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Found 20 results

  1. - Hug is for friends! - Kissing is for lovebirds or if you just want to randomly - Kill is for the pony above you that you hate or you are mad - Revive is if you want to revive a fallen person - Dead is what you must post if you have been killed until somepony revives you - Explode is if you want to quit playing for good - Fus Ro Dah is Glomp, Kiss, AND Kill!! Just do one of the 7 actions the title says you can do! Hug, Kiss, Kill, Revive, Dead, Explode or FUS RO DAH!!! Have fun yall!! P.S. I got the idea from Shankveld's Marry, kiss, or banish to the moon.
  2. When you hug a pony (say Pinkie Pie or some other pony if you want) by wrapping your arms around them, they in turn wrap their hooves around you. Sounds nice, but would you mind if they started nuzzling you? As in gently nipping at you neck and shoulder with their mouth. Would you let them nuzzle you? Nuzzle them back? Or tell them to stop nuzzling you?
  3. RariLight shipping picture I had in my mind for a long time. Twilight and Rarity are my favorite ponies in the show, so my OTP is RariLight. Original size picture can be found on my DeviantArt: Twilight-and-Rarity-Snuggling ------ Black-and-white Line-Art of the picture: ------ I drew the original sketch two years ago. Here it is: But I didn't have enough skill to quickly make a decent picture based on it. (I'm not a professional artist, and I rarely draw anything, so the whole process takes a lot more time than experienced artists would need.) So, I was working on it gradually, perfecting the picture, until I felt I could upload and share it with everyone.
  4. If you could hug any pony (as much as you want), which one and why? I Personally would hug fluttershy because she's the cutest pony <3, but I want to know what you think!
  5. As we are aware of what happened in Orlando, I decided to do a drawing for Tabitha St. Germain of two characters that she voiced: Rarity and Derpy Hooves hugging each other in a sad and depressing tone.
  6. Hug the pony above you! It's very simple! Here is how it's played. Hug the person above you. The person with the most hugs by the end of a full week prior to this post wins. You may not hug yourself, and you may not hug the same person in the same day. You would have to wait a full day in order to hug a pony. You may only do one hug to the pony above you, and no hugs to the pony above the one above you. May the games begin! (\^ 3^/)
  7. The Title says it all. A remake of My Little Dashie
  8. Would you hug Celestia with fear or without fear? She requests a hug.... she likes being hugged by humans. (this version of her anyway) Would be too fearful to give her a hug. Since she's one of the leading ponies of Equestria? And the fandom make her often very overpowered... she could kill you in a blink of an eye if she wanted to if she was as powerful as in some fan fictions. Or would you have no fear at all hugging her?
  9. dead


    Why is it ok for girl and man to hug, girl and girl to hug, but if a guy hugs a guy you get a weird look? I just want to know why it is so weird (it's really not weird). Also if anyone wants a hug, you get hugs from me
  10. I'm a fan of Higurashi and Mlp, and I know a meeting between these two would go EXACTLY like this
  11. Let the hippie love reign!
  12. I really love this crack ship for some reason. I have no valid reason why beyond a cute fanfic I read lol.
  13. Gosh darn I like drawing these two together
  14. A commission for Rivendare. Hope you like it It's Ryder and Fluttershy. In a hug. Took bout 1 hour and a bit. Umm... Why iPod? Why you must upload image upside down And my paper isn't yellow
  15. What do you suppose hugging a Pony feels like? I imagine they would feel incredibly soft, like the softest pillow in the world, but even softer. And those big beautiful eyes of theirs staring back you with a warm smile. All Ponies would have to go around with chest paddles to stop us poor Humans from dying of cuteness overload. It's so sad, I never get to hug a living, breathing, super cute MLP FIM Pony. But that jerk of an alternate self of me from another universe will get to hug a MLP FIM Pony! Man, I hate that guy! Edit Note: I'm not sure I posted this in the right place.
  16. Hello! i'm new here, I just wanted to share this commission I got done from this awesome girl artist I met in Otakon 2011! Me and my favorite pony in the whole wide MLP universe! The honesty, love, strong-willed, determined, supportive pony in all of Apple Acres...APPLEJACK! (I've yet to find the artist's name, but if they're anywhere on here please let me know and thanks again for making this for me! )
  17. Why do I always wait until the last moment on Friday to do something awesome? Why does it have to be a three day weekend this week? WHYYYYYY?! Yesterday was the best day of my life. I guess I should give you a bit of backstory so you understand... THE BACKSTORY There's this kid that I like, no, love. I first got a crush on him in September, and it's May now. You can see how much my love has grown. My sister keeps pushing me to ask him out, but whoever says that it's easy to ask your crush out is W-R-O-N-G. I never have enough guts, especially when he's around his friends. Everybody knows I like him, including him, but I don't care. I have this moment of thinking he likes me, and another moment of thinking he hates me. Anyway, on Tuesday, my science teacher was talking about the buzzing sound mosquitos make, and how it attracts a male to a female, or vise versa. Then he started talking about how some of us kids "buzz" to each other, and pretty soon, the room was full of buzzing. The next day, in gym, this kid named Cammy was all like, "Admit it. You're jealous that he likes me." I just kept my cool. In science that same day, me and my friend were looking for groups to join. There were two three-person groups, one with my crush, and one with a person I know l likes my friend. So, I directed her over to that table, and I walked myself over to the table with my crush. He seemed pretty happy about it. I had made a deadline for making my move, Tuesday of next week. And now, the story starts. THE STORY At the bus loop that day, I was wandering around like I normally do, and I heard a "bzzzzz" behind me. I turned partly around, and there he was, following me and buzzing, his two friends trailing. One of his friends, Peter, pointed out the quite obvious fact that he was buzzing at me, and I just shook my head. It was just too good to be true. Then, a few minutes later, his other friend Ethan came up to me and started mumbling something. All I could make out was my crush's name. I had no idea otherwise, so I just shrugged. As I was walking away, though, I heard that familiar voice whimper, "You broke my heart..." I stopped in my tracks, and turned around, only to see that his bus was coming. He slowly walked to the line, and I figured that now was my chance. Despite my extreme nervousness and his surrounding friends, and walked right up to him, and hugged him. Yup. That's right. Full on hug. Right there. In front of all his friends. Every last one of them. I was so super OMG happy, I didn't even mind that my friend Phoenix was being strangely feral again. I didn't see his face, but I have a feeling he enjoyed it. So, that's my story. And now you see how I cannot wait until I see him again. I still get that warm feeling whenever I think about the hug. *Squee*! TL;DR I hugged my crush and I think he likes me.
  18. How i fell asleep last night with him, it was 4 in the morning and i couldnt sleep, so he messages me Him - *cuddles* Me - *leans against shoulder* Both of us - *falls asleep*
  19. #HugAPony! Some ponies just need to be shown some love! Luna, stuck alone for 1,000 years! #HugLuna RD, clearly acting the way she does out of a plea for love. #HugRD It's better than #yolo, or #cutforbeiber... You get the point. Now get out there and hug some ponies!
  20. I really like how the background turned out. The shading could've been better, but meh. X_X and his right arm...