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Found 18 results

  1. I was looking on Youtube at random Brony videos and fan creations when I saw a video in which someone ranted about Bronies (I don't think providing a link or name would be a good idea). In it, they were so harsh and cruel. After the video, I was sitting there, wondering if I should leave the fandom. I mean, it's nice to be here with you all, but I don't like knowing that somewhere out there, hundreds of people want me dead. It's horrible! All of these insults make me feel really bad. And yes, I know 'Haters gonna hate' but that doesn't change the fact that these insults really get to me. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  2. When the first Equestria Girls movie was released, it received a largely negative reaction, due to it making the well-known pony characters to become a high school-themed, cliche-ridden movie. However as the sequels got released, the reception was more positive, mainly aided by a more improved storyline and Sunset becoming a more important character. Now, I would like to know if there is anyone here who still hates Equestria Girls? I am not trying to attack others, but I am just curious. Thank you.
  3. Before I explain this, let me quote from the global rules: Keep the foul language down. Swearing is not forbidden on MLP Forums, but we kindly ask that you keep it to a minimum. Not only is swearing out of place in the My Little Pony universe, but some fans who visit this site may be much closer to the target age than you and will not enjoy seeing the F-Bomb drop on their screen.Swearing is strictly prohibited in topic titles and tags, and racial or other derogatory terms against other members, groups, or other entities with the intention of slandering are more or less prohibited. See this FAQ entry for more details if necessary. Write in proper, legible English. While we appreciate members from across the globe, please remember that you are on an English-speaking forum run by English-speaking staff. This poses a problem when we cannot moderate content that we cannot read. In some cases foreign language quotes are acceptable though. Our FAQ entry delves into that in more detail. In addition, while we do not require perfect grammar, you should at least try to punctuate, capitalize, space, and spell properly. For example, taking a few moments to proofread that you have capitalized an 'i' goes a long way with us. Now we'll start. This is the b-8 (bait, b8) thread. How this works: 1. Post a screenshot of the hateful comment. 2. Next person must respond on the best thing to do in that situation. (S)he must also comment a picture. Vulgarity must be censored. This includes anything, from cr*p to f***. No 4chan or reddit. Mods, if this is wrong, feel free to delete it. This thread is to help those dealing with spam.
  4. So, I have a brony account on iFunny that I hardly even put publish on. I post one of my drawings from my art attraction, and this guy commented. I like to do the whole old "Pinkie Love" trick. So this came up. Feast your eyes on such hilarity.
  5. All right, time for a thread idea that might be a cliched concept at this point. So, what anti brony youtuber have you seen that got you angry. Now, I'm not talking your typical commenters, I'm talking about video makers. So yeah, most brony rants I've seen are full of ignorance and use arguments that could be applied to fandoms in general.
  6. ? I'm just wondering, have any of you ever met a MLP-Hater IRL (in real life)? I'm not just talking about the ones that just don't like the show, but they basically make it taboo around them to even slightly mention it saying it's 'evil'. Well, I have met such a person...and a family member, no less! (FYI, my uncle) When I was telling my cousin (who is a Twi Fan) what Bro-hoofing and Brony meant, he said it was 'bad language' like I was talking about 'you-know-what'. But you know, even if I was it's like she has never heard a term like that and knows what it means (sad to say, but it's true). So, I never brought up MLP when I go over to their house, especially when HE is there. Then, one day he went way too far. I had put on 'Anthropology' for my cousin to watch while I was doing dishes, and he just waltzed right in and SHUT IT OFF! I mean, it was even in my own house too! Then they just...left. Seriously? I mean, I know they were leaving and all, but he could've at least PAUSED the video 'cause I was listening to it as well or told me to pause it. I never told my mom this, because NO ONE in my family likes him and it would just cause my aunt to get angry and she's pregnant so.....yeah. (btw, this happened a week or so ago and she's going in to give birth today) ...So, this year for X-Mas I want to get my cousin a Twi RR doll that'll come along with the Sunset RR doll I want to get. I wonder how he'll react when I just happen to walk in and hand her the doll, or if he comes home and sees her playing with the doll. I hope the worst doesn't occur (him throwing it out and telling me off for giving her the toy). So, have you guys ever faced a Hater in your life whether they be family or not? Tell me, please!
  7. when I was first started going on the net for nerd stuff I spent most of it on twitter. where I would hang out with my otaku friends. I met most of my friends there and it's even where I first heard about bronies and MLP. this is a story about a time I met a anti brony. the day started as any other, suddenly I saw a tweet about bronies from someone I had just started talking with recently, I was like "whats wrong with bronies? lol" she didn't realize that I was a brony because my twitter is mostly anime x3 well she went off on to this rant about how horrible we are, showing video's which I'm pretty sure were meant to be satirical consider the guy in it seemed to be cosplaying as a Hitler dinosaur. it was like we were doing some project for a debate club. I was for and she was against. finally before it got too awkward I revealed myself to be a brony. she all like xD lololololol the debate continued... we were pretty much friends at the point the debate started so she didn't start hating on me. she did however aim what she was saying at me. it was like she was a bible thumper and mlp was a demon cult she was saving me from. HAHAAHAHA it was only when I started to compare the hate on mlp to the hate the otaku community, that I made some progress. Do all otaku love hentai? no. do all bronies love clop? no. how would you feel if someone said that all otaku were hentai freaks, and had no life? offended? I thought so. now look at what you're dong. by the end of the debate she didn't hate bronies anymore..... but she still vowed never to watch the show xD lol oh well. too be honest, this is the only time I've ever won in an argument against an anti brony. but I haven't really tried it more than once or twice.
  8. Is how big of hypocrites some of them can be. For example, they will say that bronies are butthurt, and then they will get even more butthurt if someone even brings up mlp, or has a pony avatar. They will say they hate mlp because it's for little girls, and then go worship other forms of media meant for children (mario, Pokemon, classic cartoons, Transformers, Disney, etc.) They will say they hate it when bronies force the show down the throats, and then they will go to a pony video, and type something like "This sucks!" or, "This is for little girls, stop watching it!" They will say bronies can't accept opinions when they aren't respecting bronies opinions of mlp That's all I have to say!
  9. I know there a lot of topics on haters and trolls but this one is going to be a little different. One thing I have noticed is that brony fandom seems to for whatever reason have different defintions of what constitutes a "hater" or "anti brony" and I think some of the most common ones are flat out wrong and only sew the seeds of misunderstanding and cause more problems. The most problematic one being the one where non fan=hater which is extremely insulting in addition to being inacurrate. Most of us were non fans at some point and many of us including me were surprised and confused at so many teens and adults being into MLP of all shows. Some of us went down the full blown hater route but there were some of us that didn't quite understand it but were tolerant of it which is exactly what I was like before I got into ponies. Then there is the definition of anti brony which even some outside the fandom take which is simply taking issue with certain segments of the fandom. Case in point being this recent interview famous brony youtuber DrWolf did with an "anti brony". This "anti brony" was to his credit civil during the interview and I do not believe he is the type to go out of his way to troll and hate bronies even if his reasonings for calling himself an anti brony are a bit bogus. But therein lies the problem, the term "anti brony" is a loaded term and implies active opposition which again results in misunderstandings in addition to being inacurrate. It honestly dosen't make sense to me why a person who was largely civil freely took on such a term knowing full well the implications of it. The problem with this definition is that if applied to its logical conclusion most bronies would be anti bronies which is a major contradiction. I have my issues with certain parts of the brony fandom, the white knights, the ones who force the show on others or treat it like a religion and a few other examples but I am fairly sure I am not an anti brony but I am anti hater and anti troll. I am because it stupid and immature to go out of your way and antagonise people for liking something you don't and I know what it is like to be unfairly judged for being different. So what is a hater/anti brony? The answer is quite simple, it is someone who actually goes out of their way to hate on and troll bronies. The reasons for this may vary, some actually believe the crap they are saying while others want to take out their insecurities on others and some just have nothing better to do with their lives than to just find an easy target to troll.
  10. What is the most ridiculous claim you ever heard from a hater? I heard some haters comparing us Bronies to the Borg and the Nazis? We don't have the numbers or the support to enforce people to join us like the Borg do. Yes, despite the fact we're all over the Internet, that still doesn't mean we have the power to take over the world. Maybe in some silly alternate universe where on becoming a Brony you gain the power to transform into a giant cartoon Pony, with a force field to protect it's body and can fire particle beams from their eyes. Then you could really compare us Bronies to the Borg.
  11. Love and tolerate.... you can't love and tolerate everything. Like what if hypothetically as a Brony Hater living the Anti Brony Dream I was going to form my own Anti Brony Nazi Party and round up all the Bronies and put them into concentration camps and kill all Bronies. You can't love and tolerate that. I don't think the Anti Brony Nazi Party would get that much support. But would you love and tolerate if I want to kill every single last Brony and your whole families?
  12. Is ridiculous. Even if that were the case, we have so far have a far better track record than most religions. No killing people in the name of My Little Pony yet nor sacking of cities yet. And besides, aren't we allowed worship whatever we want anyway? I'm sure there's some of us that really do worship the Ponies, but I imagine a very small number. We're just a fandom of people that like My Little Pony and I don't think we're going have much impact on politics or any real world implications. Nopony is going to really listen or take seriously the My Little Pony Party in government, and I think they would be disliked by a lot of Bronies as well.
  13. I'm sure you've all heard about the new hat in TF2, and its strong correlation with MLP FiM. But what may come as a surprise (or not) is the amount of hate this item has garnered. I've read the posts, and now words cannot describe how much I hate haters. Thoughts on the item? The references to MLP? The hate? Valve trolling? /Discuss
  14. so the question is basically in the title. you have a friend, and this friend is a hater to MLP FiM. so you want to convince this guy/girl that MLP is cool by showing him/her a awesome fanfic i would probably go with either: For every answered prayer. this is an amazing story if you ask me. or An affliction of the heart
  15. HELLO PPL my name is PONESLAYR i hate PONEIS but IM also a TALNTED ARTST so pls c my comx ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 SPECIAL ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 ISSUE 23 ISSUE 24 ISSUE 25 ISSUE 26 ISSUE 27 ISSUE 28 ISSUE 29 ISSUE 30 ISSUE 31 ISSUE 32 ISSUE 33 ISSUE 34 ISSUE 35 ISSUE 36 ISSUE 37 ISSUE 38 ISSUE 39 ISSUE 40 ISSUE 41 ISSUE 42 ISSUE 43 ISSUE 44 ISSUE 45 ISSUE 46 ISSUE 47 ISSUE 48 ISSUE 49 ISSUE 50 SERIES 2 ISSUE 51 ISSUE 52 ISSUE 53 ISSUE 54 BRONEY COMIX SERIES 1 HELLO PPL my name is now PONELUVR i luv PONEIS ISSUE 1 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 3 ISSUE 4 ISSUE 5 ISSUE 6 ISSUE 7 ISSUE 8 ISSUE 9 ISSUE 10 ISSUE 11 ISSUE 12 ISSUE 13 ISSUE 14 ISSUE 15 ISSUE 16 ISSUE 17 ISSUE 18 ISSUE 19 ISSUE 20 MLPFORUMS BIRTHDAY SPECIAL ISSUE 21 ISSUE 22 I MAK MOR REGLARY SO CHEK BACK PLS *So this is an idea I got a while back but finally went through with. All over the internet, we see haters, sure. But what if there was a person who hated ponies and bronies so much that they actually spent all their time in a festering pit of rage? And this person focused his hatred into making pony hate-comics? Behold, this thread. In it, I play the role of an over-the-top hater. This is just satire. I really don't mean to offend anybody, since I highly doubt anybody like the star of this comic actually exists. Any time I don't act like PONESLAYR in this thread, I'll mark it.
  16. However mature we try to respond to haters (the most mature way would probably be not to respond at all, I guess...) it is annoying when they go out of there way to "attack" us on our videos, our drawings, and our websites. This is "our" place, so why do they have to be there if they don't like it? It can be very frustrating. However, is it really just our fandom that get this much hate, or isn't this just what haters do? We probably notice it more here, because the majority of us care about the show, and the fandom. Someone came to something pony related and insulted it, and told us not to like it, even though no one forced him/her to look at it - that happens with everything. I've seen a lot of pictures on, say DeviantArt for example get responses like this from their haters. I've liked quite a few things that have been hated, but I was a lot more obnoxious about what I liked back then, so I probably wouldn't have noticed the real haters from the people who simply had an opinion, and would have probably invited the hate anyway (this, by the way, is the only thing that makes me glad I didn't follow MLP earlier in life, but I mostly regret it). My favorite Final Destination movie, is considered the worst (and the movies themselves are not popular), I am one of the few people who like both old and new Nickelodeon shows, and I have a very wide taste in music. So I have had my share of experience with haters. So why is it I notice pony/brony hate more? Are the haters nastier or not? It could be because, I am a brony so I could be taking it as an insult to myself, and people I socialize with, but the furry community gets a lot of hate too, but I have always been able to shrug that off. I do shrug off brony hate too, at the end of the day, but it stays longer, and it's worst if I'm in a bad mood. It could be because most furry haters are pretty unimaginative, as they always say the same thing (hint: it involves doing something in Hell...) which furries themselves have used as a joke (I'm not one; I just want to be, though I care more about the brony fandom). Admittedly most brony haters say the same thing themselves - that we're all watching a little girls show, so maybe they're unimaginative too, but that annoys me because it's not exactly true (MLP: FIM was actually aimed at both genders, and even when My Little Pony in general actually was aimed at just girls, it never really seemed girly to me). Sorry this was long, but I'm literally conflicted with myself here...
  17. Previous Countdown List: Us bronies don't deserve to be hated, and that's true, however, lots of times we make false assumptions about everything involving the fandom. I hope that by pointing them out, it can at least help people become more logical. I'm here to clear up a few things. #5: Non-Bronies are always haters This is a logical fallacy I see fairly often in the fandom. Why people believe that non-bronies are always haters is something that escapes my understanding. That is like saying everyone who prefers Pepsi has a death-wish against the Coca-Cola company, it's not true, and it doesn't even look true if you squint at it sideways from fifty yards away. Haters exist and non-bronies exist, but that is not an interchangeable term. As the name implies, being a non-brony means you're not a brony, simple as that. And being a hater implies you hate, see? Very simple. #4: Who your favorite pony is matters While it's nice to know, it's not something you need to convince people to. Converting someone to your favorite pony is like convincing someone the color orange is superior to the color blue. It's an opinion question and a petty one at that. Why waste your time arguing about who the best pony is instead of say...explaining why you like your favorite pony in a very long several paragraph essay-type thing (CD has the right idea, although Discord isn't a pony, you get the idea). I'm not saying it doesn't matter to anyone, what I'm saying is that it's not worth starting a flame war about. #3: Being a brony means you're a nice person This one is not true in the slightest. While generally we're over all the nicest fandom around and this forum specifically might be the nicest place on the internet, it's not like that's because we're bronies. Correlation does not equal causation. I have seen many people who are bronies and also happen to be jack-asses, and I've seen nice non-bronies. Being a brony doesn't indicate anything except that you like the show. #2: The fandom is some kind of hive mind I see this very often in threads. People post like the entire fandom agrees about everything, all the time, twenty four seven. They say "we bronies believe yattayattayatta" which is not something that can be said. We're a very diverse group with a lot of different opinions. The main reason this is annoying is because they will often get defensive when you tell them that you have a different opinion, if not, they'll usually ignore you. It's especially bad when the opinion they claim is the generally held one in the fandom is when it's a very unpopular opinion. #1: Firebolt is not the coolest person ever. This is perhaps the strangest anomaly I ever see. I have seen people who actually believe that Firebolt is not the coolest person ever. That is a very strange belief, and I don't know where the rumor first sparked.
  18. Note: I'm not sure whether to put this thread here or Everfree Forest. Any mods, feel free to move it to wherever you see fit Note2: Yes I tried the search function. Despite that this video rather is old, I got nothing [media=]http-~~-//[/media] My favorite is the 5th