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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everypony... lately I've been thinking, and this really makes me sad and nearly made me cry a river earlier today. I was thinking about the future, like how I will drift after i leave school, and so will my friends... that and MLP FiM how long will it last? i want it to last forever but i have no clue if it will. i guess you could say... I don't want to grow up, i wanna be young forever because I'm afraid everything around me will no longer be around... thanks for those of you who read this, it feels good to let this out.
  2. unless you didnt know something happened to me on tumblr, i grabbed the wrong potion apparently and im younger now, for a more detailed story go to my tumblr
  3. hello i need someones help immediately!, My OCD is about to make my head explode, somebody help! i have no clue how to explain it, but if you go here and i can show you what the issue is... somebody who knows of FLASH Cs6 please help!!!
  4. this is sort of like a ask thing, you ask what pony and you get to see this cute little guy hugging him :3 ill do OCs and original characters on the show (mane 6 etc.) so just ask in the comments bellow what pony you want to see, if you want to go to my tumblr and ask here ya go Me and my friend, Neon Voltage. I tried to go up to her and give her a draconecuddle, but she was to fast and picked me up and countered with a pegacuddle... I shall try harder next time... still an awesome hug ^3^
  5. a little some thing for one of my favorite tumblr blogs , Gamerluna. took me a while to draw and im currently doing a final sketch on my computer hopefully it will look awesome :3
  6. this is what i see whenever i play slender, scares the hell out of me but always fun to play for my fans btw slendy took out my internet twice ;_;
  7. ~Chaos~

    Art Feature #2

    Source: slendy and me Today I'm featuring HorrorshowMania's drawing of 'slendy and me'! This picture is great, it adds a great amount of humour to the topic of Slenerman, clean artwork makes it easy on the eyes, and his unique OC always catches my eye. Great job he has done!
  8. hey everypony i need some serious help right now. I'm trying to follow an animation career, but i have... no clue how to animate... at all, I traced a little bit of my drawings there, but still have no idea how to animate it. so if its possible... i need an animation teacher who knows adobe flash cs6, someone who is good and knows the ropes... Please i am begging you guys! please HELP!!!
  9. Hey there Everypony don't mind me a simple Draconequus, I must ask u something very quick. What program would u recommend for a beginning animator and what tips or help could u help me with? That or a simple digital art program where I can scan my drawings and trace them on the computer, so please any pony HELP!!!
  10. for the full description go to My deviant art HorrorshowMania heres a short description after getting enraged over losing a fight, bryan transformed into this monstrosity. He wreaked havoc all through the city, it took so many "warriors" and enforcement units to try and stop him. While in this form his strength is that of a titan, he picked up a 90 story tower, (yes a tower) and was able to throw it an amazing distance of half a mile. bullets and missiles do nothing but piss him off, seeing as they literally bounce off of him. there will be a more of a story on deviant art later. enjoy when my drawing skills increase and become better i will put this guy into a comic, so much action will be in that comic!
  11. this is a cute little character my friend came up with a while ago when me and her had a bunny drawing competition, i won but i wanted to redraw her rabbit in my way and here ya go tumblr : horrorshowmania.tumblr
  12. a before and after picture of my Banshee, Even though i can see improvement, id like it more if id drawn it on the computer and made it look epic!!! but idk how to start in digital art tumblr: if you know any good starting digital art programs that i could start with that would be very awesome!!! please don't hesitate to tell me! I wanna make awesome cartoons like the tumblr accounts, Hotbloodedpinkiepie, Princess Molestia, and My little chubbies :3 PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. let alone some people say i can draw cute things, well i can also draw scary things as well, like this. A then and now picture of how i improved (slightly) and a little more to his concept art, The story behind him is on my Deviantart, but ill give you guys some basic info height (while standing) 11 feet, (on all fours) 6 feet weight 255 lbs Origin : Indian legends strengths : speed, strength, power, Jaw strength, long claws, agility, multiple visions (night vision, heat, etc.) high jumping, roar weaknesses: Dream catcher prison, if you want to know more just ask
  14. Hello every pony if you'd like to ask a friendly draconequus like me, then ask away! or if you prefer, just ask my tumblr, where you can see me answer them with comics but whichever you prefer ponies
  15. this is pretty much our weekly routine, except for Wednesday when we both sleep until Thursday, so yeah, btw if you can tell me a good starting Digital art program please don't Hesitate!!! like the awesome art you see on Deviant art, but of course ill make mine more cartoony sorry if the cartoon is crappy tumblr: