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Found 10 results

  1. Made a 2014 version of this topic almost exactly a year ago, so felt like trying it again for this year, even if 2015 has a few days left before we really move on :3 So, what was your best moment of this year? I find it kinda hard to pick since this was an uneventful year for me- though, in a sense, a lot of good things have happened and I have very fond memories- but... 8D But... ... okay, I can't actually pick x3 How about you guys? I hope it's been a good year for you all, and may the rest of it be kind to you too!
  2. I've been thinking: how does a person personally define something is the greatest movie/show/book/song/whatever ever? I know these things are inherently subjective things and everyone is going to have a different opinion on it. Obviously everyone has their own personal tastes on what they exactly want but I don't know if quality is something that should be approached psychologically or sociologically because a part of me want to generate something worthwhile, you know. So, tell me bronies, how do you define "the greatest?"
  3. OK, everyone, this is an incomplete list of the greatest games ever played. A lot of them can still be played, and some of them could be resurrected if someone does something. Are there any you want to play? Daytona USA 2: This sequel to the stock car racing hit of 1993 was awesome, featuring a soundtrack by Reb Beach of Winger(not to be confused with Paul Mccartney's wings and as seen on Beavis and Butthead). And it was awesome, you could select multiple views and drift inside a Forest Dome, an Amusement Park(including a pirate ship and a Giant spider Eddie The Head from Iron Maiden lookalike) and even a City!!! It was rather awesome, you could choose from three cars. And they had differing characteristics for different players. It's quite rare though, you can still play it in some arcades, but the machines will eventually die out, the only way to play it is to use an emulator called Supermodel on a high-spec PC. Chances of Resurrection: Low, Sega could look into it, and it was said that ''they constantly review old IPs''. It could happen. Backspace: This game by Obsidian Software would use the Skyrim engine and be a cross between Skyrim, Borderlands and Mass Effect. It never happened because they canned it, Procedural weapons in a Skyrim engined game would be awesome though. It may eventually happen in the future, as Obsidian are looking into it. Chances of resurrection: Medium, Obsidian did say they were looking into it, and may resurrect it, because it's was ''Neither Cancelled nor Greenlit''. So hopefully someone will pitch it up again. Pandemic Batman: Luckily Arkham Knight comes out in two months. But Pandemic, the makers of Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans were going to make an Open World Dark Knight Game. Complete with Batmobile and everything. Chances of resurrection: Never, Pandemic are bankrupt and Arkham Knight will satisfy the needs of the Batman players. Anything else from you? There was going to be a game by Peter Molyneux called Dimitri, that evolved into Milo and Kate then Fable the Journey. Are there any games you would suggest that you would like to be made that were cancelled? Sonic X-treme is another. I'll just wait patiently.
  4. Anypony remember the video series titled "The Greatest Freak Out Ever"? The Youtuber who made them is called Wafflepwn. If so, what do you think of them and which one's your favorite? I thought that the videos were really funny especially when the guy keeps breaking things. At first, I thought it was a YouTube channel that had compilations of people freaking out and each video starred a different person. But when I realized it was the same person in all of the videos, I thought "this guy has anger issues". I even think that the videos are fake and the person freaking out is just acting. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the first one.
  5. For me, it was being able to leave college a few months ago and finally have the freedom to learn what I want, when I want. Plus, I was kinda stressed before that because I didn't feel like I fitted in at my college and everything going on just felt so insignificant to me... it was a great relief to finally get away from it all. What was your best moment of this year?
  6. Over time history has given us some of histories finest heroes that we all remember, but what about the villians? The bad guys always need some love and that's why here I want you to tell us your favorites, I for one can only think of two right about now. 1)Robotnik (SatAM version)- Not many of you have probably watched the show considering it only had two seasons and was canceled in 1994. However never in my life have I seen a villain in children's media so dark and evil. Not only is his design awesome, his voice is something you here of in legend's. Although I must admit that he has little character that doesn't matter because its always a joy to see him on screen and planning to straight up murder anyone who gets in his way. 2) GLaDOS- For those of you who have played Portal you'll know exactly why she's here. The AI is in charge of the Aperture Science lab and makes you undergo many tests, in the beginning she guides you until she just insults you, providing some of the funniest dialogue I've ever seen in a game. Right now Im having trouble describing why I like her as a villain, I guess only playing the game can really do her justice. Anyway enough of my pointless rambling, leave your favorite villain(s) choices below.
  7. A great moment in your video gaming career. Anything from fighting games, to shooters, to glitches and speedruns, what is your most memorable and jaw dropping moment in a video game that made you go "Oh my god what?!"
  8. Due to an uneasy political situation in Korea, I have decided exactly what the governments of the world should do. The United Nations should have the entire world's supply of mining equipment, cut North Korea out of the Earth, put a atmospheric generator on North Korea so they won't all suffocate in space, then have billions of spacecraft attach ropes, wires and chains to the country and lift North Korea out of the ocean and suspend the entire country into space. Then, we'll have a new planet, Planet North Korea. How does my idea sound?
  9. Note: This is not a discussion thread and is quite random, therefore it belongs in the Forum Lounge Recently, I found out about the greatest thing ever made by a human being: Ninja Baseball Batman. What is Ninja Baseball Batman? A beat em up game from the 80's. This is something I wanted to share with you guys! The point of the game is pretty straightforward: You are a ninja with a baseball bat, beating the crap out of everything you see. That includes Volcanos, Lightning worms that comes out from the ground, Lightning Jack-o-Lantern Scarecrow Grim Reapers, Machines with a tortoise back with spikes and the head of a bull, airplanes, Spikewheels pushed by Cats on skateboards and flying baseball fields. Here is AVGN talking about it:
  10. Ok, if you will all remember, A few days ago, i posted saying i was going to tell my friend i was a brony and indeed, i did. (Flashback So, i had talked to her two nights ago, and she said she was almost done with episode two, and that she didn't hate it but she didn't love it either. So, today, i was talking to her, and in the span of 2 days, She had watched up to episode 10. That made my day, and she is officially (Whether she knows it or not) a brony.