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Found 25 results

  1. Speculation on What Season 9 (The Last Season?) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Will Be Like: Speculations based on leaked information! Spoilers ahead. Anyway, those are just my speculations on what could happen/occur come Season 9 (should it be the last season of FIM). But what do you think, do you agree with my speculations? What are yours? Let me and everyone else know. 😊 God Bless and Take Care. Speculation on What Season 9.docx
  2. In other words, could certain questions finally get answed , and certain theroies be put to rest. Well, with any kind of closuer on a franchise, the finale always seems to (at most times) open the doors to allow the writers to get a lot of stuff out of their system for themselves and for at most, the fans. But will the final season of MLP : FIM do that as well? Here I talk about what could be finally addressed, if that is the case. Now one of the first things that they (the writers) could finally address, is the whole Spike x Rarity situation. What I mean is, that if the writers choose to do so (IMO I believe they will), this will finally be addressed, and the outcome will be one that is a positive one, and yet be one that not a lot of the brony/pegasister community will agree on. And what the outcome will be, Spike and Rarity together. You may ask "How?" Well, it's quite simple, if you look at the fact, that they've been teasing this since Eps. 1, and throughout the show's run, they've had several episodes centered around Spike, that have also involved Rarity in some major/minor capacity, and with it being the final season of the show, like I mentioned at the beginning at the start, it opens the door for this to take place. And the reason being is, unless the series finale somehow ties into G5 and G5 becomes a soft Retcon/Reboot of FIM, then (IMO) this Spike x Rarity Deal will finally become a reality. 2. A Sugar Belle and Big Mac wedding will most likely happen. The reason being is the fact that this could be looked at as a 3 chapter deal, with the first happening in S7 , and So it only makes sense to tie this trifecta up with a 3rd and final chapter happening in the final season, which would culminate with a wedding between Sugar and BIg. Heck, for emotional sake, have the spirts of AJ, AppleBloom and Big Mac's parents appear to show their love and support, and thus have the kids and Sugar Belle seem as well. 3. Finally Addressing Celestria and Luna's orgins. Yes, before the show comes to a close, this has to be addressed, especially after giving them some moments to shine, first in the Premiere of S6 and most recently, not once but twice in S7, and This is something that finally needs to be addressed and I believe (IMO) that the writing staff of FIM will finally do so in the final season. Espiecally with the fact, that if you go back to the S6 Premiere, they both said, "That the birth of an Alicorn, is something Equestria has never seen", and that it was "Even beyond their understanding." Yeah, when they both said those things, that was enough of red flag, and more of a legit reasoning to wanna know about their orgins. 4. Starlight Glimmer becoming an Alicorn? Yes, indeed, this is most likely the direction they are heading, and if S9 is it for the show, definitely expect the writing staff to go this route. And, why?, you may ask. Because it seems that's what they building towards with her. (at least in my IMO), and would make sense that they writing staff make this a reality. 5. Sunset Shimmer Returns! , and the recent "Mirror Magic" EQG special, she has never returned to Equestria on the "Friendship is Magic" side of things. So with the final season, I truly believe and hope, (like many do) that this will be the season that it finally happens. And all honesty, I feel the writing staff knows that as well and will make it happen. 6. I believe that a G1 character has to be brought in, with a G4/FIM update, and that character should Majesty. And if you want a reason why, well if you watch MLP-Silver Quill's and ILOVEKPALOT's Video they did on Villains in MLP, than you pretty much get your answer there, as to why she should be brought in. Basically make her a character, that believes she's doing the right thing, but in fact is not. Or as Silver Quill put it, make her a rogue element that believes that all villainy, even those that have been redeemed, should be disposed of. Than the writers can build towards something between her and Twilight, and at same time, they could acknowledge a history between Celestria, Luna and Majesty as well, and that could really build the tension between her and Twilight. But that's what I (IMO) feel the writers will/would do in the final season, should it be more freelanced. What are your thoughts? God Bless!
  3. Here I discuss the first couple of episodes of the 2nd Half of the current season, and how fans feel about them. Comments are Welcomed #MLPSEASON8 #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #MLPFIM #MYLITTLEPONY #HASBRO #DHXMEDIA
  4. I mean think of it, we have yet to get an answer as to where this darkeness came from. Well here I give my theory on how it came to be and who may be responible for it. Comments are Welcomed #MLPFIM #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #GROGAR #HASBRO #DHXMEDIA #MLPTHEORY #THEORY #THEORIES
  5. In other words, (for the sake of argument) let's say they decide, that enough teasing of this ship has happened, and they want to go and make this ship a reality, how do you see them approaching it? In other words, if you were on the writing staff, and you were tasked with the job of coming up and writing a story for episode that finally made Rarity x Spike (Sparity) official , how would you go about it? Let's hear what you have to say on the matter.
  6. In other words, whenever Friendship Is Magic ends, should Hasbro and DHX Media/Toon Boom Harmony take a page out of Warner Bros Animation Pictures and DC (DC Comics) Universe Animated Original Movies, and create MLP FIM based movies (direct to video) that have stories that are mostly PG Rated, but on occasion, if the opportunity presents itself, can also be PG-13 Rated. Well here I give my thoughts on this topic, and how it could it actually work. Comments are Welcomed
  7. Well i did wrote to hasbro studio and bring back pound puppies show and make season 4 and sorry can't not show it the pic you can find on pound puppies wiki
  8. I'm forming my own company in the future, Wetal Aerospace Systems, B.V. headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I'm creating the very first spacecraft to travel in time. It'll be manufactured by my team of professors here at the Anderson Institute. It'll also be managed by my family, the West family. The following dates for launch are as follows: 12/10/30 OTTS-1 (Orbital Time Traveling Satellite 1, collaboration between ESA, NASA, Airbus Defense and Space, Hasbro Studios, the MLP:FiM production crew, DARPA, and the Anderson Institute, to alter the Maud Pie episode in the future) 11/27/33: OTTS-2 (Orbital Time Traveling Satellite 1, again a collaboration between ESA, NASA, Airbus Defense and Space, Hasbro Studios, the MLP:FiM production crew, DARPA, and the Anderson Institute, to alter "The Cutie Remark" S5 finale episodes in the future, to include the "Pie" family holding a boulder, instead of Maud and Pinkie drilling the boulder together that King Sombra's soldiers dropped on Dash in the War of the Crystal Empire)
  9. Everybody I have bad news: We all know now that Brian Lenard has already left Hasbro to work for Disney?!? Ugh why Disney?!? This is why we hate losing members of the show in the first place! I mean, I do like Disney, but I am NOT going to work for Disney for the rest of my life! I rather stay at Hasbro & DHX than Disney instead! But the question is: How are they going to find a replacement for Brian Lenard now? I mean, maybe they will find a replacement, because it will probably take a few weeks to interview candidates and things like that or to make things easier they'll promote someone who knows his work well in-house. But the point is: We don't even know who will take his replacement will be so everyone calm down and R-E-L-A-X.
  10. It is official! Another movie is on the way, was kind of inevitable,actually. xD No further details have said what it will be about...but it is totally happening.
  11. Saw this on reddit. Really hope like hell it isn't true. If it is, there are spoilers in it for season 3 so keep that in mind if you intend to read further:
  12. I was listening to the Winter Wrap Up song recently, and I thought that it would be cool if Hasbro would make an episode in season 6 involving Winter Wrap Up again. I feel like, during the original episode, Twilight is still a type of outcast who does not completely understand Ponyville, and at this point in the series, we viewers do not truly have a complete understanding of each character. I think it would be interesting to have another Winter Wrap Up, but this time implementing the evolved characters who we have come to know (And obviously some sort of conflict...) My random thoughts on a conflict that I am literally just coming up with now as I type xD Discord (It could be his first Winter Wrap Up since breaking free from stone!) attempts to help with Winter Wrap Up and decides that he has to use magic, despite what everyone tells him (He is Discord, he does what he wants). However, everything that he tries to help with ends up as a complete trainwreck because... He is Discord. Hate from everypony follows. The rest is up to you (And by that, I mean I was getting really wordy in a very descriptive paragraph about my fan-written episode, haha). It's just an idea. I think a Discord episode would be suitable for a second Winter Wrap Up episode.
  13. So we all know Now that Meghan McCarthy has became the Head of Storytelling for the company's Girl brands at Hasbro Studios. But the question is: Is she still gonna be the showrunner on this show and be able to write more upcoming episodes, right?
  14. So guys and gals, Exactly what the title says, What do you think will happen if Sega and Hasbro were gonna make a Sonic MLP Crossover game, And TV series? And what do you think would make the perfect Sonic MLP game Crossover? I personally think a Sonic Adventure and Heroes style game with a mix of Unleashed and Knuckles Chaotix Would make a great game. For the TV series I think Dr Eggman should be at a point were he has all the Chaos Emeralds and puts them in some sort of device, Then Sonic bursts in and tries to stop him, But breaks the device during this, And causes a massive Chaos Control, And sends everyone to Equestria, Then Sonic and his friends find Ponyville, And befriend the mane 6, Then they go on all kinds of adventures in a nutshell. (Yeah I know it's a plot recycle from Sonic X, But I can't think of any better lol, On the bright side, There is no Chris)
  15. So I kinda had this question floating in my mind ever since the MLP Movie for 2017 was announced but never got around to asking others about it. Now according to Equestria Daily, Investors at Hasbro are now planing to invest more money in the film this year as well as next; Soo I kinda felt like asking a Semi-Important question: "Is the film going to remain Flash or, if giving a Film-Budget, Traditional Animation?" Nothing against CG, but I really hope it's one of the 2 formers. I'm also trying to ask the question to Mike Vogel (The film's Executive Producer) on Twitter, So if anyone has an account and would like to know themselves, if they could please Retweet and/or Favorite the Tweet Below. It's not really that much of a NEED ANSWERS question, but for any fan of Animation, it might want one. lol
  16. For all of you in the United States. I wanted to mention that season 3 of Pound Puppies premieres on the Hub June 1st, at 9:00 am Eastern/6:00 am Pacific. Now, I've said it before, and I'll say it again; The Hub's Pound Puppies is a good solid show, It has appealing characters, a great voice cast, sharp humor, and sweet, touching storylines. I will always stand by that, and I do not care what the haters say. It should also be noted that if some bronies (particularly the adult males) are willing to watch a show with candy-colored ponies targeted at little girls, but are not willing to give Hub's Pound Puppies a shot, then they are being hypocrites. The humor on Pound Puppies is just as good. Particularly thanks to John DiMaggio, who voices Niblet the sheepdog. Every episode of Pound Puppies to date is available on Netflix streaming, just keep something in mind; The first 7 episodes of season 1 have rough, rigid animation, however, episodes 8-present are animated by DHX Media, the same studio that animates MLP: Friendship is magic. So starting with episode 8, the animation for the series is clean, fluid, and smooth. So, if you don't like rough, rigid animation, then I highly suggest that you start with episode 8. So again, Pound Puppies season 3 premieres June 1st on The Hub!
  17. I'd love to do my pony metal album, but, there's one problem. Couldn't I get sued for selling an album that uses characters, locations, and stories that are created, copyrighted, and trademarked by Hasbro? I'd have to get some kind of written document saying I have permission to use those characters, correct?
  18. It's been a long time since I've posted here, and I don't intend to stay long, but I wanted to highlight something; Here is a fun, short video that a Pound Puppies fan (not me) made. It's from the season 2 episode "There's Something About Camelia." If you like it, please share it.
  19. I'm not sure if anyone is even going to care about this, but its worth a shot for the fans who are interested; As some of you may know, there is currently a Pound Puppies DVD available called "Homeward Pound". It includes 5 episodes from season 1, and the bonus feature, "Learn to draw Lucky" And there is another DVD that will be released October 16, 2012, called "Super Secret Pup Club." It will contain episodes from both seasons 1 and 2. Along with the bonus feature, "Learn to draw Rebound" If any fans are interested, here are the U.S. links for them; Remember, purchasing DVDs is a great way to support a show.
  20. I'm not sure how many bronies here have heard about this, since some bronies seem to have preconceived notions about other Hub shows, therefore, ignore them and don't bother to do research on them, but in season 2 of Pound Puppies, there was a great song called "Barlow" from the episode of the same name. The music was composed by Daniel Ingram, and the song lyrics were by the episode's writer, Alan Hanson. The character of Barlow was voiced by John DiMaggio; Daniel Ingram also composed the music for a sea shanty ("Blow the Dog Down") from the Pound Puppies episode "Salty." (With lyrics by Merriwether Williams) I also assume that most bronies here know that Daniel Ingram and Steffen Andrews compose the background music for Pound Puppies. It's also worth nothing that according to a facebook post, Ingram will compose songs for Pound Puppies season 3;
  21. Yeah. See all the tags I attached there? This new show premieres right after the beginning of MLP:FiM season 3, on November 10th at 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific); it's got a ton of MLP:FiM's cast and crew working on it too. Here's who's involved so far: DHX Media produces the show Property of Hasbro Studios Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews are composing BOTH the show's songs and the underscore: https://www.facebook...397590640312389 https://www.facebook...434218823306937 - Voice actors on board: Ashleigh Ball (Applejack / Rainbow Dash) Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity / Luna / Granny Smith) Nicole Oliver (Celestia / Cheerilee) Peter New (Big Mac) Sam Vincent (Flim) Kathleen Barr (Trixie, Queen Chrysalis) Shannon Chan-Kent (Pinkie Pie (Singing)) Article contains MLP:FiM season 3 spoilers / images: http://family-room.e...son-3-premiere/ - Writers: Mitch Andrew Larson - Cindy Morrow All in all, looks to be very promising! Have some videos: Episode 1: Episode 2: Opening Title + "Littlest Pet Shop Pets" (Daniel Ingram):
  22. Hey all, As you might know, I started a petition to get a soundtrack for MLP:FiM released back in April 2011 through PetitionOnline. It had an impressive turnout with more than 6,200 signatures... unfortunately, it wasn't very effective at providing change to see it happen. However, with MLP:FiM now celebrating its second year anniversary and the fandom getting hyped for season 3, I feel that now is the time to reboot the petition on, a medium far more effective than PetitionOnline for a couple of reasons: - Every signature the petition will receive generates an automatic e-mail sent to three Hasbro internal addresses, including the Head of Marketing / Public Relations for Hasbro Studios. - Easy to share to your friends via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter; change can happen faster when getting others involved becomes a simpler process. My goal with this reboot is, at the very least, to see open acknowledgement from Hasbro and/or The Hub that a soundtrack is being produced (though not necessarily to be released right away). I am aware that a fan asked about a soundtrack release at the recent NYCC panel, to which Mike Vogel (Vice President of Development for Hasbro Studios) responded: " ." However, Hasbro executives were present at the panel and there were similar answers given to other sensitive fan questions ("mmmaybe"; "sounds good!"; "we don’t know"), so this does not necessarily provide 100% confirmation. Why else do we need a soundtrack? I spoke with Daniel Ingram about that in person a few months ago (quotes are mine): "If a soundtrack CD ever does come out professionally (one that does not slap all of the TV mixes of the songs together as a means of a quick cash-in), not only will a number of songs be heard in full as they were written and intended to be heard by Daniel, but their overall sound will be greatly improved and heard like never before." This is because "two different mixes of all of his songs take place in post production - one mix in 5.1 surround that is heard in the final product of the episode, and another mix in stereo that sounds radically different and is meant to be used and heard only in case a soundtrack CD ever materializes." Daniel has also said that a lot of material ends up being cut for the final TV versions and (as of late July 2012) he does not know anything about Hasbro releasing a soundtrack album. So, please - sign the petition, send it out to your friends, share it, tweet it, reblog it, whatever. Do your part to ensure that the petition gets as many signatures as possible! I'm counting on all of you to make it happen! Cheers, Senn555 Special thanks to @@Feld0 for proofreading / editing my petition writeup~ Post image used with permission courtesy of Episkopi:
  23. For those who are interested, season 2 of Pound Puppies starts June 2, 2012 on The Hub. So be sure to watch! By the way, I realize that I talk about Pound Puppies a lot, but its only because I want to give the show some support, I do still like MLP: Friendship is Magic, but MLP already has tons of support on the Internet. Pound Puppies has many of the same elements that MLP has.