Baratheon - Chaotic Evil
  6. Do you like fan fiction where the Ponies are the bad guys? And the good guys are Changings or Humans?
  7. Do you like fan fiction where canon characters meet their alter egos? Good Vs Evil sort of thing. As in the canon Ponies from the show itself meet their more nasty versions of themselves. Such as canon Pinkie Pie meeting Pinkamena Diane Pie from Cupcakes. Canon Celestia meeting Xenolestia from The Conversion Bureau. Canon Rainbow Dash meets Rainbow Dash from Rainbow Factory. I love reading them, but I like seeing how their canon counterparts would react seeing these monstrous versions of themselves.
  8. Goood and evil is subjective, blah blah blah. Would evil Ponies be more powerful than canon Ponies from another parallel universe that act the complete opposite to canon Ponies from the show act? Such as Fluttershy as the element of cruelty in this parallel universe. Elements of Harmony, replaced by the Elements of Hatred. And hated is what Celestia and Luna teach their subjects. In a universe where Ponies believe they are the master race (Act like the Borg/Reapers from Mass Effect/Naizs) and view every other race as inferior and must die. Naturally this would mean they are far more warlike than their canon counterparts. But would friendship win in the end, due to canon Ponies power of making friends with other species?
  9. In a fight who would win? Good canon Pinkie Pie vs psychopathic Pinkamena from the Cupcakes universe? Say Pinkamena was somehow teleported into canon like Equestria universe, where she proceeded to murder several innocent Ponies for no reason. Canon Pinkie Pie confronts her, she tries to reason with her, but Pinkamena doesn't listen and tries to kill her. What would the outcome of the fight be? Would canon Pinkie Pie spare Pinkamena's life if she had beaten her and then hand her over to the Royal Guard to put her in jail?
  10. Canon Celestia (Good Celestia ) Vs Her Evil Counterparts? Let's list some some. Tyrant Celestia if is she just as powerful as canon Celestia. The Ponies from the that would see canon Celestia and Luna as liberators against the rule of Tyrant Celestia, and ultimately after Tyrant Celestia is defeated, Celestia and Luna would have a long talk with Tyrant Celestia on how to treat your subjects with kindness. ------ Xenolestia, the genocidal, egotistical maniac of the The Conversion Bureau war fan fictions. First off canon Celestia would be utterly horrified that such a monster version of herself exists and would get extremely angry what she is doing. If canon Celestia comes to the aid of Humanity against the TCB Pony invaders, I think unfortunately Xenolestia would win due to her sheer raw magical power, for example the Barrier, billions of Zombie Newfoals (former Humans) at her command. None of these powers canon Celestia has. Celestia would have to unite every sapient race on her planet to fight the vast hordes of Newfoal Zombies and find a way to make her just as magically powerful yet not become Xenolestia herself, she could not possibly win. That or get help from many powerful magical beings like Discord and whatnot. Xenolestia won't just kill all Humans, she will destroy literally any sapient race that isn't a Pony and conquer lesser Equestrias across the multiverse that have not yet seen the 'light' to expand her interdimensional empire.