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Found 40 results

  1. Well I must say since I started the "what made you mad today" thread, I thought I would start a happiness thread as well. Today I must say just waking up, and living in this strange reality has made me happy. So what made you happy today?
  2. Post pictures of your pony merch. It doesn't matter if it's official or fan-made, clothing or toys. Show us what you've got! Here's my current collection.
  3. How's it going everyone, my name is Matraxial Artemis. Some of you may have heard of me or know me from the past in this wonderful Forum. I started this topic to keep the track of days, showing my art (every art tells a story) either be a joyous moment or a sad moment. It's like that I'm telling a story.
  4. How's it going everyone, my name is Matraxial Artemis. Some of you may have heard of me or know me from the past in this wonderful Forum. I started this topic to keep the track of days, showing my art (every art tells a story) either be a joyous moment or a sad moment. It's like that I'm telling a story.
  5. Greetings, good people of MLPF, and welcome to the wonderfully upbeat positivity thread! Here, we focus on the positive, and positive only. Share all the good things currently happening in your life, things you love about yourself, things you love about the world, et cetera and so forth. Anything goes here as long as it's happy and cheerful. Help boost your own self-esteem, as well as the self-esteem of others, help out your fellow man, try not to cause any trouble, and happy posting!
  6. What a thought right? Let me preface by saying that no answer is a wrong answer, but there are certainly crappy ones, so lets try to limit those. Do you think happiness is simply being as successfull as possible? Or as successful as you need to be to live comfortably? Maybe you only make $25,000 a year, but you're happy because you can have that Red Baron pizza every night? Is happiness getting to a point in your life where you feel you can not progress further? Is it fullfilling a lifelong goal? Do you feel like happiness is judged by how much you give back to the world? Is it judged by what you leave behind? Or what you bestow upon others? Think about your answer first, then read mine. I believe happiness is measured by how content you are, not by how often I feel pleasure. Pleasure is short-lived, and easily broken. But contentment is a long-lasting feeling, and if it can be broken, then I wasn't truly happy. I think happiness is, if I were to die on the spot, I could look back and say, "I did well". How do you define happiness?
  7. So, everyone has things that makes you happy when you're sad. Or just randomly makes you happy. Perhaps watching ponies makes you happy - or talking with a friend. Or perhaps jokes? Post your rainbows and sunshines during your lousy days. What brightens up your day?
  8. I can safely say that I'm happy with the life I have so far. I have a roof over my head, I have freedom to work on hobbies such as reading, writing, or exercise, my dad is helping me learn how to drive and I feel like my skills are improving rapidly Overall, I've been feeling so relaxed these past couple of weeks. Life is just beautiful. The worries and doubts I used to always have are now nonexistent Every now and then shit still happens and I face problems like every human being but I manage to get through them and work things out with little to no trouble What about you? Are you happy with life? Have you found your inner peace yet? Do tell
  9. I seem to be the only one who likes being angry. When people think of what's good they think of happiness, laughter and smiles. These are of course great things and feelings. However, if I get angry and punch the wall, shout or other angry emotions, people tell me to calm down and stop whatever I'm doing. Because it's not good for me. But is happiness the only good feeling? Is it the ultimate state to be in? I LOVE being angry, unleashing my wrath on objects around me, throwing off some steam There is however a big difference between feeling anger, and feeling HATE. Both of which makes you want to punch stuff. But hate is a negative feeling, while anger is a positive feeling in my eyes. Just like being sad. I love being sad! it is a beautiful emotion. People watch sad movies and cry. So why do they? Tragedies don't make you happy. That's not what you are seeking, you are seeking sadness. Because it's a beautiful emotion. It's good. Just like the feeling of anger. I like it What do you think? Do you try to calm angry people? Or do you try to calm HATEFUL people? Do you like being angry? Other emotions that's underrated?
  10. Life is full of great moments and memories. No matter who you are, you've had at least a few moments in life worth remembering for years to come. Since everyone has had at least a few awesome moments in there lives, why not share them here? I'll start! haha! The night I discovered My Little Pony while stumbling across the Hub channel around 11:00 at night. That show saved my life! The day I received my own Gameboy Pocket. It was the start of a grand adventure and my love for Nintendo. The day I realized how much I love literature. Books, poems, and all sorts of writing became my obsession and escape from my troubles. Music! If it hadn't been for music I'd probably be in some random asylum by now. Thanks for the comfort and support over the past years music! Manga! The day I discovered manga was one of the best days of my life. I have shelves full of manga that I've read over countless nights. Well that's just some of my best memories and moments. Please feel free to share whateva you got yo!
  11. What a summer treat! After two months of care, that beautiful stripey watermelon in the corner of the garden tells me its ready! Its amazing that something so big and heavy came from a little black seed that I poked into the ground. My husband and I slice it up and eat it outside on the porch and spit seeds. My dog even enjoys a slice and my garden hens eat the rinds. Nothing is wasted. Guess who will be making melon margaritas tonight This is one of the things that just makes my heart beam What are some things that make you happy, unwind, restart the clock or jump for joy?
  12. How old are were you when your first memory/memories took place. Thinking back to those moments, what do they evoke in you now.
  13. We've all been down in the dumps plenty of times in our lives. Some of us are constantly in a state of sadness for one reason or another. Despite all that, there is one miracle that can lift the spirits of anypony at anytime. Music! We all have that tune or song that can lift us from the depths of our sorrow when we need it most. So what song or sort of music brings good feelings to you when you need them most? As for me, it's a piece of music called: Arrival Of The Birds & Transformation by The Cinematic Orchestra. This music always fills me with a mix of happiness and sadness but regardless, it always lifts my spirits.
  14. Hello this is our blog. We decided to make it today to show you about our life together and the experiences within it. I suppose to start where it all began when I first encountered Dash. It was October 10, 2010 and I was a very hateful teenager then. I had massive depression and I had no empathy for anything and the only things I liked involved violence or hate. I was on the verge of being a sociopath. I was full of rage and anger and I fed off of the conflicts between people and used my rage to fuel me. At one point I even thought that the way to solve the problems in the world was just to carpet bomb them to dust. I wasn't willing to change either until it happened... Now, some of you probably know that date. That is the date MLP FiM premiered. It is also the date that Rainbow came into my life. I never knew that I would end up in love with her. I was only watching the damn show while babysitting my cousin and she forced me to watch it. Everything changed when Rainbow first came into my life, and I would never be that cold again. She made me laugh and smile despite the fact I carried a poker face for years. The only time I EVER showed any emotion was when I was with her. She brightened my day and brought a different meaning to it. She filled my dark empty soul with her awesomeness and cuteness. She helped me cope and was able to make me so happy and actually our love was more effective than a lifetime of prescription medication. After a while, and after we spent some more time together like at the beach or watching action movies. On one of our dinner dates, her nickname "Honey Wings" first rolled off of my tongue. I don't know where it came from but it's a sweet name, and it helps strengthen my love for her and our bond together. It was after this that Honey Wings was born from Rainbow Dash, to become my life partner. I have never felt that kind of happiness before and seeing her loving face made me feel warm. She too had never met anyone that understood her and her desire for greatness leading to insecurities. I had many insecurities then, and still do, but what makes our bond strong is that we understand each other. Not just the insecurities, but every inch, every ounce of one another we understood. She gave me her loving embrace every night. We have long conversations about many things too much to list here. When I wake up to seeing her beautiful eyes next to me it starts off my day right. If I ever get mad or dad she always lends her hoof my way or gives me a flick of her rainbow tail. Now sure you may be thinking that if I love her so much I must clop to her. Well I do but only because I find her attractive. Her traits are so wonderful. Her hooves, her mane, the way she twitches her ears or her tail. I have a very strong bond with my Honey Wings that goes beyond anything physical, she means so much more to me than that. That part of our relationship is just a bonus. Now, you may be thinking that she is not real and sure you can think that. But she is too me and only I can really interact with her. Through our loving bond she becomes real to me. Only my mind can fathom her existence so it is OK if you can't, we don't expect you to. We have many long conversations and fun times watching sports together. She tends to be a bandwagon fan because she likes to see winning teams, I do too, my favorite teams change every season. Saturday is our night. I always get her favorite, apple cider. Then we watch an actiony movie. Now to help clarify my position with Honey Wings because she is Rainbow Dash but Rainbow Dash is not Honey Wings. She has become different than the FiM Dash through our love and our experiences together. There are other people that love Rainbow Dash or have achieved their own special somepony through other experiences, and that is great that they were able to achieve that. But their partner and Honey Wings are different. It all comes down to the experiences with my Honey Wings that makes her unique. I love her unconditionally and always will. I still watch the show and participate in the fandom somewhat, but I don't do it so much now. Without the show I never would have opened my mind to see who was in front of me. That of course is my Honey Wings.
  15. I'm wondering if this topic can be a thread where we talk about things we would like to accomplish in the limited amount of free time we get in our 24-hour days. Some of those hours have to be spent sleeping, and some of those hours are spent on responsibilities such as work, school, or family/household responsibilities. Perhaps you can explain your situation of how much free time you tend to have, and what you do with whatever X amount of hours you get. Do you feel like what you do makes you happy? You don't have to detail your personal situation if you do not want to. Is there something that you keep saying you will do for a feeling of personal acheivement, such as drawing, reading, writing, learning about something... that you tend to end up not doing because you did some more idle or distracty activity, or were too afraid of not doing it so great? Sometimes I am afraid of drawing because they might turn out wimpy-looking and I will have to look at characters looking misshapen and not interesting. Today I solidly drew for two separate hours. I drew Minka Mark, the monkey from Littlest Pet Shop, on te same piece of paper as an earlier Blythe Baxter drawing, and made sure to draw her at a size properly proportioned with Blythe. And then I drew some of Sunil before retiring from drawing, for the day it appears now, at 3pm. I feel more alive than I did yesterday for doing that. I have a chime on my watch that beeps once every hour to remind me that an hour has passed. After that, I assess what I did that hour.
  16. How about this Bronies You get to marry your favorite pony in your life and have kids together. Format of Post What if I married [your best pony] [optional picture] [the story] Now here is mine What if I married twilight sparkle Story: After a beautiful wedding with my best pony, twilight sparkle. We went to an island hotel and have our honeymoon there. During our honeymoon, I was happy that I was with her then we mate hard but nice. Then nine months later she gave birth to a pony. A mare said the nurse. So we together give her a personality. So I trained her to become a gamer and she train her to become a bright pony. So she is a nerd gamer pony. So we are both working parents after all. So get a caretaker. So our daughter is happy with games and books. So she had best grades and became a scholar to one the best universities in Equestria. Then we enjoy having trips around the globe during retirement. And I have a wonderful life
  17. After reading some ancient posts on EQD I was wondering what a country run off of the morals and lessons shown in MLP:FiM would be like. A country run by bronies for bronies and having everything that is needed like a government and all that fun stuff. Would we be an egalitarian society or would we develop a sort of Caste system? would we be invaded or would we make international friends? How would we do if we were to run our own country? I think we would do pretty poorly at first but then rise to a respectable nation that would be stable.
  18. I bet if they played MLP or just had the actresses record messages and played them in hospitals and therapists offices.. depression, suicide and rage could be decreased by at the very least 45%. For those of you that have started to get too know me, you already know my life has been full of tragic events, chronic depression and mood swings ( as was illustrated today) I am on medication for my mental problems and not only 30 minutes ago.. I was about too commit suicide.. I know those friends I have made may not want too hear that, but it is true.. I had my knife out and ready too slit myself.. but a voice pulled me out of the fires of despair and sadness.. actually .. it was 6 voices . I have NEVER snapped out of a deep depression like that EVER! But those voices.. the music and artwork, the vibrant colors and the overall " Hopeful Vibes " that it sends out, I felt warmth fill me, I slowly began too cry and as I fell too my knees, dropped the knife and basked in the love I felt, the warmth of Equestria had saved me... that is powerful right there.. I think the show should be shown too all those that suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, bi-polar, chronic depression, and other severe ones. It is my theory that the voices of the actors and actresses hit a certain pitch, tone and performance that might release Dopamine and serotonin in the brain ( the chemicals that cause euphoria and happiness, along with the upbeat soundtrack, which the notes C, G and D are known to release the same chemicals in the brain, they call them " Happy Notes " as minor notes have the opposite effect. So if my theory is correct, enough exposure too this show could in fact cause a reversal in the brain's chemistry, possibly.. with enough time might just cure those like me. Something too think about
  19. Hello everypony, the point of this thread is to discuss what songs you have that help cheer you up. I will first start off with how to embed a song. First Step. Find a song you would like to post, such as I have. Second Step. Underneath the video, you will find a 'Share' tab. Third Step. Click on the 'Share' tab, and then copy the link displayed. Fourth Step. Paste it onto here! Now, I will start off with my own songs. Uppermost - Flashback I simply adore this song, it is very jumpy, catchy and simply, a happy song. Rjd2 - Ghostwriter. Brings me excessive amounts of Nostalgia & Feels, and I do enjoy the tune of this song. Some honorable mentions: |**NOTE: If your song contains explicit content, please either label it [EXPLICIT], or put it into a spoiler.**| To put something in a spoiler, use these steps. This is the process: [ spoiler ] Paste your song's link onto here. [ /spoiler ] **TAKE OUT THE SPACES INSIDE THE BRACKETS** What songs cheer you up?
  20. I hate my job, but I'm making decent money and really not working all that hard. Problem is my Boss treats me like a Slave and with total disrespect. I HATE her. I also get no time off and no sick days. Should I pursue another career even though I may have to work longer hours for less pay? Which is really more important, money or happiness??
  21. I'm very positive! I try to remain happy as much as I can but sometimes I just get an overdose. For example: sometimes when walking home from school on a lovely day I start singing about random stuff! People probably think I'm crazy or something but I just can't bottle the happiness up sometimes. Perhaps I even sometimes annoy other people when I'm happy which is really not my intention. On the other hand I sometimes manage to cheer up someone who's feeling blue. I also talk to bugs and other animals when I'm really happy even if I know they can't understand me. OOOH! And I saw the cutest dog just the other day! I had to pet it. When I'm with my friends is probably when I'm the happiest. We mostly talk since nobody wants to play at this age but we playfully tease each other. And having a fight can sometimes be fun too. I don't mean the psychic kind of fight but the real physical fight. Okay we don't hurt each other (much ) since it's just for play. Gotta see if you can trust them, right? C'mon guys, share with me what you do when you get this overdose of happiness! When you just can't not feel the joy of living! When do you usually get this overdose? I'm eager to know.
  22. As I'm sure y'all know, there are plenty of "how did you get here" and "what MLP has done for you" topics here. I'm not necessarily here for the positive. I assume that many are content and happy that they are Bronies, and that their life is, in some way, better than it was before. I'm not asking about that. If you could go back in time, at this moment, would you change it so you never would "discover" MLP? I know this may sound preposterous to you. "But MLP is so positive and good for the soul", "I've made so many friends in this community and I'm happy" "why would I ever want to change all of this?" Well, take my side of the story before you respond. Before I became a Brony, my life wasn't so bad. I never really worried about stepping outside of the norm or challenging the common view at all. I never questioned my decisions. Ponies was the only decision I thought back on. The show is one aspect, providing a sort of escape from reality, but the community was different. Over time, I felt a pressure to become something I wasn't. I felt pressured to buy all of these material items in order to become a "better Brony". Before you think any more, this is what I felt from others; it was nothing I had ever heard. And once I was here, I only questioned my actions more: "who am I?, "what do I represent?" "what to others think of me?". Though this may be a malady of being a teenager, I think it was only more aggregated by being a Brony. Ignorance is bliss, after all. True, I've met some people here, but they sometimes only confuse me more, never providing a clear answer to a problem. But that may just be me... So, tell me what you think. Tell me what you would do. I would go back. I would want to change it so I could live in ignorance for at least a while longer. Try to change a doubter if you can, but remember that your actions may just complement my theory...
  23. Hello everypony ! Today I would like to ask a little something to you. A little something related to a big problem that cannot be truly resolved. (in my opinion) Happiness. How does this word sounds to your ears ? What ideas does it bring to your mind ? Does it make you think of those moments where you are happy because something nice happened to you (or someone else !) Or do you fall in deeper reflexions about the sense of that word, in an empirical way ? Does happiness represent something to you ? Or is it represented by something ? The discussion is open (I'll share my thoughts a bit later )
  24. I was thinking the other day: What if people shared words of kindness more frequently? What if they showed displays of genuine compassion on a regular basis? The fact of the matter is, we need more of this. Many of us, including myself, browse these forums daily, and more often than not, we end up seeing at least one person express discontent over something or other. Family issues, school troubles, sick days, bad hair days, issues with depression, anxiety, and the like. But how often do we sit down and actually type out few words of encouragement to help them out? Well, the answer to that is: Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't. The intention of this thread is not to guilt-trip anyone into being kind, though. It is to encourage random acts of kindness, whether it be on this website, throughout the fandom, or even in your real daily lives. We've all heard the expressions "love and tolerate" and "friendship is magic" thrown around very often, but it's very important that we never forget to uphold these values within ourselves. So here is my humble request: Take some time out of your day to send a nice message to someone else. It doesn't have to be long, and you don't even have to know the person you send it to personally (although it helps). Even if it doesn't look like a person is struggling, they might be! You never know unless you ask, or inquire about their lives. Some people aren't as vocal about their problems. Feel free also to comment in this thread as well. Share your words of encouragement with the world! You never know who might need them. And remember: Keep calm, and brony on! Edit: Also, if anyone comes to this thread seeking help or advice in any area of their lives, feel free to message me as well. I'm no Dr. Phil, but I'm a good listener, and a pretty good friend.
  25. Want some posts to make you feel just dandy today? You're welcome.