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Found 10 results

  1. So I noticed this one member's thread about how he would like friends, and I thought I'd make a similar thread. I'm doing this out of boredom. My summer vacation has also just started so I figure I could spend some of the free time getting to know new people. Where to start ... well, I'm nice and I like nice people. I also like awesome people. Um ... if you love nature, we will instantly get along. I love nature. Nature lovers are awesome. So ... that's it. xP
  2. WARNING: THIS GAME HAS JUMPSCARES BUT IT'S FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE. SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE BLOOD AND HORROR THEMED MLP GAMES, AND FOR SOME REASON YOU DO THEN ENJOY. I sure wish that Rainbow Dash would just wake up to end my nightmare of facing Pinkie Pie again. This is a Freddy Kruger style exe game! COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK! Or maybe she can just wallow on this nightmare forever! I'm so negative hahahaha! I play these exe games to expose the evil that they are! Never trust any exe games even if they meant to show that they are fun.
  3. I hate em' Off to /dev/null they go! also PC master race my ass. and Console master race my ass as well.
  4. Hell Fire's Uprising Hell Fire was a young and hopeful mare until, something snapped, he started hurting people in the underworld but King Necrocorn didn't approve of his behavior, so Hell Fire was banished to the Overworld he swore revenge on the king he shouted "I will return with an army and claim the underworld as my own!". The king disregarded this and continued to regular duties. Little did he know that a dark and fiery storm was overhead, for Hell Fire had returned to find that the king had claimed a princess' heart. The princess was named Lunar, blinded by love Hell Fire challenged Necrocorn to battle "I shall battle you" accepted the king "but when I win I'll have your wings pinned to the castle wall", Hell Fire hesitated, he thought for a second, but then he looked in the eyes of the king's fair princess "I accept". The two stood face to face, eyes piercing one another. until.... Necrocorn flew up and shot Hell Fire with his ebony horn, Hell Fire got up slowly to fly his side, the battle was ongoing until...... Hell Fire pierced Necrocorn's heart using his Dark Crimson horn. After the glorious victory he flew to the princess' side, she was in shock and horror and refused to marry the monster. Hell Fire vowed to return for her hoof in marriage once he had conquered all of Equestria.
  5. OHOHOH~So yes, this is a discussion for the greatest series evaaaaaar, Game of Thrones!~Please try to keep spoilers to a minimum, though, as some of us haven't finished the series or plan on reading it!My favourite characters are (in order):1. Arya and Melisandre2. Dany and Tyrion3. Lannister siblings (Jaime, Cersei)4. Sandor Clegane (The Hound)I hate:1. Sansa and Joffrey (OH GOD PLEASE NO)2. Catelyn3. Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)So yeah! I've read all the books and seen all the epis (SO PUMPED FOR SEASON THREE, EEK!) and I'm in love with the actor for Theon in the show XD
  6. Imagine that you have just died. You enter a bright tunnel of light as your soul transcends your human body. You gradually accelerate down the tunnel. By the time you reach the gates of heaven, you are travelling at a break-neck speed. You close your eyes, bracing yourself for the impact. When you notice that you haven't been harmed, you open your eyes. God stands before you, in all his divine glory. He speaks: "Thou hath pleased me, oh precious subject. I know of your great struggles on earth, and the adversity you faced. But...I also know of your tendency towards loyalty, courage, and kindness despite these arduous trials. I shall honor your perseverance with a choice: You may enter my glorious kingdom; or you may opt to begin life anew in the kingdom of Equestria. You will be mortal there, but I will watch over you, and ensure that no harm befalls you for the duration of your equine life. I cannot, however, act as a shield for any negative emotions that come as a result of your mortality. And beware: Your deeds in this realm will be judged. If you choose to take advantage of my blessing by killing, stealing, destroying, or otherwise causing grief to the other inhabitants of Equestria, you will be sent directly to hell. Likewise, if you choose to honor the values which you upheld as a human, then you will have the opportunity to return here after your death." How would you respond? Would you choose Heaven, or Equestria?
  7. Everyone that has played it has loved it, even my CoD obsessed cousin, it's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. If you aren't aware, Ace Attorney is a brilliant mind puzzle/visual novel/point and click adventure series. The most recent Ace Attorney (besides the great spin off, Ace Attorney Investigations) was Apollo Justice Ace Attorney. Now, AA5 has been announced for the 3DS! The game is starring Phoenix, the main protagonist of the first 3 games, and will feature full 3D graphics. Opinions?
  8. Okay, I've been playing this game 'Realm of the Mad God' for a while now, and I had a great idea: Getting together as many Bronies as I can and raiding a server. (sweeping through, destroying everything, max leveling, etc...) For those of you who have never played RotMG before, don't worry, we'll start with basic tier enemies and bosses, working as a pack. Here's a gameplay video so you can check it out. It's like a bullet hell MMORPG. After I get some people on board, we'll set a date and time.
  9. Todd Mcfarlane is making a reboot of the original 1992 Spawn movie.