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Found 2 results

  1. Final Mare-A-Thon of Season 2 Begins 4:30 PM EST Friday Ends 2:00 PM EST Saturday Hello My Little Ponies, and welcome to the final Mare-A-Thon of Season Two in the Synchtube Room. First, some history. The Synchtube Room was created in August by Kurtiss, back when the forums were merely a concept. It was originally created to show the MLP Episodes to a neighsayer. However, it grew into something much bigger then that. Ponies slowly began going there to watch pony clips, and laugh with each other. The instant chat room made it easy to communicate with one another, and the polls provided a massive amount of 'Lulz'. Eventually, when the Forums were about to launch, ponies crowded the Synchtube Room, waiting eagerly for the forums to finally enter into existence. All you ponies that were there know how that went. : P Since then, having a Synchtube Party every friday night has been tradition of the forums. Eventually we began getting a bit more structured, and also began airing the New Episodes live there. However, all good things must come to an end, so more good things can rise from their ashes. Tonight will be the last Mare-A-Thon of Season 2, as we begin Friday Movie Nights Till Season 3. To end with a bang, and to celebrate the Royal Wedding, we shall be doing our largest one yet. We shall be watching every single episode of MLP; FiM, along with pony-related videos in between to spice things up a bit. It shall start at 4:30 PM EST, and should end just in time for when the New Episodes will air. We do hope you will join us for what is bound to be a historical synchtube Night, that shall go throughout the night, into the morning, and begin with the Royal Wedding. After all, isn't sleep overrated these days? You do not need a Synchtube Account to join us, watch videos, vote in polls and chat. However, the Webcam and voice chat feature do require an Account, so if you wish to use these features, make sure you create an account. Anyway, we hope you will join us for this grand Synchtube as well as tell your friends about it. It begins at 4:30 PM EST and ends at 2:00 PM EST. ~*~ ~*~