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Found 3 results

  1. I, like many bronies, use a pony avatar even on non-brony sites or games. In fact, the avatar for my google account is of Rainbow Dash wearing shades. Because Google accounts are linked to YouTube profiles(which I hate btw) my comments always show up as my nickname with a picture of RD. I watch a lot of political and gaming content on YouTube. As time has gone on I've gotten many people who respond to my comments bringing up my avatar and saying that I don't get an opinion because of it, often adding that I'm filthy or gay or a pedophile. I'm not complaining about this, this is the internet and I find those responses hilarious, but I am curious. Are these stereotypes of bronies still rolling around? I suppose they are. Have any of you wonderful people experienced similar comments for using pony avatars? care to share? EDIT: I'm really not looking for sympathy here! I got over the insults a while ago. I love it when people give me hate for it because its often given in hilarious ways. I just want people to share stories really! on a side note, I use this picture of Fluttershy in games that let me select it. It's funny when I top the scoreboard and people get this:
  2. The title explains it all. it could have been a moment you had while playing an online game or maybe you were on a community forum. It happened to me while I was playing an online game called Team Fortress 2 about ten minutes ago. I was in a game of attack and defend and there was this guy (who's name I don't remember because I was upset) Who was verbally attacking our team for playing poorly . After a minute or two I spoke up in hopes of making him stop but he then turned on me. He noticed that I'm a Brony and started harassing me pretty intensely. I tried to defend myself but I stopped after a few sentences because I wanted to set a good example for our fandom. He called me things like faggot, Brony degenerate, he even started making fun of how my parents made me move out. I can't even tell you how many times he told me I'm going to hell. Well here's the good part. After a few horrible statements he made toward me this random guy who was playing on our team spoke up out of nowhere and started defending me. I'll never forget that moment. A total stranger standing up for me....honestly, I didn't think that would ever happen. Afterwards, I switched teams and made the bully rage quit. Today's world may be rotting but after that one stranger stood up for me, I now know that goodness is still out there, it's just hard to find. So, has anyone had a moment where a total stranger stood up for you while you were being bullied online? I'd love to hear your stories.
  3. I've been upset by a couple of bronies on Twitter. One of them posted a cloppy kind of image of Rainbow Dash and I just happened to see it on my feed so I spoke out by saying that I don't like My Little Ponies being sexualized (I'm pretty anti-clop as you can tell haha). It turned into a mini-debate with one of his friends and I stood by my opinion but decided just to leave it there and not discuss it anymore, but that brony who had been talking to me had retweeted the things I had said to make fun of me as well as a picture of one of my OCs, with a caption saying "oh my god her OC I'm dying!" Obviously, this bothered me a little and I asked him politely to remove these tweets and leave me alone but apparently he couldn't delete the retweets which I know was a lie because I know you can do that. He and his friend continued to post screenshots of what I said to them and one of them even sent me a cloppy image. I asked the one who posted the images to apologize and he has done, but he still told me not to "get riled up" and he posts pretty horrific clop images. I know I shouldn't be letting this bother me, but it just is. He said he wasn't bullying me, but come on. You can't deny that making fun of my tweets and sending me a suggestive image isn't internet harassment.