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Found 5 results

  1. I have been watching a few Adult Cartoons. Like the ones on Adult Swim and Animation Domination. And my favorite two is Family Guy and The Boondocks. Which one of these two or another show is your favorite?
  2. Well I was bored and I found this cool pony generator and I started making a bunch of ponies until I got crazy XD and for curiosity I was wondering which one would you guys pick (Most of them have cutie marks but some have them hidden under their clothes :/ others I didn't know what to put for cutie mark and there's one that I forgot to put him one which it's FTH but I would guess it would be a sword XD) Note: what I mean by 'pick' could be to pick it wishing it was on the show, or pick to have as a friend, or pick to have as a pet, or pick to have as a ship, or pick to have as a knight, and/or as a villain, etc. ps. Some of these are real people, and some are celebrities, but a lot of them are characters as well (I only put their initials)
  3. So yeah, some kid lost a game in Call of Duty and got so pissed off, that he called the S.W.A.T. team on the guy that beat him as some cruel joke. My reaction:
  4. Pinkie Pie One of Ponyville's most well-liked citizens. Who cannot like the wonderfully cheerful and friendly nature of this happy mare? Little do most ponies know; this so called "mare" is actually a stallion. Where is the proof for this claim, you say? Well, I'll tell ya. At the 21:06 time marker, we can clearly see Pinkie Pie's leg go up as she pees on Fluttershy's bush. Why she is peeing on Fluttershy's bush, we don't know yet, but our top reporters are investigating. Nonetheless, because of the raised leg, we can now confirm that Pinkie Pie is in fact, a guy. Looks like Pinkie Pie is actually "Pinkie Guy." Thanks for coming in to check out the first article of MLPForums Gossip. Make sure to check out the next issue!
  5. Who is your Favorite bad Guy? Just post up your favorite bad guy from any cartoon, show, comic, game or anything else that I can't think off, tell us why you like said bad guy or gal and post pictures of them for everyone to see :¬D I will start this off: Moriarty from the recently new program Sherlock: His acting is phenomenal and his character has a disturbingly twisted personality And If you have seen the ending to season 2 it just shows how insane this guy is :¬D Here is a scene from the end of Season 1 (Warning Contains Spoilers!) Seriously Don't watch this if you have any interest in watching this show from the start! A better scene would be the end of season 2 but that's super spoilers. That's my Favorite bad guy, What do you think?