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Found 17 results

  1. (This is just a little story i thought up on the go.) Spike was always fascinated by the sound of heartbeats. He always found heartbeats both soothing and comforting, something no one among his friends knew about, not even Twilight. He kept a stethoscope very close to him which he found in the basement of the old Golden Oak Library and wasn’t missed. He would sometimes lie in bed alone and listen to his little dragon heart, beating in his eardrums. One day, Spike wanted to put up the courage and tell Twilight about the little secret. Legs shaking, he carried the stethoscope behind his back and walked down the castle hall towards Twilight, who was spending her time in her library with her nose dug deep in one of her countless books as usual. “Hey Twilight.” Spike spoke after walking within the doorframe, trying to stay as cool as possible. Twilight looked up at him with a smile. “Oh, hey Spike.” She immediately got back to her book. Spike wasn't sure how to approach this, afraid that Twilight would think that it was weird. Still, it was Twilight, a close companion who wouldn’t think badly of him, but he had his doubts and stuttered. “T-Twilight... you're obsessed with books right?” Spike practically felt the awkwardness of his words, getting a confused look from Twilight. “Well... it's my hobby.” Twilight said quizzically. “Why?” Spike looked slightly more nervous now. “Oh... well, are there ponies that... ever thought it was weird?” The questions started to make Twilight a bit suspicious. “Spike, why do you ask that?” Twilight felt that something was wrong, and noticed that he was hiding his claws behind his back. “Spike, are you hiding something from me?” He knew that there was no turning back, thinking he should have planned that a little better and not underestimate Twilight. A deep red blush started to cross his face as he slowly brought the stethoscope into sight, getting a look that had surprise and confusion mixed in it. Twilight wasn't sure what the big deal was. “Spike...why do you keep a stethoscope with you?” Spike felt ashamed, not having the courage to look into her eyes, the pony he would almost consider a mother. “I… I… please, don't think I am weird, Twilight.” He sounded close to tears, afraid of judgement, but only managing to further confuse the alicorn, who stood up and walked to Spike with a comforting attitude. “Spike...why would you think like that? What's wrong? You know you can tell me anything.” Twilight said with a concerned tone, standing before Spike. He slowly turned his head around and slowly looked at her smiling face, trying to convince him that it was alright. He couldn't lie to her. “I... I just like to listen to heartbeats. The sound of it...makes me feel good inside and makes me calm... I... I sometimes wished I could share it with somebody.” Spikes entire head was in flames. Twilight listened to it. It was indeed an odd interest that Spike seemed to have. Not odd in a sense of weird, but in a sense of very uncommon. Twilight’s smile became kinder. “Spike, that's what all the fuss is about?” Twilight asked, almost laughing that Spike was so worried. Spike, whose head was still red, felt silly now. “I thought... you might find it weird.” Twilight then wrapped her hooves around the little dragon, assuring him that everything is okay. “Spike, there is nothing weird about being fascinated with your body. The heart a very interesting subject. It's really not bad Spike.” She stroked the dragon on his head, reassuring him. Spike felt very little at this point, kind of like a toddler in his mother’s arms. He actually relaxed a bit and leaned on Twilights shoulder. Twilight found it kind of cute. She sometimes forgot that Spike is still a kid, even though he tried to act like a grown up. Suddenly, she sees that his head is still very red, which brings her an idea. “Oh, Spike, your face doesn’t look so good.” She said with a fake concerned tone, as she picked him up in her magical grip and takes the stethoscope away from him, hanging it around her shoulder. “I think Doctor Sparkle needs to take a closer look at you.” She said in a playful manner, as they left the library, going to the halls. Spike was a bit confused now. He was helpless in her grip, as he saw her with his stethoscope on her neck. “Twilight, what are you-” He was suddenly silenced, as they reached Twilight’s bed, her hooves silencing him. “Shhhhh, I just want to help you.” She said to him, giving him a wink and levitating the stethoscope to her ears. She actually never used one before. It felt kind of weird, as the earpieces where pressed into her ears, but she got used to it very quickly. Spike lied in Twilight’s very comfy bed, as he saw what Twilight was planning. He was a bit unsure and nervous about it, as he covered his chest area, feeling nervous about this situation. He had dreamed about it from time to time, but reality was a bit different. Twilight held the bell before Spike, as she noticed that he covered his chest area. Twilight rolled her eyes and smiled, realizing that he was a bit nervous. “Spike, if you're not a good patient, you won't get a lollipop afterwards.” Twilight said jokingly, trying to light the mood up a bit, making Spike feel more at ease. Spike was a bit confused at the comment. He wasn't exactly craving for a lollipop. But then he realized, how it didn't seem like to be a big deal for Twilight, while he was extremely nervous. He actually smiled a bit at the comment now and then put his arms to the sight, his chest area completely uncovered. “That's better. Now let's see...” Twilight now lowered the end onto Spikes chest. She had never auscultated someone before, but she knew all about the four auscultation points to make a checkup. She listened to Spike’s little dragon heart, noticing it was extremely fast, probably around 120-140 bpm. He was probably a bit nervous. Spike felt the cold metal on his chest, as Twilight auscultated him. He just closed his eyes and let it happen. It was like a dream come true for him and with each passing second, his nervousness vanished more and more. Twilight let the stethoscope glide on his chest, listening to every area of his heart. It became slower with each passing minute. She had to admit herself, is heart sounded very soothing. “You have a very nice and strong heart Spike.” She smiled at him. Spike’s face also slowly turned into a smile, as he loved the praise that he was receiving. He also doesn’t feel weird about it anymore and feels good that he can share this moment with Twilight. It's been awhile since he felt so close to her. As Twilight went back to the original chest point, she then had another idea. “Okay, Spike, take some very deep breaths for me.” Twilight said in her very best joking professional voice. Spike did exactly as he was told and took a long deep breath, as Twilight checked his breathing and his hearts reaction to it. Twilight moved around his chest again. “That's right... in... out... in... out.” Twilight could hear the dragon fire inside him, as he took his breaths. Thankfully he could control it. She went around again a few times and then took the chest piece away. Spike opened his eyes again, as Twilight was obviously done. He slowly stood up from his bed. “ is it?” Spike asked. Twilight reached for his head, stroking it. “You have a very good heart Spike. I can understand why you are so fascinated by it.” Twilight smiled at him. Spike jumped from his bed and hugged her leg. “I love you Twilight.” Spike said to her, like a son would say to his mother. Twilight stroked his head further. “I love you too Spike.” Suddenly, there was a very loud growling coming from Spikes stomach area. “Oh.” Twilight said and immediately took the ear pieces in again and placed chest piece on his stomach, hearing the very loud growling noises even clearly now. “Sounds like a little dragon needs a few more gems.” Twilight smiled. Spike looked at Twilight and giggled embarrassingly, deciding that he shouldn't keep any secrets from Twilight anymore.
  2. Okay, this is another one of my "I am coming out of my closet" posts. I like to do them here, because i always trusted the people on this forum like they always do and to show them the real me. As you saw in the title of the Blog, you already guessed that i am apparently a Cardiophile. Unsurprisingly however, not many people know what this word actually means, or what it does apply. Let me explain it to you. A Cardiophile is a person, that has a fixation to hearts and heartbeat sounds (for me, it's mostly the heartbeat sounds,) taking extreme comfort in listening to heartbeat sounds, be it from a random person, a file from the Internet, or be it his own sound. My fixation with the Heartbeat begun when i was probably 6. I remember that i had this very friendly pediatrician that i was always going to for my checkup and she would sometimes let me play with her Stethoscope and let me listen to my heartbeat, which i always found nice. From there on out, i pretty much fell in love with Heartbeats. (This Fanfic i wrote, was inspired by these days: for shameless advertising.) These days, i sometimes find people with the same interests, but it's a far more uncommon interest then hypnosis is, so i mostly just entertain myself with it. I even have my own Stethoscope at home, which i sometimes use to relax myself at night. When i listen to it, i can always say to myself "i am still alive" (lol, Pearl Jam reference.) Do you have any questions about it? Are you fascinated or weirded out by my interest? Comment below, let me know.
  3. Drew this a while back but thought i would share it here. (Not my best work...) Btw I have a deviant art page: (If your interested that is... ) (Edit: I think it broke. I edit the url so it should show up but its huge )
  4. In the "Hearts strong as horses" song, What is a horse exactly? I mean Twilight and the mane 6 is still a pony right? So how old do you have to be to become a horse?
  5. Wait! Don't leave yet! I know she's an alicorn... To clear some things up, her real name is "Myriad Alloy," and though "Rusty Hearts" fits her really well, I'm keeping the other name. Telling by her name and appearence, what is your opinion on her/the drawing? If you want to know more about her then check the third link in my signiture.
  6. The Hearts and Hooves are upon us... So let's draw some OC & Canon shipping "Essence of Life and Death" "Soothing Harmonia" "Just Wasps and Butterflies" Happy Hearts and Hooves day Everypony! Also... If you care about who these OC ponies are... Then click here
  7. Hey y'all! even though I told myself yesterday I wasn't gonna try to make a drawing for hearts and hooves day I was bored so I ended up drawing one anyways . So yeah here it is. Now before anypony says so I know for a fact that the mouth looks weird. I was trying to make it look right and like hes holding it but everything I tried just didn't look quite right.. I'm not really sure why . So sorry if that looks odd, I was just experimenting with stuff, and I didn't have any good references to go by. So its kinda sloopy looking. If anypony can provide some insight on how to fix that problem it would be much appreciated . I'll leave the rest of the picture up to y'all to judge, I just wanted to point out the obvious before anypony did . As always this was drawn with GIMP. Using my mouse. I used a reference picture of Fluttershy for the pose, and I used a reference of my OC for colors and stuff, but I'm slowing trying to get better at not needing reference as much. Theres probably a good majority of this I could draw without a reference honestly . I just wanna make sure everythings right. Anyways I'll stop rambling. Happy Hearts and Hooves day! Both to the singles (Like me) and the people who are spending it with a special somepony <3 Later y'all! And a wonderful hearts and hooves day! Ps. If you can't tell I'm almost as bad at drawing hearts then I am at drawing circles. Feel free to scold me for my terrible looking hearts . Oh and if you missed my latest project check it out!
  8. I’m not going to lie, Im a romantic dood. Why? You may ask and well the most straight answer is because in a way is a challenging fun. It’s the ordeal of making someone you like special and unique, yes sometimes is hard to achieve and well many times I kind of fail but when I don’t all well worth it. So as the most (commercially) romantic day in the year is getting close I want to share with you doods and doodets some romantic pony lines from da’ heart. And if you have some too please share
  9. My mod allows you to GAIN gems, bits, and hearts from the Apple Picking and Ball Bounce minigame! Spend money no more on pricey gems to complete the game! I know it looks boring, but I didn't know what i could do to pep it up, without people moaning that it's hard to read. Note: You need the first winter edition of the game, as well as being able to access files. Android can do that by default, you will need to jailbreak for iDevices
  10. Yet another boring afternoon I decided to draw again, so I though I should draw Vinyl Scratch because well....wuubs <3 <3 <3 I hope you like this drawing.
  11. Here's a remix of "The Perfect Stallion" from the episode "Hearts and Hooves Day" Hope you like it! Since this was a eurobeat, I did not put on the sound enhancer/HD simulator.
  12. Some pictures (i drew) of my OC HeartShine. Hope everypony likes it! (:
  13. Though I'm not to into pixel art, I decided to take a shoot at it and I made this. I may put it on a shirt later. =P Inspired for this shirt here: I may update this with a cooler looking version later =P
  14. An oc for a rp idea of mine, not finished yet. c: :
  15. Hello Everypony! so as the Name would suggest This is a Valentine's Thread. If you have a special somepony, why not tell us! it could be someone from the school, work, The forums or The show! why not? I know some one you ponies wanna show off your Valentines, so show them off here! Current Valentines: TagTeamCast X Gabriella Gary X Alex Rose X Sandwhisper TagTeamCast X Pinkie Respondsibility Pie Viscra x Feathers. Zoop x Viscra x Rose Ponies looking for love: Shankveld Toothlessbrony ^ Show some love =)
  16. I know how some people are in disagreement about why the flag shown in Hearth's Warm Eve shows Celestia and Luna but what if because the pony worshiped them? Like, before they ruled them, what if they were already the ponies' religion? What do you think?