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Found 6 results

  1. So I have been thinking about this all day and I can't find a clear answer, so I've decided to ask you guys. "The Incredible Hulk" movie from 2008 starred Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, but "The Avengers" starred Mark Ruffalo as the same character. Now, I know why Ed Norton did not play Banner in the Avengers, I am not asking why there is just a different actor, but what has been bothering me is how both movies are canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the universe "The Avengers" takes place in, the events of "The Incredible Hulk" also took place. There is even a scene after the credits in "The Incredible Hulk" where Tony Stark (A.K.A. Robert Downy Jr.) shows up. My questions for you guys are: Is there a canon explanation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for why the Bruce Banner from "The Incredible Hulk" is not the same Bruce Banner from "The Avengers"? If not, then do you have any theories?
  2. A Brazilian man's body left green because he used the wrong type of paint after he tried to become the Hulk.
  3. For those who have seen the new movie The Avengers, who was the overall best? Inb4 I get statements saying that it's only matter of personal preference Tony Stark is best avenger, hands down. His genius, his intellect, his generosity (even shown in the Iron Man films quite a bit), his ability to work under extreme pressure (Iron Man 1), and his vibrant personality sets him aside from many comic book superheroes, not just the rest of the Avengers... I mean, no offense, Captain. I still love your humility and leadership qualities!
  4. Ok, so I was listening to daughtry's crash, when I though to my self, is the hulk's farts toxic. He is gamma radiated, but still human. I went on to go on and ask my sister and she gave me a puzzled look of concern. She said to "post dat shit on dem forums", so here I am. I know this might be stupid, but I am looking for a legitimate answer because I, along with everybody else, am very weird ;3. So, I guess have fun.
  5. for the full description go to My deviant art HorrorshowMania heres a short description after getting enraged over losing a fight, bryan transformed into this monstrosity. He wreaked havoc all through the city, it took so many "warriors" and enforcement units to try and stop him. While in this form his strength is that of a titan, he picked up a 90 story tower, (yes a tower) and was able to throw it an amazing distance of half a mile. bullets and missiles do nothing but piss him off, seeing as they literally bounce off of him. there will be a more of a story on deviant art later. enjoy when my drawing skills increase and become better i will put this guy into a comic, so much action will be in that comic!
  6. Anyone else seen this movie yet? It's so good. My suggestion if you haven't seen it... go. NOW! The Hulk was epic. I thought it was going to annoy me but was by far my favorite character. Who did you like?