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Found 28 results

  1. Let's say you were at an assembly or any public event, then found out someone planned a shooting which would occur today? before you can tell anyone a shot is almost about to be fired, what would you do? would you: A. sit in the crowd and pray that you will be alright, B. convince someone to try to be a hero which will only end up with them getting shot, C. You be the hero and take the bullet instead I would choose C because I believe that there are not as many heroes today in our society. What would you decide, and answer truthfully, I'm taking a project at school which requires me to ask several ppl a question, so I figured why not ask here? Again answer truthfully. Thank thee! your princess of slumber, Princess Nidra
  2. If you were a character from an anime, would you be an antagonist or a protagonist? Why?
  3. Is Shadow the Hedgehog really a hero, or is he a villain? Or is he something else entirely? Personally, I feel he's his own hedgehog, doing what he believes to be right. He saved the planet after trying to destroy it, he saved it again from aliens by following his own heart.
  4. So you can have any villain or antagonist at your service to protect you. But their heroic opposite is gonna try and kill you. So who do you choose, weighing how powerful they are vs. how powerful the hero is? So for this I'd pick S2 Discord. All he needs to do is hide the elements better and the mane 6 wouldn't kill me. And even if they did get them, we could just travel to other dimensions. He's basically Q if Q were actually a villain. Your turn.
  5. As you may have already read from my posts before. One of the main things I want to see is Big Macintosh get to have a big hero moment in at least one episode. It was one of his desires back in "Brotherhooves Social". And if non Mane 6 ponies such as Starlight Glimmer and Trixie along with Thorax and Discord could be heroes, why not give Big Mac a moment in the sun? Granted, he has been getting more development since the episode, and that's good. But the hero moment has yet to come. One opportunity to do that would be the through the Cutie Map. There have been other threads discussing other characters getting summoned by the cutie map. This past season, it summoned Starlight Glimmer in an episode, and Spike in another. So I guess this would be a perfect opportunity for the Big red stallion to do something awesome. There were some noodle incidents mentioned by Applejack when she was under Starlight's spell back in season 6, mentioning some great adventures that Big Mac was on at certain points. Maybe the Cutie Map could summon him back to those places and save the day. What do you think?
  6. Okay, here's the topic: A human protagonist with alien nanites in his bloodstream that grant him superpowers like telekinesis, telepathy, shape-shifting, super speed, and super strength. What would be good names for him?
  7. I've been mentioning this for quite sometime. But I think that the shows creative staff seem to have forgotten about something from an episode that is the perfect starting base for a new story arc. Of course I'm talking about Big Mac's speech at the end of "Brotherhooves Social" in which he tells Apple Bloom about his envy of Applejack's heroic status. Ever since that episode, I've been hoping for the writers to capitalize on that moment and begin making a complete story arc out of it. It's a fresh story arc that has full potential to provide great development for Big Mac's character. After all, each of the Mane 6 have more than likely come full circle. The Cutie Mark Crusaders have already reached their goal. So how about having Big Macintosh work more towards the goal of being a hero in his own right? Keep in mind this thread is only focusing on ONE aspect of the character development: The "dreams of heroism" aspect. The problem is that the writers haven't done anything to work Big Mac towards that goal. (Unless Dungeons and Discords counts, but that was more of a fantasy roleplaying than anything else) They seem to be stuck in a routine with episodes STILL focusing on the likes of the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight Glimmer, and the CMC. Maybe it IS planned but they're just saving it for the 7th season. Maybe they just need some help with ideas on how to make it happen. Do you think it's time for the writers to capitalize on Big Mac's wishes to be a hero and start working towards that big hero moment? What sort of heroic deeds can you think of in which Big Mac can do to achieve that goal?
  8. As you might remember, i once opened a thread talking about the best disney animated villains. So i thought, why not ask about the heros and protagonists as well? Same rules, you can choose for multiple characters and you can comment why you picked, or you don't. In some movies, i put in 2 or more protagonists, if i feel it was important, so take this poll with a grain of salt, it's just for fun.
  9. What would be good names for a cyberpunk hero? edit: Sorry. I meant to say names.
  10. Caught wind of Black Sabbath's Iron Man on the radio not too long ago and I thought to myself how well that fits Maud! I can totally see her standing still as heavy machinery bolts and forms her suit around her or standing as passively as always while bullets ping off her metal shell. Sure, she's not quite the same millionaire playboy archetype as Tony Stark but she's just as well known for her acerbic wit. As stoic as she can be, think that can fit right in there with Stark's inclination to be a bit..."flippant" with others. Maybe just replace the alcohol gags I keep hearing about him with geology, and there ya go! "That mare is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did." Maybe... thinking Applejack would make a good Captain A-Mare-Ica. That same sorta super-strong symbol of home-grown American values! Strong, dependable, trustworthy and....well, bluntly honest! And, admittedly, think I do get that idea that Captain might not be as up to date on culture or anything 'modern' like ol' AJ might! "I do! I understood that reference!" Seems too that the fandom likes to portray Rainbow Dash as Thor, Pinkie as Deadpool and so on. Now I'm not too up-to-date myself on comic book heros, but you let me know which cannonical ponies remind you of certain comic book superheros!
  11. If you were a character from an anime of your choice, would you be a protagonist or antagonist? Why?
  12. So YouTube is trying to step up their game with giving the people (with YouTube accounts whether you actively upload or not) the chance to be a 'hero'. However it involves reporting comments that would make social justice warriors proud. Not that it's a bad thing mind you. One needs to make accurate reports of malicious comments or one would not receive points. Even if you have to agree to fight 'micro-aggressions' as Google's Anti-Harassment Policy dictates. So that makes me wonder, did anyone else heard about it? Did you already sign up for it? Do you think this is going to go more haywire than Johnny 5 caught in a rain storm? As a YouTuber would say "let me know in the comments".
  13. The last champions of Equestria? Ever since the trio were reformed completely from their evil ways throughout the series, I always wonder what would be the pinnacle of their reform. And I thought to myself "What if in a twist of irony: Princess Luna, Discord and Starlight Glimmer became the only thing between the villain(Ether a returning villain or a new one) and the ultimate downfall of Equestria?" Personally, I would like to see the reformed villains become the heroes of a Season Finale story(Just like how Sunset Shimmer became the hero of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games by actually saving the human world from total destruction.). Show to the world that they are taking their redemption very serious, and how they are willing to stop evil from doing what they tried to do. How would you all react if Princess Luna, Discord and Starlight Glimmer became the heroes of a Season Finale, ending with them being crowned heroes by Princess Celestia for putting their lives on the line to save Equestria?
  14. Im back to posts my arts and here are my new, a reboot i did of my old Twilight Art
  15. Ever since the Brotherhooves Social episode, I've been hoping to see more episodes that would further develop Big Macintosh's character. After he explained his desires to be a hero like Applejack, I just can't help but feel as though the writers have to follow up on this and make a story arc out of it. The question is, how do you think it can be done? I'd say: -Have him interact more with Applejack and Apple Bloom individually. -Have him say more than just Eeyup and Nope. -Have him interact with other Mane 6 members. -Have more episodes focused on him. -Have him explain his desires for heroism to his family members. -Have him do heroic deeds (starting out small but important and build on it from there). -Have him step in to help out and complete the job whenever Applejack is unable to do so (Such as win a blue ribbon at a rodeo or something) -Finally have him help save Equestria by carrying the Element of Honesty when Applejack is unable to. (if only for just one adventure) These are just some suggestions as to how I would further develop Big Mac's character. Do you suppose they'll do so in Season 6? What other ways do you think they should develop Big Mac?
  16. As the title states, what is your favorite hero? (Heroes are listed here, and items are here.) ------- I think my favorite has to be Nature's Prophet. There's just so many ways you can play him. (personal preferences and wall of text here) You can play him as a pusher, buying a Shadow Blade, a Necrobook (and then leveling it up), maybe even a Desolator for the minus armor on towers or maybe a Mjollnir, Assault Cuirass or a Moon Shard (thank god for new items) to just push down towers and other buildings in seconds, leaving more room for your team or helping to win the game. You can also play him as a carry, maybe rushing a Hand Of Midas, getting some attack speed from Mjollnir or Assault Cuirass (but AC is more late game-ish) or just getting some early damage with either Desolator, Monkey King Bar, Daedalus, or Orchid Malevolence. Don't forget your Black King Bar as you'll probably get targeted by spells. You can even play him as ganker, getting an early Dagon or Solar Crest, then later on you can get Ethereal Blade (you can combine with Dagon for massive damage) or Scythe Of Vyse to disable a target of choice. He's really a hero that is quite variable and can really play any role due to his Sprout and Teleport abilities allowing him to set up kills and ganks, his Teleport (again), Nature's Call and Wrath of Nature allow him to push very fast all around the map, and pretty much all of his abilities can help him to carry his team quite well. ------- What's your favorite?
  17. So everyone usually has someone they look up to or admire, and I'm interested in seeing who the members of the brony fandom chose as their hero. It's for a little information collecting that I'll be using in the future for something but it's mainly just for fun. So who is your hero? My hero: Also, if you don't really have a hero you can tell us who you admire, whether it's someone you know, someone you don't, or even someone here on the forums.
  18. Heres a quick Link fan art I made earlier today thought I might share it here and see what you guys think! (I made the lines to thick from the start and stuff but it was just for fun anyways)
  19. There are more and more video games coming out where you as the main character get to make certain moral choices good, bad or in some cases even neutral that determine the course of the game. Some people prefer to be the hero, some a bit in between and others just love being an evil bastard. In most cases I love being the bad guy, my favorite faction is Star Wars the Old Republic is empire and I have no qualms about taking out civilians or "turning hostages into sausages" whenever I get the opportunity. With that said though there are some other situations where I kind of prefer things a bit more gray a good example of this would be the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler stories in Star Wars The Old Republic. They both have some really hilarious lines and some of them are a bit more light side and some of them a bit more dark side. My personal favorite of course being that one Bounty Hunter story scene where you get to punch an Alderanian noble right in the face. So what do you guys prefer in video games? Do you prefer to play as a hero, villain or something a bit in between?
  20. Who would you like to be? A hero or a villain? I will be a villain. Cuz the are awesome and if I have a powerfull weapon/superpowers, I should destroy all the people so the nature and all the creatures can live peacefull and free without a guy that thinks that is the owner of the world.
  21. Any villains you prefer over the heroes in their respective games? Vaas Montenegro is one of mine, a total badass psychopath just the way I like my villains.
  22. We have all seen characters in games that we really liked, but they were just one time characters. Never to be seen again, even in sequels. So, I ask you to name one or more characters that you would like to make a comeback. One character I would like to see make a comeback is General Guy from Paper Mario. First off, he was a general. Auto cool points. Second, he was the leader of the shy guys which merits him respect. Third, his theme music sounded very military-like mixed with a little silliness. It was fun to listen to. Fourth, just look at the guy. One of the coolest designed characters in the game. I wish he would make a comeback in a future Paper Mario game. General Guy is just too cool to be a one time character.
  23. This is my first story ever, aside from a few D&D background stories. I want it to be an organic process. The story will grow and mature as I do. I don't know where the story will be headed. It is an adventure for me, as much as it will be for you. Chapter One Prologue They came from the starry night skies. A village burning. Panic. A small girl sat on the streets amidst the fires. A tear flowed down her cheek. Her mother had perished, just like her spirit. A tall, dark figure was approaching and she clung to the doll in her left hand. It was a doll made by her mother when she was still a baby. She had cherished the lifeless object as if it was her little sister. "Everything is going to be alright, Sora," she whispered. The tall figure now stood right in front of her. She closed her eyes. It seemed time in the valley stood still for just a moment. It was in that very moment that the five year old girl accepted the fate that stood before her. She could hear the roaring noise of the blazes surrounding her. A swift sound reached her ears, before everything went silent. The doll fell on the cold stone ground. Far to the east, a Samurai wakes up from a nightmare.
  24. What, you thought that I was here to participate in Villain Identity day? Ridiculous. Although I admit that it wouldn't be hard to assume, considering my, ahem, history. Y'see, after I got kicked out of that academy, I decided to make some changes about myself. You all thought Rainbow Dash was a hero? Well, how about seeing "selfish" ol' Lighting Dust become a role model? How about that? What about her being even more of an idol? I'm the fastest, the boldest, and the strongest good guy around, and I've soared far above RD's record in lives saved per minute. Not that hard, admittedly... On a day so full of evil, MLP Forums needs a champion. On this very special day, you may ask me any questions on my quest for goodness!
  25. Inspired by this by TwilightCircuits, I decided to write about what heroism is. "A Hero" A hero need not be pure of heart Or stronger than a bear. He need not purge his very soul Of fear, contempt, despair. He doesn't need to be the light To battle 'gainst the dark. He need not be a chosen one Or brag like Tony Stark. A brave man doesn't run from fear, He defeats it and moves on 'Cause how can a man fight like a wolf, If inside he's just a fawn? A hero does not stay in light, He carries it beyond, Becomes a light out in the dark; To night, he is the dawn. A brave man knows what he believes, That hope and love are true, And brings this light to those in the dark, To bring 'bout life anew. He fights for truth and mercy, So love can ever spread. He fights no matter what the odds, Even if it ends with a hero dead.