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Found 58 results

  1. Ok... Not much to say except this is my first ever comic and that it is hand drawn. Criticism is accepted. Edit: the last photo is actually the third frame, sorry!
  2. hope you guys like them !! thank you for all the encouraging comments!!
  3. I'm progressing much better into hand drawing ponies here are some examples of Whirlwind
  4. Well, I do a lot of drawings from time to time - most of them personal ones that are never seen on the site - so I figured that I would create a little place to just put some of my art down. You know, that way the lot of you could see it. Requests (Ones towards the bottom are from two years ago):
  5. Rainbow Dash and spitfire. This is my first drawing.
  6. So, I haven't actually gotten sleep within the past 24 hours and I decided to see how well I could draw with this lack of sleep. And seeing how well I can draw ponies, I decided to draw our favorite Draconequus, Discord. I believe it turned out pretty good for a first attempt at drawing him, but as an artist, I'm biased towards my own work and I believe that it would be better for my "growth" if I were to go in search of critiques! So, if you could kindly give me some form of criticism, constructive or not, that would be most appreciated. Thank you. - Night Visions Image:
  7. Hi all, I've just been doodling with a new style of illustration. I usually work with vector tools when drawing so this is a refreshing change. I would love to hear what you think of it Thanks very much fellow Bronies.
  8. Well, I was kind of surfing YouTube and minding my own business when I stumbled upon a video concerning the topic as to why there weren't very many non-pony OC's in the Brony community. In fact, most OC's are either an earth pony, a pegasus, or a unicorn. If they're neither of the three, then they're probably a variation of them or some other species found in the show. The video also discussed how popular Brony reviewers could have an influence on the species of OC we pick. I mean, when you look at it, most of the OC's that reviewers use are one of the three main species from the show. -------------------- Well, I became intrigued by the video and set off for a few hours to make myself a non-pony OC. Since my favorite animal in the world is the red panda, I decided to go with that. Without further ado, I present Jolly the Red Panda:
  9. I'm getting back into drawing after 2 years lol figured i'd post them on here. Feel free to comment or give advice :3
  10. I was reading the Silver Spoon Fan Club last night, and I was inspired.
  11. Again, my friend that is sort of in a wierd way inspiring me to draw when I should be writing instead has drove me to upload my doodles. It's making me smile! Anyways, here is my progression of Crimson Castle, Bastion's cousin/legal guardian. (pic # 1) Here is her with her mane style all curly. The face wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, but I was just screwing around with her hair on a base really. (Pic #2) And she is also a knight. The fiery castle tower in the background is her cutie mark, and it is true, she's such a proud big sister/cousin/guardian. It's also true that shes a Bad@$$ knight, as @@Comrade Courage likes to say. She's a red pony with a shade lighter red mane. Cas is special to me, as she's based on a character that roleplayed with me in WoW and over that game as well as mumble, we became like brother and sister. I'm out of contact with her now, but her and her character still live on in this I suppose. So I'm not all that sad about it. Tell me what you guys think.
  12. Soooo I drew this a while ago and a certain @@Comrade Courage thought was pretty okay and mentioned that I should put it up on the art thread ... some four or five days ago oops. But here it is, I drew it after I-- uh, got really embarrassed. Let's not get into it, but here is the picture none-the-less. So tell me where what you guys think? It took forever just to draw a profile. I intended to have a full body portrait, but the body is where I undoubtable fail >.> Here are his colors too:
  13. Hey Guys, I have officially finished my first and most-likely final pony oc. Her name is Myristica and she is a pony with a black coat along with a black and purple mane. Her cutie mark is an iron ingot resembling her love for mining, adventure, and iron weapons. Again she loves a good adventure and loves company when going on her trips. Here she is: My friend helped me out with this by me giving him the originally pony from pony creator v3 then he did an awesome job finalizing it. Hope you guys like the new version of it! Leave comments and suggestions, and if you like it, go ahead and hit that brohoof button! Thanks - Darkestblo
  14. Does anyone know of any good hand-drawn animation programs? I don't have very much experience with animation, but I am quite willing to teach myself once I get a good program. I've tried using puppets in Flash, but (after much frustration with the technicalities of it and getting puppets to work) I have decided I would prefer to animate with my own style. I would be animating ponies in a really simple little style I have because I have a project planned. Any input would be appreciated!
  15. Spoilered because my tablet takes gigatory images, tried to resize them but it wouldn't work for whatever reason, I tried like three times. The good stuff, I can do portraits alllllll day The "at least you tried" stuff I'm not so good at anatomy. I always feel as if I'm messing up the legs, and don't even get me STARTED on feet.
  16. Well when I have nothing to do in the classroom, or I'm too early, here's what I do, is not so good how those drawing in Photoshop. But I like it anyway.
  17. My 1st Anime drawing for a while and is in monochrome as I couldn't find my art colouring pens, All done freehand. Enjoy :3 P.S: Please leave helpful feedback and constructive criticism as complaining doesn't improve my art. Thanks, Lui Naruto* dumb iPod autocorrection me...
  18. Sales at Sweet Apple Acres have been going downhill lately. Ponies have been munching on carrots and forgetting all about apples! Applejack's found the solution to their problem: advertising! Rainbow Dash, happy to help a friend in need, has become the face of Sweet Apple Acres. Sales have risen considerably. On the other side of town, a young stallion walked to his local library. He planned on checking out one of those Daring Do novels his friend has been pestering him about. The wooden doors opened with the chime of a bell overhead and he poked his head in. "G'morning, Miss Sparkle! I was wondering if--" "Oh hello, Dennis! Lets keep this our little secret, hmm?" ((Wow, you made it all the way down here? Have a muffin!))
  19. Requested on Free-Draw Friday by Chigens and Kay: Hope you like it! Phew, the MS Paint version took about 8 hours of my Saturday total It was worth it though, 'cause now I've figured out how to deal with that pesky coloring at a faster pace! Yay! This is the first time I've seen a Serpent Pony. I might try it out myself sometime Critiques are Appreciated!
  20. Yes comrades, the Pink is in! Let her cuteness wash over your soul! :okiedokielokie: Bow to your god! Critiques are appreciated!
  21. Hello everypony please take a look at my OC's here are the images of them ... to read some details about Moonstar Cocoa e.g. backstory go here back of high hopes is still being done, but basics is she is an earth pony who's talent is bird training and she is friends with Moonstar Cocoa also for high hopes I did my own style whereas Moonstar Coca I did in MLP show style more images of them to come; these pics are the 1st drawings of them I hope you all like them, please leave comments if u like.
  22. I recently drew both of these. The Scootaloo pic is sideways, sorry, but if you turn it the right way you can see it better. And the Rainbow Dash one, the body is supposed to look long and 'off' in a way, it was just how I chose to draw her body. Enjoy! (:
  23. An improvement of a previous drawing, in typical pencil, paper and colored pencil. I've done some studying on Twilight, and found that her coat leans more towards blue then purple or violet. So worth the hours of hand aches and effort!