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Found 17 results

  1. So I only really collect the Guardians of Harmony range in terms of merch, and I had a few questions regarding them! I'd love to have the mane six, and of course they've done everyone but Rarity as far as I know! Do you think a Rarity will be made?? And also what do you think are the chances of us getting a general release Fluttershy? I know she came in the SDCC set, but I want one I can debox, I wouldn't feel right deboxing her from that gorgeous packaging! Also; who would you like to see made into these kinds of figures?? I'd personally love to see articulated figure versions of Celestia, Luna, Nightmare moon etc (and maybe a discord but he'd need to be immensely articulated haha) Aside from them I'd love to see; - A cutie mark crusader three pack - Big Mac (either in a two pack with Granny Smith or with a vehicle playset? Like a wagon?) - Cadance (and flurryheart?? hehe) - Zecora! - Gilda! -Palace guards (Luna's and Celestia' building maybe?)
  2. What are your thoughts on the number of redemptions in the show? not just of villains, but of antagonists too ("minor" opposition type characters like garble, trixie or diamond dogs who don't threaten all of equestria but still act as a minor villain) Do you think there's too much redemption, not enough, ect? Do you think the amount of redemptions has increased from s1 as the shows gone on, stayed the same, ect.?
  3. So, what are your thoughts on the castle's interior shifting and creating new rooms/altering its interiors based on the wants or needs of those inside of it? Do you like the idea of the castle constantly shifting and altering itself to suit the current situation and being able to create objects/spells on the fly, or would you rather the castle be immutable and non-sentient?
  4. Thinking about the show, and how they're launching a Guardians of harmony toyline revolving around armor/fighting... Isn't Defeating the villains or antagonists in a Straight fight antithetical to how the show operates? Nothing against it, but in EVERY big crisis in the show the villains have NEVER been defeated by just fighting them, but always through a deus ex machina style magical event revolving around Friendship or love. For example, S5's Finale: Chrysalis was defeated by her changelings all Deciding "Screw this I'm going lovebug" and everyone turning into redeemed changelings-- In Canterlot wedding, the mane six fighting the changelings accomplished nothing but it was a Giant love blast from Shining and cadence that defeated them. Tirek? the DBZ fight did nothing, it was the EOH giant rainbow thing that saved the day; Discord, EOH rainbow lasers as well. The closest thing to them having a fight save the day was in Friendship games since it was an actual Fight between Sunset and twilight (even if it did resolve itself with her offering twilight her hand in friendship after the fight was over) and not just a rainbow laser instant win. Heck, the only real "Fight saves the day" ending in a 100% way was power ponies. So we've NEVER had the villains beaten by actually getting into a fight with them (Outside the comics), with it always relying on a relatively non-violent Rainbow instant win or other event. As such, isn't the premise of guardians of harmony, focusing on weapons, armor and getting into nitty gritty fights to fix things against the grain of how the Show's worked till now? Not that I would be opposed to some fights where its the group working together with bonds of friendship giving them the strength to overcome, it just seems, thinking about it, that Such a tactic is counter to how the show's worked for 6 seasons.
  5. I am just fanboying over the new upcoming Guardians of Harmony line. Finally MLP toys that are well aesthetically designed, very accurate to the characters on the show and surprisingly is targeted toward boys and girls! I seriously can not wait for its release. What do you guys think about it? Who else feels this way? Which toy(s) would you like to get? I'd like the Shining Armor and the Celestia ones.
  6. Well, it looks like they should be trying to include some stuff in the movie that will make for GOH style toys, since they've apparently got a GOH toyline planned for the movie too. Kind of wondering if that means we'll get some battle armor and other stuff for the characters or super modes/transformations?
  7. So, with the guardians of harmony toyline, there's supposed to be, at some point, an animated feature of some kind, and we're also getting the comics. So here's the question, are there any action centric plots you'd like to see? And mane six specific ones? (Like ones specifically for RD, AJ, Pinkie, ect.?) What would you think would be good plots and stories for the mane six in situations where coming into a violent conflict with antagonists is the focus?
  8. So, here's a question: with the guardians of toyline, if they go through with giving it an animated series (even if its just movies), or an ongoing comic series, would you want it to be an alternate continuity or be still in Normal FIM canon? basically, would you want it to be its own universe with its own rules and history, or would you want it to just be an addon to FIM's world? Like how EQG is turning into its own universe and canon that's seperate from FIM, or be more an extension of FIM?
  9. So, anyways, looking at the fake S6 premier trailer, and looking at GOH and questions about the mane six saving the day in any episodes... Were they to make another episode or toyline (ala power ponies) where the mane six get some random costumes and power ups ala the Fake cinematic, what would you give each of the six for both powers/abilities and armor/costumes? What would you think would be a good super power/ability to give the six in another power up scenario? what would you want their costume/armor to look like? would you want it to be a random joke type situation ala what power ponies was, or a permanent thing?
  10. So, here's a question. With the upcoming guardians of harmony toyline it appears (based on the trademark) that there will at least SOME sort of animated feature to go along with it. Now, FIM has always generally focused on characters learning lessons and growing; So, with guardians of harmony, would you like each episode to STILL be built around a lesson that the characters are learning, or just focus on the adventure aspect of the plot? and what lessons would you think would work/would like to see if you're in favor of it still being lesson centric?
  11. So, here's a question: The guardians of harmony toyline opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for scenes from the show getting merchandise that never existed before; but there's a pretty big backlog of stuff from the past 5 seasons to choose from. What stuff in the past would you want them to make the first few toys based around? Would you want applejack in her fireproof boots? any specific armor that RD wore that you'd specifically prefer to the others? Would you want more power ponies toys with weapon/projectile accessories? What?
  12. Good work, Hasbro, you give things that fans really want, i think. ** UPDATE!.. New information from Toy Fair 2016 that you really need to know: ** Season 6: 1). Release date - may. ** Figures: 1). New "Friendship Is Magic" collection will be Nightmare night theme. Prices - $2.99, $4.99 #9.99. 2). More Equestria Girls mini figures. One minis dance playset and minis dance collector pack. Sunset Shimmer figure confirmed. 3). Crystal Empire playset, yay!.. Price - $39.99. 4). More Princess Flurry Harts spoilers?.. Price - $39.99. 5). Friendship Express train set. Price - $19.99. 6). 6-inch fashion ponies figures. Price - $12.99. 7). 6-inch action friends figures with leg squeezing action. Price - $12.99. 8). Sparkle bright ponies figures that light up. Price - $9.99. 9). Magic scene assortement 3-inch ponies figures figures with viewfinders. Price - $7.99. ** Equestria Gals: 1). Main plot - Everfree cams os closing down and equestria gals making "crystal gala" fundraiser to save it. 2). Tomorrow we may will see 10 minutes of this movie. 4). New girl name is Gloriosa. 5). All figures will be released in this year and thei theme will be gala-dress like. ** It's everything we have now, as i seen.
  13. One of its possible themes coming into season six is the Guardians of Harmony. Recently, toys were revealed. We don't know how they'll impact S6. Could they be season-long, only for an episode, or only a scene? We don't know. But today, Hasbro revealed something else about GoH besides the logo. Take a look at these three pictures, all I found on EQD: Notice that two people are playing with the toys, one girl and one boy. Rather than just marketing the toys to one sex, Friendship Is Magic: Guardians of Harmony markets to a unisex crowd. So, how important is this? Very. Over in the UK, Let Toys Be Toys tirelessly campaigns to have toy companies and toy stores market to all genders regardless of age. They have a very huge impact, including desegregating Toys R Us UK's toy aisles. When the FIM movie was announced, a mom criticized Hasbro on Yahoo for not marketing the franchise to boys at all. There was a huge positive reaction by the fandom in response. FIM is a gender-neutral, family-friendly show appropriate and entertaining for all ages. It's a great show that spits on the vile "kids' show" label. Observe how FIM's show attracts their audience over the toys. The toys are pandered to little girls via The Pink Aisle and Pink Package, implicating a very disgusting plague of sexism spilling from the toy industry. Meanwhile, FIM's show doesn't discriminate against any demographics. The show continues to support Bonnie Zacherle's vision and thus keep the show in its family-friendly roots. Bonnie Zacherle founded My Little Pony as a unisex toyline. Even for one branch, GoH is attempting to break a barrier. To show boys and girls playing with toy ponies together tells us as a society and especially conservative parents that ponies are for everyone. Bronydom has an impact. Bronies have a media appeal because they're loud and proud about their support of FIM in spite of sexism plaguing the market. The stereotypes of ponies and pink things should only appeal to girls and action figures and race cars should only appeal to boys deserve to be hied to the pyre. By being an FIM fan (a.k.a., brony), you're tearing down the stereotypes, even if you don't see it and don't think so. The top-tier toy market is struggling. One of the biggest reasons why Hasbro and Mattel still salivate over the thought of a merger is to attempt to help make a profit. But boys' and girls' toys have been down lately. To broaden the market audience is a marketing strategy by Hasbro to experiment the process that boys can buy pony toys without social persecution. To go beyond being a brony here. As a person, I take social justice very seriously. Gender norms and gender stereotypes are an enormous deal to me, especially when it comes to toys. Why do toys impact kids so much? Because toys become a reflection of themselves. They're role models. FIM's target audience (guardians) is responsible for keeping an eye on what their kids might play and decide which is appropriate for them. It's unfair to girls, boys, and kids of minority sex/gender to conform to stereotypes. Hasbro's pandering to girls is one key reason why I refused to support FIM first-party toys, and I've been very vocal about this problem for nearly three years now. If I was a guardian, I wouldn't buy a first-party FIM or EQG toy for my kid because of the unfortunate implications. But by broadening that market with Guardians of Harmony, if the toy quality is good, I might reconsider whether to buy a toy for them or if I ever became a parent. Do you think GoH will potentially expand the market audience of FIM's toyline beyond just girls and potentially affect other toylines, both within the company and beyond? Please explain your thoughts.
  14. Some days after new Guradians Of Harmone toys release Hasbro published some new figure photos. But on one of the photos we can see a girl playing with Spike-defender toy with the boy. Doesn't it seeem that now Hasbro starts showing people that ponies for everyone and not just for girls?.. I hope for it, but they already made MLP not just for girls ins season 4-5, bhah. ** More you can see in the interview there - . Oh damn, for some mouse doubleclick reason my topic is duplecated, i'm sorry.... Can someone try to remove it?..
  15. So it was revealed awhile ago that Hasbro trademarked the phrase "Guardians of Harmony", and now their new toyline is running with that very name. From what little I've seen of it, it seems to have an emphasis on military themes, including Shining Armor riding a notably larger spike and both clad in armor. And it also shows Twilight Sparkle fighting a changeling with what looks like some kind of Saddle mounted weaponry Since the last line of toys talked about Cutie Mark Magic and that led to an entire season revolving around cutie marks in one way or another, I'm thinking this upcoming season is going to be about this "Guardians of Harmony" concept. More specifically, I think the wars we saw in the season 5 finale's alternate universes might be a precurser to some events that are going to happen in this season. Weaponry for the ponies would sell toys too, cause I mean look at them they are freaking awesome What do you think about this? Do you think this next season will be "Guardians of Harmony" focused considering this information? Does that mean we'll see our Princess Twilight Sparkle leading soldiers to battle equipped with saddle mounted weaponry like shown above? Will it be season long or just a season Premier/Finale event?
  16. When originally Faust had to make the toys pink instead of show accurate to meet a girly quota for the show's success, and now Hasbro is marketing its toys with swords and projectiles and trying to make less girly and more action focused comics for its products Do you think making the show more gender neutral is something that can WORK, or do you think this is going to be doomed to failure? And how do you see this affect MLP as a brand in the future, or preexisting MLP stuff (Like FIM and EQG)
  17. Hai guys, remember Hasbro filed a patent about some "Guardians of Harmony", which made us speculate until we forgot about it? Well, now we know what it will be: It will be a toyline of action figures, with swords, armors, Shining Armor riding a grown-up Spike, etc. It'll be also a new series of IDW's pony comics. I dunno about you, BUT I'M EXCITED