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Found 6 results

  1. Thanks to everyone who entered! We've had an amazing amount of submissions this year So what happens now? Well, we're gonna have a team of judges review all of your submissions and grade them. You can see our full judging criteria over here. All of your tracks will be rated on a scale of 0-100. With 100 being amazing and 0 being terrible. We'll be releasing the results hopefully before Christmas with an announcement on our home page. If your track manages to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, we'll be contacting you via the email you used when you created your Poniverse account just before we announce the winners Good luck to you all!!!
  2. As promised, the full results from this year's contest, including scores are linked on this Google Spreadsheet If you didn't win this year, we're most likely going to re run the contest next year
  3. We want to be as transparent as possible so we're releasing our Judging Criteria to let you guys know how you'll be graded. View the spreadsheet here All songs submitted will be judged under these categories from 0-10. These scores are averaged out until we have an average per category, then these averages are totalled up to give us the score for each track. If you have any questions or concerns about our scoring system, let us know
  4. SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Thank you for entering. Check out this post for more details Image by Brian Blackberry Attention music artists! Get your music making skills ready because is launching a special contest for the Christmas season! Do you think you can produce the best Christmas/Hearth's Warming song? We’re holding a song contest to find the best Hearth’s Warming songs this season. They can be original songs or remixes of some of the show’s songs from the Hearth’s Warming episodes. To submit, just upload a track to between now and the 18th of December and make sure to check "Submit to Hearth's Warming Contest" in the track editor. The best three songs made by you will be featured on the homepage of on the week of Christmas and you’ll be receiving an Amazon gift voucher ($50 for 1st place, $25 for 2nd and $10 for 3rd). Songs that are not featured in the homepage will be put into a Hearth's Warming playlist for all to enjoy. Submissions are open right now! We’ll close the submissions on the 18th 20th of December and the winners will be announced a few days before Christmas. Please be sure to read the official contest rules. If you want to collab with other composers, feel free. So, what are you waiting for! Get out there and start making some great tunes! EDIT: We've extended the closing date to the 20th! FAQs: Contest Rules and Terms (Also available at
  5. Alright, so our deadline is drawing ever closer. Just over a week away now! I'm starting this thread to see how your songs are coming along, if you need more time, or someone to collab with, etc Also if you have any questions, don't be afraid to send me a message
  6. Ugh, this is a post I hope I didn't have to write. If you've read our terms, you'll know that we've taken a hard stance against stealing tracks. Well, I've just had to write an email to one of our entrants explaining why he is now banned from all contests. These things only work well when people play fair. We don't have any Content ID system to detect stolen tracks, luckily we have a group of hard working people who know the brony music scene like the back of their hand. Let me make this very clear, I love the community, you guys put out some great content. But if you're going to steal someone else's track, change the name and album art, and upload it to your account, just to try and make a quick buck. You have no place in this community. The whole point of this contest is to reward our creators, big and small. To do something nice for the holidays. We're reviewing every track submitted to the Hearth's Warming Contest for copyright infringement. I don't want to have to write another post like this.