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Found 1 result

  1. I have started my ultimate quest to make a Tulpa. I know that sounds ridiculous, but as a wise man named Bon Jovi once said,"it's my life, it's now or never." Also, I seek companionship. So anyways, to start off, I found a guide. The guide said that it could be anything, even a rock. So I was starting to visualize Carrie Underwood but decided against it. So anyways, I started working on the perfect personality for a companion to the world's most cynical smart-ass pervert. As you can imagine, the appearance I imagined was something you'd only find if you searched DeviantArt with the safe filter off. Luckily for me, I'm into that kind of thing. So my Tulpa is going to be a mare pony, I established that, the main reason I decided that is that if I didn't start off with a base shape I'd start to imagine insane creatures possibly the likeness of No-face from Spirited Away.. As for personality, I went with personality traits like smart, seductive, kind, sexy, understanding, kinky, good sense of humor, passionate. All the normal things people like me look for in a companion. And why not? If I'm going to be spending the rest of forever with this being, they might as well be designed in a way so that I will enjoy their presence. And would that not be the greatest thing ever for someone like me, who has abandonment issues due to my father? Plus, creating a hallucination is less expensive than a therapist. I know it will be draining, but that's the point. At least I will feel like I've accomplished something if I succeed, and if I fail it's nothing that therapy can't handle. "Now explain to me again, Harmonic, why you were imaging a pony mistress?" Taking time to conceptualize a hallucination seems foolish but is all-in-all a great way to keep myself entertained and it's not abnormal for me, since i've done Satanic Rituals out of boredom before. Anyways, I'll keep you updated about my magical adventures and eventually we'll figure out how this ends up turning out. Follow my blog for updates. Feel free to leave questions, comments, concerns and pure unadulterated rage in the comments below.