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Found 64 results

  1. I was just playing some halo three and a question came to mind. Would you forgive the Elites? The Jackals? The Brutes? The Grunts? The Engineers? The Drones? The Hunters? The prophets? in total they literally glassed billions of people and attempted to exterminate the human race. I figured it would fit on a mlp forum because of the whole friendship an tolerance thing.
  2. Any 1 2 and 3 halo fans here im manly here for halo 2 the lore in it is the best
  3. i have halo and i want others to play with me so i got these steps for some people to join me but i can only have four people join.. 1) download hamachi 2) click on hamachi 3)click on network at the top 4) click join network 5) enter the following in boxes provided in the hamachi: username: halo12345678910987654321 password: password with that your in. 6)next download halo 7)then go into multiplayer 8) go into join then internet 9) then join the game i set up i hope to see people there lmao good luck comment if you have questions...ill answer one now: yes it is all free.
  4. So I don't see many cosplays of Halo MLP crossovers, but I have found a few people that have made some suits and I want to join their ranks. I made this topic to showcase my progress in my custom Halo 4 Master Chief cosplay that I'll be making out of foam. I'll also be ponifying it for BronyCon next year! Here is the pictures I'll be using as references as well as inspiration from other cosplayers. Here is the reference I'll be using
  5. During the Halo 5 free play period, a friend and I messed around with scripts and whatnot in Halo 5's "Forge" mode. I especially liked making shit spin around like mad; including giant rocks or chunks of mountains. We essentially managed to break or seriously pervert the physics of the maps we played with.
  6. Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Reach, 4, Anniversary? My favorites- 1, 2, 3. Halo 1 and 2 were somewhat my childhood. Used to play online like crazy on halo 2 when at my cousins house. Halo 3 I remember my brother coming home with it when it came out, been playing it ever since halo reach came out and ruined the halo series by turning halo 3 into a deserted place of memories.. Kinda like hero factory and bionicle. No offense to the people who like Reach and up. :/
  7. Well then just a simple Gaming question, who is your favourite Halo character? Mine is Jorge from Reach as he dies in an awesome way also he is a heavy weapons expert who is actually quite a nice guy even though most people fear him. Oh and his AWESOME voice.
  8. I don't know how it is here, but generally Halo doesn't have a popular opinion within the internet, unless it's a site dedicated to halo, at least in my experience anyway. Since I'm still not sure where to start on these forums, I figured I'd start with something that's had my interest lately, and Halo certainly has (by this, I mean the very original Halo). I'm not a die hard Halo junkie, or some nostalgia addict, the game is just a genuine joy of mine, and I feel like sharing that joy. So one of my fondest memories is going to a little place called Planet Marstro, with my father, around 2002ish. It was a place where you went and rented time on well maintained PCs, to play games that you might not be able to at home, on a network that was set up for smooth online game play. My favorite game at the time, was Halo. My father was by no means any kind of gamer, but him and I still burned up hours together playing it. Only a few years later, I would go on to have halo night on the xbox, every thursday night, at my neighbors house, all the way up past graduation. While him and I have grown apart, that's something that we both still look back on fondly. Just last year, I was bored on amazon, and I stumbled upon new copies of Halo: Combat Evolved. I was stoked, but positive there was no way to play it considering it relied heavily on gamespy for online play, and windows 10 probably didn't support it. (windows 10 did indeed support it until a recent update, which was fixed by just playing it in vista compatibility mode) As it turns out, however, Bungie themselves had released a patch in 2014, which breathed life back into the online community of a game that is now 15 years old. I was aware that Doom 2 still had a competitive online community, as I'm a part of that, but when I got Halo running I was not expecting the amount of players online. The coolest part is knowing that at least a handful of players probably shared the same excitement that I did when they got everything up and running. Which brings me to my point: Not necessarily out of a sense of nostalgia alone, but rather the wonderful amalgamation of fun and excitement that you felt then, as well as now, is there a game like that for you? Maybe something that's a weekly ritual for you, or something that still gives you chills when you pick up the game case. Something that isn't confined solely to your memories, but something that still brings you genuine joy and fun. OR Is there a game you'd like to bring back into your life? A game that you know for a fact would be worth whatever trouble you had to go through to get it running just like it used to? I won't lie, Halo has even managed to even tear me away from Fallout 4, one of the most visceral gaming experiences I've had in ages. That's how much fun I have playing it, and how much the memories it carries mean to me. TL;DR Is there a game that you loved years ago that still holds up for you today? What game would you go through hell to get back into?
  9. Hi! I finished a 3D pony armour similar to the ODST from Halo and I thought that maybe i could put a render here, if you want more info, I made it with Blender Cycles with 150 samples. I hope you liked it
  10. The question is just as it sounds. Which main character from the show would be most compatible with Master Chief Petty Officer 117? I more or less identify with the same characteristics and am wondering which pony to get (life size plush... don't ask why) that would allow for most character compatibility. From the main six characters, I would automatically rule out Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy is introverted but, for obvious reasons, does not possess military qualities. Twilight's leadership and self dependence are positive but lack of ability to instantaneously react to a situation and focus on more thought based action are big detractors. Rainbow Dash comes to mind with the most militaristic characteristics, however, her dependence on others for self approval or support is not entirely desirably in someone who is more introverted and independent of outside opinion. Would she be able to self motivate? What is everyone else thinking? The reason I ask, again, simply trying to identify which pony has most compatibility with myself for selection in picking a life size plush.
  11. Not here to talk about Halo V and how it kinda blows. Is anyone looking to join a Trans Halo 5 Company? Anyone is welcome regardless. I'm trying to get a company started up and any help getting the base members would be appreciated. Just need some folks that want to have a good time and shoot things together. ^^
  12. RuL (ReadyUpLive) will be streaming H5: Guardians tonight, as a Halo fan, I am obligated to watch the stream. I am hopeful that it will give me some faith in the game, though I believe it will only disappoint me even more. Anyhoozer, if anyone else is watching or has watched the stream, feel free to post about it here. :3
  13. Well, this was a long time coming and it only seems fitting to discuss it now, considering the current news from the court room involving Bungie. As we all know, Destiny wasn't exactly the game we expected it to be; the sweeping, epic narrative was little more than a dried raisin with a few cutscenes thrown in. The multiplayer was unbalanced and lacked sustenance. The side missions and strikes were horribly grindy and repetitive. And then there's all the DLC and NOW MICROTRANSACTIONS AS WELL... Where is this masterpiece of a game we were once promised? How could such a prized and loved studio like Bungie possibly fail to deliver? For the simple fact, that the Bungie currently creating Destiny is not the same as the one we used to know. ----------- Starting right from the beginning, we know that Destiny was already a thing way back during Halo 3 ODST, with all the little Destiny easter eggs that only were discovered when the game was revealed. Halo 3 ODST was released all the way back in 2009...meaning Destiny was in development for the good amount of 6 YEARS, knowing that 343i and a much smaller percentage of Bungie employees worked on Halo Reach. 6 YEARS and we got...well, a failure of a game. Almost akin to the more recent Duke Nukem installment. All the way up to E3 2013 it's clear that Bungie was still Bungie; that first Destiny reveal left the world in awe, promises of a game that you could sink hundreds of hours into and still have barely scratched the surface...but even in that first trailer, there was a problem. Martin O'Donnell, the genius behind the Halo soundtracks and the man who made the entire Destiny soundtrack as well, had his own work cut from that preliminary trailer and replaced by some of Activision's own music. This...was the beginning of Bungie's downfall. ----------- It's clear that after that trailer, things got progressively worse at Bungie. It's possible Activision continued to play with creative control over the game whenever they saw fit to and our first truly public clue to this was when Joseph Staten, the head writer and one of Bungie's founders, left the studio. Why? Well it's clear that the sci-fi epic that was Destiny's story was gone, cut to pieces. Even now, it's unclear as to how much of the story we have today was Staten's work. Perhaps none of it is and it's been entirely redone. But it's clearly nowhere near the quality we all expected from Destiny upon release. Various other employees also left, most in smaller roles, but all played some crucial part in the games development; cinematographers, writers, animators...all leaving Bungie mysteriously throughout 2014, some even crawling over to 343i to continue working on the Halo franchise. Even now, we know that Joseph Staten is back with Microsoft and is soon to release a new Halo novel. The once great game that Destiny was, slowly descended into the shadows of corruption and mystery, not that anyone knew at the time. Even just before launch, people were blind to all of Bungie's shady moves in the past year or so. Of course, it's easy to point out Activision as the evil guy in all of this but, despite what the Bungie fanboys may tell you, there's one piece of evidence that proves Bungie is just as bad as they are: The Martin O'Donnell court case. ---------------- After Destiny was released, many fans were disappointed to not see the soundtrack released to the general public on things like iTunes like the Halo soundtracks were. It was odd knowing Marty's past for it NOT to be released, but this was just the beginning. Almost every time any Destiny trailers were released, Marty would put up tweets specifically telling fans "that's not my music in the trailer". Obviously, no-one seemed to blink an eye as to why these tweets were made but clearly, Bungie did. Only now do we realise that Marty was trying to break free from the machine. Bungie and Activision were taking his creative freedom and crushing it with an iron boot. He tried to reach out to the fans, tell them that his work was not on display like it should have been, and he was punished for it. He was sacked, quite abruptly, and not to mention, Bungie illegally stole money from him through this. Unpaid wages...profit cuts...etc. Despite Bungie's sugar-coating of the matter, Marty had not left on 'good terms'...he was kicked out of a studio that was slowly turning into a developer you love to hate. Not only that, but Marty has said that the ordeal has destroyed his passion for making music. Although, it didn't turn out too bad for Marty in the end. The court was able to give Marty all the money he's rightfully owed, and Marty will still be receiving a cut of Destiny's profits until his contract was meant to expire sometime near the end of the Destiny franchise. And what do we take from this? Bungie is different. Activision may be the boogey man, but Bungie are their lapdogs. The CEO is all about the money and very little concern is given to the community. Bungie Day has practically disappeared, their brave ideals of 'a new world' and 'world domination' are gone. Now, they're just another copy and paste company brainlessly puking out products for the big snobs in their ivory towers (yeah, looking at you Activision) ------------ Don't know why I felt the need to do a rant at 2AM, but hope you enjoyed anyhow. Just trying to spread some truth
  14. I have yet to find a thread like this on the forums and with the series popularity and i'm surprised, but anywho... WELCOME TO THE RED vs. BLUE THREAD! With series 13 starting just before MLP:FIM season 5, and it holding the record for longest lasting internet series i thought it was about time it deserved a thread. Here you can discuss anything RvB: past, present and future. Hope this thread is used and enjoyed by everypony and i'll see you in the box canyon!
  15. Hello there forum user my name is Film Reel and along with another forum user on this site 1Bit aka Alex. We are working on developing a Halo/My Little Pony crossover comedic parody machinima series. The current Synopsis for this production is. The Halo matchmaking community is currently ruled by MLG tryhards, who rule over their lesser subjects. Our main character is a student under the guidance of the eldest tryhard, but soon learns of a prophecy; a tryhard from eons past, known only as xXQUiKScOpEZzXx, is on the brink of returning to Xbox live after being banished from the realm for a long while, and threatens to shroud the community with an army of tryhards. It's up to our protagonist to deal with it. Current characters that need voices. (note this list will be updated over time) Jimmy (male): Jimmy is our "squeeker" and assistant to our protagonist. characters voice is high pitch and whinny. FrecklesHD(female): Freckles is a map builder and and the local gun store owner. She is southern and full of countryisms. Str8 Sparklez(female): She loves nothing more than killing noobs all day and enjoys teabagging and playing dirty. ooOOFabulosity (male or female): Fabulosity paints all the armors in Snipezville. With this character much like our protagonist we are thinking of playing around with gender to mix things up and provide a different perspective by doing a character that is not male or female. ShySniper69 (female): She is very quiet and keeps to herself. She is the best shot in town with a long rifle. Partypiepet3 (male): Pete here is crazy off the walls and has a Mexican accent. He is the wildcard with our choice of character personalities. So those are the characters that are open right now. If you have any questions leave them bellow and me or Alex will get back to you. Thank you for reading this if you are interested in this project please get in touch with us, our contact information is bellow. If you know someone who may be interested in this please share this with then. Thanks for your time looking forward to hearing from you. Interested get in contact with me or Alex with the following. Alex's My email: Please address all emails with Hornet of Friendship Casting and in the message link us to a demoreel and tell us what character or characters your interested in and what you would like to be credited as if cast. Once again thank you.
  16. I actually just made a video on the subject: So more or less 343 studios is trying to claim this is all because they don't want the game to run at 30FPS on split screen, which I think we all know is a load of crap. It's pretty obvious this is all about sales, and it makes me sad that local co-op and split screen is being killed off. We finally have consoles that can support up to 4 controllers, but we seldom use more than 1. It really sucks when me and my wife want to play a game we are limited to online only unless we want to buy a second game console and daisy chain them together. Many games don't even support LAN anymore either. It's really frustrating for those of us who prefer not to play over the internet are being scrubbed out. What are your thoughts?
  17. I've been working on this for a while now for a couple I know that play Halo Team Doubles together and I just got around to finishing it this afternoon. I have many projects in the works and I like to have them done within a week but my schedule is always hectic so that doesn't always happen but I keep the ball moving along any way I can. I hope you like it. All my Art is free because I believe All Art should be free for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by. I do free personal projects for anyone that wants anything done however I will be gone for the next 3 months so for those that want one soon, I'm really sorry but it will have to wait.
  18. Exactly any armor permutation is permitted. The requirements are as followed: MJOLNIR mk IV to MKVI allowed only. Gen1 (mkV) allowed (except the haunted helmet) Gen2 (halo 4) is permitted (yes including FOTUS) Must provide picture. custom armor combos are permitted. Parts do not have to match their respective set. For example, EVA helmet can be combined with recruit chest, etc. Good luck
  19. So hi there this is the latest film I've made what do you think?
  20. Ok im tired of my friends saying Kratos from God of War (PS3) could beat Master Chief from Halo (Xbox 360) I need some opinions up in here! A DeathMatch of 2 Spartans clashing it out! Who Would WIN!!!???
  21. Right. In Halo. The Grunts home planet, Balaho, has an atmosphere consisting primarily of methane. However, methane is an extremely flammable substance that can ignite even near the simplest fire. So why did the UNSC not fly a ship to Balaho and fire a Napalm Bomb? It would ignite the homeworld. Killing the grunts and causing a massive blow to the covenant(Even though the grunts are weak). What do you think?
  22. So how many ponies out there are Halo fans? Been once ever since playing Halo CE. My personal favorites list is: Halo CE/CEA Halo 2 Halo 3 ODST Halo Reach Halo 3 Halo Wars I'm absolutely in love with the story and I'm currently reading Halo Glasslands. Good book that is paving the way towards Halo 4. So what's on your Halo mind? Edit: Halo Cutscene Uploads Halo CE Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo Wars %5BCGI%5D Halo 3 ODST Halo Reach [Male Spartan] Halo Reach [Female Spartan] Halo CEA (Anniversary) Halo Wars [in-game] Halo 4
  23. [Fixed] So I want to know, what is your favorite shooter game to play, console or pc, and why. If you don't see a choice you like, just tell me and I will add it in. So, GO! ps. To lazy and tired to do other types of games like RPGs, Racing, and everything else. Sorry.
  24. So I was thinking "whats better, Halo or CoD?" How better to decide then to let my fellow bronies decide.
  25. We all know Pinkie Pie. The pink giggly fourth wall-breaking pony. But can you imagine... THIS? Pinkie Pie in Halo