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Found 14 results

  1. (Not to be confused with the "What kind of forum poster are you?" thread. Different questions.) Just because I'm curious. So... a few questions. 1. How often do you post? 2. What section do you post in most frequently (check your "stats" tab on your profile)? 3. What page of the member list are you on when it's ordered by post count? 4. What time of day to you post most often ("stats" tab again)? The Lurker Test: If you feel like calculating, take your post count and divide it by the amount of days online (If 12+ hours round up) to see how much of your time you spend lurking as opposed to posting compared to others. For me, 1. Around ten posts per day, according to the last time I divided my post count by the amount of days since I joined. 2. Forum games by far, then forum lounge, and general discussion. 3. Page 12. 4. One in the morning, followed by midnight and then 11 P.M. I scored a 30 on the Lurker test.
  2. So I just felt like randomly making this, same reason I make most of my threads.. Just because Xd. So pretty straightforward question I think, what are things that you do or happen or whatever when your nervous? I know we all get nervous at one point or another, some more then others.( I get nervous a lot ) What are some things you do when nervous? It can be anything really. From twiddling your thumbs, to pacing, to having to pee, ect ect ect. I'm sure we do something when nervous, even if it takes some analyzing to notice you do. Anyways, I do different stuff, I do pace sometimes, or I just am in a state of worry and can't relax. I also tend to twiddle my thumbs, or like I'll fool with something in wearing, like my school ID. I am also a nervous pee-er. When I'm nervous I guess my bladder goes into over drive or something. I mean like a while ago I had honor band tryouts( which I didn't make) and I think I peed like 3 times in the 30 minutes before I went on. One of my fellow trumpets was the same way . Not to mention competitions, I have to make sure I pee before those. I also sometimes get sick to my stomach, nothing happens, I just feel uneasy. It also affects my breathing sometimes. Which sucks when your in band and trying to play a wind instrument, but can't breath properly. There's probaly some more, but that's the ones I can think of for now. So what do you do when your nervous? Any of you do stuff similar or the same as me? Maybe you have some story about it idk. Just curious frankly . So yeah, what kind of nervous things and tendancys do you have?
  3. Well I've just eaten a whole pack of Snack a jacks And I really can't help but eat alot of certian foods sometimes. So guys, what foods do you have weaknesses to? What food do you eat that once you've started you can't stop? Mine would be snack a jacks, doritos, grapes and most definetly Skittles! Thanks Frosty Flurry~<3
  4. By mini-addictions, I mean those "bad" habits that are not a really serious addiction. For example, I developed a mini-addiction towards Nutella and chocolates over the last weeks... truth is I end up eating a BIG amount of it every time. So, I'm curious about what you guys do to handle your mini-addictions. Do you just embrace them? Do you ignore them and watch ponies instead? Or, if you got past an addiction... what did you do to handle it in the past? I'm not asking for advice, I'm just curious about what you guys have got to say Thanks for reading and posting a reply!
  5. Basically pretty self explanatory. what is your worst habit and why? Examples of bad habits: smoking biting fingernails stuff like that My worst habit has to be when I nom on my headphone cords or I bite my fingernails A LOT (no kidding 4 of my headphones are broken) the reason why is because... honestly I don't know why I think I just need to get gum or something to stop it honestly.
  6. Do you have any habits or behaviors in your everyday life that are similar to one of the Mane 6's, and doing them reminds you of the pony? For example, in my case: -When I'm serving myself some food, I have trouble sometimes deciding the quantity I want. I'll often add just a little more to what I have (for example, a few extra potato chips or beans) when it really doesn't change my serving at all in the long run. This reminds me of Twilight Sparkle. -When someone is trying to explain something to me, especially if it's technical, I can have a hard time focusing on their voice and start to zone out, even if I'm trying to maintain my attention. This reminds me of Rainbow Dash. -I don't like getting dirty or going outside very much. Whenever I feel discomfort at the idea of getting muddy, it reminds me of Rarity. -Whenever I start to say something and someone talks over me, or I don't get the opportunity to say what I'm thinking, I get reminded of Fluttershy. How about you?
  7. So, what are your sleeping habits? Do you sleep with the TV on? Do you snore? What do you need to fall asleep? What is your sleep position? Personally, I sleep with a floor fan on and the TV on mute. I also have to have at least 8 blankets. I am a soldier sleeper!
  8. I noticed that I have these little habits when I eat certain foods. For example, I'll bite the heads off of gummy worms before eating the rest of it. Or I'll bite the salt off of pretzels before eating the whole thing. I know some people also really like to slurp their noodles, eat the crust of a pizza first, or suck the flavoring out of a popsicle. One of my family members always "unwraps" a cinnamon roll and slices it up before eating it, too. Do you have any weird, food-related habits?
  9. I have all 3. Bad (Habits that you nor anypony else like) : I fool around with my ears a lot, and I can't seem to break that habit. Neutral (Habits that you have, that you nor anpony else care about) : I have a habit of gnawing on my water bottles. You know where you drink out of? I gnaw on that for IDK what reason. Good (Habits that you or other ponies like) : Ideas. I always seem to have ideas randomly that work. You guys have any?
  10. so I was wondering what little odd rituals we have when it comes to MLP? it can be anything. From when you watch the show to what you do in your daily life. For example: Every morning I wake up and say good morning to my Rainbow Dash and Vinyl figures. I also say Hi and Bye to them when ever I leave or return to the house. While I watch new episodes I wear pony gear. Let us know what little habits you have.
  11. I recon there are some strange habits that people may have out there. So I just wanna know some of your straaaange habits that you have or that you know someone has. So everypony can come here to see how strange we are in our strange little minds of mindyness and uncontrollableness. One is my habits is forgetting to that normal? Sometimes I just forget to breath, like, yeah. And one REALLY ANNOYING habit of mine is that I constantly tap on things ALL THE TIME!! I can't even stop myself from doing it, in fact I probably do it in my sleep. sooooooooooo TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS'S HABITS ARE ow my brain hurts. i need to get a life. -_-
  12. Is there anything that you often do, but don't have to? Something that might annoy you if you didn't do it? I was reading this article for school just a while ago, and I found myself googling quite a lot of words that I either didn't know the meaning of, or simply forgot the meaning of. I know that context clues can be used and all, but for some reason, I always seem to need to know the meanings of each and every word of a sentence before continuing in what I'm reading! Earlier, I also saw certain topics concerning things that 'annoyed you' and 'weird and uncouth' things that people did. This topic might seem like it's a merged version of the two (I'm not sure). BUT, what you post here doesn't have to be weird, bad, annoying, etc. Maybe even something you find yourself doing on a daily basis that you perhaps don't know if other people do too? Something as simple as always locking a certain door could be one! If this seems too vague, repetitive, or unworthy as a topic, please do notify me. ...or just freeze it. It works both ways. Edit: I just saw another topic concerning people's 'worst habits', so I'm kinda wondering if I should turn this into a 'good' habit thread of sorts.
  13. I was wondering, what's everypony's eating habits? Do you eat three meals a day on a regular basis, have certain days where you skip eating at certain normal eating times, etc.? I usually (during the week) eat breakfast, lunch at 1:00 PM, and supper at around 6:00 PM. On weekends, however, i usually skip breakfast and eat a much later lunch at around 3:00 PM. Supper is still around 6:00 though.
  14. It`s Been Confirmed!!! Another Marvel vs Capcom 3!!! Capcom is pulling the same shit they did with Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ------------------------------------------------- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X What is Capcom gonna do this time!? It said to have 8 new characters & Re-balanced gameplay. & It`s coming in July! What Are Your Thoughts!? [update] Okay so apperently it was said that this was mainly a photoshop & there isn`t gonna be a UMvC3X but there will be some prediciton.