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Found 11 results

  1. My first remix, I think it went pretty well
  2. So, I couldn't find a topic like this, so I made it. I put the spoiler prefix on it because of possible theories with Flurry Heart. Or something. What do you hope season 6 will be like? Do you have any theories? Any ideas for the finale?
  3. My Little Pony is known for having a wide variety of unique characters. From kind earth ponies, to smart unicorns, from competitive pegasi, to regal princesses. However some of them don't really have merch for themselves. I want to know which characters do you want to get a toy version of. Now I am talking about the brushable ones with accessories, not the mini-figs or Vinyl statues. For me, I would love to see toys based on: Discord. He would have great sound effects and look great. Maybe he could even be in a deluxe pack that comes with the Smooze! King Sombra. This would be awesome. He could have cool light-up features and sounds. I dare Hasbro to make an Evil Crystal Empire playset for him. Pinkie Pie's family. We have Pinkie and Maud, but how about the other Pies? I would love them on my shelf. Big McIntosh and Granny Smith. YOU: You want a Big Mac doll? ME: Eeyup. Whoa Nelly: Because potatoes. Cheese Sandwich: Seriously Hasbro, this guy is hilarious! You gotta make him. YOU GOTTA MA- Tirek: Same reasons as King Sombra. He's powerful, he's also powerful and he's really powerful. Did I mention he's powerful? And finally... Gummy's Torture Chamber! Comes with Gummy, a Pinkie Pie dummy for him to use, and a bunch of devices that are painful :comeatus: Also I want a Dr. Whooves. So what do you guys really wanna see?
  4. This is something I've wanted to hear about for a while now. So, let's get to it: If an episode of Friendship is Magic could have any plot, or any event occur, as long as it stayed within the show's rating, what would you have it be? Essentially, what's your dream episode? Who would it star, what would happen in it, who would write it? Anything can happen, so go wild! Well, not anything anything. It has to stay within the show's rating and standards. I suppose the only real way to start off a thread like this is to give my own dream episode. You know, for example and all. And, well, I'm gonna go all out on mine. I in no way expect anyone else to go into as much depth as I'm going to, but I put a lot of thought into this. Like, an unhealthy amount. I have too much free time. I want an Evil Belle episode! I'm not kidding! I want an episode where Sweetie Belle turns evil! I don't care how they do it. Twilight spell gone wrong, Alicorn Amulet-esque artifact, I don't care. Make her evil. Why Sweetie Belle, you ask? Well, a lot of you have probably heard this before, but I'm gonna explain it for those who haven't. Take a good look at Sweetie Belle. She's cunning, manipulative, was bullied in childhood, has an off relationship with her older sister, and fell behind as one of the slower kids in her class. Yes, she has all the makings of a future super villain. The thing is, she has good morals, preventing her from doing anything despicable. She almost did do something despicable in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, the only thing holding her back being Princess Luna. Now imagine, for a moment, something strips away these morals. She no longer worries about hurting others or the reprucussions of her actions. The only thing she cares about is getting her way. And what's stopping her? The Mane Six don't want to hurt her, she's a good friend (family in Rarity's case) and they know that what she's doing isn't her fault. The Princesses have morals against hurting children, and it's not like they ever do anything anyway. Nothing's standing in her way. As for the episode itself, here's how I picture it: The first act should be spent setting up the catalyst. It has to be explained, whatever it is, but not through an exposition dump. Just enough explanation so that it makes sense. Of course, Sweetie Belle has to be there. She could be with Rarity, although being with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo would be preferable. Her reason for being there has to make sense. I'd say probably three or so minutes in, our catalyst strikes Sweetie Belle. The others ask if she's alright, and she replies that she's fine. She doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, but the audience can see that something is off. Throughout the rest of the first act, it should be shown that odd things are happening in the town. The Mane Six should be looking into what's happening, but be unable to find anything. The CMC should be there, and we should once again see that something's off with Sweetie. She shouldn't be acting malicious, just strange. At the end of the first act, Sweetie's true colors are relealed to the audience. The second act should be devoted to watching our now revealed-to-be-evil Sweetie Belle carry through with her plans. It can't be repetative, and it has to hold our attention. It would be good if she were pestered by the other Crusaders, in a way that annoys her, but not us. They're concerned about Sweetie, especially when she snaps at them to stop bothering her. Though we should be reminded that, even in this state, Sweetie Belle still cares about the other Crusaders and doesn't want them to come in harm's way. At this point, the Mane Six, most likely Twilight, should have started piecing things together, and just before the third act begins, she realizes what's happening and races away to go fix Sweetie Belle. But it's too late! The third act picks up and Sweetie Belle is well on her way to victory. Twilight can't get close enough to cure her and Rarity can't through to her. This would be a good place to see some drama between Sweetie and Rarity. Without her morals, Sweetie could really rip into everything that she hates about Rarity. This scene would have to be written very carefully, though. One misstep and the fandom will hate Sweetie's guts. So if nobody can touch her and her family can't get through to her, who will save the day? Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, of course! Think about it; this would be a great chance to show just how strong the bond between the CMC has grown. They remind her of her morals, who she really is, the good times she's had with them and Rarity and everyone else, all the reasons she has not to destroy Equestria and, most importantly, they remind her of their shared Cutie Marks. They can get through to her, if only enough for Twilight to carry through with the cure. The ending can't be a copy-paste of Secret of My Excess, though. That's one of the reasons I think Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are the prime contendors to save Sweetie, not Rarity. So blah blah blah Sweetie appologizes and everyone's happy and we get the moral. Moral? I don't really care what the moral is, just as long as we get Evil Belle. As for the writer... I'm thinking Megan McCarthy. Either her or Corey Powell. But Powell's track record is iffy, I mean she did Sleepless in Ponyville and Inspiration Manifestation, which were good episodes, but she also did Rainbow Falls, which was a bad episode, and Just for Sidekicks, which was a meh episode. So probably McCarthy. ...that was lengthy. So anyway, what do you guys want to see out of the show? I'm really interested to see everybody's ideas, and what everybody thinks of each other's ideas! I think we could probably create some really good ideas by building on top of each others' ideas. Who knows, maybe someday we'll actually get episodes similar to what we imagine here in the future! Oh, and if anybody says Slice of Life 2, they will get a... very stern talking to.
  5. Like any other Joe over here, I'm insanely hyped for season five, and I already love the direction they're going with the spoilers we have! But I still have some concepts and episode ideas that I would love to come true. Here are the synopsises! #1: Diamond Tiara is forced to stay at Sweet Apple Acres for a few days while Filthy Rich needs her out of the way for important business guests at his house, and Silver Spoon's family is out of town (SInce the Apple family is business associates with DT's family). I think this would be a good opportunity for character development on DT's part, since obiously she would have to compare the close bonds of the Apple Family to her relationship with her dad (most of the fandom generally likes to theorize that Filthy Rich ignores her a lot). This is the only episode I have planned out quite so clearly, since I know exactly what role everypony will play in it. AJ is charitable to DT, because she's perceptive about her issues, and also pretty mature. But Apple Bloom is mad at her until the very end, in which she would start to learn about DT's life and be able to at least sympathise when friendship isn't an option. Whether or not Diamond Tiara gets redeemed at the end, or if she just becomes more bitter towards Apple Bloom, I don't know. #2: An entire episode centering around Luna and Celestia. I have high hopes for the confirmed episode where Luna has a nightmare, but WE NEED MORE CELESTIAL SISTERS! Perhaps this could be tied in with more History of Equestria stuff, maybe even Discord's origin story! Sounds like an instant fan favorite, especially for one Miss Ink Rose... #3: This one would be controversial, since it's a big shift in the status quo, and I would reserve it for the finale: Twilight should repurpose her new castle as a school for all the foals in Ponyville, where they learn about The Elements of Harmony and things like that! Though this could be debunked as soon as Season Five comes out, because it seems they already have plans for that castle with the map and stuff. #4: And I have just a few more concepts too-- Explain how AJ's parents died, Hasbro. Y'know. For kids. Have an episode where we see Dash's new life as a Wonderbolt Reserve in action. Love interests that are actually interesting. I wanna see the mane six date stallions that aren't boring like Flash Sentry! Cadance gets pregnant. The Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks already. But I'm pretty damn sure they're gonna get 'em this season, based on the themes and that clip of Sweetie Belle singing. What do you guys think of my ideas, and what are your own episode ideas?
  6. Season 5 is coming! And with that comes expectations. But let's take a second to think about it. We've had FOUR whole seasons already! That's crazy! But after four seasons, the successful formula that has worked for so long starts to become stale and mundane. Which is why I'm going to come up with a for a successful new season! 1. Season Opener/Closer not based around Twilight, only the Mane 5. This is one of the bigger points I'd like to make. While I think Twilight is a great character with a lot of great qualities, it's time for her to take a backseat. Seeing Twilight save Equestria again and again while everyone sits in the corner until Twilight needs them for the elements is getting too old. It's time for something to happen that Twilight herself that she literally cannot handle. This is where the Mane 5 come in and take center stage. This would be a great way to start off a new season, with a fresh take on saving Equestria. 2. Episode based around one of the Princesses, specifically Luna. While it's obvious the writers do their very best trying to keep episodes unique by making episodes character specific, like only having 3 of the Mane 6 present in an episode, or a Spike episode, or a CMC episode. But I think it's high time to get another character involved. I think one of the Princesses would be a great addition to the show in terms of specific episodes based around them. The two obvious main candidates would be Luna or Cadence. In my opinion, Luna's character is easily the most interesting Princess. Episodes revolving around her getting used to Equestrian culture, or gaining favor of ponies would be genuinely entertaining. That quality is a very interesting dynamic for characters that are sort of idolized in the show as perfection, or not really having any "bad" qualities. Plus, Luna has a huge following, so I believe this would be widely accepted by the fan base. 3. Give Twilight more of a personality. Now I know as well as anyone that this is a controversial topic.But I believe Twilight lost a lot of her charm after becoming a Princess. She comes off as someone who's trying to be perfect, and therein lies the problem. Characters with no shortcomings become boring and uninteresting. Luckily last season she showed some of the old Twilight when she was , which was good! But... That was about it. Where's psychotic Twilight? Where's spazzy Twilight? We know she's going to have a few episodes based around her, so let's make them as memorable as Lesson Zero. 4. Bring back Chrysalis. Clearly this point has been brought up for years by a lot of people. But the time is right to bring back one of the most diabolical villains this show has seen. Seeing a comeback from her would be insanely cool. I won't go any further due to everyone probably seeing this point a thousand times before. But it's true, and I think it's something that needs to finally happen. 5. Side characters/Expanding side characters I would say Season 4 had some of the best side characters we've seen in a long time. Side characters make episodes both interesting and memorable. I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see another Cheese Sandwich episode, and definitely more Maud Pie. I'd also like to see an expansion on side characters. And what I mean by that is, for example, more something along the lines of Maud. Seeing more of the Mane 6's family *cough* Rainbow Dash's family and Fluttershy's family *cough*. This is another point a lot of fans have expressed a lot of interest in in the past. I did hear a rumor about an episode around Pinkie's OTHER sister, but we'll see what happens. Well that's my two cents... For now. I may add more later if I can think of any solid points. So what do you think? Am I right? Wrong? A giant pile of suck? Let me know what you think. To keep this different from from just predictions and hopes, try to only focus on the 5 points I made. Note for Mods: If this doesn't merit its own thread, then by all means move it to its appropriate location
  7. Hello =) here is my OC high hopes. she is an earth pony who's special talent is training birds she is strong, rash, passionate and understanding but can be hurtful as she isn't good at wording her opinions very well . she does have self doubts and worries but she tries no to let it show. she's an earth pony she feels sad and confused because she feels she cant fulfil her destiny properly as she cant fly along side her birds. Her friends mean a lot to her as they give her confidence in herself and her talents . here is a picture
  8. to get an idea of original colour look at my profile pic colour might be changed .... we see =). btw she's a earth pony, talent is bird training and she is a strong but emotional character note, picture isn't finished properly, needs final outlining and colouring in
  9. Alrighty so welcome to my blog, I am going to start positing one entry a day (hopefully). I have a few premade on a different site. Those ones will be moved here and slowly trickle out. This should allow me time to keep up with posts as well as give me a break when I need it. So this entire mission is now dedicated to my father. As I write this tears roll down my face, I gotta roll one to keep it going, this part of the post will be quite raw. This part is my current un edited emotions. I look forward to the journey I am about to embark on. If you guys want to come along, I would be honored to have you by my side. Gimme a sec guys to collect some thoughts and spark some creative thoughts..... Sorry about that. As some of you know my father passed so my next few posts are predated, so that I can hopefully keep up with one a day. So it would be supper cool if people followed my blog. lol I have never been all that important, I suck at spelling, I dunno if I am interesting, I rant about dumb things that sounded smart in my head I swear, and there is a good chance that I could be insane....... o.0 that is a lot of stuff working against me, but hey i think I am cute.... that's one thing for me right? So yeah, if you actually manage to follow and read my blog I am impressed. So essentially I am going to blog, at least once a day. I wanna keep up with my journey, almost like a public diary I guess, but it should help me to stay on track with my projects, I am hoping at least. It is going to be raw, down to earth, weird, funny, sad, I don't really know. What I do know though is it will be an adventure, I have many HUGE dreams and goal that I will acomplish one way or another, so if you want to follow me on this journey, man that would be cool. If you don't like what you see move along don't bother I don't have time for negative attitudes I wish only to surround myself with positive people and thinking. That being said constructive critisism is welcome and encouraged I want to get better and I only want to learn, so if you wanna pass on some wisdome, bring her on. Random rants right^^^ If you made it this far without exiting the page that means you are actually interested in my dreams or ideas..... What I would like to do is make people happy, I hate being sad, everyone does and now and then everyone needs some cheering up, but some people more than others. I want to start with children who are sick, I would like to go to hospitals with my handmade pinatas filled with treats and toys for patients who are expected to be there for a while. What would make it even more special is if it got bigger than that, If I could get voice actors, athletes, whoever the pinata is modeled after to sign it and maybe even give it to that child imagine that smile? Being that sick kid who idols someone and one day got to meet them because someone took the time to care. That is what I want to do. I want to do this so badly but I have no clue how to go about doing this. So I am in need of help, I hope the right people see this and are able to help me help others, share your knowledge if ya got any for me. I am just so sick of working in fast food and handing out cigarettes, I can't do it any more. I want to do something better, something more. Hopefully one day I can do all the great wonderful things I truly want to do. If your interested I invite you to follow my story, I will try to post as often as I can. I promise to keep it real, post my struggles, my wins, my failure, my laughter, and tears. For now though it's time for a bowl of cereal and back to my newest creation. I gotta keep plugging forward afterall. That is one of my dreams, I will not give up on it ever! I will post about other random stuff but this is going to be a continued subject Below are pics of my pinatas. Yes I made them ~
  10. So sims 4 is coming out and I am excited for it. My hopes include either A) include the more basic expansion packs into the game or make them way cheaper; another thing I want is the ability to make your own town WITHIN the game. I know they have the create a world tool or whatever, but Im dumb and its not very user friendly. The customization is pretty good but theres always room for more! And this ones a bit far fetched, but a really well made multiplayer mode or something like that. That would be neat. NOT ALWAYS ONLINE THOUGH