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Found 10 results

  1. OK, so it's finals week at my college, and I'm ashamed to admit I had never been to the top floor of my library until last night. While there, I found a "rare books" room. This pretty much means a "books no assignment ever needs" room, and therefore it didn't seem like anybody had been in there in years. A thought struck me...what if I put a time capsule-y thing in here. And then another thought struck me (as it does about 4 times every hour): PONIES. So, I made this thing and I'm gonna hide it in a book. Yup. I'm wasting my time on pointless derping when there's real work to be done. As per usual.
  2. Seriously though, Nick GAS was the best thing on TV when I was a kid. It's a shame that it's gone now. What do you think?
  3. Fluttershy seems to have the least amount of background of the mane 6. We don't know her family, we don't know her pastlife outside flight school, and her quirks like The Stare are almost never explained. Plus, In episodes like Griffon the Brush Off, Crystal Empire Part 2, and Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, Fluttershy seems to repress alot of negative opinions. I'm willing to bet the writers are foreshadowing something about her. I actually think this is what makes Fluttershy a good character, her shy nature and mysterious past allow for a lot of headcannons and speculation.
  4. Title says it all. Apparently, M.A. Larson says that Art of the Dress has hints to later episodes in the lyrics like: "Fluttershy some thing breezy!" "Rainbow won't rely on tank!" So do you think this is true or could it just be him trolling. Discuss away!
  5. Sophia woke up in bed. It was Sunday morning. Every Sunday her and her mother would go to Sugarcube Corner and have sundae. Just because it was sunday. She stretched in bed and looked around her room. Her books where on the floor, there were drawings on the wall of her and her younger sister, and her Daring Doo poster was on the ceiling. Just how she had left it when she went to bed last night. But something was different. She couldn't quite put her hoof on it, but there was something different. Her mother knocked on the door. "Sweetie are you up?" She asked as she opened the door. "Yes." Sophia said. "Sophia?" Her mother said worriedly and looked at the bed. "What?" She said. "Sophia WHERE ARE YOU!?" Her mother said extremely worried. "I'm Right HERE!" She shouted. Her mother ran over and put her hoof on her daughter's bed looking around the bed. What scared Sophia is when her mother brough her hoof down on the bed, it went right through her leg. "What!? How....Why!? Mom!!!" She said trying to hug her mother but passing right through her. "Sophia, this isn't funny! Where are you!?" Her mother asked worriedly. "I'm right here!!" Sophia said, but it was no use. "Arieas! Sophia is gone!" She yelled to her husband. "What!?" He yelled up the stairs. Sophia cried. She wanted so badly to reach out and hug her mother. To comfort her. To let her know she was alright. Suddenly the scene changed and she was sitting in the darkness In front of King Sombra. "What! Where am I!?" She said. "In lenient terms....your in pony hell with me! I've ripped you from the world!" He said laughing. "Why!?" "Because It's fun! And I need your energy to have enough power to take over the Crystal Empire!" He laughed maniacally. "Let me go home!" She said. "Sure thing Sophie." He said with an evil grin and she was back home, outside her front door. ~One week later~ She had given up on trying to show her family she was ok. She had no idea how to get back into what she called 'the normal realm'. She thought of herself as in a different world. He did say that he ripped her from her world. And nopony is able to see her. Hear her. Touch her. She realized how lonely the ponies that she ignored at her school felt. She was part of the ponies who ignored the weird ones. She now realized how they felt. She walked through the streets sadly. Ponies passed through her, talking about their day, how cold it was, where they were going, not noticing her at all. This was the worst thing that could happen to her. She was so alone.....she sat in the cornor of a building outside and cried. "I wanna go home....I wanna hug my mommy....." She said. The image of her crying mother as she hoped her daughter would come home popped in her head. "Sophia.....where did you go......what did we do wrong?" Her mother said sitting on the couch holding Sophia's favorite stuffed pony from when she was a filly. She hugged it tightly and cried. "Mom......mommy I'm sorry....." Sophia said. Arieas came over and hugged her mother for comfort. "Don't worry....we will find her...." He said comfortingly. Her mother just cried and hugged him. That was one of the saddest day of her life. Sophia sat outside on the corner crying. She sat in a ball crumpled up in a little ball, not paying attention to what goes on around her. "Why are you crying?" A colt asked her. She ignored it thinking it was somepony talking to somepony else. He thought she was to sad to reply. He frowned. He hated to see other ponies. Especially fillies. He sat next to her and hugged her. ------------- He sat next to her and hugged her. She was shocked. She looked up at him. "You.....y-you can see me?" She said. "Of course I can see you. Your right there." He said. "But nopony else can see me." She said. "I know the feeling. Sometimes it seems like nopony can see you and they ignore you, but-" " don't understand.....nopony can see me at all.....or hear me....." She said. she stood and walked into the road and about 3 ponies passed right through her. She started crying again. "I-I'm so alone...." She said. He looked at her sadly as he walked over and pulled her out of the road. He hugged her tightly. She didn't know this colt, but he was the only one who could see her.......and he was nice. She hugged himback crying. Then she realized that she was extremely tired. She hadn't slept in days. she slowly started drifting off to sleep in his arms. He smiled and picked her up and carried her to his house. -------------- She woke up a few hours later laying in a bed. She was still tired, but she wanted to know where she was. "Your awake." The colt said. She turned to look at him. He was a pegasus. Green fur and purple flaming mane and tail. He had blue eyes and pointed at the tip ears. He looked at the snow white unicorn. She had a purple and blue swirl mane and tail with cyan eyes and a flower in her hair. "Who are you?" She asked him. "My name is Light Streak. What's yours?" He asked. ".....Sophia Heartwings....." She said cautiously. "How can you see me?" "I don't know. Are you a......ghost?" He asked a bit scared. "No. At least I don't think so. I was ripped from the world. Whatever that means." She said. "How do you know?" He asked curiously. "Some black and scary pony with a red horn told me." She said remembering it. "I miss my mom...." She said randomly. He understood why. She could never be seen. Never be heard. Never be touched. It must be so lonely. He promised himself then and there that he would take care of her, since he was the only one who could see her. And.....he kinda liked her.... He looked at her sitting in his bed looking sad. He sat on the bed next to her. "Do you know who the pony was?" He asked her. "No....but I remember where he was. He was in the forbidden cave near the Crystal Empire. I remember because my grandma lives in the Crystal Empire, so I've seen everything about it." She said. He wanted to help her. But the only way would be to go with her. But even if they went, what would they do? If he can pull her out of the world, what else could he do? LightStreak sat next to her wondering what to do. He looked over at his desk and saw his ink and quill he used to write letters to his grandmother and do schoolwork. He got an Idea. "Why don't we tell Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" He said. (Currently still a work in progress. Tell me what you think so far!) Oc's Used- Light Streak- super2379 Arieas- Derpy Knight
  6. Any ideas on some secrets that the mane 6, the princesses, the CMC or any of the other characters might be hiding for each other? Could be something completely wacky. Could be something very serious. Could be something simple or complex. Stuff like things done as a filly, hidden interests and hobbies, true personalities, secret crushes, lies that may have been told through the series, deals made behind the scenes, actual names, birthplaces, mane and coat colors and even genders, family secrets, conspiracies, etc. Anything you think the characters wouldn't want us or each other to know, is for us to state and speculate (or just plain make up on the spot). For example, I think Applejack being a downhome southern gal is just a ruse. I believe she is secretly hiding the fact that she is a cultured literary scholar, who reads copious amounts of poetry, analysis political theory, and studies philosophy when behind closed doors. She just doesn't want her friends and family to think she's snobbish, pretentious or simply an egg head. Your turn. Go nuts.
  7. Hello reader, I was wondering, How do you fgure out a Brony/Pegasister in hiding? I'm wondering this because I have a girlfriend that uses tumblr a lot, when every I see her tumblr wall (if that it's what it's called) I see a a few Ponies here and there. It's got me wondering if she's a fan or not. I thought to myself that she could be following (if that's what it's called) a person who is a fan and s/he is reblogging (if that's what it's called) pictures of ponies. However, she only follows people if she likes they reblogs/pictures, but knowing her, she isn't really the type who watches ponies. Some of you may say "why not ask her?", but I'm trying to hide my interest as much as possible, and will only reveal myself if I have sufficient evidence. So, how do you weed out a brony?
  8. For those of you who remember, I made a nifty thread back in mid-November, where I established one of my defining moments as the self-proclaimed Maintenance Manager around the forums, by going around the key locations for discussions on our board, and nuking (hiding) every single thread that was ever locked for being a duplicate. That yielded about seventy to eighty topics in all, I recall. Well folks, welcome to the carpet bombing of topics, part two: The Feedback Forums Massacre. As some may know and some may not, the Support Ticket System was established back in August of this year. Since then, every single 'I need halp' topic that's been posted in Feedback & Suggestions has been locked, and redirected to the support system for help instead. As some members have brought up a few times in the past, these topics pile onto each-other like legos, and before you know it, boom, mountain of locked threads. No moar. I've gone through the five most recent pages of Feedback and Suggestions, and nuked the thirty some odd topics that were locked by our Mutli-Moderation Suite ever since it was established. Aka, that little message telling you to go use Support Tickets :3 More importantly, just like how I will continue to nuke locked duplicate threads in our more populated discussion forums as they pop up, so too will I be killing topics in the feedback section that are locked for being support ticket questions. I'll wait for these locked topics to become a few days old before I do so, just as I do with locked duplicate threads. So, yes, rejoice. Less clutter, more happy members.
  9. So, I was wondering if anyone has seen a recurring joke in an episode or seen a charter doing something in an episode that they do all the time? I ask because a lot of show do this sometimes and I want to see if anyone has seen anything. I did see this one joke that took place in the episode "Baby Cakes." In the episode Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake were always doing the same thing in every scene. Pumpkin Cake was always chewing on something. Of corse that was pretty obvious. She was alway chewing on something in the episode. It was either an item or her own hoof. Now for Pound Cake I think his was a little harder to see. Every scene he was in, Pound was alway moving his hoofs around. He did it the whole episode. When Mr. Cake showed him, during Pinkie Pies one mouth anniversary song, when the Cakes left for the party, during Pinkies second song, Snack time and bath time. All kinds of scenes show him moving his hoofs around. You can even say when he started flying he was moving his hoofs, because he was walking on the ceiling. I know this might not be a big deal, but I thought it was worth mentioning and seeing if anyone else found anything.
  10. Ok, im not entirely sure if this forums is aware, but there has been a derpy sighting! I'm not entirely sure if this has been discussed yet, but if you go to this video ( ) And skip to 6:50 You can clearly see when it pans out that derpy pops out of the Chicken coup. This took me by surprise and when i saw it in a video, i was convinced it was fake! But, as shone from the episode recording, it is most certainly not.