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Found 16 results

  1. Good evening! I haven't posted on the forums in a while, although I do read about what's up and what's going on which is fun. On a tangent, I'm going to be a legal beagle in a few hours and that's exciting (yay me!) I'm unsure if this is the right place to put this but we will see... I've never played multiplayer ever (I know it's sad and I'm lonely) I'm usually fine being alone but I also find it exciting playing with others, although my none of my friends play any games online and when they do it's none of the games I play which is disappointing. So through that scramble of words and tangents, does anybody still play Terraria and if so, does anybody want to play with me?
  2. This is the part where I greet everypony, say my name, which is Woohoo, and welcome you to another edition of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes. Here's the part where I ramble on how long it has been since the last entry, what I'm going to be doing different in this one, and how much I hate rambling. Great, I'm rambling again. Anyway, on to business. It's been God knows how many months since the last entry, which was probably my most difficult MMS since the very first one. With most of the previous entries of MMS, I ripped apart a single song in (mostly) great detail. This time I'm ripping multiple songs at once, just like my Christmas entry, albeit much more condensed and contain just my overall thoughts on a song with little, if not any, lyrical commentary. Welcome to the first volume of "Mini-Slaughters." In this volume, I'm tearing apart four songs from mid 2010s. Alright, I've jucked and chived enough. Let's break it down. The first song on the chopping block is by one of the most reviled artists of the current decade. Straight outta Canada, it's music's favorite whipping boy, Justin Bieber! Because it's not like any other music reviewer has ever talked about him before. What song of his am I shredding? Definitely not "Baby" as that song has been shredded beyond any form of recognition. I'm shredding a more recent song of his... his 2015 hit "Sorry." Believe it or not, this is the song that made me hate the Biebs. Why do I hate this song more than "Baby"? Let's find out. My first problem takes place after I press the play button. I hear this... Whoa-oh oh! Whoa-oh-oh! Whoa-oh oh! Whoa-oh-oh! Really? That's how you want to start your song? With that annoying-ass whooping? Is this the infamous "Millennial Whoop" that's taking over pop music? I guess so. It's also heard during the damn chorus too. If you remember my "10 Things I Hate About Music" blog, you'd know how much I dislike non-lexical vocables, especially 'whoa-ohs.' It's almost as annoying as "Shape of You's" bing-bong. Was it really necessary to include the whooping? *sigh* My next problem, and this probably my biggest problem with this song: It's an apology song. I absolutely can't stand apology songs as most of them sound whiney and unbelievably desperate for forgiveness. This song is no exception. Why would you put so much effort into a song just to apologize to some girl? Is it really that hard to just say "I'm sorry"? Also, what did you do to her? Did you spit on her? Call her a whale? Piss in her mop bucket? Eat her tendies? Shit, this song is making me crazy. Other problems with song include Bieber's overly-breathy vocals during the verses where I could barely understand him, and this song being OPAF (OverPlayed As Fuck.) I still hear this almost everyday at work. In fact, every song in this entry is/was OPAF. Now for the final score. Even the score sheets are mini-er To answer your question, Biebs. "Is it to late to say sorry?" Well, for your um... unbelievable contributions to the music and entertainment world, I dub thee unforgiven. Next on the chopping block is from someone a little lesser known yet their song still manages to get OPAF somehow. Also from the Great White North, it's Alessia Cara with her 2015 'empowerment' anthem "Scars to Your Beautiful." *inhales sharply* Do I have some issues with this song, starting with the damn title. "Scars to Your Beautiful," what kind of title is that? Sounds like a Marylyn Manson song if you ask me, like a sequel to "The Beautiful People." Oh boy, I haven't even scratched the surface of the tip of this iceberg. My next problem with this song is that it's so mind-numbingly... generic. The lyrics are just your typical "be yourself" song laid upon on some slow plodding beat. It's like we don't have a million of these songs already. I do give this song credit for touching on self harm and eating disorders, but aside from that, it's just generic. Now you're probably thinking 'Why are you ranting on this song when it's so generic?' Frankly, I would've written this song as generic... if it weren't for this line in the chorus... You don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heart. Have you ever heard something so... unbelievable that you're not fully sure on how to even talk about how unbelievable it is? This is definitely one of those instances. It's also an instance where I need a second opinion. Hey SpongeBob, how do you feel about this lyric? Thanks, SpongeBob. This lyric is quite possibly the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. Why? Because for most people, that's NOT how the world works! Do you really expect a world of over seven billion humans and trillions of other life-forms, of which 99% have never met you, to change their heart? Short answer: You can't! Look, I get what they I get what their going for, but this particular lyric comes off as extremely selfish. Hell, I think this lyric would even make Mr. Rogers cringe. "You don't have to change?" Once again, bullshit! In life, you need to change in order to adapt to this ever-changing world, otherwise you'll get left behind. This single line single handedly destroyed any credibility this song ever had. Empowerment anthem? More like entitlement anthem. This is one of the worst lines I have ever heard in a song, right up there with "Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on" and "I'm madly in anger with you." And just like the last song I shredded, this one also features annoying-ass whooping in the chorus. What's the point of including it? To make the chorus longer? Like I said in my "Shape of You" entry, long choruses are boring and have no place in pop songs. "Scars to Your Beautiful" is practically the "Shape of You" of 2015! *sighs* Alright, I'll stop mentioning that song. Now for the final score. I think this song had good intentions, but the execution was done so poorly. Plus, I don't need to beautiful. I prefer to heed Manson's warning about the beautiful people. Well, I'm half way there, but no amount of prayers can save me from these next two songs. Things are about to get ugly. So ugly that the Ugly Barnacle will die. This time, we're going back to 2014, the same year a certain song that nearly destroyed me was released, with a song by an artist from the far away land of Australia. From the same country that gave us AC/DC, Kangaroos, Nicole Kidman, and Steve Irwin, it's Sia with "Chandelier." For this one, I'll be talking less about the song and more about the artist in choice. This will be a doozy. I'm going to be really frank here... I absolutely cannot stand Sia. I hate her almost as much as Taylor Swift. I don't understand why she's so popular. The main reason I hate Sia… her voice. She sounds like she's getting an oversized rectal probe inserted whilst screaming with a mouthful of peanut butter and marshmallows. Quite unpleasant if ask me. That's the best word to describe Sia's voice. Her voice is so unpleasant, she makes a grindcore vocalist sound like Freddie Mercury. Not only is her voice unpleasant to hear but also unintelligible. Seriously, can anyone understand what she's singing? I sure as hell can't! Her diction and enunciation are so bad, I can't even make up misheard lyrics. She even puts Kurt Cobain to shame! Why is she so popular when we can't understand what the fuck she's singing?! On a somewhat related note, Sia is also one of the reasons I refuse to watch the goddamn MLP movie. Worst celeb self-insert ever! Just why, Hasbro? As for the song... well, if I actually liked this song, I wouldn't have included it on Musical Manslaughter. This song is so unpleasant, unintelligible, nonsensical, OPAF (especially in 2015), and it makes me want to hang myself from a chandelier. What this hell is this song even about, anyway?! *sigh* I would rant further, but I need to conserve my energy for the last song. Here's the final score. It just baffles me how an artist with such an unpleasant and unintelligible voice could be popular. In my opinion, Tom Araya of fuckin' Slayer sounds eons more pleasant than Sia. One more song and I consider this one the worst of the worst. Going back to 2015 for the third and hopefully last time, it's Adele from merry old England with her smash hit "Hello." *inhales sharpiestly* Out of all the songs in this entry, this is the song I hate the most. I mean, practically everyone I know likes this song. Seriously, am I the only one in the world the universe who hates this song?! I have some major problems with this song. Time to use up this last bit of anger as this entry's going out with a bang. My first problem with this song: It's OPAF. Not just OPAF, but astronomically OPAF. Much like "Shake it Off" was back in late 2014-2015, "Hello" topped the Billboard charts and was played practically everywhere in late 2015 and most especially in 2016. Trying to get away from this song was like trying to dodge rain in a thunderstorm. Every time I hear this song, I feel my happiness being washed down the drain. I could go on about this song's overplayed-ness, but I have much bigger problems with this song. My next problem is the same problem I have with Justin Bieber's song. It's another goddamn apology song, and dare I say, it's even worse than the Biebs song. Why? Just listen to the damn chorus! Hello from the other siiiiiide I must have called a thousand tiiiiiimes To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done But when I call you never seem to be home Hello from the outsiiiiiide At least I can say that I've triiiiiied To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart But it don't matter it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore Wow... just wow. The desperation is strong with this one. This doesn't just take the cake, it takes the whole damn bakery! I know the "called a thousand times" is a hyperbole, but really? If he didn't answer the first few times, why did you keep trying?! He probably should've blocked your number after the third time. Also, what did you do to him? Did you eat his tendies? I can't even fathom what Adele and whoever wrote this were thinking with this song. Did they really think these lyrics sound sincere? Because to me, it sounds extremely creepy. In fact, "Hello" makes "Every Breath You Take" sound like fucking "All Star!" At least Sting admitted that "Every Breath" is supposed to be creepy. This song... *sigh* I need calm myself down before I explode twice... But I'm not done here, am I? Oh no, I have another major problem with this song: The production. Creepy lyrics aside, "Hello" is one of the most musically boring songs I have ever heard. It's just some sad and plodding piano ballad that we've all heard like a million times now. Not that I hate piano ballads, but this song doesn't do anything new or even interesting. Once again, boring! However, what really kills the song for me is Adele's "oversinging" in the chorus. I'm not sure if "oversinging" is the right term, but it really does sound like she's overly straining her voice. It really makes my vocal cords shrivel. Sheesh, I thought Adele would've learned to be more careful with her vocal technique after she blew out voice the first time. Nope, she blew it out again last year, likely for good. I find it pretty pathetic that Adele blew out her voice twice before turning 30 while Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson are in their 60s and they can still wail. I guess it is all in the technique. Now for the final score. Honestly, Adele, I don't know why you say hello when I say goodbye. And that concludes this entry of Musical Manslaughter. I was expecting "Mini-Slaughters" would be a lot easier to write. I was wrong. Maybe the next set of "Mini-Slaughters" would be easier For my next entry, I'll be tearing apart a horrible recent cover of a beloved 1970s anthem. This is Woohoo, signing off.
  3. This is my first PMV, and of course it centers around Rarity x Spike (Sparity) of My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic. Song used is "Hello" by Lionel Richie Comments are Welcomed
  4. Well, I guess I'll get the ball rolling early this year! So, here's the thing, I guess. Every year, since I started doing it last year, I will be starting a topic here on MLPForums for a BronyCAN discussion. It'll be my little "thing" I guess. Anyways, since we're still REALLY early into the year, and BronyCAN is still half a year away, what are everyone's thoughts? I mean, last year was quieter than 2015, and that could be realized by the fact that it was the same weekend as AniRevo and Anime Evolution, two of the biggest conventions out there in the world (IN regards to animation. ComiCon is still larger by far). Anything in particular those of you who might consider going are looking forward to? (I might not be able to go this year, simply because lack of job means lack of funds, and that means lack of an ability to unveil what I was planning to unveil.)
  5. Hello all! I have finally reached ability to post blog! Now I can talk about boring things in life! Yay For those who don't know me, look at my profile for about me XD Also, please help if I mess up word or stuff. I don't speak English as primary. NOW TO THE THINGS! I recently started talking to girl who goes to school with me, and is year older. She is cute, and nice, and likes me. We first spoke in sauna wich was awkward for me, as she was very close to me and flirting if you must know why it is awkward, look here at first post So.... yes, we both in sauna alone.... and she get close 0/////0 not something people normaly do..... MORE THINGS! I am consider buying one of these shirt Or maybe I do both XD Korpiklaani is favorite band after all Hyvästi minun ystäväni!
  6. Sup guys. Fire Fox just released a new feature that was inegrated with their browser, It's called "Hello" and it's a messenger that doesn't require you to be signed up for it or to have the same browser. You just give some one your chat-room address and everyone can chat via video or mic. If you guys want, we can chat in real-time, on that messenger, as a forum. I have a chat-room setup but I don't know if anyone would like to join such a chat room, seeing as some of your are shy and timid.
  7. Apparently there is a rumour that Sony want to buy Hello Games. The studio that made No Man's Sky. Which unfortunately for me will be a PS4 Exclusive(Apparently timed unless Sony buy out the studio) Someone was saying that Sony have enough money to buy the studio. Because they are an 8 man indie team(That unfortunately suffered a flood). Many people are disagreeing on this though. This is the reason I want a PS4 so badly. I have an XB1.
  8. OK! Hello! I was bored so I am going to talk with people who decide to join here :L I just want to discuss things with people and people can talk to people with other people. I hope I am not breaking a rule this time!
  9. I am new to the server and I originally was coming here to see if you had a server-listing area. I assume there is somewhere, or some place I can put my server info. I didn't come here just for that, though, I also am interested in talking to other MLP fans and roleplaying and playing forum games and other stuff you do on forums. I can't find the rules for some reason, and wish to read them so I don't get in trouble. EDIT: Found 'em! Also, hello. I know that you might not have a place to post my server and that's okay. I am a regular poster on the SYS forums, and so I hope to enjoy these forums as much, and I was rather surprised and not surprised at the same time that there were MLP forums.
  10. Hello new readers!! Well of course everyone here is a new reader, this is of course a new blog I would like to start. I would really like to start off by giving a brief background of who I am and what the goal of the blog I want to share is. After this I will be posting content on many different subjects. SO ON TO THE TACO SHELL!! My name is Game Twinkle. (Of course not my real name, but lets get the blog starting first and see where it goes from here.) I am a 24 year old single mother of a 3 year old boy. I go to school full time and parent full time. I am getting my Bachelors in Video Game Design, so yes video games will be a huge contribution to this blog. I live in Northglenn, Colorado, about 15-20 minutes North from Denver. I have lived here majority of my life. So now that is done ON TO THE TACO MEAT!! I want this to be a very random blog that covers a lot of different topics so that I can connect with the different interests of different people. I am going to list different topics I plan on covering. HOWEVER, this is open to change and addition. I would like to feel that readers can put their opinion in and add what they would like to see. After I get going I would love to see people comment on what they want me to cover. For example, "I really want to see your thoughts on the game Eternal Sonata.", or "I don't have that much time with school and everything, have you seen Attack on Titan?" Anime and movies are bit easier to keep up to date with since I can get access to them pretty easily. Games might be a bit more difficult since I have no steady income. The following is a list of the various topics at the moment I will be sprinkling through this blog. Anime Video Games Movies Books Personal thoughts and feelings Pop Culture News TV Shows Youtubers So much much more! Short Stories ​​I would like to thank any who is reading or comments before hand. Thank you all!!!! Sincerely, Game Twinkle!!
  11. Here in my neighborhood I always get taunted by the ice cream (pedo) van/truck thingies. The songs I've heard recently was The Entertainer and La Cucaracha. But the best of the bunch? The one that plays a mix of some song and Comin' Round the Mountain, complete with a beat, horns, whistles and a female country-girl voice that yells HELLO? What song does your ice cream truck play? The first time I've heard the hello ice cream truck was a few months ago while watching Adventure Time. I usually hear "Entertainer" and "Cucaracha" but that day I heard a song I've never heard before. So I went outside and it was a different truck, not the usual ones I see. After the music the truck said hello and i cracked up. Now every day at 5 and 7 the hello truck passes by and it's the best one so far.
  12. ......And she's not gonna say who she is. :3 Well, the reason I made this thread is so I could see you what you guys thought of this drawing, and if you could actually tell who it is... I just wanted to make sure it looked like this person, because it's a gift for my mum who's turning 50 in about a week and I wanted to make sure I gave her a great prezzie. Umm, yeah. It's not finished quite yet, but the face pretty much is, so hopefully, someone will be able to tell. And I realise that most people here are pretty young, (me included) so I guess most of you wouldn't know about her in the first place.... Oh gawd, so nervous. Imma just post it now. lol I know the neck and hair look funny but I haven't finished those bits yet, so that's why
  13. Well, I might as well introduce myself. I go by AngryUnicorn (no worries, I'm not really angry). I became a brony somewhere along the time of early season three and I, even more recently, became a member of this website! What I plan on posting in this little blog is exactly what the name of the blog is: On AngryUnicorn's Mind. Sometimes, I'll have a lot of random, useless information that I'll decide to put out onto the internet A little bit MORE about myself: I'm a 16 year old male I have an interest in art, writing, computers, and fun My favorite pony would have to be Fluttershy (face it, she's adorable) I tend to the internet... it needs me I love to play games on consoles as well as PC, even though my PC is almost as good as a huge block of Styrofoam. I also love feedback. Feel free to speak your mind in the comments! We're all tolerant here
  14. The thread is no longer really being discussed.Unless of course you just like to create random posts... The situation is resolved and no more needs to be said.
  15. So today I managed (with some help) to edit this. A main problem being having to switch editing programs because Sony Vegas just doesn't cut it anymore. What basically happens with Vegas, when you import an AVI file into it, you get to not use sound in the file. That is a very, very annoying problem. I cannot change the file type I record in, Fraps locks you into using AVI for encoding. Which to me is fine. But it must be said, it is not alright for a video editing program not to be able to grab all the data from the file. And suggesting I preconvert is also annoying considering it takes valuable time grabbing either the audio or converting a video into a new file. Especially 10 minute long segments in 720p or 1080p quality. It takes time and resources away. Instead I opted into figuring out how to use Premiere, and learning how to edit footage in that. It handles AVI perfectly fine. However Premiere can be wonky in using it, it's not as straightforward as Vegas. This video is proof I got stuff working. I actually like it more than Vegas now, more shiney tools.