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Found 8 results

  1. I was thinking about the quote "A group is only as strong as it's weakest member", I disagree. I believe the group is only as strong as it lets itself believe it is, regardless of what strength it may actually possess. After all, you could be the most powerful person in the world, and if you didn't believe you were, your power would not matter. Let yourself be as great as you wish yourself to be. A weak group that believes itself to be strong is much mightier than a strong group which believes itself to be weak. This same dynamic applies to the individual. A weak person who believes they are strong will fare much better than a strong person who believes they are weak If you believe you are weak, even if you are currently strong, you are dooming your belief to become a reality, but if you truly believe that you are awe-inspiring, that is a fate you are destining yourself for. For this reason, you should never second guess yourself, simply exist as you are and continue improving, there is no reason to believe you are not wonderful and unique, as you truly are a beautiful and unique person in your own right, it's just that everybody is beautiful in their own way. So let yourself blossom, the only weights you have tied to your ankle are the ones you put there yourself.
  2. So I decided I might as well review the forums as a whole and mainly because at this point I just might as well get this out there for you lovely peoples who are interested in my thoughts about the forum and such, so I might as well put this out there. Visual Style: So let's start by talking about the visual style of MLP Forums. I love it, plain and simply. It just blends so well with MLP itself that it's an incredibly user friendly style. In fact, out of all the MLP Forums I've been on (A lot), I'd say that this is perhaps the best designed one. It's just visually stunning. I would have to say that the bright colors make the forums feel very friendly and calming. The style of this forum is really unmatched. The art style is just stunningly cute and I love the forum banners the community works on, they're really amazing. Community: Next I'm going to talk about the community, this is going to be a long paragraph so bear with me, please. The community has to be the best on the internet, I mean, it really does. We're so large yet maintain this close bond with each other in a way that's very hard to describe. I am pleasantly surprised at the maturity of the users here, we can discuss mature topics without dissolving into pure insults and banter (for the most part) and well, that's not something I've ever seen anywhere else. In addition, the user base is just amazing, we have such a diversity, we have funny people, calm people, hyper people, serious people, intellectual people, laid back people, younger people, older people. We have everything on this forum, and it's absolutely amazing. I've made many great friends here, but in a way, we're all friends here, the forum community is friendly, even to strangers. Despite our differences, the forum is incredibly close and supportive of each other. And really, the staff is astounding. They do their jobs with unmatched skill and effort, and I'm very grateful to all of them for running this forums smoothly. I know it's a hard job and I appreciate the unimaginable levels of effort and the love for this forum and it's community from which this effort grew. I look up for all of these Poniverse staff, moderators, and Admins, they do so much for the community with little incentive besides their love for this community. I would truly do anything for this amazing community, as it has done so much for me. If I had to say anything negative about the community, it is saddening how many users join and just immediately leave. We need more new users because their opinions are always valued highly and new faces are always a welcome sight. Organization: This is one that changes constantly, but still remains familiar. The forum sections are changing constantly, but each one serves a clear purpose, and in my opinion is easy to use even to people unfamiliar with forums or just usually confused by them. I find the descriptions on each subforum infinitely useful for helping me (And I'm sure countless others) figure out what to post where. This is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly forums I've seen, not only that, but with the incredibly helpful staff, it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Summary: Well, I just simply love this community to an extent it is hard to express in words. @Feld0 is incredibly well-humored, intelligent, and nice, and it really reflects in all of the sites he started. I believe that Poniverse is one of the best networks out there and I am incredibly proud to be a part of it's membership. This forum has to be one of, if not the, best forum I've ever been on in my entire internet experience. I have, in my past, tried different forums and never found where I fit in until I stumbled upon this marvelous forum. I love you guys, I really do. I am very grateful for the mere opportunity to participate in this community. As Poniverse continues to grow and prosper, only more great experiences lay ahead of us.
  3. I got back into Minecraft and decided that I should get back into building huge over-complicated buildings immediately. So I decided to make a ranger lodge, here are some screenshots. I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback. The front of the lodge is unfinished (I added a shed after I took the screenshots, and am working on a hedge maze to the right and a pool to the left) Here are some but not all of the lodges features: -A garden -A balcony -A fireplace -A Study -Three bedrooms (Not completely furnished yet) -Storage -Kitchen -Basement -Lobby -Skylight in the main room
  4. This is a followup to the original Harmonic's Guide to Posting On The Forums (If you haven't read it, please take a moment to do so). This one comes complete with pictures ( Some that I photoshopped myself to help illustrate my points) and also to make this article look beautiful. I thought that maybe I skipped some things that really should have been put in there, but really, there were quite a few, so I decided I might as well make it into it's own post. 1.) Don't Make Drama when Leaving the Forums This is a big one, and I made a joke about it probably yesterday (Maybe the day before that) about me leaving, just to see what would happen if I simply made a status about it. Enough people replied to that status for me to say inconclusively that making a status about it is okay, but not necessary. You know what's not okay? Making several blogs, dozens of statuses about leaving, making a post about it, and presumably flying a zeppelin with "GOODBYE" written on it fly over Canada in the hopes that Feldicorn will see it. Do you know why it's not okay? It's not okay because about nine out of ten times these users come back in less of a week. I guarantee it's usually because the users did it just for attention, and not because some magical fairy warned them that leaving would spell their impending doom. Rather, if you're going to leave, do so, but don't turn it into some kind of dramatic grand finale because you're going to make yourself look bad and probably won't actually end up leaving at all. Make one blog post, or (And if it's particularly complicated, perhaps and) a status update, but don't do more than that. 2.) Don't claim other people aren't "Real bronies" This one particularly bothers me, mainly because when it is said it's usually meant as an insult. Most common topics people say this in are debates about headcanon, opinions on episodes, and opinions on Fan Content (Especially R34 content), and it also bothers me because of how hypocritical it is. Saying something like that proves without a doubt that whoever saying it is immature, and illogical. Two things that haters love to target about the fandom. By doing this, they are: A.) Showing all of the tact of a mentally delayed cheeto dust covered comedy writer by targeting someone's personality over a minor difference of opinion. Not pictured: Brain food B.) Making sure that any logical person will side with your opponent, maybe even due to your immaturity. "One day they'll pay, they'll all pay." ______ So what I'm saying is that this is working against your credibility if you think that just because someone disagrees with you they aren't a "Real" member of the fandom. 3.) Don't Fish for Sympathy It should be noted that I'm not saying "Don't look for someone sympathetic", I'm talking about people who fish for it like they're in a contest to gather the most people to feel bad for you. I'm talking about people who turn everything into a sob story. I'm talking about the guy who goes into a thread titled "What is your favorite candy?" and says "My entire family was murdered by a roving pack of Chocolate Bars." "You bastard" That guy is the worst. The worst part is that for people unfamiliar with people who fish for sympathy, it's hard to tell the difference between these guys and people who are legitimately sorrowful. Which is bad because it then makes it harder to actually help people who need it. If I had to make a metaphor, it would be like a building collapsing and then a hundred people hiding themselves in the wreckage so that the emergency crews would have to look through all of them instead of those legitimately injured. 4.) Don't argue unless you intend to prove your point This is a big one. Don't get into an argument unless you actually have some kind of evidence to back you up. There is no way to embarrass yourself more easily than going into an argument, actually starting to win using logic and reason, and then having nothing to drive your point home with because you had no point in the first place. You might know what I'm talking about, for example, people who argue about things that can't be proven. "Yes, Bell Bottoms are still in style on Saturn!" Unlike Hoop Earrings, which we have clear evidence of on Saturn.
  5. As I discussed in volume 1, life presents many challenges that people just aren't willing or ready to face. There is still hope for those who would look for it. All the same time, the Darkness of the world is looking for you. Once you escape the darkness that is the weakness of the human psyche, as I have, the world will be yours to change, but you may not completely enjoy what you find. The path I have taken is one I have dubbed Enlightenment, and not in the simple way it is used in everyday conversation. I have dropped the shackles of social barriers and dedicated myself to pursuing the truth. If you do so as well, you may achieve uncomfortable yet profound and powerful knowledge. Many people are not completely equipped to cope with the truth that once life is over, it is over. The life that you are given is finite, which you may notice interferes with the infinite ambition some people hopelessly and foolishly pursue. Just try to do something, I for one start many projects that I never finish,that's because I find something more important to do. Maybe there is something to be learned from that, in that your plans for life are not binding. Get one thing done at a time, if you try too many goals at once, you will not do anything. And wanting and achieving one thing is infinitely better than wanting everything and achieving nothing, as so many have over the course of history. People's blind hopes for the future are sometimes justified, after all, how else could they get through life, but more importantly, why would they? As with most religious views, ambition is the product of the systems that give us our sense of purpose. With enough training, as I have done, you can redefine that purpose and abandon the bindings that keep you tied down, further limiting you. While my life is still limited after dropping the bondage that is social expectations, I am infinitely more enlightened. Many people confuse enlightenment for insanity, but as I have discussed, insanity does not exist. Perhaps the term you are looking for is mental illness, but regardless, neither exist inside of me or my kin. Unless of course, society suddenly decides it would be in their benefit to consider me not well. But that is another matter entirely. People want things, this is not new news for anybody who has ever associated with one. However, people's methods for getting the things they want vary. Some humans are just impulsive by nature, and do whatever they feel to be right. Society feeds off of this personality to nurture their infinite hole of darkness and ignorance that the public is being dragged head first into. People somehow drill the idea into their head that at some point, all of the problems in the world will be resolved by some force beyond their control. Perhaps they are right about the first half, but it is important to note that when humanity solves a problem, it is not wishful-thinking that gets us to it, it is the sweat, blood, and tears of our fellow humans. If somebody truly wishes to see change, they have to work for it. But they often choose the wrong way to go about it. While violence has many many places where it is necessary (Despite claims to the contrary by the many), it is not the answer to all of our problems. The truth is, there is NO answer to all of our problems. Not even multiple answers, some problems are unsolvable gaps with which humanity must make due and find ways to survive in spite of these issues. Humans usually feel there is some kind of victory waiting for them at the end of life, I agree that it's a possibility, but someone will have to build this victory themselves, out of their accomplishments, victories, knowledge, and personality. They must build themselves a legacy. To be continued in Volume 3.
  6. These are my favorite icons I have used at some point. I decided that for the sake of archiving them for your viewing pleasure, I will post them here. I did not draw these, by the way. And because I'm not a thief, the title above each avvie links to the source picture so that you know where I got the pictures and to give well-deserved recognition to the amazing artists. Vote on your favorite avatar in the poll above. 150x150 150x200 Also, if you're wondering which one my personal favorite is, that would be icon 9.
  7. So last night, @Key Gear did a very dangerous thing, he asked if he could step into my mind for a moment. This is possibly more insane than anything I myself could ever even suggest doing. So let's look into the darkest corners of my mind, and discover what awaits us. We'll talk about things I've done, things I've said, and well yeah, this is gonna be a long one so just sit right back. There are many wonders here but there are also horrible, disturbing things in my mind. You have been warned. Let's start by talking about my temperament. Generally, I'm a level headed person, and for this I have quite a bit of merit in my arguments. I'm the kind of person who argued in favor of drugs in those anti-drug programs and made valid points. Debating is a skill I have carried with me all my life. However, sometimes, I do something often observed in humans. Scientifically it is known as "Losing your shit". It has been observed in every human ever. This leads me to be a serious type when I need to be. However, sometimes, that's not what a situation calls for. Sometimes, people just take things too seriously, or, maybe, maybe someone is just stupid. Let's say for a second that someone is making an incredibly invalid and homophobic,sexist, and racist argument. They deserve nothing in response but cynicism and if they're just that kind of person, an abusive behavior report. However, I don't like to be mean spirited, most of the time, I'm just playful. At best, I can be energetic and inspiring, at worst, I can be insane and irrational. There is no black and white way to cut my mind. If you cut my mind down the center, you'd see the inside of my mind, and then you'd see police cars pulling into your driveway, but that is beside the point. Onto the more eccentric parts of my personality. Let's talk about for a bit about my sense of humor. The following is very disturbing, and you should probably leave your sanity on this paragraph and come back for it later lest it be damaged by reading the following. What do I think qualifies as funny? My ego says everything that I say is side-splitting hilarious, but that's not what I use to make people laugh. In order to truly be funny, you have to be random, yet you also have to be relevant. The best way of explaining it is that while you have to understand timing intimately. Sometimes joking about horrible things really can be funny, but before you make a joke, you need to understand your audience. You have to understand the temperament of the people you're talking to. Some people can take jokes and some can't, that's just the way things are. All you can do in order to be more funny is to embrace the audience you're speaking to. Another thing about humor is that you need to think from the audience's point of view. If you were the person you are telling the joke to, would you laugh? If the answer is no you probably shouldn't tell the joke. Although it is kind of hard to be that subjective when you don't know the person well, so sometimes you just have to take the chance and hope things turn out well. Let's talk then about some specific things and people, woohoo for shout outs, I suppose. Let's start by talking about someone I like very very much, Dawn Rider. Dawn Rider just recently became a staff member, and is already doing very many wonderful things. Dawn Rider is such a nice person, that I feel bad swearing infront of them, that is just how great they are, he knows how to take a joke, and yet he is just so pure intentioned that I can't help but not joke about him anyway. Then we have people like Marco ~ Ace Attorney, the nicest person on the Earth. He lives in New Jersey, so a lot of bad things have already happened to him, I'm sure. But he can take a joke, and I'm not afraid to joke around with him. He is level headed, which is why I think he is probably one of the most helpful people around. Key Gear appears to be the same way in that he knows how to joke around. As for my ego, this is something that has been brought up a lot. I have a humongous ego, one that might even be too hard to grasp at all. I try to make up for having a huge ego by being completely honest about it. And on some levels, I exaggerate how narcissistic I am for comedic effect, in case you were wondering. Now onto one of my flaws, I'm very raunchy. I am not able to hide that, it's just something that I have, and it's something that I'm good at controlling, but under the right circumstances, it shows, it really does. Another flaw of mine is that I hate admitting I'm wrong, if you can get to me admit I have made a mistake, I must really, really, like you. That is a bit of insight into the workings of my mind. I hope it helped.
  8. Time for episode two of HRUA. I'll be talking about a user I like quite a bit, ~Chaotic Lightning~! A fellow Rainbow Dash fan, and a Luna fan too, but I'll get over that because Lightning is just so awesome. So let's begin talking about how awesome they are. ~Chaotic Lightning~, like myself, is a gamer. That's really cool and a fun thing to do. For one thing, I love the quote on his profile, it's inspirational, really. '' Being the Best in the World is a lifestyle.'' ™ It may sound silly, but I think that's a good mantra to live by. After all, if you're not trying to be the best every day, then eventually you will fall behind. Also, apparantly, I'm his favorite user, that's incredibly sweet of him! Also, he shares the same favorite villain (My favorite villain is Discord, but my favorite antagonist is Trixie). His favorite wonderbolt is spitfire, that's cool too! And his favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, with his favorite Mane six being Applejack (I presume he minds besides RD). I also like the way that they are both in his icon (He has an amazing icon)! Much like myself, he claims to be the best in the world. Even if he isn't, he sure ranks pretty high on the list of best people, because he appears to be made of pure amazing. Seriously, if you haven't had the opportunity to talk to him in a PM or something, you really need to. He is fun to talk to!