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Found 9 results

  1. why? Seriously, I have seen anti-bronies call us this SO many times. And it doesn't make any sense! So, why do they call us this?
  2. Prince Blueblood. The most handsome, eligible colt in Canterlot. Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great nephew to Her Majesty Princess Celestia. (Yes, I actually counted the number of greats to get them right) But for too long, the hairless apes of these fora and beyond have refused to show that most majestic of unicorns - the *prince*,no less - the respect he is rightly due. True, the return of a dark and brooding second great-aunt he never knew he had has slightly bumped him down in the succession, but let's not forget who was receiving an expert education in diplomacy while Her Royal Highness was off in time out, hmm? And that, again, shows their lack of taste; For while in Equestria, the populace loves dear Aunt Celestia to the point of making Miss Grumpyhooves jealous, *these* types somehow like her irresponsible gothiness and spread the most shocking rumors about her elder sister! But I digress. This is about Blueblood. After a regrettable misunderstanding with a certain filly from the country - What was her name again? -, some of her "admirers" (so indecent, their cross-species amorousness) have seen fit to drag His Royal Highness's name through the mud, making even greater aspersions regarding his character than they do towards his dear aunt! Really, you might at least get to know a fellow before making such nasty accusations; Fortunately for you, Prince Blueblood is magnanimous and just, and forgives you your obviously misguided remarks. And he did patch things up with the filly - Rarity, that was it - during her recent trip to Canterlot, you know. Well, fortunately, not everyone has such poor taste; Following the efforts of a certain Mr. Jeremy Whitley to chronicle Blueblood's recent diplomatic mission to Yakyakistan with his new cousin-in-law - Shining Armor, fine stallion, really - Former Captain of the Royal Guard, and the royal family never felt safer! ...Ahem, following this chronicle, it has in fact been brought to light that perhaps some of you were mistaken about the prince. I think Mr. Whitley may be due for a knighthood shortly; But of course arrangements will have to be made with Aunt Celestia. Ah, forgive me. I'm so *rambly* at the moment. But yes, I do recommend you all take a look at the issue in question. You might just come out of it with the proper respect for your social betters. And for those of you who already did show the appropriate deference to royalty of the most ancient bloodline in all the land - Welcome aboard. I'm sure we have quite a bit to discuss, over a fine glass of carrot juice or two. The hay here is really quite good.
  3. So I have traumatic flashbacks when I see the word "brony" because it's so close in pronunciation to a mis-shortening of my name. I'm pretty sure none of these actually happened, but it doesn't make the images in my head any less real. It has to do with my name and being a little too close to my first real friend in HS. Don't look at me that way when reading this. It was platonic, ok? We're still platonic. When someone mentions the shortening and my name somehow being related to pony I claim complete ignorance. I really do. I ask what a pony is. People post the image for the show title or try to explain, then someone says Google It. I then say I'd rather not, and that I heard it was cancer. The general agreement in these circles is that it is, so the conversation about that stops. Eventually. Recently someone said I'm an anti-brony, and I love it. The mask I'm given allows me to peer into their world. Don't love the head image I just got from typing that, but sacrifices have to be made. And basically I think I've infiltrated some kind of pony hating cult or something now. It gets to that when someone shortens my name badly again, purely by accident, and the conversation comes up again the same way. Every time it does though, I see more of the hate for pony. People really talk badly about pony on this other forum I frequent. I try to shut it down of course by saying it's cancer just to get agreement from them and end the topic, but that doesn't always work. Guys, the hate sickens me. Truly it does. Has anyone else somehow "infiltrated" the pony hate train and wants to share their experiences too?
  4. Go ahead. Read it. Take it in for all its glory. If you're using AdBlock, that's even better. Nobody deserves a cent for this trash. You done? You raging? That's okay. Just let it out. All together now... Now, let's take a minute to reflect on the masterpiece of journalism we just witnessed. Much sensationalism Very proofreading Not at all prudish, especially for someone who claims to be progressive. 100% of commenters can't be wrong. This is truly a well-researched and not at all clickwhoring opinion piece from CityPaper, a publication so great and prestigious that I have never even heard of them. It just goes to show you: Even complete shitheads need jobs too. And I, for one, applaud CityPaper's decision to help fill this quota.
  5. Shift


    Based off of Champion RD's status! Give him a big round of applause. Okay okay okay. The emotions here are...uh...nice. Okay, I can't lie anymore. I'm going to be an Applejack here, IMO, They look horrible. I mean, guys, compare this: With this: I'm using the emotes from Pony Central, in case you want to know. First off, they both express SURPRISE. That's similar. But now let me critizise ours. ...okay, since she's facing right, where the heck is her muzzle? Seriously. I know they're supposed to look like emotes, but seriously, it makes it look ugly. The only one I remotly like is the Diamond Dog one. and even that's pushing it. Next off, it doesn't even have EARS OR A MANE. That just makes it look more ugly, you think? Would be asking for a mane be asking a lot? Next, the one from Pony Central. First off, it looks like a pony. Has a muzzle. Has a mane. It has a neck. Looks ripped right from the show. That's all great! Pony Central even has emotes not even from the show that look badass. vs vs I vote the ones on the left. And without their manes, they're hardly definable. If somepony doesn't like MLP, but joins MLP Forums to give Ponies a chance and learn, chances are they won't even know who the ponies are in our emotes! With more delph and the emotions look like their straight from the show, it helps for newcomers to search for that pony by actually knowing who it is. Anyway, that's my rant. In all, I suggest for you guys to change the emotions to better ones.
  6. It widely feels like I'm the only brony in the whole fandom who doesn't care about Twilight's new wings. Seriously, I'm not trolling.
  7. I've been wondering: How exactly does one deal with haters? I mean, I know that haters in general are pretty easy to get rid of... but what if the hater is someone you've known for a while? ~ Long story short ~ So my friend and I were Skype calling (we've been close friends since we were three. Our parents knew eachother), and I linked him a beast song by Vinyl Scratch. After around ten seconds, he closed the link, made fun on Vinyl Scratch, and started hating on the herd. As a brony I feel that one does not simply mess with the herd. So we had a little fight about the matter and he, of course, found out I was a brony. Now everything is all awkward and he can't get over the fact that I "actually watch that s**t". Big Question: What do I do? I can't let the fact that I watch MLP get in the way of a 13 year old friendship. I mean, friendship IS magic, right?
  8. Because you all loved my sludge pony picture so much, I made a Spider Rarity! Enjoy and tell me how awesome it is :DDD
  9. Guest

    Defending a Fellow Brony

    I'm going to be a little informal with my writing style (after all, this is pretty much a blog post). Today at school, my friend was being harassed because he's very verbal about being a brony. Before PE, the upperclassmen were dogging on him, calling him names and the like (I'm sure all of you know what I mean -- the fact that we watch a "show for toddlers, girls, and reta-CENSORED" [actual quote] pretty much invites hate). I say nothing because I value my education and like to keep a low profile. (Note: when I say I value my education, I mean I stay quiet because teachers won't buck about if everypony shuts their mouth.) I also get a little excited, because I chose to sport some pony swag today. After the awesome, cool, I'm-not-really-smart-so-nobody-actually-cares-about-what-I-have-to-say guys stop preaching against my friend, I make my move (in advance). Now, this is the part of my story where I lift my fists and whack the sweet loving sugar cubes outta these guys, right? Nope. I walk past el stupidos and tell my friend I brought my MLP shirt with me, so that after class when we have 5 minutes to hang about I can at least be there to take some heat as well. (YET ANOTHER NOTE: We were in gym clothes, so nobody except for people in the halls had seen what I was wearing before.) After a nice game of baseball (in which the main gorilla-man [let's call him Derp] embarrassed himself by batting, catching, and throwing very, very poorly) it was time to get ready for our next classes. We got changed, I received some funky looks but no hate, and headed into the hallway. I'd planned a bit of what I was going to say, and I made my move first (seeing as nobody knew I was really a brony... And now that part of me was etched across my chest in bright, vivid colors). Dialogue with story (slightly modified to stay family friendly) *Note: We'll refer to the upperclassmen with Rage names... and friends with blue. Me: "Hey, Derp. Like my shirt?" *Derp (who doesn't even know me but hates me anyways) glances over* Derp: "HA! What the heck are you wearing?" Me: "Take a wild guess." Derp: "I don't need to guess, I already know what it is you dipstick! You're just like McLovin' over there!" Me: "How observant, Derp! I didn't know I was a human." Derp: "You know what I meant donkey-face. You're just another cigarette who likes that peppy crap for toddlers, girls, and disabled people!" Me: "Hey, Derp." *I hold up my index finger and thumb and use them to measure the tiny space of air between them. Me: "This is how much I care. This is an accurate representation of how much everyone in this hallway thinks about the stupid comments you make and the way you carry yourself." --Derp is stunned. I barely ever talk. He was probably thinking, "Who is this mother flutter?!" At this point, some of his upperclassmen friends join in the conversation. They don't have anything intelligent to offer, so I shut them out. My friend, McLovin' stands by my side now. Derp is still too stunned to think (you could see it written on his face) but continues to make comments pertaining to my friend and my sexuality. We casually shrug them off, as does pretty much anyone who is sure of where they stand. (More power to you if you're into different things.) Me: "Derp, have you been living under a rock up until now?" Me: "There are MILLIONS of people outside the target audience - just like us - who watch the show." Me: "We're not cigarettes, we're bronies. Take some time to educate youself on a subject before diving into an argument about it. You might even have friends who are bronies, you just don't know it yet." --To be fair, I was the one who started it... only because I didn't want to be snapped at first when others noticed my shirt. After that, his upperclassmen friends started talking to us, but I was in a death stare contest with Derp. I didn't listen because they're the kind of people who have impossible-to-achieve dreams since they never work... The opposite of my personality, ideals, and way of life. Derp had been silent while his friends, apparently, made other spiteful remarks at us. I didn't notice... again, because I (I know I shouldn't but I do) look down upon them. My friend, McLovin', was doing a nice job of handling their compassionate cares and concerns about our well being and answering all questions that weren't too... compassionate or caring. It was almost time to go to our next class, and my mind was buzzing, I was ready for another round. Derp: "You two are just *a slur of offensive and nonsensical slang* who don't know how to grow up." HANG ON ONE SECOND. LET ME ADD WHAT I WAS THINKING AT THAT MOMENT. Me: ^HOOOLY SMAZ! YOU'RE TELLING ME TO STEP DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL AND TRY TO FIT INTO THIS SCREWED UP SOCIETY BY BEING MEAN TO OTHER PEOPLE?^ THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING (I was angry, so that's why it wasn't a very calm and collected thought -- He never said I should be like him or the other upperclassmen, I just assumed that's what he meant) I was just about to voice my response when his friend, Derpington, stepped up from behind him. He casually walked to where McLovin' and I were standing, and spoke. Derpington: "Hey Derp, shut up about these guys being whatever." Derpington: "Besides," he said. "I'm a brony, too." Me: ... Derp: ... McLovin': ... Upperclassmen: ... Random others: ... Derp: "Wait, what?" McLovin' and Me: Derpington: Yeah, Derp. My 6-year old cousin got me hooked on the show after I heard these guys (McLovin' and Me) discussing it the other day. I thought I'd stay for a couple of minutes because I didn't have anything better to do. I actually kinda liked it and watched some more. It's entertaining, dude." He went on to explain his reasons to the other upperclassmen, (I think we have potential bronies in that group, as well) and made pretty much everyone go: ... Mmmmmmkay ._.' The bell rang, and we went off to our next classes without discussing the topic any further. I have never been more "Holy smokes, epiiiic" in my entire life! (For situations like these) If only readers could have been there, the looks on everypony's face before and after the revelation of another brony's appearance were priceless. I wish it could have been recorded. ANYWAYS, BACK TO THE THREAD AT HAND! Have any of you guys ever stood up for a fellow brony in trouble? Have you ever been rescued by a friend in an awkward or bad situation? If yes, tell your story below (it doesn't have to be as long or descriptive as mine, I was just bored and thought I could elaborate on a situation my friend and I faced -- we go to an all guys school). If not, feel free to leave a comment on what you would do if a situation requiring a helpful hoof occurred and you could make a difference. I know my friend can handle himself fine, but it's always nice to have another person behind you for support. Finally, thank you to anypony who read the whole thing, and I hope you don't get into stupid situations like this. Don't provoke someone if you can avoid them. I just took the first jab because if I hadn't, they would have noticed and voiced their spiteful opinions anyways. It probably wasn't the best thing to do, but I felt it needed to be done. I don't regret it. BUT YEAH, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL STORY OR COMMENTS AND HELP EMPOWER MORE BRONIES TO STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER! That is all. Oh, here's the shirt I was wearing. (Custom T-shirt with art by UC77) Check out his DeviantArt, it's swagalicious