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Found 12 results

  1. Attention ponies... today marks the day where I begin my hunt for the evasive and very mysterious Harmonic Revelations. It will be a very long and laborious task but rest assured I will find him in his natural habitat. If anyone has any information or suggestions on how I could find this mysterious creature please comment and tell us what you know. I will keep up to date when new information come into light.
  2. Hello, friends. If you weren't aware from my surprise for Harmonic Revelations yesterday, I've released a new extended play in dedication to her. From the Bandcamp page's description (which I wrote myself ;D ); "The OtarineTrax team has been busy working to release the new EP, "Harmonic"! This EP is a tribute to Harmonic Revelations, a great friend of the team. From Progressive House to Drumstep inspired tracks, this EP will not stay in any specific genres, but branches out to many different ones. The many variations of the lead single, 'Harmonic' will not tire you out, as every track has its own unique flair and style. Without a doubt, this EP promises not to disappoint! The usual OtarineTrax quality dance music is apparent here." I hope you enjoy the EP, and I truly do wish you a great 2014! I will leave you with the Youtube upload of the lead single, 'Harmonic'. The album's link is in the description, enjoy! Love, Otty~ <3
  3. Here is a list of all my bestest friends on the forums! Friendship really is magic! Hope I didn't forget anypony! 1. Rainbow Dash the Fourth (RD4) 2. BBBBF4E (I don't know what his display name is now XD He always changes it) 3. Frozen Mint 4. Dawn Rider 5. Key Gear 6. Blue Moon 7. Harmonic Revelations 8. Sparkity 9. Megamare 10. Night Shine Night shine was my first friend. Then Harmonic was my second. I've gotten to know the others very well, and become very good friends with them. I have a whole bunch more friends than this, but this is my top ten. So don't feel left out if you didn't make it. (navel bolt spiftfire is 11th ) .
  4. Hello, forums. As some of you know, Ryan Seacrest has died of SRC (Spontaneous Rainbow Combustion) I have reason to believe that it wasn't an accident. Here is my evidence. I arrived on the scene and found a confetti cannon that had Neil Patrick Harris's DNA on it. What's more, there was an eye witness. We had them compile a composite sketch of the suspect. They came up with this: You know who looks like a Garden Gnome? Neil Patrick Harris, that's who looks like a Garden Gnome. Look at those ears. I mean, seriously. He is clearly the culprit. This report has been brought to you by Harmonic Revelations, P.h.D.
  5. (The following is one hundred percent fact) This is a story about the love between two members of the staff team, Marco and Key Gear. Their connections were not obvious at first on the forums, no, not in the slightest. However, soon they would learn that their fates were intertwined, and they would discover love that had never been seen before. It all started one day, when Marco casually told Key Gear that he did photo-shopping. Key Gear jumped at this, and, knowing that Marco could not refuse, asked him to hold an art stream every Saturday night. However, this was not the entire purpose of the stream. Somewhere deep inside, a spark ignited in the hearts of both staff members that day, and a legend was born. So when time for the first stream came, Key Gear prepared eagerly. Marco however, was not quite content with that. He waited patiently for Key Gear to show up, and then he started doing Pony art while chatting away. However, eventually, an unexpected party got involved. A dashing young chap with the Charisma of a whatever-is-charismatic named Harmonic Revelations soon joined in on the stream. He started to annoy Marco, and soon noticed a pattern emerging. Marco would always talk favorably about Key Gear. Marco's words almost read like a love letter. Marco would say such dashing things to Key Gear as: "Key Gear better show up" "Key Gear, why do you have to be so difficult?" "Die" Or the most romantic: "I hope you die in a horrible fire" Marco was sending a very clear message of love. He gave every verbal cue he could, raising his voice, cussing, gargling, and coughing, all and any one of these a universal sign that you are romantically interested in someone. Key Gear took the signal, and started playing hard to get. Often times, he would show up to the stream late or leave directly in the middle. This agitated Marco that his affections were being ignored. However, even the anger could not cool the embers of the passion that ignited in his heart. He would find the love and compassion that he so desperately seeked if it was the end of him. Marco tried to get Key Gear's attention by searching DeviantArt with the safe filter off, but to no avail. That is when Marco finally got an idea, he would start doing a gaming stream. He would play games with lots of Shiny things, since he knew Key Gear enjoyed Shiny things. It was a big hit, and soon Marco had a large number of people on the stream. Marco knew that Key Gear was both the glue that held the stream together, and the glue that held his affections together. Without Key Gear, Marco felt empty inside. He needed the love of the one person who made him feel special, Key Gear makes Marco feel, like he's the only streamer in the world, like he's the only streamer Key Gear will ever love. When Key Gear does show Marco love, Marco could not be happier. The happiness reduces him to a babbling lover. Marco does not let physical distance get between him and Key Gear, he promised himself that he would find a way to make it work. Marco would curse and rage, not because the games agitated him, but because Key Gear had left a huge hole in his heart, one that had to be filled. Ever since the last stream, Marco has been trying to fill that hole with Ear-infection medication, but to no avail. Marco remains frustrated with how Key Gear always plays hard to get. Marco still does the stream, and still eternally attempts to show Key Gear that they are meant to be together forever. Maybe one day he will be successful. However, one thing is for certain, their love will last forever.
  6. The moment has come. The ultimate showdown of pants. Prepare yourselves, forums. Through this, we will finally know which type of under-body clothing is the best.
  7. How to raise a Harmonic clone: What is a Harmonic Clone: What, you may ask, is a Harmonic Clone. Well, you might recognize their predecessor, sea monkeys. Harmonic Clones are complete Genetic clones of your overlord squid Harmonic that are freeze dried to preserve them. You can thaw them and then add water and you have witty mini-clones of Harmonic Revelations. The goal of Harmonic clones is to put them in all homes so that HR can take over the Earth and beyond Raising a Harmonic Clone: Harmonic clones are very charismatic, as is their master. When they are born, they are squishy little balls of wonder. They will look all cutesy at you before proceeding to either: A.) If they like you, become loyal to you B.) If they don't like you, they will take your girlfriend, steal your car, and dishonor your family One of the main concerns about Harmonic Clones is what they eat. The answer to that question is actually simple, much like Harmy herself, these clones feed on the sorrow and misery of the entities around her. So all that's required to keep them alive is to have a bad day once in a while. One of the best ways to upgrade them is to attach lasers to their heads and have them battle each other. Or alternatively, train them for war. That way when Harmonic needs to use them to take over, they will be pre-trained. Besides this, Harmy Cs (As I affectionately call them) are very low maintenance. They are specifically bred to have no weaknesses in combat. I have mailed ten of them to each of your houses. Have a nice day! DISCLAIMER: By opening the Harmonic Clones packaging, you absolve Harmonic of any responsibility bodily harm/incineration/Face melting off that is caused by the Harmonic Clones Side effects of being near the Harmy Cs may include: Nausea,irritation of skin or eyes, coughing, inability to outrun predators, demonic possession, impotence, face melting off, incineration, holes to the center of the Earth spontaneously ripping open in your house, death, explosions erupting out of your face, volcanoes erupting even though they have been inactive for many years, and in extreme cases, Armageddon Sincerely, your future ruler, Harmonic Revelations
  8. Time for episode two of HRUA. I'll be talking about a user I like quite a bit, ~Chaotic Lightning~! A fellow Rainbow Dash fan, and a Luna fan too, but I'll get over that because Lightning is just so awesome. So let's begin talking about how awesome they are. ~Chaotic Lightning~, like myself, is a gamer. That's really cool and a fun thing to do. For one thing, I love the quote on his profile, it's inspirational, really. '' Being the Best in the World is a lifestyle.'' ™ It may sound silly, but I think that's a good mantra to live by. After all, if you're not trying to be the best every day, then eventually you will fall behind. Also, apparantly, I'm his favorite user, that's incredibly sweet of him! Also, he shares the same favorite villain (My favorite villain is Discord, but my favorite antagonist is Trixie). His favorite wonderbolt is spitfire, that's cool too! And his favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, with his favorite Mane six being Applejack (I presume he minds besides RD). I also like the way that they are both in his icon (He has an amazing icon)! Much like myself, he claims to be the best in the world. Even if he isn't, he sure ranks pretty high on the list of best people, because he appears to be made of pure amazing. Seriously, if you haven't had the opportunity to talk to him in a PM or something, you really need to. He is fun to talk to!
  9. I just finished this for Harmonic, because I wanted to. :3 No Deviant art link, as I don't upload images not of show ponies or my OCs, with a few exceptions. I hope you like it! All critique is nice, per usual.
  10. Cold The rain patters on, endlessly dropping down for all to see The feel of the dampness on my skin cannot compare to the depth of the pain within You once were there, to help me see you made me things that before I could not be Why must you leave me now, in times of need But your words, your teachings are my creed The sky is dark, deep navy blue why could I not have passed away too You have left my presence, needlessly and it holds truth that without you I cannot be It is done now, the rain is gone but light will not return until the crack of dawn But without you by my side, it matters not without you, I have no light, all I can do is rot I sit now, here by your resting place My heart beats, at a steady pace I solemnly yearn for the day when we can finally be together again
  11. So I decided to try to draw some Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards fan art. The result isn't that great, but I don't think it's bad enough that I should just let it gather dust in the corner nether regions of my computer until the universe finally collapses in on itself in the end of space and time. So here it is, but first, I want to make a few points. You may ask why 02 is on a black background, it's because he looked horrible with just an outline, and even though the image has transparency, it shows up white on this site since the text has a white background. For this reason, I opted instead to encase him in a black box. Originally I had a few more characters but I failed at drawing them so hard that I erased them. Kirby 64 is amazing. Bearing that in mind, here we go, I appreciate feedback because I'm horrible at art, especially since I'm on a laptop, not a tablet. (I dislike tablets and am not going to buy one.) To be honest, I'm most proud of Ghost Knight (The green one with the lance and shield), the crab (His name escapes my memory), and the fire breathing thing (His name also escapes my memory)
  12. So, I had a copy of Pokemon Blue from way back. I played it for a very, VERY long time. I had quite a lot of good experiences with that game. Charmander was always my favorite starter, actually. Anyways, that's not the point I'm getting at. Something strange has been happening when I put in the Gameboy recently. For example, when I load up the game, the title screen is jumbled. I of course assume this is due to some internal damage. I just felt lucky it started up at all, considering I made absolutely no effort to keep it in good quality. I had just started a new game under my favorite name ever, George. And the game appeared to start normally, albeit the music being a bit odd. I doubt this is paranormal music phonemona as I was able to rip the music to my computer. After that, I just continued like normal. I'll post more when I play it more. I guess I'll eventually post a video with what happened to the music, it's pretty weird, and not all that melodic, if I say so myself. Follow the thread for more, I'll keep you posted on what happens.