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Found 31 results

  1. Singing is by far a huge phenomenon in MLP. However, what is most important is maintaining the character's original voice while singing. The biggest issue is keeping a great shape in your vocal cords to keep airflow not only strong but the voice you are performing must remain in top shape at all times. The #1 rule when it comes to singing in character is to NEVER lose your character voice. That's the worse possible thing that can happen. Now, every character's voice is different. The fact is the Mane 6 are the characters the most song time, along with the CMC, Princesses and other side characters. This means that whenever you sing like a character, you will have to shape your vocal cords in order to not only get the proper airflow, but also make your voice sound like that character. Before we go any further, there are some important guidelines you must follow in order to keep your voice healthy and avoid hurting it due to singing improperly or allowing too much or too little airflow. KNOW YOUR LIMITS: This is perhaps the most important rule when it comes to singing in general. Always know what you can and cannot sing. It is great when you have a partner who can test your range. You can also test your range yourself. Everypony has a range, which is basically the gap of pitches they are able to sing. Don't Push Yourself Too Hard: This is a singer's greatest mistake. A lot of singers, including myself, want to be able to hit those higher notes, especially if you're at a concert with your favorite band, and you wanna be heard belting out the chorus of your favorite song. However, if the song is out of your range, don't push yourself to try to hit those notes, unless you use your head voice. We will talk about the head voice later. Maintain a Healthy Voice: Always drink before and after you sing. As a vocalist, you must keep your voice healthy at all times. Drink water preferably, but nothing with caffeine. Caffeine will dry you out quickly. Drinks high in electrolytes are known to help the voice as well. Now that we've covered the guidelines, we will now go on the part you all have been waiting for: How To Sing In Character! As you may know, there are many different MLP characters, but there are 9 mane characters that have singing roles. This includes the Mane 6 and the CMCs. The Princesses also have singing roles, but we will get to those later. Now, we will break down on how to hone the singing voice of each character. Princess Twilight Sparkle Princess Twilight Sparkle has two voice actors: Tara Strong being the mane one and Rebecca Shoichet. Rebecca Shoichet is her singing voice. Twilight's voice is quite smooth in character, and her comfortable singing range, or tessitura is between Bb3 and about a D5 (Using Midnight In Me as a reference since a D5 is the highest pitch sung in the song). Twilight Sparkle has hit higher notes, like in Find A Way, but notice how the singer retains the vowel sounds and open voice. To sing like Twilight, you have to make sure your voice is smooth. Don't focus too much on trying to get the voice to "sing loud". You will lose it automatically. Instead, take the time to warm it up to it's upper range, especially if you're going to be covering a song like Winter Wrap-Up, which has that one big section where Twilight is hanging in the soprano range. Fluttershy Fluttershy's voice is a very delicate and gentle voice. What you need here is to make your voice sound airy. However, do not overdo this effect, as it will be much more difficult to hit higher notes. Fluttershy can hit pretty high notes, as witnessed in "Music in the Treetops", where she hits an A5. Some say Fluttershy is an alto, but she is really a mezzo-soprano. To sing like Fluttershy, you need a delicacy in your voice. Give it that angelic airy sound, but again, don't overdo the airy effect. You can add vibrato for effect, but it is recommended you reserve vibrato for only the higher notes. Rarity Rarity's voice has a double whammy. Her voice not only has a bit of the airy voice like Fluttershy, but it also has somewhat of a British accent. This means that when Rarity sings, her vowels will be naturally taller. In singing, "taller vowels", does not refer to volume, but rather than the shape of the mouth and jaw. The sound will be much brighter and open sounding, which gives more room for expression. In comparison to singing songs in a normal contemporary fashion, Rarity uses the traditional chorale type of singing, which indeed enforces tall vowels. If you listen to any song or part that Rarity sings, you will hear the vowels sounding more open. To illustrate this, let's examine the first two lines of "Art of the Dress" Thread by thread Stitching it together Now, as you can see, reading these two lines normally would produce a contemporary and bland voice. However, adding the tall vowels adds brightness, which means the words will be pronounced differently, as shown below Threahd baui threahd Stihtching it togethuhr Notice the word "by" is pronounced with a stress on the sound "au". This is why Rarity has one of the most difficult singing voices to master, because you have to focus on formulating the tall vowels properly and deliver a smooth and pleasing tone. Remember, tall vowels does not equal louder singing, it means to enunciate and open your jaw. Think of Rarity's voice like an opera singer's voice, except it is not as projected and slightly held back, with some delicacy on top. Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash may seem like an easy one to master, but don't forget about her raspy and somewhat scratchy voice. Her singing range is of an alto. The biggest mistake a singer can make when trying to imitate Rainbow Dash is that they make their voice so raspy and scratchy that either their throat starts to itch a lot, or they suffer multiple voice cracks. Rainbow Dash's voice does crack during regular speech, but is 100% clear. To sing like Rainbow, you've got to grasp the balance of raspiness and clarity of voice. Pronunciation should be that of everyday speech. Make sure you have enough airflow and breath control to sustain longer notes. Vibrato should only be reserved for long notes that last 3 or more beats. Applejack Applejack has that thick country accent that affects all vowel sounds. This means that all articulators will be used. The articulators include, the tip of the tongue, roof of the mouth, lips and teeth. The country accent adds twang to the sound of each word. Some vowel sounds are more affected my others. The most noticeable changed vowel sound is the short e sound "eh". It's sound changes to "eeye" or "ee-yeh". Therefore, the word "generation", would sound like "geeyeneration". If you listen to Applejack's speech closely, you can even hear this outside of singing. Therefore, to sing like Applejack, you must adopt to a thick country accent. However, don't try to force it out. It will end up becoming sloppy. Instead, let it come natural and use your articulators to help you with the pronunciation. Applejack's range is quite comfortable, from middle c to the b right below treble c. Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie has that tricky voice that hangs in the mid-upper alto range. It is quite loud and squeaky. Still, this doesn't mean you completely forget about all you learned in this thread. Pinkie's voice requires control and balancing. Pinkie's voice also has what is called a glottal attack. This means that when Pinkie says a vowel sound, it is sharp and instant. The glottis opens up on a whim and air flows through. This is not necessarily a good thing because it can wear out the vocal cords faster because they open up quickly. Her range starts at the Bb right below middle C. Pinkie's singing is actually slightly lower than her speaking voice. To sing like Pinkie Pie, you'll need to adapt to a sort of squeaky voice. The one cautionary point you need to take in is that you must not emphasize the squeak or else you'll wear your voice out and may even cause damage. Applebloom Applebloom is a foal, but she's growing up, so her voice has gotten a little deeper, but not much. Her voice is in the alto range but more of the upper alto range. Some could say she's a mezzo-soprano but I'd say she's alto 1. Again, Applebloom like Applejack has that country accent. Everything from Applejack's voice should apply to Applebloom, but Applebloom must sound more childlike. Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle has one of those "mixed" voices. This means that the character of her voice sort of "borrows" from other characters I have explained. Younger Sweetie Belle has a more squeaky voice. However, now that both Sweetie Belle and her voice actor are growing up, Sweetie's voice has lost some of it's squeakiness, which makes things a little easier. Sweetie Belle has two distinguished types of singing voices, her soft singing voice and her power singing voice. To sing Sweetie's soft voice, adapt a somewhat childlike tone, but not as childlike as Applebloom, unless you're doing younger Sweetie Belle's voice. For the power voice, the one thing you have to make sure is you have total control, Sweetie Belle doesn't sing that high unless you're doing one of those crazy songs like 99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall. Even then, when Sweetie Belle is singing this high (C5 to G5, the range for 99 Buckets of Oats on The Wall), you still have to have some degree of control, especially if you're singing that high and that loud. Sweetie Belle's voice range sits right in the mezzo-soprano range. Scootaloo Scootaloo's voice is quite tomboyish. Because of this, it is hard for Scootaloo herself to hit those higher notes, which is why her range ends at the B right below C5 or treble C. Some of the raspiness from Scootaloo's tomboyish voice carries over to her singing voice. To sing like Scootaloo, you gotta make your voice slightly scratchy, but not too much. Remember, a scratchy voice can contribute to an itchy throat, which can wear out your vocal cords. Princess Luna Princess Luna's voice is quite smooth, but it can become quite powerful. Princess Luna is an absolute alto. Some can argue that she can be a filly tenor, because of the characteristics of her voice. I say, that if she was placed in a choir, she would most like be an alto 2. Though we've only heard Luna sing twice in the show, we can now distinguish two different singing voices of Princess Luna. The first voice is found in "You'll Play Your Part" where her voice is warm and both. The second of the voices is found in "Luna's Future", where her voice takes on a darker and more airy character. Remember, an airy voice cannot be too airy. Plus, Luna's darker voice is not as airy as Fluttershy's voice. To sing like warm Luna, you'll need to focus on pronouncing your words clear and maintain a delicate and sweet tone. To sing like dark Luna, take on an airy character and somewhat operatic voice. However, the biggest thing is that Luna's vowel sounds are not as tall as other voices. Princess Celestia Princess Celestia has that beautiful and warm motherly voice, which is why she is one of the easiest characters to sing as. She is best placed in the contralto range, due to her voice being able to reach some of the mid baritone range. In Celestia's Ballad, Celestia's highest note is a B right below C5 (treble C). This is the highest note she has sang so far. In "You'll Play Your Part", due to polyphony (many voices singing different melodies), she takes the lower range of the song. To sing like Celestia, the most important thing you must do is to have that warm and motherly voice. Be delicate with it. Celestia's voice wasn't meant to be powerful, unless there's a situation going on. Also, Celestia's voice wasn't designed to lurk in the soprano and upper alto range, so try to stay between E3 and A4. You may go up to C5 but cap it at there, or else you'll lose the warm and motherly voice as you try to take it up in range. Princess Cadence Princess Cadence's voice is more of a sisterly voice. It is caring and is classified as a soprano, specifically 1st soprano if she were placed in a choir. The highest note we have heard Cadence sing was in This Day Aria, where Cadence hit an F#5. When Cadence sings, she mixes her contemporary sisterly voice, with an operatic voice that consists of tall vowels. Like Rarity's voice, the tall vowels should be open and clear. Every "ah" should sound like "auh", "e" like "eh" and so forth. Also, when Cadence goes beyond C5, she starts to use her head voice, also known as falsetto, especially when she hits the F#5 in This Day Aria. Singing like Cadence is quite the challenge, for you have to not only be able to be clear in your tessitura but also make sure you have a strong falsetto, especially if you're writing a song that exercises the higher soprano range. Now I know what you stallions are thinking: "Hay what about us males? Don't we get any characters?" You certainly do...three...for now. Spike may be a boy, but his voice actor is a female. Big Mac Eeyup, you stallions saw him coming. Big Macintosh would considered a bass, for the highest note we have heard him sing was in "Find The Music In You", an F3. Big Mac has a little bit of a country accent but not as much as his sister Applejack. To sing like Big Mac, you really just have to have that natural deep voice for him. Your voice must be classified either as a bass or baritone, but bass is highly recommended. Like Applejack, you gotta have that country accent, but remember, it is not as heavy as hers. Feather Bangs A very new character, introduced in Season 7, Feather bangs has that "cool guy" type of voice. He is fit in the upper tenor range. In comparison to many of the other singing voices, Feather Bang's voice is of the contemporary era. You can hear some of that heavy accented "Michael Jackson" flare. Also, Feather Bangs exhibits what's known as a "glottal attack". This means that the glottis, the slit-like opening between the vocal cords and the airway is opened forcefully, causing an instant sound. This can become unhealthy and cause the vocal cords stress due to how quickly they open. The biggest mistake one can do with singing like Feather Bangs is that they glottal attack to the point where the upper notes of the voice become thin and soon, they will be lost. Rumble Rumble, who spoke for the very first time in Season 7, has a somewhat teenage jazzy voice, which he may strain at certain times, like in the song "Blank Flanks Forever", which is the only song we've heard him perform thus far in the series. Rumble's highest note sung is a G#4, which is just about his limit. To sing like Rumbler, make sure you have plenty of water on you, as you gotta combine a strong tenor voice with a childlike edge, which means you may have to strain, but try not to. And lastly...but certainly not least... Spike Spike is voiced by a female, which is understandable. Spike's voice has that childlike edge, which makes it somewhat difficult to sing. Spike's voice is considered mezzo-soprano in a full choir setting, but mid-upper voice in child's singing settings. Spike can hit an A4 very comfortably, but somewhat struggles to hit a C5 even though his voice is capable of doing it. Spike's tessitura is most likely from middle C to A4. To sing like Spike, you'll need a childlike voice along with a little bit of edge. Just try not to strain and go above Spike's normal tessitura. Well folks, we've reached the end of our journey on exploring the singing voices of our favorite pony characters. There may have been characters I've left off, but I will certainly update this guide in the future to include movie characters and other ponies that gain singing roles. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me at anytime and I'll get back to you when I can.
  2. Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of my series: What Makes Up This Genre. EDM Summary/Subgenres "Bump, bump, bump-ty bump..." Ah yes...that beat...that beat that makes up the majority of today's electronic music...that beat that makes up nearly 75% of brony music and that beat that's sadly taking over the music scheme today...yes...EDM. Electronic Dance Music has been around since the 80s. Like Eurobeat, you may think it originated here, but it actually originated in Britain. When the synthesizer was developed, it was mainly used as a backup in rock, R&B and early forms of metal. EDM is divided into several genres, each with subtle differences. House: House is the most basic form of EDM. it consists of a straight percussion drive with kick on the downbeat. The downbeat is is the main part of the beat. In conducting, every quarter note lands on the downbeat. Sometimes, there maybe a high-hat on the upbeat. A high-hat is a type of cymbal that is comprised of two cymbals facing each other on a stand. A high-hat on an acoustic set is controlled by a pedal for open hits and closed hits. The upbeat is a half beat found on "and". Trance: Unlike House, Trance consists of a more melodic aspect. An arpeggiated plucked lead almost always will be present. Arpeggiated means broken chords. Arpeggios input a more dexterous feel to the piece. Percussion lines may be a bit more complex consisting of synth toms for fills. A fill is a percussion line that consists of a complex rhythm that can end with a crash on the 1st beat of the following measure. Hardstyle: Hardstyle takes the basic elements of EDM, but gives it a more intense feel. The most notable element of hardstyle is the fact that it's drop leads into leads into a harsh thumping rhythm that may consist of hard sawtooths and distinguished plucked leads. The drop is the part of the EDM song that leads into the main thumping kick. We will discuss drops later. Techno: Techno is a little more complex, as it combined the African American styles with the edm styles to create a hip-hop/edm fusion. In techno, you may hear a mix of open and closed high-hats. In techno, plucked leads may be phat. "Phat" is a term for a plucked lead that is deep in the low end with filter work. Those are four subgeneres of EDM. Now that we've got those out of the way, let's get into the sounds of EDM. Instruments and Sounds EDM is mainly known for its full-on electronic sound. You can easily recognize it due to that deep pumping kick. The synthesizer is always used in EDM no matter the sub-genre. In addition, some producers of EDM rely on what is known as a launchpad. A launchpad is a special device that is calibrated for creating electronic pieces. Launchpads are very unique because clips of instruments can be assigned to them. Clips are small audio samples of instruments. Clips can be programmed to launchpads. There are other controllers that aid in the production of EDM. Alternatively, a MIDI controller can be used. A MIDI controller is a device that transfers MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to trigger sounds, create effects and other parameters. Furthermore, a drum machine can also be used. A drum machine is a tool that plays pre-recording rhythms. Early drum machines did not have the capability to add fills and other transitional elements. Nowadays, drum machines can adapt to the way you create your music with modernized technology. In terms of sounds, the four basic soundwaves are present: Sine, Square, Sawtooth and Triangle. These waves are all characterized by their distinct sound. The Sine wave is the most basic wave. It is characterized by sounding like a digital "hum". In EDM, sine waves are usually one of the main leads. They are often condensed down to a beep lead. A beep lead is often found in the higher range. It usually takes arpeggiated runs on a quarter beat. Here's a sine wave: The square wave is a very versatile wave. It can act as a solo lead due to it's melodic character. A standard square wave can be somewhat sharp due to its already high harmonic level. A standalone square wave may need to be adjusted. Running it through a very soft low pass filter can help your square wave not sound so sharp. In fact, if you lower the attack (the time it takes for a note to fully sound), you can even convert it to what is known as an LM Square Wave. This variant of the square wave is more mellow than the standard square wave. It is close to the triangle wave but not quite there. In EDM, a square wave can be transformed into a plucked lead for arpeggiated runs. They are often used in slide drops. A slide drop is an element of EDM where a wave is rapidly shifted downward in pitch via a sliding sound. Slide drops are always chromatic. Chromatic means consisting of all half-steps. Here's a square wave: Notice the very sharp sound The triangle wave is quite similar to the square wave in sound, HOWEVER, there is quite a difference. The triangle wave has a more mellow sound due to the fact that it's harmonic level is not as high as the square wave. In fact, the triangle wave is often used in making synthesized wind instruments such as clarinets. In EDM, the triangle wave can be transformed into what is known as a popcorn lead. A popcorn lead is very short sounding. It sounds like popcorn popping. Popcorn leads are rapidly arpeggiated running on 16th notes. Triangle waves can also be transformed into slow ascending sliding leads. An ascending sliding lead is found mainly in the build-up section of an EDM track just before the drop. Sometimes, smooth gating is applied. Gating is an effect that rapidly adjusts the volume of the sound. In EDM, gating is done to the beat of the song. Smooth gating occurs when there is a soft cut in volume, sort of like someone adjusting a volume knob. It has a very natural sound. Here's a triangle wave: Finally, the sawtooth wave, the brightest wave of the four, is the most popular wave used. Due to it's bare sound, it almost always has to be tampered with to get that bright sound. For details on how to get the bright sawtooth wave, you can visit the second installment in this series, which is eurobeat. After the equalization and transformation of the sawtooth wave, you can make it into a backup lead or plucked lead. A backup lead is any lead that performs chords on rhythms and other elements. In addition, sawtooth waves can be run through harsh gating. In comparison to smooth gating, harsh gating is very choppy-sounding. Here's a bare sawtooth wave: Well, are you overwhelmed? It's not over yet...we still have one more section to tackle...and it's the most important Song Formats and Chord Progressions In EDM, there is much repetition, and sadly nowadays, producers limit themselves in chord progressions. For best results, it is best to use 4 chords, since you have 24 ways of ordering them. EDM does have a specific order. It is comprised of phrases with 8 bars. A bar of music consists a certain number of beats. In EDM, it is 4 beats to a bar. 1-2-3-4|2-2-3-4|3-2-3-4|4-2-3-4|5-2-3-4|6-2-3-4|7-2-3-4|8-2-3-4| Study this beat chart. Now, focus on bars 5, 6 and 7. These are the most important bars in EDM. This is where most of the transitional elements, drops and other stuff appear. When an EDM song starts it may start softer, but it all depends on the producer. In bar 4, a small fill may occur with synthesized toms. In the early part of the song, bars 5, 6, and 7 stay normal. Bar 8 is reserved for a larger fill with more activity. This repeats until the drop-prep phrase begins. The drop-prep phrase is the part of the EDM song where there is a setup for the drop. In bar 5, a noise sweep rise may begin. A noise sweep rise is a sound where general noise is run through a filter and swept out of the filter. A snare may begin on quarters as well. In bar 6, the snare converts to 8ths, and then 16ths in bar 7. Bar 8 contains the drop. The drop is the most important element of an EDM song, as it's the transition between the main phrase and the breakdown. The breakdown in an EDM song is the loudest part of a song, which contains many elements. Anything can happen in a breakdown. There are endless possibilities. Outros vary as well. Sometimes, everything is swept into a filter, or it just ends abrubtly. A more unique approach is the subtraction element. Here, an instrument is taken away after every 4 bars, until there is nothing left. To hear this all come together, take a listen to one of the most famous pieces that even earned a meme on youtube. guessed it. Sandstorm - Darunde Notice how all the elements come together. Also, listen out for the drop. Keep count using the chart I provided you above so you can listen out for the drop. Miscellaneous Info Synth Strings are also used in EDM. They can be created with a sawtooth wave equalized, chorused and with a higher attack time. A reverse cymbal can be used for short fills. To make one, all you have to do is collect a crash cymbal sample and reverse it in any audio program. Well, I hope you've learned a lot from this guide. Remember, I'm always here if you got any questions. Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP.
  3. So I had this odd idea in my head I wanted to share with everyone, I thought there is google, but then there are people who know things. Those little tips and odd tricks to doing things that are helpful and so on online. I wanted to start this thread with the idea that you (Yeah you reading!) know any odd thing about internet use or a PC (Mac too) trick you've learned you can share it here. I will link guides or the tips, etc here on the first post as they are listed and people can go on to contribute more as they learn. Think of this as a resource topic. Guides: Here is my contribution. How to take screen shots of specific sections of your screen. (This guide is for windows 10)
  4. Hey there! Welcome to Thunder Dash's Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective and Vivid Classical Music! In this guide, I will be going over the basics of creating orchestral music according to musical theory and the rules of classical music. Now do understand that many composers these days break the rules in classical music. Please understand that this guide doesn't make you have to follow the rules. The rules are just a mere reference of how to create music that is organized and easy to follow Let's start with one of the most common forms of classical/orchestral music Sonata-Allegro Form The Sonata-Allegro form has been around since the 18th century and is one of the most popular forms of classical music, besides standalone piecces. The sonata form is comprised of 3 movements, each with a specific pattern. We will go over each of these parts seperately. 1. Exposition The Exposition is the main theme of the current movement. Let's say you're writing a Sonata in the key of C. This part of the sonata will be in the key of C. 2. Development This part of the Sonata is a further expansion of the orginal theme. It usually modulates to the V of the original key, using the V of V. In the case of C Major, the V of V is D. Resolving to the I of V will put us in G major. 3. Recapitulation This part of the Sonata is the return to the main theme. Like the word says, it "recaps" what the sonata has done through the piece. The transition before the recapitulation returns us back to the main key. In our example, we resolve from G to C. Here's what it looks like visually: Not only do Sonatas have three parts, but also three movements, like I said before. Each movement follows the above format. Sonatas usually start of loud, but not all the time. Take Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The loud movement is not until the 3rd and final movement. Furthermore, the 1st and 3rd movements often reflect each other. The 2nd movement is more often completely different. Returning to the Moonlight Sonata, the 1st and 3rd movements reflect each other due to the fact that the third movement is a more developed and complex version of the first movement with a faster tempo. Below is the full Moonlight Sonata. Listen out for the Exposition, Development and Recapitulation in the 1st movement Next, we're going to shrink down a little into what is called... The Sonatina The Sonatina is basically a "mini sonata". It follows the same exact exposition-development-recapitulation form of the sonata. Nothing else to really explain about this one. Now that we've gotten the bulky stuff out of the way, we can now move on to the standalone classical forms. Standalone classical pieces are known for their individual character. There are many forms, and some of these forms can come together to form what is called a Suite. The forms that can create a Suite are as follows: Gigue Courante Gavotte Allemande Minuet These forms are also early dance types, each with their own character. For example, a Minuet is an early form of a waltz. From the basics, we know that the waltz is in 3/4 time, meaning 3 beats to a measure and the quarter note gets the beat. Upping the tempo, the Gigue is a faster dance but this time, it's in 6/8. Now, you might say: "Oh 6/8 can be reduced to 3/4! They're exactly the same!" Well you are true in that they're the same, but remember, the minuet always uses 3/4 and the gigue always uses 6/8. A Gavotte is a 4/4 dance that uses much staccato or detached rhythms. Gavottes in the baroque period were often played on the harpsichord. If you listen to some of the music of MLP:FIM where Canterlot is featured, or Rarity, you can hear a Gavotte-like style. Though it was full of staccato rhythms, the gavotte is quite an elegant dance. Moving on past the dances, we arrive at two very techincal styles of classical music: The Toccata and Fugue. Now if you're a musician and you hear those two words, this piece right here comes to your mind right away: The Toccata is a very fast moving piece, and it promotes the dexterity of the performer. When writing a Toccata, be sure not to push too far. Don't make it impossible just because. Make it reasonable. Another thing, make sure your notes match up to each other. The Fugue is more complex than a Toccata. It does focus on dexterity and touch like the Toccata, but it has multiple voices. Most fugues have two parts, one for the right hand and the other for the left hand. However, some fugues have 4 voices, which are very tricky to play. You've got two parts per hand. These fugues usually stack up on voices. They start in the bass and increase to treble. It's like SATB (Soprano Alto Tenor Bass) form. When writing a fugue with more than 2 parts, be sure your notes harmonize with each other. Here's an example of a two-voice fugue Well, you may be overwhelmed with all the information in this guide so far. This thread will be updated in the upcoming days with extra form, until then, happy composing!
  5. Let me first start off by saying that I am not the be all end all opinion man on the matter. I'm simply starting this topic for twofold reasons: One, I absolutely love seeing lovingly created OCs with a lot of heart and effort put into them, and two, having created so many OCs myself and being both reasonably skilled in the art of the pen and digital art, I can offer a lot of help to those that need it. I encourage you to add anything that you also think is important for creating an OC into this thread, as I believe that it will benefit everyone! I shall be starting off by posting a handy little rundown on what I've learned so far, complete with a few examples! *ahem* There are generally 5 parts to creating an OC. Personality Appearance Color Cutie Mark Name Going in order, and assuming you aren't creating a ponysona, personality comes first. This is usually where you come up with your OC's defining character traits, and how they act in different situations based on how they were raised, life experiences, inherent genetics, etc. But to try and boil it down, I usually ask the following questions: "When faced with new experiences, how does your character react, respond, and feel about it?" "How hard will your character work to achieve a goal and how good are they at doing it?" "How comfortable is your character around others?" "How nice (or not) is your character, and how do they regard others around them?" "How emotionally stable is your character, and how will they react when the unexpected happens?" Granted, these are very big, sweeping general questions, and creating a character will boil down to more specifics regarding the above questions, but they're good jumping off points. For example, the character in my avatar, Anchors Aweigh, is a quiet, stoic stallion, but is generally friendly and helpful. He rarely goes out of his way to converse with others, but will always lend an ear to listen if needed. Appearance is probably the most nebulous concept to try and explain, as it's the most nuanced and up to the creator most of all, but I'll do my best to impart my knowledge on the subject. Most pony OC appearances are made up of 3 core pieces; those being the body type and gender, eye shape, and the mane and tail. The body type for mares generally doesn't differ too much between the average mares in the show, but select characters like the Princesses, and the model mare body type (like Fleur de Lis) are some outliers. Stallions seem to have the more varied body types, with the average ones such as Braeburn, workhorses like Big Macintosh, or Clydesdales like Troubleshoes. There's no hard and fast rule for choosing body types, nor is there anything saying you have to choose just those. The eye shape is (for mares at least) the most prominent way of gleaning personality and character just at a glance. Here is an example of how eye shape is important: just by looking at their eye shape alone you can tell how drastically these two ponies' personalities differ. Using the above as reference, look at the mane of both. Generally you want to think of something that isn't too crazy that can also convey personality. The blue mare above seems to have a somewhat proper, almost reserved mane style, while the peach colored one below has a much fuller, more voluptuous mane that almost seems a bit wild in a way. Again, there's no rule for mane styles, and it's mostly personal preference. Color is a huge, huge part of making an OC. A bad color scheme can absolutely destroy it just as much as a shallow personality can. Picking out a coat color usually comes first, as it's the basis for what other colors of your OC come afterwards (those being the mane, eyes, and outline if you're using show-styled artwork). For coat colors, you want pastel colors, different shades (adding black), tints (adding white), or tones (adding gray) of pure colors. It should never simply be a pure color, as those are generally reserved for accents or clothing. Next comes the mane and tail. They should always match. There is no exception to this, and if there are, it does not look good. Mane color should not be the same as the coat color, and the mane color should be complimentary, or analogous. I haven't found a combination of highly contrasting colors that work, so I tend to stay away from them. It's also much easier on the eyes, and seems much more natural. As a rule, try and stick to one mane/tail color, two at the most. Three colors only complicates the design and makes it seem erratic and unfocused. This is not to say that it can't work! It's simply easier to work with one or two colors. I would suggest reading up on some basic color theory, as it helps immensely when picking out a color scheme for your OC. Here is an example of a primary color used for an article of clothing on one of my OCs. Note that her clothing all use colors that are next to each other on a color wheel, and that the scheme of her clothes eventually bleeds into her color scheme further along on the color wheel. Next comes the cutie mark. Please, don't take something hyper realistic and stick it onto a flank then call it a day, it's very jarring. The cutie mark should of course relate to the special talent of your character, that much is a given. But you may not know that most cutie marks only incorporate 2 to 3 colors in their design. More than 3 will complicate the design of the butt stamp, and end up looking like a weird blotch. Simple designs are best when it comes to cutie marks, but should be informative enough to give a rough idea of what a special talent might be. Unfortunately, I don't have any examples of cutie marks I've made to show here. EDIT: Here we have a nice little update regarding cutie marks! In show styled artwork, cutie marks do not have the same outlines that characters do. They are flat, and as said above, usually consist of 2-3 colors. Granted, these are only some I've made, and you are free to look up and research others shown in the show to get a better idea of what they're like. But be creative! Experiment!~ And finally, the name of your OC. usually this will coincide with their cutie mark, but this isn't always the case. Nobody can name your OC for you, of course, and it's personal preference. But from what I've seen and researched, most pony names range from 2 to 4 syllables in length. (Twi-light-Spar-kle. Ap-ple-jack. Pink-ie-Pie. Big-Mac-in-tosh. Brae-burn. Sun-set-Shim-mer. And so on and so forth.) Names in that syllabic length tend to roll off the tongue easier, and are more pleasing to the ear. Granted, I'm not the expert on the subject, so take it as you will. Hopefully I've been of some help to you, and I hope I haven't needlessly complicated the process, but I love seeing well created OCs. If you need any further help, you can always ask me directly and I would be happy to lend a hand.
  6. Frosty's guide to Equestria Well, first of all, there's a lot to know about the MLP world. I probably can't list every last detail, so I'm going to try to write a general guide. Also, I'm counting the comics as canon on subjects that the show itself gives little or no information. Different races Each race has it's own charactaristics. Unicorns have magic, pegasi have flight, and earth ponies have a deep connection with nature. Earth ponies: Earth ponies are the most common race in Equestria. These ponies are strong ponies, capable of pulling heavy carts, lifting heavy stuff, running for miles, etc. Not every earth pony is super muscly, but the average earth pony is still way stronger than your average unicorn. Earth ponies also have been shown to have increased stamina. They'll keep going for far longer than any other race. It also seems that earth ponies have more fine movement skills than the other races. Some of them can (for example,) use their tail as a fifth limb to pick up objects, or to swing a lasso around. They can have all sorts of talents, not only ones related to crops or physical strength. They live (from what I could gather,) pretty much everywhere. There are some settler ponies who live in Appleloosa, a small town out in the desert. They are pretty important for society, as they provide all the food for the rest of Equestria. Pegasi: Pegasi are strong as well, but their strength lies in their wings. They're more focused on speed and agility, more than pure strength, like the earth ponies. They have a special kind of passive magic that allows them walk on clouds and manipulate the weather. They also can use their wings as some sort of arms, using it to carry items. Pegasi are in charge of the weather. They schedule what the weather is going to be, and they make sure that the weather doesn't get out of control. Most pegasi live in Cloudsdale, which is a big city in the clouds. There are of course pegasi who live in other towns as well, but Cloudsdale is the city with the most pegasi. They also have a weather factory, where they make clouds, snow, rainbows, and other things. They get their supply of water from local lakes, which they pump up with a massive tornado. They make that tornado with a lot of pegasi who fly around in a circle, which creates a large current of air. Unicorns: Unicorns are mostly made up of academics and aristocrats. What sets these ponies apart is their mastery over magic. They're not that strong, but they can make up for it with magic and smartness. Most of the time they have only a little magic, magic that matches their special talent. However, some ponies's special talent is magic, and those ponies have some pretty powerful magic. They're able to levitate many objects at the same time, or cast complicated spells. Whenever a unicorn casts magic, their horn glows in a colour which usually matches either the colour of their eyes, or the most prominent colour of their cutiemark. Unicorn magic is quite complicated, so I'm not going to explain everything about it. Most of pony nobility consists of unicorns. Unicorns live all over Equestria, but mostly in big cities. Canterlot is the biggest city, and is also mostly populated by Unicorns. Alicorns: These ponies are very rare, and are incredibly powerful. Alicorns are automatically royalty. Alicorns have the best of all three races, and they even have their own type of magic, "Alicorn magic". We don't really know how it works, but it's apparently limited to Alicorns. There are at the moment only 5 known alicorns, and they all seem to posses powerful magic. It has been proven that the raw magic of 4 alicorns roughly matches all the other magic in Equestria. Growing up How ponies grow up depends on their race and where they were born. Unicorns from Canterlot are going to have a totally different background than pegasi from cloudsdale, for example. But one thing all ponies go through when growing up is getting a cutiemark. Getting a cutiemark: Getting a cutiemark is a thing every pony goes through when growing up. A cutiemark is a mark on a pony's flank that represents a pony's special talent or destiny. For example, if someone's special talent is cutting hair, then their cutiemark would maybe be a pair of scissors. Getting a cutiemark means finding who you truly are. Finding out what your special talent is, what sets you apart from the rest. Usually something special happens to make the pony realize what their special talent is. Pony society The 3 races work together to keep society going properly. The earth ponies provide food, and do a lot of jobs. Pegasi control the weather, and make sure the earth ponies can actually grow crops. They also do jobs with air transportation, as they are the only ones that can fly. Unicorns do jobs that the other 2 races can't do, and are generally intellectual ponies. They pay with Bits, small golden coins. Places There are a few important places to know, so here is a list of those: Griffonstone: A kingdom to the east of Equestria that's populated by griffons. Griffons are half-lion, half-eagle, and their greed for money and gold rivals that of dragons. They used to be very rich, but they lost their wealth, and now live in poverty. Yakyakistan: It's a country with a lot of yaks. It's in the far north. Not much is known about them, but they seem to be not very smart. Saddle Arabia: Country far away. Everfree Forest: A forest located next to Ponyville. It houses mysterious creatures, like Timberwolves and the Ursa Major. Ponies are generally scared to go there. Zecora lives here. Ponyville: Town where all three races live in unison. Also the home of the Mane 6 and Twilight's castle. Canterlot: The capital of Equestria. Celestia and Luna live here. Most of the rich ponies of Equestria live here. Cloudsdale: Large city in the clouds. Only Pegasi live here, as other ponies can't stand on clouds. Manehatten: Large city. Appleloosa: Hometown of Applejack's cousin. It's in the middle of the desert, with apple orchard as main food source. Tartarus: A place where evil creatures are banished to. Important ponies There are some important ponies you might want to know about, here's a list: Royalty (Present) Twilight: Princess of Friendship and former wielder of an Element of Harmony. Former student of Celestia. Princess Celestia: Alicorn that raises the Sun, and is the closest you can get to the ruler of Equestria. Princess Luna: Celestia's sister, Raises the Moon. Appears less at social events, unlike her sister, but chooses a more personal approach towards citizens. Can also control dreams, and appear in them. Princess Cadance: Princess of Love, and ruler of the Crystal Empire. Married to Shining Armor. Shining Armor: Twilight's brother. Former head of the Royal Guard. Prince Blueblood: Celestia's nephew. His family link to Celestia and Luna is far (Roughly 50 times) removed. He's really self-centered. [*]Important ponies (Present) Mane 6 (Twilight and co.): former wielders of Elements of Harmony. Now wielders of the "rainbow power" from the Tree of Harmony. Sunburst: Former student of Celestia. Has much knowledge about magic, but isn't able to use it all. Lives in the Crystal Empire. [*]Royalty (Past) Note, some of these aren't actually royalty, but I count them anyway as they were the leaders of their people. Princess Platinum: Leader of the Unicorn Tribe before Equestria's founding. Chancellor Puddinghead: Leader of the Earth Pony Tribe before Equestria's founding. Commander Hurricane: Leader of the Pegasus Tribe before Equestria's founding. [*]Important ponies (Past) Star Swirl the Bearded: A powerful unicorn, that created over 200 hundred spells, and is "the most important conjurer of the pre-classical era". He even created time-travel spells. He disappeared without a trace one day. He lived before Equestria was founded in the Unicorn Tribe. Clover the Clever: Princess Platinum's adviser. Student of Star Swirl the Bearded. Smart Cookie: Chancellor Puddinghead's adviser. Private Pansy: Commander Hurricane's subordinate. [*]Villains (Defeated) Chrysalis: Queen of the changelings. Tried to take over Equestria, but failed. Unlike the other villains, Chrysalis doesn't seem to be that powerful. She instead uses deceit and disguises and strategy to conquer enemies. King Sombra: Ruled the Crystal Kingdom for some time, enslaving all the crystal ponies that were there. He's apparently a "shadow pony". What that is, we don't know yet. Tirek: Mysterious creature that absorbes magic. He is able to strip the magic from every race of pony, which generally leaves them tired and unable to resist much. Pegasi can't fly, unicorns can't cast magic and earth ponies don't have their strength anymore. Sirens: Powerful beings who feed of negativity. They posses powerful mind-controlling singing. They were banished to the human world. Nightmare Moon: Luna who was corrupted by her envy. She felt that the night wasn't appreciated, so she refused to lower the moon. Celestia banished her to the moon for a thousand years with the Elements of Harmony. One thousand years later Nightmare Moon returns, and get's turned back into Luna by the Mane 6. [*]Villains (Reformed) Discord: Creature of chaos. Causes mayhem and weird stuff everywhere he goes. His morals are questionable, but he says he's reformed. Sunset Shimmer: Former student of Celestia. Stole the Element of Magic, and fled to the human world. Transformed into a demon, but was defeated by the Magic of Friendship. Now lives in the human world. Starlight Shimmer: Former student of Celestia. A powerful unicorn who founded "Our Town", a town where all ponies are equal. She has the ability to strip ponies of their cutiemarks. Now friends with the Mane 6 and Sunburst. Lives in Twilight's castle. Important objects and things Here's a list of important things that appear in MLP:FiM. Tree of Harmony: A mysterious tree that brought the Elements of Harmony and the Friendship Castle. It seems to know when Equestria is in danger. Alicorn Amulet: A powerful amulet that grants the weilder great magical power, but corrupts the user. Used by Trixie one time. Elements of Harmony: Six Elements that, when wielded together, give great power. The six Elements are Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, Kindness, Honesty and Magic. They are currently inside of the Tree of Harmony, keeping it healthy. They can be weilded by one person, if that person possesses all of the characteristics. The Cutie Map: A map that displays Equestria. It changes to accurately show what Equestria looks like. It originates from the Tree of Harmony. It shows the Mane 6 where to go and who has to go to solve a friendship problem. It's exact powers aren't known yet. History The history of Equestria is quite rich with things that have happened. Here's a general line of things that have happened, in the order of them happening. Equestria founded (See Hearth's Warming Eve) Unknown timespan Celestia and Luna rise to power Unknown timespan Discord rises to power Elements of Harmony found Discord defeated Unknown timespan Crystal Empire taken over by King Sombra King Sombra defeated / disappearance of Crystal Kingdom for 1000 years About a year Luna corrupted / appearance Nightmare Moon Luna banished to moon for 1000 years 1000 years Nightmare Moon returns Elements of Harmony used by Twilight and friends to bring Luna back Lore Here are some stories from Equestrian lore. Equestria's Founding: Magic Here are a few theories on how magic works: Theory by MindPalace: Festive days Equestria has a lot of days where they celebrate something. Here's a list of them, and where they came from, and what they mean to Equestria: Hearth's Warming Eve: A feast celebrating the founding of Equestria. It looks a lot like Christmas in the decorations that they use. For origins, see Lore: Equestria's founding. Every year the ponies of Equestria celebrate this day with a play of the events that happened. There are many plays all over the country, but the one in Canterlot is the biggest one. Summer Sun Celebration: This is a celebration that commemorates both the longest day in the year, the summer soltice, and the defeat of Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Night: A celebration where young ponies go around collecting candy, much like Halloween. That pretty much sums it up. They collect candy, and offer it to Nightmare Moon, so she won't eat them. Even though Nightmare Moon is no more, they still keep up the tradition, because it is fun. If I'm missing anything, please tell me, I'll add it to the list.
  7. This guide will show you how to get the best ending, and get certain collectibles and weapon/health upgrades. (this guide will NOT explain the story, because the story explains itself in-game) 1. --Start Point-- You start in a hollow cave with a monitor that has a heart on it, a floppy disk, a door, and some water. The monitor is a Life Refill. Press down when on it to refill your health. The floppy disk is a Save Point. Don't stay in the water too long, because you only have so much air. Save your game, then jump up to the door (enter the door by pressing down). 1a. --First Cave-- You are now outside the hollow area. Going right does no good; there are blocks in the way, and an enemy is there (you currently have no weapon!), so go left (watch out for the spikes, they'll hurt you!). Avoid the bats and grab the Life Capsule (press down when on it). Go southeast, and then enter the tiger's mouth. Press down when on the chest, and you've gotten your first weapon, the -Polar Star-! After a brief cutscene, head back out the door. You can now shoot enemies! Some enemies (depending on your level and weapon) will take more hits to defeat. After defeating an enemy, it can either spawn EXP (orange triangles; bigger ones yield more EXP) or Health (flashing hearts; 3 in a cluster yields more health points). (an explanation on the level up/exp system will be made shortly) Head back to the door you first came out of, and save your game. In part 2, we will continue onwards to the next destination. If you are using Cave Story+, your save file should look like this:
  8. MLPForums Acronym and Slang Guide! This guide here is designed to help out newcomers and everypony else who needs some clarification on the sometimes confusing acronyms of this awesome site. Whenever I came across such gibberish it would always make me feel left out and not apart of the 'group'. With this guide I hope everypony will be speaking the same language and on the same page! If anypony has more ideas for what to add onto this list post a reply with the acronym or slang and add the definition and I'll add it in! NMM – Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna’s darker side. Appears in S1 EP1 and EP2, also references in S2EP4 RD/RBD – Rainbow Dash. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Loyalty. PP – Pinkie Pie. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Laughter. PDP – Pinkamena Diane Pie. Pinkie Pie's full name. Often incorrectly used to refer to her 'psychotic' side when her mane is straight and flat. FS – Fluttershy. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Kindness. TS – Twilight Sparkle. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Magic. AJ – Applejack. One of the mane six ponies. Element of Harmony is Honesty. EqD/ED – Equestria Daily. News site run by ‘Sethisto’ for all your MLP: FiM needs. R34 – An ‘internet rule’. States that if something exists, there is pornography of it. NSFW - Not Safe For Work. Abbreviation to indicate something with explicit content. _______ is best pony – Grounds for civil war among bronies. I don’t recommend saying this. Ever. Molestia/Trollestia - Satirical nicknames for Princess Celestia. That she likes to play mind games with everypony. (Trolling them) Also that she is a huge perv and likes to abuse other ponies. RP – Role-Play. The act of filling a characters’ horseshoes and telling a story from their point of view. OOC – Out Of Character. A term RPers use to let others know that what they are saying does not apply to the story they are roleplaying. Often signaled with parentheses. MLP:FIM - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The name of the bestest show ever! You're on it's bestest website right now! Cupcakes - A gory and NSFW work of fanfiction in the form of a written story and an animation found on YouTube. Shipping - Fanfiction pairing two ponies together in a romantic relationship. Can be safe for work and is done often. (eg. ApplexDash, Twixie) .MOV videos - Very NSFW videos on YouTube with multiple episodes including SHED.MOV, DRESS.MOV and APPLE.MOV. You should always try and avoid talking of these and linking of these videos. Rule 63/R63 - Rule 63 of the internet: gender swapping of characters from Male > Female or Female > Male. EF - Everfree Forest. A subforum used for non-pony discussion. CC - Cloudsdale Colosseum. A subforum where forum games and other spammy threads reside. tl;dr/TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read. Usually kept lowercase. When used by the pony who is posting the large block of text, as opposed to the pony who is (not) reading it, it changes its meaning to "Summary for people who are likely to tl;dr" Don't feed the Parasprites - Ponified variation of the statement "Don't feed the trolls" Meaning when someone's here just to ruin your day, don't assist them by agruing or getting angry at them. That means they win! Just ignore them or love and tolerate them! OC - Original Character. Many fans, especially avid RPers create for themselves their own character to either represent themselves or act as a character in a fanfiction of theirs. This is commonly done via the [url=]Pony Creator. Fic - short for Fan-fiction Shipfic - A fan-fiction in which there is shipping. Clopfic - A fan-fiction in which there is explicitly romantic and/or sexual narrative lieu of shipping. By definition it is not safe for work. Fandom - The collective of fans of a given narrative work. Canon - A loan-word from Bibilical study that pertains to "what is authoritative", it means and refers to the official statements or standpoints of the show's creators. Fanon - Evolved from canon, it is similar except it is unofficial and thought of as the defacto standpoint of fans, or the general consensus of the fandom opinion. Everypony - The pony version of saying Everyone/everybody. Also applies to somepony. Bubble Berry - R63 version of Pinkie Pie. (See: Rule 63/R63) Rainbow Blitz - R63 version of Rainbow Dash. (See: Rule 63/R63) Dusk Shine - R63 version of Twilight Sparkle. (See: Rule 63/R63) Elusive - R63 version of Rarity. (See: Rule 63/R63) Butterscotch - R63 version of Fluttershy. (See: Rule 63/R63) PMV - Pony Music Videos FO: E - Fallout: Equestria. A well-known fanfiction placing ponies in the Fallout video game universe. Known for having tons of fanart and being lengthy.
  9. if there's any game that has taken away more hours of my life it's TF2. (With the exception of GMOD, that game was addicting) so to make new players feel comfortable to the game i've made up a good strategy guide for the ninth class: Le Spy. Now be prepared i WILL make TnT's for the other eight classes. now let's get started! The spy is a support class and has a very special attribute to the battlefield. like the sniper, he's an assassin-for-hire. so it's not recommended to just bash into the battlefield thinking you can rek havoc. now back to the topic. his main weapons consists of: The Revolver. The Sapper. The Knife. The Invisiwatch. and the Disguise Kit. Now about this class. This Guy is a complete SNAKE! now don't get me wrong i love snakes, i actually like the Milk snake. they're cute. he is *THE* most hardest class to master and WHEN you get used to him, you WONT change your mind! The class as said is meant to be sneaking behind enemy lines using his disguise kit (When they ain't spycrabbing). and since he is meant for sabotage and infiltration, the sapper, disguisekit and Knife are mostly used more then the revolver. The name is SPY! Not trigger-happy dipsh*t! so don't think you can go as spy wrecking havoc on the battlefield. now the spy wouldn't be so deadly if it wasn't for his Infamous KNIFE! seriously! that weapon. ONE HIT TO THE BACK! GUARANTEED KILL! HE. IS. A. MENACE! As soon as you choose that ninth slot you become EVERYONES worst nightmare! A heavy firing. A medic healing his teammates. a demoman. a sniper. an engi, oh poor F*CKING ENGI! you get the idea! and with the ambassador HE CAN HEADSHOT PEOPLE! now of that SNAKE has a gun you wouldn't want to get close to him! SERIOUSLY! and i'm getting off-topic. okay so the first thing you want to do is to learn your enemies patterns. you want to rely on the following tip. If an enemy is too far away, shoot. if he has a razorback, shoot. if its a pyro, SHOOT! and if they are not aware of you you can just sneak up on them! they won't know what hit em until its too late! but be aware of your surroundings because most players will keep a lookout for suspicious behaviour close to medics, demos, snipers, etc. and the pyro is a spys worst nightmare. the pyro can make the spy visible when he's invisible by lighting him on fire. and if you want to actually have good use of the spy, here's a loadout i recommend. (Weapons only) The Diamondback revolver (Grants crits for every backstab and sapped building) Knife of your choice (YER is recommended) Sapper of your choice. The Dead ringer (Feign Death) If this loadout doesnt work for you then comment with your complaints and i'll come up with a good loadout and strategy for you.
  10. Well, by demand of this status I will write a guide detailing on how to raise your very own Snake Pony! First off, What is a Snake Pony? Well, a Snake Pony, Serpony, Ponaga, Lamia Pony, whatever you prefer, is exactly that. A combination of both snake and pony. The pony part being the head and torso and the snake part being the waist and down. Examples: Next: Hatching and Raising your Snake Pony. Hatching your Snake Pony egg is no easy task, I assure you. You must keep the egg(s) at a relatively warm and steady temperature and constantly keep them moist. Vigilance is key because you do not want them to dry out or they could die D: That would be terrible! After your little ones hatch, they like to feed on tiny insects and small plants. So keeping some of those around would help. Being half snake, they need at least some sun to keep their temperatures up. An hour or two a day of sunbathing should prove sufficient, if not longer. Watch out when they are teething, they may want to bite you. It is not fatal at a young age, but can cause discomfort or skin damage. Shedding is a weird time in a Snake Ponies life as well. Just try to keep something abrasive that they could wrap around to allow them to shed easier. If your Snake Pony wraps around you, don't panic, it is probably showing affection. Third: Growing up and Maturity. Snake Ponies do get cutie marks just like regular ponies. Push your Snake Pony in the direction of some of the things it likes to do and see what it's true talent is! By this age in a Snake Ponies life, they will need to eat higher amounts of calories and other nutrients it needs. Being omnivores, this means that they do eat meat. Small rodents, birds, even fish sometimes, should prove sufficient. Snake Ponies prefer to eat fruits over vegetables as well, for some strange reason I never understood... If your Snake Pony feels that it does not need your support anymore, do not hold it back. Snake Ponies prefer to be solitary creatures later in life. Let it go enjoy itself. Miscellaneous Tips and Stuff. Grooming and Clothing: Snake Ponies often adorn themselves with various paints, feathers, or jewelry. This is natural, just let them keep it. They often only wear loincloths if they ever clothe them self at all. Maybe provide one for yours just in case. Keep your Snake Ponies mane neat and tidy, as it does get dirty and tangled quickly. Being Bitten and Treatment. If you do ever get bit by your Snake Pony, do not panic, as this will make the venom travel faster. Calmly make your way to the nearest facility that houses anti-venom whilst applying pressure to the wound. However, if you are wrapped and bound by your Snake Pony, then bit, I'm sorry. You shouldn't live much longer... Temperament and Emotions. Snake Ponies do get angered rather quickly, so try your best to be nice to them at all times. They show affection much like a cat or dog, in the sense that you may just get a dead animal in your lap. > . > Snake Ponies like sharp, shiny objects and are attracted to them. Do not get in their way when they have such a thing in their sight. Various Magic Abilities. If your Snake Pony happens to be a Unicorn (sorry Snake Ponies cannot grow wings), their magic develops much like a regular Unicorn although it is much more limited. They can usually only teleport small distances, levitate objects, and usually learn one special magic talent unique to them. For example: My Snake Pony can create branches and ledges to wrap onto or hang off of on various surfaces. Hmm. This would be the end of the guide, however I know I missed quite a few things. If you have any questions or comments on how to raise your Snake Pony, please ask and I will answer it to the best of my abilities and put it into the guide! Do not be afraid, there are no bad questions! I hope you liked this, and have fun raising your own Snake Pony! TL;DR?? = Go back up and read it, it's freakin' Snake Ponies!
  11. Erm, so i've been wondering about how do bronies or people do digital art thing, like oc's, comics and stuff. But i don't actually know how did they actually 'DID' that, i know they might have known they used photoshop and that sorts of programs, but i still don't know how they do it, and how can i DO it. So, how do they actually make it so good? (P.S, not sure i've made this post before)
  12. Hello, my name is mcminer2011. I'm here to show you how to make a pair of shoes about 200% more fun by adding Grind plates. First, You're gonna need a pair of shoes you don't mind tearing up. Preferably an old pair of athletic shoes with a thick sole. Second. You'll need some relatively thick plastic. I found that for solid plates: An old playstation 2 case works well. Remember, it needs to be somewhat thick(like a PS2 game case) AND flexible too. Third, you'll need some poster board. This'll help you draw out the shape of your plates. Step 1: Take your shoe and place it on the poster board. Next, trace the inside and outside of the thinnest parts of your shoe. These lines must measure about 4 inches in straight length for the best plates. Step 2: Use an exact knife or other sharp object to cut the shape out of the board. Then trace that shape twice onto your plastic surface. The plastic should be large enough to cut two plates out of. Step 3: Cut your plates using a saw or other serrated item. So long as it saws, you're good. Next, you're gonna want to cut about 1/4 to 1/3 inches into your shoes. I hope you have ones with thick soles. Step 4: Slice off a layer of your shoes' soles. Based on how deep you cut into the sole and how thick the sole is, you may end up either cutting into the actual shoe or just cutting too shallow and not being able to fit the plate in without it slapping against the ground when you walk. Don't forget to test out the deepness with a plate you cut beforehand. It should fit just into the sole without hitting the ground while you walk. Step 5: Glue your plates into the shoe and test them out. This is actually an easy part. Just don't use superglue or shoegoo(doesn't work on plastic, superglue is too stiff to use) I'd recommend either barge glue or Hot glue if you can't gain Barge glue. Also, the plates are gonna be sluggish if you're gonna grind in them so just cut some holes if you think their too slow post trial. Or cut some sweet grooves in them and show off. Step 6: Enjoy! Whether you're just showing off your new grind shoes to look 20% cooler; or having 200% more fun just grinding, I van tell you this much, friends and strangers alike will most likely stop to check out your shoes. Just be sure to show off the grinding ability and they'll want a pair for sure! Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility to the ruining of any shoes used to install plates. I take no credit for the original guide this one is based off of, or any trouble you may get into whilst grinding. Please take the necessary precautions before using any pair of grind shoes. A helmet and pads are recommended for a safe grinding experience. All rights previously mentioned go to their respective owners. Shoe modification goes to the original company it was inspired by, Soap. It is recommended to read Soap's disclaimer as well before attempting to use or purchase any actual Soap shoes. Thank you for reading, and happy grinding! Image notes: Left, Soap Sylon w/ BBK plate. Right: Nike crafted grind shoe, violet "zip" plate
  13. ~Work-In-Progress~ Welcome to this thread. Here, I, among others, will be compiling a handful of tips and methods that signature creators use to create their works present in threads in the Request's Guild. I will take you through, step-by-step, on each of these processes and techniques. Whether you're an aspiring artist, looking to make a thread yourself, or just would like to learn about this style of art, I'm sure you'll be able to learn something new from this thread. This thread will primarily be made with the intent of the reader using GIMP 2.8 (though there may/will be parts of this guide in which other editing software will be used). -Note: I will be constantly updating this thread with any new methods or techniques that I learn about, or others (you guys) tell me about. SO, if you have a method that you personally like to use a lot, and I have not mentioned it here in this guide, please, feel free to post it down below, and I will add it to the guide with appropriate credit **Also, please note that this guide will not directly tell you about how to make a signature/piece of art. These are merely techniques that you can employ TO make a signature. Can't really teach style, that is something you must find yourself Table of Contents: · Useful Places and Links · Making a Vector/Transparency · Making a Background · Photo Edits · Simple Text Effects · Finishing Touches · Putting Everything Together · FAQ · Other Signature-Related Resources Useful Places and Links: · GIMP 2.8 (Basic) -> Found Here · GIMP 2.8 w/Extensions -> Found Here · Deviant Art -> Found Here · Google Images -> Found Here · DaFont (For ANY font you could want/need) -> Found Here · Photobucket (Upload and store your art, can also be used for adding effects *explained later*) -> Found Here Now, after all this "intro" and prologue-y kind of stuff, let's begin the actual guide shall we Part 1: Making a Transparency: (For users with GIMP 2.8 or Photoshop) Part 2: Creating Backgrounds: This is the part where inspiration and artistic flare comes in. There are multiple ways you can go about creating a background for your sig, both simple and complex, both of which I will be covering. Before you start, it helps to have a vague idea/theme set/in mind. Custom/Complex Background: Synopsis: Part 3: Photo Edits Glow Effect: Synopsis: Part 4: Simple Text Effects: Basic Glow: Easy Drop Shadow/ 3D Effect: Synopsis: Part 5: Finishing Touches: Rounded Edges: Photobucket Effects: Synopsis: Part 6: Putting it All Together: Step-by-Step Assembly (preference): Synopsis: Part 7: FAQ: Part 8: Other Signature-Related Resources:
  14. Hello and welcome to the Print Media section! In here, you will find topics, discussion, threads and polls on any official MLP print media, including the large assortment of the IDW comic series and spin-off series to various books and other literature that have been released, such as the Crystal Heart Spell Book and the Journal of the Two Sisters, or any upcoming releases that you are excited to see. Please keep in mind that this section is for officially licensed material, so any fanfictions or other fandom-created content should not be posted here and would fit best in the main Sugarcube Corner section. Please be sure do not to post entire comics or stories here as well; it is quite acceptable to share a page or two to illustrate a point you wish to make or to draw attention to something you may have found entertaining, but anything more than this will not be permitted. And finally, just like any other part of the forums, all forum rules apply so please keep this in mind when posting. So, without further ado, why not curl up with a nice book (comic or or otherwise) and have a good time? There is quite a bit to discuss and talk about, so feel free to dive right in! Favorite story arc, best issue, speculation for future releases? The only limitation is your imagination, so let it soar! Have fun and take care!
  15. How to Make a MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC Original Character / Fan Character That Doesn't Suck WARNING: Due to the nature of this thread (I'm teaching people how to make pony OC's, that's pretty frustrating), there is some swearing. But it's nothing too vulgar, like, I don't drop and f-bombs. Just, y'know. Be warned. PG-13 (or PG-12, I guess) Due to the mass outbreak of 'can you pretty plz help with oc' threads, I've decided to make a thread dedicated on how to make an OC that doesn't suck. Warning: This thread does give legit advice, but I wrote it in a style that is half informative, half me telling you guys my opinions on what to do in stuff that I would say in real life. Just... don't take offense to any opinion I say on this thread. No, this is not affiliated in any way with the Complete Guide for Signatures. I'm just stealing their format. And thread title. Hahaha, i'm so evil. But you can go check that thread out if you're feeling up to it, just remember that Shift's threads are superior threads. tl;dr; this thread is going to show you how to make the best damn oc ever 0. Table of Contents: USE F5 TO SEARCH FOR THAT SECTION! a1. What is an 'OC' / 'Original Character'? b1. How do I Make a Good OC? c1. Everyone Has to Start Somewhere: Species c2. List of Species d1. Gender e1. In the Grand Scheme of Things: Color Scheme (Awful Pun, Ain't It?) e4. Mane e5. Coat e6. Eyes e7. Other Body Markings f1. Mane + Tail g1. Cutie Mark h1. Additional Features h2. Accessories h3. Itty-Bitty Details i1. Rounding out Your Character: Personality + Backstory i2. Personality i3. Backstory j1. Naming your Pony k1. Using the Pony Creator l1. Helpful Websites that you People Might want to Use, I Dunno m1. FAQ a1. What is an 'OC' / Original Character? b1. How do I Make a Good OC? c1. Everyone Has to Start Somewhere: Species c2. List of Species d1. Gender e1. In the Grand Scheme of Things: Color Scheme (Awful Pun, Ain't It?) e2. Mane e3. Coat e4. Eyes e5. Other Body Markings f1. Mane + Tail g1. Cutie Mark h1. Additional Features h2. Accessories h3. Itty-Bitty Details i1. Rounding out Your Character: Personality + Backstory i1. Personality i2. Backstory j1. Naming your Pony k1. Using the Pony Creator l1. Helpful Websites that you People Might want to Use, I Dunno m1. FAQ Thread Edit History: Finally, this thread is done. Well, if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, you can comment and i'll get back to you as quickly as possible. If you also need help with your OC, I can help too.
  16. Theory headcanon, I think Celestia is a guide, much like Gandalf. She will help out in the darkest of times, but mostly she offers advice. She's not there to solve all the Ponies problems and banish all evil, because if she did then her personal student Twilight Sparkle would learn nothing and not to mention the whole Ponies society would stagnate if she did everything. Plus she is not invincible, may be immortal, but not invincible. Clearly shown in Canterlot Wedding, she is mortal, so she can't just go rushing to go face the evil, when she could die. Hopefully that clears some hate toward her. Is my theory good?
  17. The title says it all. I've always wanted to do an LP so yesterday I started a series completely new to me Fire Emblem. Have any of you done a lets play or even been in a famous one? Here's my first attempts at it: What do you guys think? I'm also looking for advice on how I should go about this and other tips. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite LPers or Gamers in general? I love Chugaaconroy and Darkspinesonic. Chugaa usually does Nintendo games and Darkspinesonic does.......well yeah sonic.
  18. With the internet such an easily accessible commodity, there is no excuse for making a comment in a debate and then not be able to produce evidence for it. If you are making a hearsay comment or stating speculation, say so. Speculation shouldn't ever be part of your scientific process. There are facts, there is educated speculation that can be made from the evidence in accordance with the facts, and then there is pure speculation. The last one is never permitted to be passed as any form of fact in the world of science. If you need help distinguishing if a person is attempting to represent their own speculation as a known fact, and has not produced evidence for it, or produces questionably reputable sources, then consult Dr. Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detector Kit: This is a helpful tool for any person wishing to conduct debates while still adhering to the scientific process. Evidence in your argument is vital. However, not all evidence is created equal and you must be wary of your sources. Sourcing Sourcing your argument is important. It not only helps provide evidence for your statement, but allows others to understand what you are stating in a debate. Sources and evidence should be provided as much as possible, as you will find in any real life project. However, you should also be wary of what evidence is being used and what the source of this evidence is. Primary Sources These would be the evidence themselves. In paleontology, this will include the fossils themselves along with photographs or other first-hand recordings of the fossils. Primary sources are THE source. There is no source that can be produced that is more accurate than the primary source. It is the most accurate source you will ever use. Unfortunately, primary sources are also the rarest. Because of this, there are other sources that can be helpful to use. Secondary Sources -Secondary Scholarly: These are the next best thing to the primary source. Documentation such as published, peer-reviewed papers and/or books are scholarly sources. They’re trustful to use due to their small margin of human bias injected. However, that does not mean that the source lacks bias completely, and therefore you should be mindful in using this type of source. The advantage of Secondary sources is the fact that they’re far more common than a Primary source. These will likely be the sources you use the most when not using a primary source. -Secondary Popular: These are still very useful; however often lack the detail and depth of a scholarly source. References such as National Geographic Magazine (or other popular educational magazines, pamphlets, etc.), blog posts, TV documentaries, non-peer reviewed papers, or other such popular sources. While these can be helpful and are advantaged by their frequency, however are severely disadvantaged by their susceptibility to bias and inaccuracy. Use of these sources must be made with scrutiny. Do not always trust to heart these particular sources. It is always a good idea that if using a popular source, you link to multiple in the same topic in order to present clearer and far more accurate evidence than merely using a single popular article susceptible to inaccuracy, bias, and other restricting qualities. If you are met with skepticism on your statements, do not fret. Skepticism is a pillar of science. General musings and word of mouth are never scientifically recognized, and never will be. Such are the workings of science. Scientific knowledge is based entirely on documentation, giving that up would lead to the entire decay of the scientific process. Scientists don't go chasing Krakens unless there's a body of a giant squid to show them a plausibility. Science deals with cold, hard, proof, not in idle speculation. If you feel yourself getting flustered, take a break. Step away from the debate in order to gain a level head. Don’t force yourself to continue while angry or frustrated and risk saying or doing something you’ll regret. Do what you need to cool down. Get a drink of water, grab a snack. Then come back with a clear mind ready to continue the debate in civil manner. A scientist uses their knowledge for the betterment of humanity, not to be hoarded and have people be told that they should go off and learn it themselves. Within that lies greed and selfishness and is the very reason why so much scientific knowledge available to the world hasn't expanded beyond the journal and into the public where it belongs.
  19. I recently started a writing youtube channel and the first video (link), created by Ckat_Myla. It's about how to deal with a lack of appreciation/love for your work. It goes beyond writing and fanfiction. There is a video linked above and a text version posted below. And post a comment if you've had problems dealing with a lack of appreciation or if you've been having trouble, either myself or someother poster on this site will be willing to help you out. And if you see someone that you think you can help, speak up, encourage them, link to someplace that has some advice that can help. Edit: Feel free to follow my fimfiction here, though I am slowly moving everything over to this site as well. The text version of the video can be found bellow. Facing the Lack of Love: 7 Things NOT to Do When Faced With the Wall of Apathy Let me say that if you write stories of any kind – fan fiction or otherwise – and you post your work onto the internet for all to see, you are a very brave person. Really, you are. Any content maker really (be they stories, articles, videos, music, etc.) who actually does put forth the love and effort into said works – and are brave enough to submit them for our entertainment/subject them to our scrutiny ­ are worthy of praise. Now, other people have posted some really great articles about how to be a polite content­ maker and accept criticism/rejection gracefully. Some people have written about dealing with hate or trolls, and to tell the difference between a troll comment and actual constructive criticism. Those things are quite helpful... if you are actually getting attention. But what about those writers of fanfics that aren't, that are suffering from a different thing altogether? A lack of feedback or attention? There might be some articles or videos about how to get more attention, but this isn't one of them. I might give some tips or something, but what we are really dealing with here today is the sad fact that sometimes you can be doing everything right. Your story can be something interesting and worth reading. You can be a polite, good commenter and an upstanding member of whatever writing site you visit. Sometimes though, even following all the rules and going through everything with a fine-­toothed anti troll comb, your story can be met with a giant wall of silence and apathy. You may feel like it's your fault, like it's something you've done or not done. 'Is the story not interesting? Is my description/title/cover image not punchy enough?' And you know, those could be factors, but how about when you've fixed all those possible flaws and yet you still aren't getting any love? Since I am a fellow writer/internet content­provider, I have been where you are now, and I feel confident enough to give you this list of things you should NOT do when faced with this situation. `­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­`­­`­` 7. Don't (Completely) blame yourself Yes, I add that little extra word there. Because to be honest, sometimes there are things that might contribute to a lack of interest in your story. Poor grammar or spelling in the summary, or a summary that's too vague or maybe too complicated. Notice though that these things are easily fixable. So let's say you've checked the summary and it is perfectly fine, you've had your pre­reader and a few other people look it over and they weren't confused by it. What might be the problem still? Well, this is something you might find in most of these list items I'm afraid... people are fickle. Yup. as much as we are taught as children to not judge a book by its cover, that might be exactly what people are doing. You can change the cover too, but sometimes people will like/dislike things for just the weirdest reasons( but we'll get to that). If you accept this fact here at the start, we can move onto the other items with this lovely golden nugget of truth. There are probably tens of thousands of stories on the site you've posted your stuff, and maybe about a hundred of those might have plots similar to yours (That doesn't make it unoriginal, because NOTHING is original anymore ;P). Of all the potential readers on the site, maybe only a few might actually want to read the type of story, or about those characters. 6. Don't self­deprecate in your Author's Notes or (especially not) your story BE CONFIDENT! This is your story, you wrote it. Own up to it and don't apologize for every little aspect of it. Sure, if you're a new writer you can make a comment about that in the A/N, or if you don't have a pre­reader yet you can explain that as the reason you could have skipped some typos. Don't be a Fluttershy about your work though. If it's something you are proud of, be proud of it. You actually don't have to put an Author's Note at all if you don't want. (If there's something interesting about the chapter or I feel I need to explain something, I usually just put a link to a blog post I made about it.) In 2011, just after Return of Harmony part 2 aired (literally, the night it aired) I wrote what became the first scene of a fanfic I am proud of and (sorta) happy with. The thing was though, I did not have as much confidence in my writing as I do now (and the amount I have now I probably shouldn't have ;). This particular story had my very first attempt at a kissing scene, so that made me extra nervous about it. I ended up leaving an A/N that was nearly the same length as the story itself. In it I apologized over and over and tried to explain why I did what I did. It was like I was just laying my writing down at the feet of the mighty leader of the Hoarde of Flamers, trying to meekly and weakly cower away before he ripped me apart. The thing is though, nobody cared. The readers didn't actually need my lengthy apology­/explanation. The ones that liked it liked it, and the ones that didn't didn't. Nobody ripped me apart or even really complained about the kiss. A couple of people said it felt natural. So when in doubt, just go ahead and leave the A/N box empty. Background stuff like story explanations can go in the blogposts. Even if you aren't completely confident in your story or writing expertise, guess what? Sometimes a lack of extraneous things like that make you seem more mysterious and – therefore – appear more confident. 5. Don't spam threads/groups with links (or choose your moments carefully) Sure, self­promotion is important, but we all should know there is a difference between giving yourself a little signal boost, and making a pest of yourself. If you just added your Apple/Dash story to the Apple/Dash group, there might be a thread in their forum to give a little bump for it. There are probably other good and appropriate places to advertise. Like your own blogs/sites, or ask a friend to give it a link on his/her blog/site. Maybe you can do a trade where they post about your story if you post about theirs. Share the love and keep the friendship going, right? What you should not be doing is going to random threads (or barely­ connected threads...or other random and possibly­ connected sites) and just linking to your story with a comment like 'Hey, check out my story it's blahbalabhlbahabhal!' (especially if you add the blahblah part, that just makes you look like you suddenly lost control of your fingers). Even the more casual 'Hey, you like ____? I like ___? I wrote this story if you wanna check it out', is better, but it still sorta smells a lot like 'The only reason I am here is to post this link to my GLORIOUS story, I care not for what is really beng discussed/what this comment is actually attached to'. Usually I've noticed that mentioning the story is all that's needed. The interested party(ies) will inquire for a link on their own. And again, that's only outside of a link­ posting thread and only where appropriate. 4. Don't assume your story is bad because of lack of comments Remember the big, important truth I mentioned earlier? 'People are fickle'? Well, it's coming in to play again here. They are also fellow humans, like yourself (or any other sentient being with emotions and thoughts that of a human) and so are also prone to whatever type of thing might keep you from commenting sometimes. Are there stories you just sorta glance at, and maybe like but not enough to leave a comment? Are there stories you really enjoy, but don't really have a lot to say or can't find a good way to articulate your feelings? Do you sometimes feel like if you've commented on one chapter you probably don't have to on all of them(especially if it's a long one)? Sometimes do you just feel shy about leaving a comment for whatever reason? Guess what? Those people reading your stories all have potential to be feeling those feels too. Sometimes it's not 'ew, I hate this, comment for you!', or 'meh, no clop, I'm bored'. Sometimes it could just be one of those things I mentioned above, or something else entirely. Comments don't always equal success or popularity of a story. You might be thinking that the like/dislike buttons are the things that really determine that, and yeah, you might be right...but again, not always. 3. Don't worry so much about the like/dislikes This is also an area where people can be fickle little boogers. Some people (like me) will hit the like button on every story that I find interesting enough to read at least the first chapter, regardless of if I faved it or not (but I always hit like on a faved story). As far as the dislikes go, some people (again, me) might regard that thumbs down as tantamount toa slap in the face. Some people would have to really, really just hate a story or find it personally offensive in some way to hit the dislike button. Some people though are a bit more free with their thumbs downs, and hit it because they are genuinely giving it some thought and providing a critique on the story. I had one such occurrence fairly recently, and it was almost like seeing a real live unicorn trot up to me and offer me a time turner. That's because I think this might be something of a rarity on any writing site (especially fanfiction). By that I mean a person willing to give you an honest, well­ thought out review of your story, and an explanation as to why they are giving it a thumbs down. (I feel I handled it alright...although I could have been more confident. I didn't rageflame him though. I sent him an equally well­thought out reply by PM. Though now I think of it it might have been better to just accept the criticism without saying anything.) You will have the much, MUCH more frequent 'random dislike' people. The ones who are far to trigger­happy with that red button. 'Oh, this is a romance/sad/slice of life/other genre I don't like? DISLIKE! Oh, it's a shipping fic for [character A] and [character I don't want with character A]? DISLIKE! Oh, it has more likes than my (possibly similar) story? DISLIKE! Oh, I'm just going through the front page randomly hitting the dislike button on every story I see? DISLIKE! I'm not saying that stuff actually happens all the time or that all of your red bar consists of those.... I'm just saying I've been around the internet enough to think it's a distinct possibility. 2. Don't hold your story hostage Now, I have never done this. I have seen this done before though. Writers who decide that they absolutely MUST have validation from their readers in order to write. 'Guys, I'm not gonna write any more of this story if I don't get at east ten comments/likes/favs on this chapter!' Here's where I'm gonna be a little blunt. This is a dumb idea. You may think that you 'deserve' that many likes/favs/comments and this sort of ultimatum gives you the power, but it doesn't. It actually puts the power in the hands of your readers. The same readers you are kind of extorting to get what you want. They may genuinely like your story, but when you demand something like that you just come off sounding like an entitled bratty diva. Every like, comment, and fav you get is a gift. Nobody made those people do those things, they did it because they enjoyed what you had to offer, so revel in that. Even if it's not as many or as much as you'd like or think your story deserves. Not to sound like a mom, but hey... there are other writers who probably don't even have half of the love from readers that you do. Plus, look at the fellow writers you admire, or even professionals? Do they ever hold their content hostage? What if JK Rowling did that? 'Yeah, sorry fans, I've written the next Harry Potter book but you don't get it until I have a million comments on [whatever social networking site was big in the early 2000's].' Holding out for more reader love also tells me that you might be writing your story for the wrong reasons, or for the wrong person. Which leads me to my last point... 1. Don't give up on your story You are not – or at least should not be – writing your story to please other people. You might be writing to try and entertain others with what you already want to write, but the one person you should always aspire to make happy with your work is YOU. So you post the first few chapters and don't get much of a nibble, that's fine. If you are confident in yourself and that you have done the best you can with your story, if you love your story and think it's worth something, then you've already won. Remember that one lesson letter to Celestia, something about 'if you try and please every pony, you end up pleasing no pony'? Wise words indeed. Just like people are fickle, people are different. They might have different tastes than you, and so trying to anticipate and cater to every sort of reader ever is gonna leave you tired, frustrated, and with a cluttered mess of a story that you just don't care about anymore. Writing your stories for yourself is also the best way to battle that wall of apathy. It's okay that the story isn't getting a lot of love, I'm still proud of it and I am not ashamed of it because I worked hard. Plus, eventually your story might be discovered by some like­ minded individuals later on down the line, and you wouldn't want to disappoint them by not finishing or deprive them of discovering the story at all by deleting it it, would you? Following through and seeing a story to the end takes perseverance, and even if you don't get a lot of love, that perseverance will probably be noticed by someone. You don't want to be the author who leaves their story unfinished. You might get comments from people like me years later saying, 'OMG where did you gooooo? I wanna know what happens!' Trust me I have been on both sides of that scenario, and neither one makes you feel good. Now, you aren't gonna always have the drive to continue your story, but you should probably fight that urge. The middle is usually when it starts to get difficult, and if a story problem pops up, don't roll over, work it out. Just... keep swimming, I guess. To use another little cliché.
  20. Hello everypony! I'm pretty new to community, and have been blown away by the amount of creative and wonderful things that have been done by fans. it has personally inspired me to try to make some content, the problem is there aren't really all that many good, comprehensive starter friendly guides. I would like to compile a list, and perhaps make a topic that will link across a great many threads to make all of this information easily accessible. Over the next few days I'm going to update with all of the things I have done, and in what order, to try to help others who don't quite know how to start. Join me on my Cutie Mark Crusade! I'm going to be dabbling in animation, graphic design, and music production. If these guides already exist, or this topic has been done, feel free to let me know. I haven't found it quite yet. Any help would be appreciated. Starting: Pony art, a drawing guide by: D1SC0RD A good website on finding resources for the music in MLP: Signature Making guide by Azura One of the best posts on music production I have found... DusK PMV "style" guide, it's a good read! By Stellafera This is all I have for now. I'm not going to reserve posts, as this will be remade with a more appropriate title when they are all compiled. I beg everypony to help. If you can/are willing to write guides, let me know! Lets encourage artistry and aide in the expansion of our creative production base! Thank you all, Dark Dawn out. One sec... url codes aren't working for me...
  21. hey guys ive been trying to do some Princess Celestia vectors lately and have been having a lot of trouble getting the colours right as it goes im eye dropping the colours of the screenshots iv'e taken but the colours change dramatically in between vectors so if any one knows where i can find a Princess Celestia Colour Guide with the digital colours and provide a link here it would be much appreciated ** i say digital becuase the colours used int the show are unprintable most times, and celestia's show colours are unprintable thus colours must be changed for printable works but when used to make show accurate vectors the colurs are WRONG ** and Kefkafloyds colour palette for Celestia is for print not digital
  22. I'm not very good at art, but I still want to draw! In particular, my new project is making my self-pony her cutie mark on my own. Her cutie mark is a heart on a storm cloud with rain droplets coming off the heart. I used Photoshop for its awesome layering abilities. Rainycakes using Generalzoi's pony generator. Part 1: The Sketch Here I've managed a very, very wobbly sketch at 200% zoom. I drew one side, or one piece, then copied, pasted, and rotated the image so both sides are pretty much *kind of* even (the grid helps). I used lots of layers, then merged the sketch layers when I was satisfied with it. I have 3 background layers right now, Rainycakes' dark grey coat color, white, and transparent. I mostly use white right now. Part 2: The Pen Tool I wasn't looking forward to this part but it's actually easier than one would think. All you have to do is move the little dots around until you get the shape you want. I only drew about half the image then I copied it, pasted it as a new image, rotated it, then put it back carefully so the ends would match, using my sketch as a guide. Part 3: COLOR! Using the layer blending options helps out a lot here. I made the raindrops, the heart, and the cloud its own layer. Then, with the pen tool, I selected Shape layers and used it to create a layer of color under the raindrops, the heart, and the cloud. For fun, I added a gradient "mini-layer" under each shape layer. The best part is, I can change the colors at anytime Part 4: Adding the cutie mark! I merged all the layers (except the backgrounds) to make it a nice transparent image. Then I copied, pasted it as a new image, then shrunk it to 10% of its original size. Then I copied it to Rainy's flank, used Free transform on it to make it even smaller and turn it a bit. Then, I erased the top part so her wing was layered over it. Wheew, and that's that. Now all I need to do is edit my avatar so the cutie mark is showing. =) If only I could draw ponies, I could use the pen tool and layers to really make some awesome pony art Awww man, I just realized my topic title says "Learning How To My Own cutie Mark" instead of "Learning How To MAKE My Own Cutie Mark" and there's no way to edit the topic title that I know of. >:X
  23. This is a followup to the original Harmonic's Guide to Posting On The Forums (If you haven't read it, please take a moment to do so). This one comes complete with pictures ( Some that I photoshopped myself to help illustrate my points) and also to make this article look beautiful. I thought that maybe I skipped some things that really should have been put in there, but really, there were quite a few, so I decided I might as well make it into it's own post. 1.) Don't Make Drama when Leaving the Forums This is a big one, and I made a joke about it probably yesterday (Maybe the day before that) about me leaving, just to see what would happen if I simply made a status about it. Enough people replied to that status for me to say inconclusively that making a status about it is okay, but not necessary. You know what's not okay? Making several blogs, dozens of statuses about leaving, making a post about it, and presumably flying a zeppelin with "GOODBYE" written on it fly over Canada in the hopes that Feldicorn will see it. Do you know why it's not okay? It's not okay because about nine out of ten times these users come back in less of a week. I guarantee it's usually because the users did it just for attention, and not because some magical fairy warned them that leaving would spell their impending doom. Rather, if you're going to leave, do so, but don't turn it into some kind of dramatic grand finale because you're going to make yourself look bad and probably won't actually end up leaving at all. Make one blog post, or (And if it's particularly complicated, perhaps and) a status update, but don't do more than that. 2.) Don't claim other people aren't "Real bronies" This one particularly bothers me, mainly because when it is said it's usually meant as an insult. Most common topics people say this in are debates about headcanon, opinions on episodes, and opinions on Fan Content (Especially R34 content), and it also bothers me because of how hypocritical it is. Saying something like that proves without a doubt that whoever saying it is immature, and illogical. Two things that haters love to target about the fandom. By doing this, they are: A.) Showing all of the tact of a mentally delayed cheeto dust covered comedy writer by targeting someone's personality over a minor difference of opinion. Not pictured: Brain food B.) Making sure that any logical person will side with your opponent, maybe even due to your immaturity. "One day they'll pay, they'll all pay." ______ So what I'm saying is that this is working against your credibility if you think that just because someone disagrees with you they aren't a "Real" member of the fandom. 3.) Don't Fish for Sympathy It should be noted that I'm not saying "Don't look for someone sympathetic", I'm talking about people who fish for it like they're in a contest to gather the most people to feel bad for you. I'm talking about people who turn everything into a sob story. I'm talking about the guy who goes into a thread titled "What is your favorite candy?" and says "My entire family was murdered by a roving pack of Chocolate Bars." "You bastard" That guy is the worst. The worst part is that for people unfamiliar with people who fish for sympathy, it's hard to tell the difference between these guys and people who are legitimately sorrowful. Which is bad because it then makes it harder to actually help people who need it. If I had to make a metaphor, it would be like a building collapsing and then a hundred people hiding themselves in the wreckage so that the emergency crews would have to look through all of them instead of those legitimately injured. 4.) Don't argue unless you intend to prove your point This is a big one. Don't get into an argument unless you actually have some kind of evidence to back you up. There is no way to embarrass yourself more easily than going into an argument, actually starting to win using logic and reason, and then having nothing to drive your point home with because you had no point in the first place. You might know what I'm talking about, for example, people who argue about things that can't be proven. "Yes, Bell Bottoms are still in style on Saturn!" Unlike Hoop Earrings, which we have clear evidence of on Saturn.
  24. The following expresses only the opinion of the author, not necessarily that of the staff or the users. This is my guide to posting on the forums. I know that some of you cringed at the thought of some people taking my advice on posting on the forums, don't worry about it, take some anteacid and just relax. It's just for people who want a little advice on how to post, in an easy numbered list for easy viewing. I'm not plotting to destroy anyone at the moment, so you are safe. If you follow this simple guide you to can both be a reputable and valuable member of the forums while simultaneously decreasing the work load of the moderators. #1: Respect your fellow forumites This is one that a lot of people need to take to heart. The problem with not doing this is not as prevalent on this forum as it is on others I've seen, but the problem still emerges from time to time, so I'm going to talk about it. You know how it happens, you're reading through a thread and someone may say something a bit unusual and then someone comes and drills them about it. There is a fine line between correcting someone and being a complete dick, and it's a line that you need to understand before you post in any debate. The line is respect, if you do not understand what respect means to me, or how to spell respect, then you have no childhood. But you know what's an even worse and more despicable? Drilling someone for a harmless opinion. I've seen it happen, someone gingerly posts in a thread and within an hour the entire thread is a war zone. I can understand being a bit upset if someone says something that's a bit offensive, but you have to remember, it's no better to point them out on it. It's best to report them for abusive behavior, because chances are if it offends you, one of a few things are true; A.) Other People are offended to (Report them) B.) You're overreacting or misunderstanding the post (Make sure you understand what you're reading before calling judgement) Because of B, many times people who get offended by an opinion are at no fault but their own for their anger or sadness. Remember when posting that there are very real people behind every username here, and that they too have lives and feelings. #2: Don't Derail Threads Absolutely one of the easiest offenses you can make, making a pointless or off-topic post that ends up derailing a thread. Not only is doing that disrespectful to the OP, but it's not going to do anything but make you look like a fool. Making a joke is okay, if it's relevant. But do not go into a thread about the meat industry and start spurting jokes about rocket controlled flying potted plants. If you have something you need to say to someone, and it has nothing to do with the thread, I can help you out with a simple link. Send them a PM: If it's something that doesn't need to be said to anyone in particular, and may be a bit silly/doesn't fit anywhere else, feel free to use the forum lounge: At the very least, try to remember that the OP made whatever thread they did for a reason, and you'd be doing the entire community a disservice by trying to derail the discussion. #3:Don't make posts that tell people to brohoof This is going to be a short description since it's fairly simple, and it's a mistake I see a bunch of new posters making. Do not tell people to brohoof your posts, not only does it make you look desperate but I for one NEVER brohoof a post that says to, even if I would have if it did not have that bit of request at the end. And chances are, believe it or not, if you have to retroactively tell people to like your post it's probably not a very good post to begin with. People will brohoof a post if they like it, it doesn't need some kind of prompt to do it. #4:Don't discredit other people/news for no reason You know what I'm talking about. In a thread about good news, there is a guy who will say how it could have been better or how it's part of some secret conspiracy to replace us all with clones of Tom Hanks. While they may or may not be right, they are just being jerks by doing that, unless they word it a very specific way. Because unless you think about what you're typing, you could sound to be insulting a person or group that has legitimately done a good deed. And as you all know, receiving criticism for saving puppies from a burning building does not make the recipient of said criticism feel good. It also makes you look like an insensitive prick, especially if the person posting the criticism has never done such a deed themselves. Someone does not deserve criticism for donating to the rebuilding of an orphanage, and for some reason, some people seem to find that surprising, or at least their posting history implies such surprise. #5:Don't preach doom This is the one that happens all the time on these forums, and you know what I'm talking about. Twilicorn caused this on a biblical level; if you're not familiar with such things, a doom sayer's post most likely reads like some variation of this: "Guys, we have just received news that a minor plot arc is taking effect. One that nobody knows anything about except the basic outline. We all know what this means, the end of the fandom. Guys, I'm sorry about this, but I'm going to have to leave because I am a drama queen/Attention-seeker" At least, that is how I read such posts. I'm sure a lot of you read them the same way. You know why? Because most of the time, these people are attention-seekers or just being dramatic for the sake of it. You know what the best way to deal with changes to the show is? Wait until they happen to pass judgement. It's the equivalent of if Game Informer had released a review of Halo 4 saying it was the worst game ever made four months before it's release. There's no way such predictions can be accurate. #6:Use proper grammar and spelling (To the best of your ability) This is not asking you to be Einstein and be a super genius master of the English language, but please, when you post, leave your text-speak at the door and put on your proper English. You do not need to post immaculate strings of text that rival the works of Shakespear, you need to type on such a level that people know what you're saying. The average violator of this makes posts that read something like this: "OMG Guaze u no dat 4 3 yers i wuz eh enngrish teechair butt i god shott oouwt de w1nd0ww width eh bulldozer becuze mi classe cud knot stend me" I know that if English is not your first language, it can be tough, but please, if your post is so bad that when you run it through spell check it looks like the red tide because of all the red wavy lines, then please, do not post it. I'm almost one hundred percent sure that if you take your time posting you can do better. If you can't do better, improve your English before posting. #7:Do not be raunchy, disgusting, or vulgar This is one that very specific users are responsible for. I won't name names because I'm a nice person, but I'm just going to describe it. This has become increasingly prevalent in Forum Lounge and I'm sure the mods do not appreciate it. We do not need graphic descriptions (Or worse, PICTURES) of sex or extreme violence. We do not want extreme detail in your text about sexual encounters. Leave that outside the forum. Usually, sexual innuendo is okay, maybe even a joke about it here or there, but not anything extreme, and do not target a specific user. It can be okay to make mature jokes, but do not dedicate a thread to things that are best left elsewhere. I AM going to point out a particular group that's responsible for this, the #Yiff group. Please, for the love of God, leave that shit at the door, or take it to furaffinity. Nobody wants to hear about your fetishes on this site, and even if they did, discussing it off-site is the best course of action. The reason of course I pointed out #Yiff is that's a blatant offender of this. Mainly because such topics can be ideologically offensive to a large number of people. I'm not targeting it because I'm against the people in such groups, but the thing is, that does not belong here, on this site. There is a good reason why making NSFW posts earns you at least 800 warning points. If you cannot stop making vulgar posts, this probably isn't the best place for you. ______________________ Follow this guide and you to may one day be a very reputable member of the forums
  25. Hello everypony! It's me, Sky Warden. I'm thinking to make a kind of weekly writing tutorial to help Bronies who likes writing, but needs some tips or guideline on writing. It will be about writing styles, storyline, and the other elements in the art of writing. Don't worry, I will explain everything as detailed as possible. You don't have to leave a feed back to this thread, but you may if you're willing. Just read and follow it if you want. I write this because I'm bored though. Okay, lets begin. It's not about writing style yet. Before we start, I want you to write down your whole story and finish it. Why? You must write to learn how to write right? At this phase, forget about writing style, boring variety of words, etc etc. Those are just guidelines, not rules. Well, just don't forget about grammar and spelling. Writing is an art. Art is something to express our mind and creativity for fun. Just express your mind in that writing. Why? Because we like it! Write everything in your mind freely! Law protects our right to express our mind, so don't worry about any rules. If there's any, well, screw the rule. Once again, those are just guidelines. I know, I know. It maybe sounds like a pirate. Forget about hooking the reader in the first paragraph, before you have your entire story written. Even though your outline or synopsis is very detailed, you don't really know what your fanfic or novel is about. It's good to have a hooking first paragraph, but you’ll never know how to write the beginning part until you write through to the ending of it. I mean, if you haven't finished your story, how can you know what themes (Or things) are going to be important to introduce early? How can you know what secondary characters or subplots are going to come into play that need to be worked into the beginning part of your fanfic? Even though you really understand the main plot, write it. Write any scene, anything in your novel you can remember. Express your mind. Before you post your story and get feed backs, how can you know that your story is already has enough conflicts, plot, thrill, without even writing it? The best way to learn how to write is by writing. Savvy? Also, don't get too focused on going back and trying to make what you've written perfect. Just write it. Next scene, next conflict, next character, next point of view, next plot. When you're in front of your computer (Or paper) to write, do some re-read on what you wrote yesterday and you may do some light revision on it. Wrong spelling maybe, but don't do anything more than that. Just continue writing. Next scene, next conflict, next character, next point of view, next plot until you finish your story. Challenge yourself to write more than yesterday. You will write everyday, and that's how to be an expert. A pro is someone who writes, whether inspired or not, and keeps writing. Don't buckin worry to write a garbage. In drawing, it's your first sketch. In music, it's your first, uhm, music. In martial art, it's your first move. In writing, it's your first draft. No need to worry about your garbage, because no one is going to read it, seriously, even proof readers. We will polish it as this writing guidelines goes and we will turn that garbage into a masterpiece and you don't have to be ashamed that no one is going to read that garbage before we turn it into a masterpiece. Now complete your story! If you have finished your first draft, I want you to get a wooden chest, keep your story there, lock the chest, bury it somewhere, and hide the map and the key, so you will be too lazy to look at it again and again. Why? I will explain it in the next writing thread. I guess I forget to mention something about this first move, but well, I have a bad memory and I think that's enough already. This post is already so long after all. Don't hesitate to ask any question, even the silliest one. Seriously, you can't write anything if you don't even know how to hold a pencil or how to type.