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Found 48 results

  1. Hello everybody! This is a fan club for all brony car lovers. Stuff to post: Cars you like Things that you wish could change with cars Car problems Car jokes Current car Dream Car First car Etc. Rules: No spam. No degrading or racist comments (e.g. Japanese cars are gay, Mustang drivers are *****, V8s are the only practical engines, etc.) Memes are allowed though. No NSFW content (e.g. woman's boobs atop Dodge Viper hood) Keep to the topic of cars (i.e. don't talk about cheese or what music you listened to last night) No hating on another fan club. All rules of the site apply here. Share and discuss! Let's make this big!!
  2. To any and all writers and readers of fanfiction here on the forums, it is my great pleasure to announce that Poniverse has officially opened an official group on This group will serve as a hub on FimFiction for the Poniverse, and any members of these forums or one of her sister sites (along with anyone else really) are welcome to join and add your own stories if you've got them! Like the MLP Forums Authors Helping Authors group, there are a few restrictions on what type of stories you may add to the Poniverse group: very Mature-rated fics are not welcome, such as clopfics, gorefics, or slashfics. There are plenty of other groups on FimFiction where such genres are acceptable, and seeing as many members on MLPF or her sister sites are quite young, we'd rather not risk having any stumble across said fics in our own group. If you already have a FimFiction account, then all you have to do to add your stories is join the group and add any you have to their appropriate genre folder. It's that easy! Besides adding stories, members of all sorts, whether authors or readers, should feel free to utilize our forums in the Poniverse FimFiction group. You can discuss writing, certain fanfictions, or more general topics (though we ask that most threads be kept pony-centric; our FimFiction forums are not the place for more personal threads or serious topics debating weighty issues). We also hope to host contests of some sort at some point in the future once the group is well established and has a fair number of members and stories. At the moment, the Official FimFiction Group is being administrated by myself, Destiny (FimFiction user name: Theres Always Tomorrow), and Kolth. If you have any questions, feel free to PM one of us, either here or on FimFiction. We hope many of you decide to join and participate in this new expansion of the Poniverse! Official FimFiction Group:
  3. YOU ARE STUDENTS WHO HAS EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES AND ARE THE ULTIMATE IN SOMETHING. WHETHER YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE GAMBLER, ULTIMATE POP SENSATION, ULTIMATE BASEBALL STAR ETC.. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING THE CHANCE TO ATTEND HOPE'S PEAK HIGH SCHOOL, THE HIGH SCHOOL WHERE GRADUATES ARE GUARANTEED SUCCESS FOR LIFE! HOW-EVER, NOTHING AS IT SEEMS... Premise: As you are the ultimate whatever (baseball star, pop sensation, gambler etc..) you have been given the chance to attend Hope's Peak High School, where graduates are guaranteed success for life. How-ever, nothing as it seems, the moment you go to the main hall to meet with everyone else, you find yourself getting dizzy and then you find yourself in a class room by yourself, your head resting on a desk. When you leave the classroom, you find out that it wasn't just you that it happened to, but to all the other 14 students that were invited to attend. You are then all called to the gymnasium, where you meet Headmaster Monokuma, where he gives you the low down of what has happened, and then tells you, the only way to graduate is to kill someone else and not be caught. So, the question is.. Can you all survive in a communal life in this warped version of the academy, will you become friends and team up to try and find a way out without killing, or will you succumb to the pressure and kill a fellow student and friend in the hopes you won't get caught and graduate to freedom? Only time will tell Rules: 1. this is a murder/horror mystery, but even then, I still wish to stay on here, so keep everything to PG 13+ only (that means swearing, violence, level of gore, stuff like that)| 2. Obviously both RP section and Forum rules applies here 3. While this will be ultimately based in Equestria, it will be following the storyline of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so it is best you brush up on your knowledge of the game and anime 4. I will be playing as my own OC, but from time to time will also act as the Headmaster Monokuma 5. Above all else have fun! Sign ups: (maximum of 14) 1. @driz has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Lorianne "Lory" Vox (as the Ultimate voice actor) 2. @Acnologia has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Clayton (as the Ultimate Smith) and Orion (as the Ultimate Strongman) 3. @Techno Universal has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Techno Universal and Glitch Universal (as the Ultimate Computer Program Designers) 4. @Drago Ryder has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Maia (as the Ultimate Musician) and Gale (as the Ultimate Companion)
  4. Equestria: Duality Hello everyone. This is my first hosted roleplay on this site so forgive me if this isn't like others you've been in. I've been in few pony roleplays but I had an idea I thought would be fun to do with a group of people. I hope you enjoy! You are a pony who has been invited to a resort in the Crystal Empire by the owner of said vacation haven himself. Your summons is simple, your name was randomly drawn and you've been offered an expense free vacation to the lovely beachside location, starting with a special feast with your host. Upon arrival you are treated like favored guests and after dinner are excused to rest and await the fun of the next day. Not long into the night your group decides to go on a walk to explore the location of your generous vacation. You and your party of fellow guests however encounter a twist and suddenly everything about the Equestria you know and love isn't as it should be... Your pony has become drastically different than it was before and now it's an upgrade of the original! Your character may have swapped genders. They may have even changed species! Or they may have simply discovered that they have magical abilities or gained physical prowess where they had none before. You're goal? To find out what's going on and get home? The catch? You don't know how and you need help to do it. Submitting: Upon your character's acceptance they will receive their letter of invitation to be pampered and you will begin your turn by responding to that letter and meeting at the resort. When submitting please remember that your character will have changes and incorporate those upgrades. You can be as creative as you like with these changes and I would like you to keep in mind that they will be normal ponies when this roleplay begins. They will have normal, otherwise canonically believable lives with jobs and families. Roles to apply for: Medic/Healer- You'll be invaluable to your comrades with your ability to heal and better them. Though you may be able to protect yourself, saving others is your prime objective. Mage- You will primarily fight with magical attacks and abilities, but this does not mean you have to be a unicorn. Something has changed you after all. Your role will be defense mostly but your comrades may need your magical talents for enchanting and more practical situations. Warrior- You will fight with weapons and will wield ones where others cannot. Your abilities lie in your physical prowess. Scout- You're the master of stealth. If it's spying, silent attacks, or quick escapes your pony is who others look to. You'll probably be in charge of providing the vital information to the one in charge that determines the actions of the team as a whole. Tactition- Not overly battle inclined but still important. You find out who is on your side and what places are safe. Where can you get supplies? Where is the enemy's bases of operations and what can you do to foil them? You're the one who puts everything together and offers up the important details to the others. You get in touch with allies and make the preparations for missions. Constructor- When given the materials you make what you need and repair broken weapons. Give the mages something to enchant, fix your medic's tools, craft armor for your warrior. Rules: Submission format- 1.) Please don't god mod your character. If you can defeat an alicorn alone then your character is boring and unnecessary as a team contributor. If you can't die you aren't being a fair roleplayer. Please keep abilities in check so we can all have fun. 2.) No Mary/Gary Sues. It should go without saying that that you shouldn't submit or become an alicorn in this roleplay. No not spirits or gods of elements and objects either. Your character shouldn't be perfect, no one is. 3.) Please specify the changes undergone by your character when they upgrade. This includes gender changes, race changes, abilities gained, and simple changes in appearances. Be creative, but not over the top okay? 4.) Try not to fall out of touch. Post at least twice a week and alert the others to periods of absence. (For example I'm mostly active in evenings and at night.) Keep chatting even when it's not your turn and get to know your fellow roleplayers. Remember to be respectful though. 5.) As for length, I understand that in some cases ( conversations mostly ) there isn't much to be added but 200 character minimums are the goal. If you fall short once or twice that's okay so long as your posts are decent in length the rest of the time. Quality is preferred over quantity though so try to be detailed and proofread before posting. Legibility is key and we all want to see what you paint for our minds. Warrior- Mage- @P-Jay Medic- @Blood Moon@PonyOfDespair Scout- Tactician- Constructor- @driz *Sidenote: Don't be discouraged if someone has the role you want, I'm allowing a max of two in a single role.
  5. OOC HERE @Dynamo Pad, @VinylWubs, @Raven Rawne, , @Shadow Dancer, @Trixie ., @Divine_Heart, @Lil' Lovebug It was nearing ten o'clock at night in the city of Canterlot, and Night Dancer, a lovely and beautiful blue unicorn mare with a flowing mane and tail beautiful enough to rival Princess Luna's at that, was in her office briefing everyone that works for her "Alright everypony, tonight is the night that we open up our doors for the first time, you've all had your training in your respective fields, Shadow, I expect the best from you for security, you were highly recommended to me by the Princesses themselves, Serendipity, you're one of the best new bartenders, show me what you're capable of" she says then looks to the two DJs in the room "Miss Scratch, Mr Lights, just..try not to trash the joint, get out there and do your thing" she says then stands up and starts moving towards her office door ""you're all dismissed" she says before leaving her office and going to the massive front doors of the club and stepping through them, and smiling as she awaits for the invited ponies and those who were willing to pay the entry fee were be coming soon.
  6. Yes, you've read it right: Darkest. Dungeon. RP. Okay, more like "Darkest Dungeon" inspired, since the real deal would get too dark for Forum Rules before leaving the first page... But fear not! There is still plenty of Dark, and, Dungeons, left! The basic premise of the RP is as such: Somewhere on the Western reaches of Equestria, lies a mansion, and a village that belong to a noble family. The noble who lived in the mansion, nowadays called "the Ancestor" in hushed voices, learned that the very mansion is a gateway to some fabulous power... I'll let the man speak for himself. it's been several months since the Heir has returned, and adventures, heroes, and madponies from all over Equestria are coming, lured by gold, Holy Quests or whatever agenda they may have. Most end up on the Graveyard, and over half of the tombstones are symbolic, since there weren't enough for burial. You, the players, are the fresh batch, just arrived through the Old Road. Will you join the others, in the poisoned earth, awaiting merciful oblivion? Or will you deliver the World from the clutching shadows of the Darkest Dungeon? Rules and features: - only mature players, this thing will be dark, - no powergaming, Mary Sues etc, the harder you push for that inprobable win, the harder I will put you down. There will be instances when you will lose, and it's part of the experience, - this RP revolves around what you become when faced with the unimaginable, so the players are required to weave character development, stress, trauma, coping mechanisms etc into their story. Your toon may become alcoholic or do risky gambits to cope, for example. The borthel is closed! Forum Rules, you know. - I play the NPC's and the Heir, as well as hostiles. In a way, I am the D&D style GM, without active PC's in the game, - the characters can and will die, but there's a thing that brings them back to life, no necromancy involved. Think respawns but with some actual backstory, - the RP can be anthro or feral, depending on player preferences, - one thread per group, wchich consists of 4 players. Incomplete groups wait till they are at full strength before entering, - one post per week at the very least. If you disappear without a word, your rolls will have a debuff, - speaking of rolls, I will perform dice rolls to determine the outcomes of actions. You go into a room, I post what's inside. You open a chest, I post if it's trapped or what's inside (after roling the dice) 1=critical failure 2-3=failue/bad outcome 4-5=success 6=critical sucess, - this RP borrows the setting and overall feel and structure from DD, but is not a carbon copy. There will be custom locations and enemies, quests, items and services, - tech level around 17th Century - there be black powder guns, bombs, cannons etc. I think that's enough for starters, ask away if you have any questions!
  7. Welcome to the LEGO discussion thread! Here you can share your experiences from your childhood, all the sets and themes that you used to (or still) love, and if you're an avid hobbyist, you can share some of the stuff that you're looking forward to. You can also share awesome pictures like this: So epic! For me, this franchise was the best thing to have ever happened to my childhood. It made my childhood livable and I still to this day embrace the nostalgia! It's been about three years since I've had a LEGO set but recently, I have decided to try to pursue this fascination of mine once more. Honestly, I would love to have several sets to keep on display in the future, even when I get married and have my own family. This thread is dedicated to anything LEGO!
  8. This here is a place where great minds can come together to create high quality OCs. Wether you have an idea for a new OC, have an existing OC that needs improvement, or just want to help others with their OCs, this is the place for you. If you would like help with an OC, feel free to ask. The goal here is to form a group of people who are comfortable working together on OCs. Please use this site's database for the creation of your OCs, links will be provided below each Weekly Theme. All criticism here MUST BE CONSTRUCTIVE, blatant insults are not welcome and will be reported. Also, alicorn OCs are OKAY, they just need to be well thought out. Each week, I will also be posting a suggested theme as inspiration for new OCs. This is NOT mandatory, it is JUST A SUGGESTION. Eventually, if we get enough people involved in this, we may even start voting on the best OC for the Weekly Theme. You will find the Weekly Theme in this post, as I will be editing it in each week. I will also post the theme as a new post so it can be seen among the recent posts as well. This way, new members can see the theme in the original post and members who are already participating in the group will see it among the new posts and their notifications. This is a relaunch of an already existing group called "OC Creation Team." The group was originally started by another member who put me in charge, but I could not edit the original post so I restarted it here. If you would like help with an OC, but you also want to stay anonymous, feel free to PM me to ask me to post your OC here for you. This way we can help you, but you aren't getting any unwanted attention. In Sickness and in Health! Now for a more interesting theme with a bit of duality. This week the theme is all about sickness. From doctors curing the ill, to mad scientists creating new ways to make their bio weapons more excruciating, we are looking for characters with a background in medical science (or perhaps magic?). Have fun! It is recommended that you use this site's Character Databases for creating your character. When you post your character here, please include a picture of your character, a link to the character's page, and a brief description of the character. If an image is not available, please be thorough in your description of the character. Click here for Everfree Empire characters (less strict, anything goes as long as it doesn't break the rules of the site) or here for Equestrian Empire characters (more strict, everything has to be believable as something that could appear in the show) Generally I will try to post a new theme at midnight Friday night going into Saturday Eastern Standard Time (USA).
  9. Hello, and welcome to the Redraw Group (I may need to come up with a better name for this). I'm starting this as a way for people to improve their skills as artists by using the art of others as a guide for drawing their own original pieces, or redrawing the original as practice. The idea is that posting something here gives permission to others to redraw your artwork or use it as a guide for the purpose of this thread. The artworks can be anything unless it's NSFW. Both traditional and digital art are allowed. I'll start by posting some of my own work. Keep in mind, art that is posted here is only for the uses listed above, use in any other way is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated by the owner of the work. I would like to see some of your work so I can try to improve my skills as well. The goal here is to share our work with each other and inspire each other to try new things. The Rules: - List the name of the original artist of the work you are duplicating. Their name on the forum (or whatever website they are best known at) A link to their website, artpage or Youtube Channel A friendly mention that this is beyond a reasonable doubt THEIR work and your duplication is inspired by such - Be sure to the original work can be found in your post and proper credit is given to the original artist for that image as well. Add a link to the original artwork if it is on another page or website. If it is on the same page indicate which item it is on that page (check after posting to see if your post started a new page. If it did, add the link to the page the image was on.) Information about whose work the link leads to must be included. - Keep your advice friendly and your criticism constructive. Don't insult anyone. Don't claim to be better than someone else, that is a matter of opinion. - Try not to offend anyone. Don't post NSFW content here. Don't post anything that is hateful or mean. - You are still on MLPforums and must also abide by their global rules.- You MAY NOT for ANY REASON use an image posted here outside this thread unless the artist says otherwise. Example: You may NOT use another artist's drawing of your OC as an avatar.- While MLP related art would be preferred, it is not required.- If you are posting your own, original artwork, you should label it as such to avoid any confusion. - This group is always open to new members, and there is no need to ask permission to join as long as you follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules above, your post will be reported. If it continues, further action may be taken. My originals: First, Seamore Sandwich and Ink/Quill (Ink and Quill are identical twins, you can never be sure which one you are looking at). Links to their bios are in my signature. Then it's the Dimond Spider. I am granting special permissions with this one. If you want to use it as an enemy in your Roleplay, you may, and for that purpose you may copy and paste the following image into the Roleplay. Just be sure you give me credit for it if you do, and please keep the creature as described in the following link. If you choose to redraw it and use the redrawn image elsewhere, remember to properly credit me for the creature's design there as well. Keep in mind these permissions do not extend to any other content in this thread. Diamond Spider Sadly, I could not find my old dragon drawings. I know I still have them somewhere. They were on a level far above these drawings. I guess I will just have to draw them again.
  10. so a while ago, I was thinking, "that wind rider guy didn't get much fan art, some artist somewhere should make fan art of him." and then I remembered that I'm an artist. so I was making fan art of him and I was like " he looks lonely, I should put more in the picture." And it took forever and now it's done.
  11. 'Looking for a brony skype group with the freedom American's like to think they have?' Then we want YOU! Yes you, to join The Brony Legion today! About us: After searching far and wide we have found plently of 'Brony Skype Groups', but they all have the same problem... SO MANY RULES! And more bannable offences than you could poke a stick at! And being the freedom lovers we are, walls of rules are not something we agree with. So that's where here at The Brony Legion, we've minimised the rules and maximised freedom, only keeping a few rules to keep a general order in place. Rules: 1. No excessive Swearing. (Dropping the F-Bomb is all fine and good, but speaking a 10 word sentence, and 9 out of 10 of those words being fuck is not the way the english language was meant to be spoken!) 2. Sending Images is allowed. (Just try and keep Images moderately SFW, PM's were invented for a reason folks! If you, for any reason feel the need to send a Non-Image file in the group chat, please seek permission from a moderator first, People can hide pretty nasty stuff in files these days.) 3. Religious (and other "Touchy") discussion is allowed. (Just try not to go full Richard Dawkins on someone who has different beliefs as you. Leave that up to Westboro .) 4. Spam/Flooding is not allowed. (We like our chat the same way we like to imagine our lives, clean and in some sort of working order.) 5. Group calls are allowed, but keep it classy. (Everybody loves a good group call, but not every likes to see you shirtless whilst re-enacting your favorite scenes from magic mike. Again, PM's were invented for a reason!) Since no-one really follows the rules I've decided to revise by just having 1 universal rule! 1. Don't be a dick. Due to our minimum rules and maxumim freedom guarantee, our skype group is based around an MA15+ Rating. If, for whatever reason, you are under the age of 15 and still wish to join in on our mindless jabber, no-one is going to stop you, but be prepared to see and read things that your parents may not have discussed with you. Discretion is adviced. NOTICE: If you are emotionally sensitive or are easily offended or "Triggered", maybe this isn't the chat for you. Discretsion is advised and we are not responsible for anything you witness whist in our group. By joining our chat, you are agreeing that you have so on your own terms and anything you see or do whist in chat is stricly your responsibility. Moderation: The moderators are not your parents! Their only job is to keep order and enforce the few rules we do have. If you have an issue with another member of the group, try to sort it out between yourselves first before getting the moderators involved. Contacting us: If you are interested joining out little slice of freedom feel free to post your skype username below, or contact me personally at twitchdev_mark I feel like that's about everything you need to know to survive your time in TBL, if you have any questions feel free to ask, apart from that, have a nice day, and I look forward to seeing you in our group! ^^
  12. I noticed there's a group for BABSCon attendees. The Ponyville Ciderfest is a con here in Milwaukee. This is the second year of the con, and it will be held Nov 20 - 22nd this year. It would be fun to see who on the forum is in the Milwaukee or surrounding areas and who will be attending this year. The only current guest on the Ponyville Ciderfest web site is Ashleigh Ball, but last year, there were a lot of great guests including Andrea Libman, Peter New, Michelle Creber, and Ingrid Nilson.
  13. Hey all, I'd like to preface this by saying I'm a total noob to dnd. I've wanted to play for a while but never been able to. If anybody has a group that could use another member, or is also interested in rolling the dice with me (metaphorically and literally), hmu. I live in the dc area, but I wouldn't mind playing on a stimulator. Thanks everypony!
  14. Seal Fan Group Hello, MLPForums! After realizing that there is a Rarity Fan Club, a Tea Fan Club, and there's probably a Makusu Fan Club, I've decided to make my fellow seals proud and create, the Seal Fan Group! In this group, I hope that we can all unite as a sub-community of MLPForums, bonding together due to our love of seals. Anyways, I hope you all decide to join, or else. Anyways.. Rules No seal h8ters. No clubs, or references to clubs. No clubbing. No eskimos. There's lot of political tension between us. No Makusu. Welcome to the club, fellow Pinnipeds. I hope you enjoy your stay. Love, Otty~ <3
  15. i have been wanting to post this for a long time but then i forgotten so stuff happens. Anyway,what is your opinion on group work/Projects. In mah opinion,i think it is this:
  16. Hey guys its hard to come across new bronies in my area so i was wondering if you guys wanted to start like a Skype group or something. Pretty much everywhere i go to try and find more members of the fandom its mostly trolls so im wanting to make some new friends to talk to and you guys can get to know each other too.
  17. Hello! So, what is this thread about? Well, I was once a member of a writing request group that got a bit too ambitious. It fell apart and vanished off the face of the forums. I was enjoying my time in that group, however, and now I'd like to re-establish it. So, here's the gist: I will take any one shot writing request that I think I can do well. I am best at: Sad, Tragedy, Romance and Dark stories. I will consider all requests thrown at me, but those are the types I am most likely to accept. Now, there is another little detail here; I don't want to solo this. I can't tackle every story chucked at me, but at the same time I want to turn away as few ideas as possible. So, if you want to join up with this thread as a group/team/whatever member, go ahead and post on this thread or PM me. From there I can get a skype group established to make communication and maybe even collab stories a lot easier. So, I will have my own personal queue set up for what story is next. I'll post the story here when done, and if I particularly like the result, I'll put it up on Fimfiction as well. If you have any questions, feel free to shout em out. I'll answer them in the thread as well as updating the OP in the case of the really important. So, let the writing begin! Skijarama's Queue: 1. ==UNFILLED== 2. ==UNFILLED== 3. ==UNFILLED==
  18. I've been a brony for about 2 years, and never really got that into the fandom, until I started listen to some Pony Music, and it's inspired me. First of all It's not gonna really be a band. More of just a group of people on the internet who make music, But regardless I'm gonna keep saying 'band'. The first big Idea I have for this band is a rock opera album. The opera is about twiight and the rest of the Mane6 going to a place that's outside of equestria, completely. Why? Because word has gotten to celestria that the changelings are invading equestria and this time they will be unstoppable. Sound cheesy I know, but that's really power metal in a nutshell. I've already written the first song for this album called "Lands Beyond Equestria", and I've made a draft for the song as well. Most of it is MIDI, but you should get the idea from it, also this is just a draft, it isn't my best playing. An mp3 and Lyrics are attached. Oh course like any other MLP Music Maker, we would do covers as well. here some of the cover ideas I've already had. Stop the Bats Parody (Stop the Bronies) about the war/hate against bronies. This Day Aria Metal Cover, I haven't seen a cover of it that quite has the idea I do. Babs Seed EVIL VERSION, the idea of this cover is a major to minor, faster, heavier version of the song. Basically imagine if Babs Seed was the devil instead of a bully. Opening Extended Theme, because for some reason I haven't seen anyone do it yet. The NOT Brony-medley, A medley of song that are often associated with the fandom, but with context removed, really have nothing to do with it. such as PFUDOR and werid al's music. The Mare of Nightmare Night by Skybolt, Rhapsody of Fire styled cover. Cuz it only makes sense. Luna by Eurobeat Brony, No cool idea for this one, the song is just awesome. Dimond Dogs by Eurobeat Brony, Again no reason, it's just fucking awesome. So here what I'm looking for in this Band: Drumer (TEMPORARY FOUND, STILL LOOKING): I'm basically looking for a Power Metal drummer. Needs to be able to play fast, lota double bass, and can also write drums solos (There's is a part for a solo in the song attached, at 2:37) Bassist (TAKEN BY NLR Information Minister): Looking for a fast bass player (I don't mind if you use a pick), Also would be great if can do fills and solos (There's is a part for a solo in the song attached, at 3:42) Second Guitarist (TAKEN, sxp): Me being the first Guitarist, I'm looking for a right-hand men to shred with. Need to be good a both Rythnm and lead playing, and can also write solos (opportunity of solo in song attached at 3:18). Keyboardist (TEMPORARY FOUND, STILL LOOKING): I'll be honesty, keys don't play a huge part in my writing. Most of its fill. But regradless I'm looking for a keyboardist. There isn't a part of a keyboard solo in "lands beyond equestria", but they'll hopefully be opportunities in others songs. Vocalist: (TEMPORARY FOUND, STILL LOOKING) I used a violin of the vocal melody in the draft, and that sort of sound I'm basically looking for. Good, Strong, Loud Vocal (Also since the rock opera is from the perspective of twilight, a good twilight sparkle impression would be wonderful, but it's not necessary). Co-Writer (TAKEN BY NLR Information Minister): I Really don't want to write the whole rock opera by myself, so if you want to play and write that would be great. If you would like to be a part of this band, e-mail me at "" with what instrument you play, and a link to some of your content if possible. And I'll send you some sheet music/tabs/backing track for "lands beyond equestria" which is the only song I've finished so far. And we'll do it by ear from there. Thanks for reading this very long post, and e-mail me if you're interested. PS: if you know anyone who might be interested in this, please sent a link to them, it would really help me out. IMPORTANT: THIS TOPIC HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED!! CLICK TO GO TO THE UPDATE!! Lands Beyond Equestria Draft.mp3 Lands Beyond Equestria LYRICS.docx
  19. It's a Christian Bronies Small Group PM Thingy! If you want to join, post saying that you want to join (duhhh) I wanted to create a nice, open environment for us all.
  20. I was thinking of doing a HUGE MLP pic for Christmas (a.k.a. Hearth's Warming Eve), and I want as many Bronies to join as they can! Now, I only request that you make a vector of your Ponysona/Main OC then send me them wearing X-Mas themed clothes (or even dressed as one of the 'Founders of Equestria'). And NO backgrounds, I just want a vector of them. You can make it just a green & red scarf with some furry boots, or the whole koot-and-keboodle that I know most would just love to get into. I am going to add the Mane 6 plus some other major & BG characters, as well as my own Ponysona. You can do EQG style if you want, but this is only if you can't draw ponies or they are not from Equestria. Other than this, I don't care if you draw the show's style or not (just draw them how you want to). Oh, also give me the character's name please (as you can see, I put my Ponysona's name at the bottom) DEADLINE: I'm doing this for all of December, and I'll post it sometime near X-Mas Eve. If you enter in late, it can still be added in as long as it meets the requirements. The last day to enter is New Year's Eve, and after that it'll be closed. I will post this on DA first, then I'll post it here afterwards for all of you to see. + ENTRIES + SailorMedamonGirl1 (Trevni Heart)
  21. I wasn't sure were to ask or look so i came here
  22. So i just started out working on Digital Art and this is my second piece of work. It is a cover photo of the Production Group I am apart of. It consist of the groups OCs and what each of us do.
  23. Hey I'm looking to join an animation group or start one with some people preferably the former but the latter works too.
  24. I really pity the cosplayers, though. Yet I wonder how did they get dubbed as "Peruvian Nightmare Squad"? Here's an example (edited for lulz) :
  25. Hello, everyone I have been searching for a person that is active online to partner with. Now I am looking in MLP forums because I need a MLP expert and or gaming if they like games. Now I would like to talk more on the topic but MLP forums will not allow some content because they feel it takes people from there site. (this is not anything bad or money making. For the MLP admins that read this and I don't intend on using this to take people from the site {Admin gave me warning points once so I wanted to make this clear}) Anyways I have some requirements on the topic in which this partnership can work. (I do these as well for the partner) 1. Is online every day (of course life happens but they try to) 2. Can attend a group chat with there pastern at least 3 times a week. 3. Has a Mic of course or is getting one soon. (unless you have skype and can listen to chat can type back) 4. Some one with knowledge of MLP and/or Gaming. 5. Loves to help and organization. 6. Works well with others. Of course no one is perfect but as a partner I feel people that try can be help full. Also we can have more then one partner all are welcomed. There is a lot more that we can talk about but I like to talk one on one with people for this kinda thing so if interested comment below. Also private message me for more details and let me know what you would like to know about this. I will reply ASAP and get things done. I hope to hear from people soon and we can achieve goals that help people for the better in MLP community and the gaming community.