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Found 21 results

  1. After reading a certain post about the latest episode; I decided to try an experiment with everybody (and “every-pony”): First, write the first thing that came to mind when you read the title of this topic “Hot Horse”. You may also post a picture. Second, read everyone else’s first reactions and feel free to reply to them. Some if not many of you might know the equestrian meaning of “Hot Horse” at first glance, while others might not.
  2. 5 being average. I came across these graphs, and it made me think a bit, and if I were to simplify myself to fit in this graph, where would I fit; Obviously we all know personalities are way more in-depth than this, but hey it's just for fun hmm if I were to simplify these 3 traits on how others would probably perceive me if they hardly knew me... I think my; attractiveness 8/10 intelligence 5/10 kindness 8/10 So I'd be in the dumb/Idiot spot haha. What about you?
  3. Do you think Fluttershy is hot I sure do I wish she was my Girlfriend I have a crush on her
  4. When you get your coffee, your espresso, your latte, your java or whatever caffeinated beverage of your choice, how do you prefer it? Piping hot as is tradition? Or do you prefer it iced and cold brewed? What say you? Me personally, I'd rather not have the inside of my mouth scalded. Also I find having it chilled really brings out the flavor.
  5. I put all the characters I could think of. If your favorite isn't on the poll, feel free to tell me so I can put it on. :comeatus: Have fun.
  6. Howdy from the spicy South! I've got a project in life to find a hot sauce for pretty much everything, and sometimes that involves swapping recipes. I just finished a fatalii-mango hot sauce (Sriracha consistency) that is cooling down right now, and I've got a bhut jolokia-pineapple salsa that is the second hottest thing I've ever attempted to eat. Sriracha-lime cupcakes have also been baked, though I seem to be the only one that liked them. Have any good recipes, spicy finds or stories to share?
  7. Of course note my sexuality here. I am gay so I cannot in all good conscience place female characters on this list. I will also only place human characters as well, so no Pip or the et cetera. Since Androxus will also not be on this list due to the curse that afflicted his body turning it into something that is debatably not human as well. Khan WILL be on this list because although you can't see his face or any part of his body through his armor in the base skin, you can with the Amerikhan skin, and he is human. SS: Fernando, Koga S: Jenos, Khan, Sha'Lin A: Strix, Viktor, Buck, Atlas, Lex, B: Zhin, Mal'Damba By the way, the aforementioned stipulations are why the tier list has been placed here instead of on Guru like my tier list by my opinions of how powerful each individual champion is in the current meta. (Here's a link to it if you want to check it out)
  8. Sunset Shimmer, and the monstrous form that almost destroyed her school Sci-Twi, and Midnight Sparkle Gloriosa Daisy, and Gaea Everfree While their "monster" forms are supposed to be monstrous and scary, yet they instead earned them a bunch of fans, who like them because the fans think they look hotter as monster girls. So, how do you think each of them would react and do, if they knew that people are attracted to them (or in love with them) because of their "monster" forms? Would they appreciate it with a blush, or would they be ashamed of what they used to do as monsters?
  9. Who is the mosy attractive animated villain in your opinion? Here are some of my favorites: Thrax: Ferid: Giriko: Starlight Glimmer:
  10. Rowdy Roddy Piper, or Hot Rod as he was also called. Died as of today. He became 61 years old. It shouldn't really be much of a shock, since Piper was known to use alot of drugs and alcohol. But it still is very heartbreaking. Piper was part of the first Wrestlemania main event where he teamed up with "Mr.Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, against Hulk Hogan and Mr.T. He also had a very controversial talk show segment called Pipers Pit. The most famous one was probably the one with Superfly Jimmy Snuka: He was a true pioneer when it comes to Heels in Wrestling and even inspired future wrestlers like CM Punk. Rest in Peace hot rod.
  11. Basically, this is just a thread I made out of boredom about weather. Discuss weather and the questions I put up. Why did you choose the answer you chose? Stuff like that. Feel free to discuss anything about the weather here. Want me to edit the polls, add new questions and answers to currently existing questions on the poll? Tell me.
  12. Here we have Rarity and Pinkie Pie completely exhausted from the hot weather and not a cloud in the sky. This is actually one of the more suggestive images I've done using Ponies.
  13. In one of my recent postings (, I decided to do an experiment where everybody listed their initial thoughts to the title of the thread (“Hot Horse”). Some of you wondered why I decided to try such an experiment. Before I go on, let me state I have written this response very carefully and have done my best to be considerate of everyone’s feelings as I want to do my best not to upset nor provoke anyone. I will now reveal my intensions. First I would like to point out that “Hot Horse” is an equestrian term that means a horse that is overly excited or energetic, and/or easily spooked or shy at strange objects. If a horse is too “hot”, people will usually want to clam that horse down. Let me also remark that of all the participants who posted in my experiment, only one participant pointed this out. Anyway, what inspired me to try that experiment was this Topic on the Show Discussion ( This topic basically talks about a scene in “Daring Don’t” where Daring Do jokingly stated that she wasn’t giving up the ring easily and Rainbow Dash watching from afar reacts to Daring Do’s joke/comeback by making a unique sort of face, and it sees to ask the participants (at least that’s how I interpret the somewhat “cryptically written” intro of the topic) if they agree that Rainbow Dash’s reaction was meant to signify that she had developed (not necessarily at that moment) a “serious” interest in Daring Do other mares (a “serious” interest like that a mare would normally have in stallions). Now make no mistake; I’m not implying that homosexuality is wrong (and I basically don’t think it’s wrong at all), nor am I implying that it’s wrong to talk about homosexuality or sex in general (as long as the conversation is responsible, intelligent, clam, open and mature about it). I’m also not implying that it’s wrong for people to give their opinion on something (freedom of speech is very important, even though we do need to be responsible and considerate of others as to how we use our freedoms including that of speech). My main concern is what I’ll right now call people’s “initial thoughts” of something (or the first thoughts or feelings of something that come to mind when that something is introduced to one’s stimuli, such as an image or sound). Now go to my experiment and take a brief look at what everybody wrote in response to seeing the phrase “Hot Horse”, and you’ll notice that a significant amount (though not all) of participants interpreted the word “Hot” in the sense meaning arousing, sexy and/or attractive. I find this very much related to how someone could interpret the face Rainbow Dash makes as her having a “serious” interest in Daring Do other mares (like that a mare would normally have in stallions). Do you ever sometimes wonder if some people (particularly those of Gen X and Gen Y, at least as far as I’m concerned) are expressing too many “immature”/”dirty” thoughts and/or feelings about certain things (as opposed to more “clean” thoughts)? Again, I don’t think it’s wrong for people to be homosexual (and I don’t think it’s something that’s “dirty”), and I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about homosexuality or sex in general (as long as the conversation is responsible, intelligent, clam, open and mature about it); however, I’m certain at least some of you would agree that taking an image (such as the face Rainbow Dash makes in “Daring Don’t”) that isn’t supposed to imply something sensitive and connecting it to something suggestive on purpose (as opposed to “intrusively”) is rather “immature”. As per another point regarding this topic about the face Rainbow Dash makes, you could also think about the lesson of the MLP:FiM episode, “Party Of One”. Remember when Pinkie Pie learned you should always expect the best from your friends (after Pinkie Pie expected something bad from her friends)? While it is natural that people will have all sorts of thoughts on something such as the Rainbow Dash makes in “Daring Don’t” (including thoughts that imply something means something suggestive), whenever we see something new or unusual, we should try our best to interpret it as something happy, normal or innocent (instead of something suggestive).
  14. Frozen Mass and Molten Mass with a fancy background! It turned out pretty nice! As you can see, Frozen Mass is a nice calm pony. While Molten Mass is the opposite! Feel free to use it! Just don't steal the credit plox! D; It's in 1920x1080. So most monitors are supported What do you think? Should i change anything?
  15. For the last 7 -10 days over in the UK the weather has been abnormally summer like for the UK. Normally the it is cold or rainy or both! It is unreal how hot it has been, we have had consecutive days of well above 20 degrees C and maybe have been the high 20's to the low 30's. It's amazing but our temperatures have been matching Florida's!: and are forecast to continue to do this for the new week, with the the hottest day of the year having already been broken multiple times in the last week, we are forecast to break it twice more over the next week! Currently not being able to go away for a family holiday this year is not looking so bad when it is this barmy hot, and although it may not feel the same with the lack of humidity and thunderstorms in the UK as in Florida, it defiantly feels like I am some place else then in the UK at the moment. As we all know, I love a good thunderstorm and there was forecast a change in the weather possible in a weeks time. Personally I'm hoping it lasts as long as possible! Stay safe UK brony's! :
  16. Is Spike a sicko? Yes he is. We all know this. Would he have loved those drawings? Yes he would have, which is why I thought drawing this would be appropriate. Anyway I would have drawn more, hence the weird open space, and a page with Twilight walking in, but my software keeps crashing up right now and I think this is as far as I'm gonna get with this one. Also first time drawing with a tablet, so hey! Anyhoo, go ahead and tear this thing apart if you want to.
  17. Was just curiously checking the Hot Topic channel just in case there was a new MLP Hot minute, and then found this. It's only just been uploaded! Three party cannons? Uh oh!
  18. Just wanted to show you the best hot dog ever, ate it while listening to Boys Noize's Mixmag DJ Mix
  19. Long story short: I was under a rock when the Hot Topic vinyl collectibles were being sold back in October. Rainbow Dash is still fairly cheap (Successfully sent an offer for $28 for one last night. Nearly double the Hot Topic price, but it was the best I could get at that point, as it's for my brony boyfriend's birthday in a little over a week, and not for me.), but Derpy's going for a lot more. Bids are getting as high as $53 on eBay. (Maybe Christmas madness that'll die down in a few days?) Head quarters was called for Hot Topic. They said it was sold out everywhere, and its unknown if they'll get more in stock. Advice Question: Should I risk waiting, or suck it up and bid higher than I'd like to on eBay? I really want her. She is extremely adorable. I usually hold my wallet back when looking at collectibles, but I can't resist. Has anyone heard anything from other sources, like if Derpy would be available again when Fluttershy and Dr. Whooves come out? Or if Derpy was definitely a limited edition? Thank you for reading!
  20. In direct response to user feedback, a change has been made in the way that hot topics are marked. Originally, any topic with over 40 replies would be marked as a hot topic. Now that this change has been made, only topics with recent, significant activity will receive a "hot topic" badge. (This change may take a little while to be reflected everywhere because the temperature of the topic is only updated when someone makes a new post.) Because certain areas are more active than other areas, the 'hot topic' requirements are different in each forum section. For example, it's easier for a topic to become a "hot topic" in the Welcoming Plaza than if it was in Cloudsdale. We will be fine tuning these settings over the next few days, so that we can get the right balance for all sections. Eventually, we may even add some type of “hot topics” display on the front page. The following image is an example that shows all of the available temperature indicators (ignore the number of replies): Red Hot topics are literally on fire. They have an insane activity level, and there's a very strong possibility that you will be ninja'd. Hot topics are where you can expect to get a good conversation going. The discussion is moving quickly, but not so quickly that everyone is about to post at the same time. Warm topics have an active but gentle pace. You can take your time and type, but you may have a bit of time before someone makes another response. Cool topics are topics that are less active than the others, but not dead. They just tend to move at a much lower speed of conversation. Frozen topics are locked. Topics cool off naturally over time. They also cool off as the time between posts increases. A topic that does not have a temperature badge attached is one that has either cooled off completely or never heated up to begin with. These new badges should make it easier to find active discussions without having to dig through a stack of 'hot topics' in each section. This improvement is part of our continued campaign for making MLP Forums the best MLP:FiM discussion site on the Internet. Over the next few months, we look forward to continuing to improve the MLP Forums experience by adding new features, polishing the features that we already have, and, most importantly, listening to our members' feedback. BTW, I bet you were expecting something a little bit different based on that title?