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Found 4 results

  1. #Rules! So, the rules to this little game is pretty simple. As it should be, as there's considerable chance that most of you will likely not bother reading these rules anyhoo. #Meta! #Trending! And pretty self-explanatory anyhow. See, the gist is to use the Octothorpe (#) then a catchy, silly phrase after it that either makes it quite certain to never actually be used as a Hashtag and/or rather makes everyone else quite concerned about the mental & physical well-being of the one initially using it. #FrownyFace! #ViralInfection! #GettingOldFast! #BeatWithTheUglyShtick! Examples are, as follows (As if you haven't caught the Spirit by now, lol!): #LargeSack! #BadAlibi! #InternalHemmoraging! #BadgerHat! #IncinidaryRounds! #HackeySack! #HackSlash! #GoodBodyHidingSpots! #BoneRemoval! #CheapLyeBarrels! #Bonesaw! Oooohkay. Little strong in the theme there, Widdershins! #MurderHumor! … #CreativeDisembowelment!
  2. Reani

    Religion Rant

    You have to be really careful touching religion now-a-days, right? It seems that more people are prone to get offended if you poke fun at their belief or even misinterpret their belief. And, from what I've seen, it's gotten worse. I can't even so much as joke about believing in another deity without someone being upheld by it. I joked about the fact that some people (I don't know if they did it jokingly) made a religion of Celestia and Luna, and one of my "dedicated" christian friends was up in the air about it. And the reason I quoted "dedicated" is because he sometimes, more than often, contradicts himself on his beliefs. Honestly, I don't care what you believe in. I'm not out to challenge your beliefs. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, whatever religion you may be, I'm not out to challenge you. Please, don't try to kill me if I don't follow the word of God, Allah, Buddha, one of the many Hindu gods, Celestia, Spaghetti Monster, Justin Beiber, Harry Styles, That Homeless Man Out By The Dumpster, Scruffy the Janitor, Uncle Ben, Doctor Who, The Elder Gods, Leon S. Kennedy, Dzhokhar Tsarnaevor (A group of women believe he is too cute to have done anything wrong. Can you f***ing believe it.), The Pillsbury Dough Boy, Santa's Little Helper, The Tooth Fairy, The Muffin Man Who Lives On Drury Lane, or Xenu. (Trixie is another story) So, in the near future, if you happen to come by me and I joked about something religiously and I offended your beliefs in anyway, I will apologize deeply.......... for offending you. Secretly, I will pat myself on the back for making a witty remark.
  3. H41 GU1S3 I M4D3 D15 R3M1X 4 CUZ H3 H45 4 GUD T4573 1N MUZ1K S0 Y4 H33R U G0 BTW 1F U D1DN7 H34R D4 0R1G1N4L L1573N 2 1T H33R