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Found 43 results

  1. (Author's Note: This story is being published mainly due to the encouragement and gentle prodding of a trusted mentor *cough @Alexshy cough*, who feels it is worthy enough to see the light of day. All blame to me if it fails to meet expectations. This is a multi-chapter story, and will be updated sporadically.) 1. Through the Hoops, Through the Portal “Please have a seat, they’ll be with you shortly.” Nodding my thanks to the pony seated behind the ornate desk, I sat down in one of the plush chairs in the empty waiting room. My nerves were evident as I fiddled with the folder in my hands, the enclosed papers containing additional information along with the CV I had previously provided. It was a stroke of luck that I was even able to get this far in the process; from what I had heard, there were literally hundreds of thousands of applications, and that was just from my country alone. Thinking to myself, as I sat in the waiting room at the top of one of the tallest towers in the city, I resolved that no matter what happened today, I would be happy that I had at least made it this far in the process. *~*~*~*~* My journey to this place began several months ago. It began innocently enough with reports of strange beings being sighted in different parts of the world. Tales flew about creatures that resembled miniature horses, some with single horns on top of their heads, others with wings and the ability to fly. Naturally, most of these were attributed to vivid imaginations and consumption of the local hallucinogen of choice, and quickly dismissed as fallacy. It wasn’t until the appearance of a taller equine-like creature, sporting both large singular horn and wings, appeared at the nation’s capital that these sightings were taken more seriously. She introduced herself to the nervous security and law enforcement forces as Princess Luna Nocturnis, co-ruler of a land called Equestria with her sister, Princess Celestia Solaris. After making initial diplomatic contact, both of these “alicorns” (as they identified themselves) were soon addressing the nations of the world at the United Nations building, seeking to establish relations with this strange world their inhabitants had reported visiting in recent times. Some of the more ambitious of the world’s leaders attempted to conquer this strange land with military might. Watching an entire army battalion being essentially wiped from the face of the earth by not an army, but one lone alicorn with a nasty temper, sent the message that these creatures were perhaps not to be trifled with, but rather approached with friendship and kindness. After a few months, when things had calmed down, the princesses sent forth word that they were considering allowing some humans to live among the ponies, and that those interested should submit an application, along with an accounting of all education and employment, and those that passed initial screening would be contacted for a face-to-face interview. I figured I had nothing to lose, it might be a nice change of pace from the life I currently knew, and you never know what will happen unless you give it a shot. I made my submission and waited. I received a box in the mail a couple of days later. The box contained a candle, with holder, and a note. The note said to light the candle, and await further communication. I admit, it was a bit unnerving at first to see a candle burn without melting away, and the greenish flame was unlike anything I had seen since I had worked at the copper manufacturing plant. Still, if nothing else, it would have made a nice conversation piece. Three days later, a scroll popped into existence from the flame and dropped on my desk. I had been selected for an interview, and was given the date, location, and time. So this is really going to happen, I thought. I prepared myself to give the best possible impression I could, and made sure all of the information that they could possibly ask for was correct and in my possession. *~*~*~*~* “They’re ready for you now,” the receptionist pony said, indicating a set of large wooden doors. Thanking her, I stood up, straightening my clothing and checking to ensure that everything was as close to perfect as I could manage. Taking a calming breath, I steeled my resolve and knocked upon the doors. “Come in, please,” a voice called out. I turned the knob and entered, seeing both Princess Celestia and Luna sitting behind an even bigger desk than the one out front. I saw their smiles slip a little bit when I entered, and it took all of my will to keep my own smile upon my face. Well, so much for this, I thought. Perhaps I’m not what they want after all. I bowed reverently when I got closer. “Your highnesses, thank you for seeing me,” I said, maintaining a cheerful demeanor. The princesses both nodded. “Please have a seat,” Princess Celestia said, indicating the chair with her hoof. I sat down, clutching my folder perhaps tighter than I realized. I loosened my grip to prevent damaging the contents. “As we explained in the scroll we sent,” Princess Luna said, “this phase will further determine which candidates will be selected for our pilot program. Following the interviews, we will be conducting thorough background checks on every applicant. Are there any incidents that we should be aware of that will turn up in our search?” I shook my head. “Short of past traffic violations, all of which should have been expunged by now, I have no type of criminal record.” Luna smiled a little. “Excellent.” She and Celestia looked over copies of my CV. Celestia flipped the pages with her magic. “You’ve held quite a few jobs in your time. Did you not have a clear career path in mind for yourself?” Celestia asked, her brow arched, studying me and my reaction. I sighed inwardly, hoping it didn’t reflect on my expression. “I had a few aspirations when I was younger, mostly boyhood dreams and the like. I wasn’t able to fulfill them in the manner I wanted to, but I did at least make some effort to realize them. It did take me a while to see what I truly was happy doing, and as you should be able to see, most of the jobs I held had that element in common throughout my employment history.” Celestia nodded. “I see. And, it isn’t like humans have cutie marks to guide their destiny along, either.” She shifted a few papers. “Do you have your medical history and copy of latest physical?” “Yes,” I replied, handing her a stack of papers. “These are the results of my latest DOT physical, I hope they’re satisfactory. I also have results from visits with my primary care doctor.” “Yes, this will do nicely.” Celestia and Luna studied the papers. After a short while. Celestia set the papers down on the desk. “Now, do you have any questions for us?” Luna asked, studying my reactions carefully. I thought for a moment. “I was curious as to what the overall goals of this program were, and if there was any special criteria you were seeking.” Luna nodded. “A fair question indeed. Simply put, there have been lots of questions about your world from our subjects, and we thought that by introducing your species into our world gradually, with a few select families, our little ponies could see and talk to you, perhaps soothing fears and learning about you in the process.” “And while my sister did indicate that we are seeking families to raise human children in our world,” Celestia added, “we are also seeking single individuals so our ponies can get a fuller picture of how humans live and interact.” Slightly relieved at hearing that, I nodded. At least I wasn’t completely out of the running yet. “And you will provide assistance in getting established in Equestria, I take it?” “Correct,” Celestia said. “A house will be provided for the selected candidates, who will be placed strategically in a town of our choosing. A small stipend will be provided for the first month, after which we expect the candidates to have gained employment and be self-sufficient. Of course, we will assist in a small way if unforeseen circumstances arise.” “We have gained knowledge regarding how humans in general live,” Luna added, “and to that end we are making arrangements to provide for those chosen, so their arrival will not be complete culture shock.” “Will a list be provided of what can and cannot be transported into Equestria?” “The chosen candidates will be given a list, yes. Bear in mind that any contraband that is attempted to be smuggled in will result in instant disqualification, at the very least.” Luna looked stern at that last part, no doubt still remembering the attempted invasion. I had no doubt about what might happen in that case. I thought for a moment. “I believe that covers everything I was curious about.” Both princesses smiled. “Excellent.” Celestia began gathering up the paperwork. “We have many other interviews to conduct, but we expect the process to be complete within the next three months. Keep your dragon-fire candle burning, and we will send word when we have made our decisions. You will be notified even if you are not selected.” The princesses rose, and I did likewise. I shook each princess’s hoof in turn, with a slight bow to each. “Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” “Thank you for coming down today, we will be in touch,” Luna said cordially. I turned and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me. I saw two other candidates waiting as I said a quick thank-you to the receptionist and headed for the elevator for my ride to the ground floor. My mind wandered while waiting for the elevator to arrive, and thought about what it would be like to start over again in a completely different world. This was much different from a cross-country move, which I had done twice before, once east-to-west, and once north-to-south. I would be a complete outsider, a foreigner in a foreign land, learning new customs and way of life. I began to wonder if I was indeed over my head, and up to the task. The ding of the elevator interrupted my thoughts, and I stepped inside for my journey back to the lower levels. No sense fretting about it now; it wasn’t even guaranteed I’d be selected for the program. The doors slid shut, and the elevator took me back down to the ground floor. *~*~*~*~* Six months came and went, and still I waited to hear word about the aftermath of the interview. I had figured they would have been swamped with applicants, each seeking their own place in history – after all, how great would it be to lay claim to being chosen to live in an entirely different world? That’s a science- fiction fan’s dream come true. Because of this, I figured the selection process would take a longer time than what could be counted as ‘normal’ by Earth standards. My daily routine continued, and I even started to bank some extra money and pay off my debts. It wasn’t because I had it in my head that I would be chosen, rather it was a sound idea and something I should have been doing long before this even took place. At least now, I had added incentive to clean the slate. Day after day, the dragon-fire candle on my desk continued to burn, but never lost any mass due to melting. The sun hadn’t even risen fully on that Sunday morning when I heard a loud thump coming from the area near my desk. Grumbling, I stumbled out of bed and threw a pair of shorts on, and walked out to see what had fallen over this time. I was stunned to see a pile of books and papers, standing about nine inches tall, next to the candle. A scroll sealed with wax lay on top of the stack, bearing the seals of both of the princesses – a sun motif for Celestia, and a moon for Luna. Carefully, I broke the seals and unrolled the scroll. It read: A good day to you, After a lengthy and careful process, we are pleased to announce that you have been selected for our residency program in Equestria. We had received many applications, and conducted scores of interviews, and you scored within the upper percentile in each facet of our criteria. In this packet are the papers necessary to begin the citizenship process, along with books and pamphlets for you to read in an effort to prepare you for the customs and lifestyles you will be experiencing upon your arrival. We have also enclosed a list of items that are forbidden to cross into our world, along with recommendations for items you should bring for your own personal comfort. You have been selected to reside in the town of Ponyville. Proper housing is being secured and will be ready upon your arrival. We have arranged your arrival date for six months from the date of this letter. As our calendars are similar in design and length, we trust this should not pose too great an inconvenience in getting your affairs in order prior to departure. We will also arrange for transportation of your goods into our world. Once again, we bid you congratulations, and eagerly look forward to welcoming you as one of our newest citizens to Equestria. Most sincerely yours, Celestia Luna I re-read the scroll to make sure there was no misunderstanding, and that I hadn’t missed a word. Nope, sure enough, it was really happening. Being too excited to go back to sleep, I instead made a lovely celebratory breakfast and coffee, and while I ate, I read through some of the literature that had been provided. *~*~*~*~* Six months may seem like a long time, but as I knew from past experience, time had a way of sneaking up on you, leaving you scrambling at the last moment. I was determined to not let that happen. I carefully made a list of things that needed to be done, and their approximate completion dates. I also had to begin the arduous process of sorting through the things that I had collected during my life, and deciding which would come with me and which would be forever discarded. Of all the tasks I faced during that six months, this was perhaps the hardest one of all to complete. And, as I had expected it would, the actual day of the move came all too soon. “Here’s the last one,” I said, placing a cardboard box on the tail end of the wagon. Yes, wagon. A rather large wagon pulled by a tall pony. He’s what they call an ‘earth pony,’ having no wings or horn. He was gray-furred, or at least I guess it was called fur, and had a brown mane and tail. He wore a battered Stetson-style hat on his head, and busied himself positioning the things I brought out of the apartment, securing them tightly inside the wagon. He had a unique design on his flanks, what I learned from my reading was called a ‘cutie mark,’ and his was of a wagon wheel with a set of wings. He told me the other ponies all called him Longhaul, and back in his younger days he carried goods across the whole of Equestria. Having been a cross-country driver myself, we hit it off pretty well, swapping stories about our lives on the road, and the strange things we’d seen, although nothing I could tell compared with some of the encounters that Longhaul had during his career. I mean, sure, I’d hauled produce and been bonked on the head by crates of broccoli and heads of lettuce when the loads shifted, but at least a gang of ravenous rabbits never attempted to hijack my load. “You sure that’s all there is?” Longhaul asked, looking over the load as he slid the last box into place. “I was expecting lots more than this, given the stories from the other moving ponies.” I shook my head. “Nah, I’m only taking the essentials. I figure I’ll be acquiring more stuff once I get settled in.” Longhaul nodded. “Gotcha.” He secured the load with straps. “So, what’s left to do?” “Just got to lock up, turn the keys in to the rental office, and then we’re ready to cross.” I stopped and looked around. It was just after noontime, the day was clear and bright but not too warm, and as I looked around, it was finally sinking in that this could be the last time I ever set foot on the world I had known as home. The enormity of it hit me and I felt tears forming I my eyes. I blinked them away quickly and drew a shuddering breath. I felt a hoof nudge my arm. “Hey, you okay?” Longhaul asked, his voice filled with concern. I nodded slowly. “Yeah, I’m okay.” I passed a bottle of cold water over to Longhaul and sat down on the steps leading to the apartment. “Let’s just take a quick rest before we head out.” Longhaul took a drink from the bottle, holding it quite well for a creature with only hooves. Seeing that was going to take some getting used to on my part. “So, what made you want to leave all of this and come to Equestria?” he asked, adjusting his hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. It took me a minute to ponder my answer. “Humans are strange creatures. We’re always on the lookout for new experiences, wanting to try new things, just to see if we can do them. Some do this for financial gain, some for the excitement and thrill they get out of it … me, I just thought it would be a nice change, and I really don’t have much here anyway. Why not see what I could do somewhere else?” “If that’s the case, then why go somewhere completely unknown? Staying here and moving to a different town or city would be a change,” Longhaul countered. “’Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’ Yeah, it would be a change, but would still be familiar. And, I suspect after a short while, it would feel exactly the same as it does now. I wanted to go somewhere completely new and learn it from the ground up — the customs, the inhabitants, the ways to make a living. I guess it’s more of my last hurrah — do it now before I get too old to do anything.” Finishing my water, I stood up and walked back into the apartment, taking a careful look around. After making sure I hadn’t left behind anything I wanted to take, I secured the apartment and walked back outside to Longhaul. “This won’t take long, I’ll be back in a minute.” Having turned in my key, I went back to where Longhaul was waiting with the wagon. He had hitched himself up and was ready to get moving. About a month before the move, I bought myself a bicycle and began riding regularly, in an attempt to get used to it as it would be my preferred method of transportation in Equestria. I mounted up and pulled alongside Longhaul. “Okay, let’s head out, we’re losing daylight.” With a mighty tug, Longhaul got the wheels on the wagon rolling and we made our way to the portal. It was explained in the literature that I received that the portals were an experiment gone awry, which was the reason for the random appearances at various points across the globe. The princesses managed to refine the spell that created them, allowing for more pinpoint placement, which meant that when the day arrived for the move, there was a portal waiting along a quiet side road not far from my apartment. All the better from a security standpoint. Two stone-faced guards stood by the portal entrance. Longhaul and I slowed our approach, and came to a stop when instructed. One guard went over to the wagon while the second approached me. “May I see your access papers, sir?” the guard asked in an official tone. I quickly passed the paperwork over to the guard, who took them in his magic and nodded after giving them a cursory glance. “Okay, please wait here while we finish our inspection. Won’t take too long.” The guard returned to the wagon to aid his partner. Word had spread about one couple that had attempted to smuggle some contraband across the portal. Their stupidity was rewarded with a complete revocation of their citizenship offer and a stint in the Equestrian prison system, before being returned to Earth. I shook my head when I learned about this, wondering just how stupid my fellow humans could be, and cautioning myself to not think too hard about that lest I get an answer that I might not like. After a few minutes, the guard returned to me and passed my papers back. “Everything checks out. Welcome to Equestria.” He smiled and gave a signal to his partner, who lit her own horn and directed it at the portal entrance. The portal, which had been a hazy, opaque oval shape framed by a ring of gold, suddenly became clearer. On the other side stood small, modest houses, dirt roads, and just at the entrance, a welcoming committee of ponies. A pony mare with gray hair and glasses stood in front of the group, bearing a nervous smile. Longhaul let out a low whistle. “Wow, looks like the entire town came out to greet you. Just remember not to say anything stupid,” he quipped. I chuckled and gave him a slight nudge. “Guess we’d better not keep anybo—err, pony waiting.” Dismounting my bicycle, I pushed it along while I walked alongside Longhaul, crossing through the portal slowly. The guards followed, and once we had made it to the other side, the portal vanished without a trace.
  2. Hoo, boy, do I have a lot to say. If you didn't know, I'm working on a fanfiction for MLP: FiM. It's gonna be a human in Equestria fanfic. Right now, chapter 2 is about halfway done. I'm gonna write up to Chapter 10, and then I'll need some people to read it. So please can a few of you guys read it? I'll pay you if I have to! Anyway, I'm really hyped for this fanfic. After I've fixed up the first 10 chapters, I'm gonna publish them to or or something. I'm also gonna make official artwork and an official wiki for it. And if it's successful enough, I'll make a web manga, and if it's REALLY successful, then I'll make a web anime series. (Though that probably won't happen.) As for how long it's gonna be, it's gonna be VERY long. I'm talking longer than Fallout: Equestria long. Probably even longer than the entire Lord of the Rings series. If you wanna hear more, leave a comment or send me a message. Cheers!
  3. I've always wondered - what do you guys think the Mane 6 and CMC would look like as actual humans - no multicoloured hair, eyes, skin tones (basically human skin tones, hair colors, eye colors). By the way, please don't call anypony out for being racist just because they imagine the Mane 6 and CMC all white, that's not nice . Mane 6: Twilight Sparkle - I always imagined Twilight as either Hispanic or African- American, with thick, dark brown hair that goes halfway down her back, and dark brown eyes. Also, she would have glasses >3< Rarity - Asian, probably Korean, with waist-length black hair and dark dark brown, almost black, eyes. I don't think its possible to have black hair and blue eyes naturally. Fluttershy - Japanese- American, long light brown hair (almost blonde, but not quite), with gentle green eyes with a faint blue tint. My cousin has a friend that's Japanese, and she's very gentle and shy with others. Rainbow Dash - I always imagined her as the one that Rarity would get jealous at for her looks. For her, I imagine her as a white (don't get mad at me), with thick, platinum blonde hair, slightly below waist length (No, I'm not going to imagine her with short hair ) and large, pale blue eyes framed with jet black eyelashes. It's easier to dye blonde hair anyways, so she can easily dye it rainbow Pinkie Pie - I can't imagine a good race for her, probably either caucasian or white, with super duper curly red hair and blue eyes. Red is similar to pink, and blue is her eye color in the show Applejack - Pretty obvious, but, whatever, white with long yellow- blonde hair, green eyes, and tanned skin, since she works out in the sun frequently, CMC: Apple Bloom - white, long, straight red hair, amber eyes. #nailedit Sweetie Belle - white (I just can't imagine Sweetie Belle as an Asian, sorry Rarity ), long, curly, strawberry blonde hair, pale green eyes. The Chicken Scootaloo - white (damn I have a good chance on being called for for being racist), shoulder length red hair, and.... green eyes? I don't know. Comment down below what you would think they would have as their eye color, hair color, and race as humans! Adios!
  4. I've thought about this for years now, and I REALLY wanna make a fanfic like this. (Though it isn't gonna be like most in which a Brony visits Equestria, and this story is also gonna be pretty long, and a LOT darker than the show.) It's not really gonna be a slice of life story like most HiE fanfics, but it's gonna be a "hero's journey" story. Something like that. Something else I should point out is that the Equestria in this fanfiction is different than the Equestria in the show (A small example is that some place that are in the show don't exist here, and there are places that exist here that aren't in the show.) A lot of people I've seen who complained about HiE fanfics is that the human character is a "self insert", and that they don't have much, if any, flaws. (Though I'm not 100% sure what character flaws are.) And I've also, seen some people say that it CAN work, but it would have to be a really talented writer and it would need a LOT of creativity. (Which I'm not sure if I am or have those things.) But I've seen a lot of people say that the concept in and of itself is just dumb. But I dunno, is HiE fanfiction just cringey?
  5. Note: If you don't like human related stories, please turn back now or only share your opinion without ranting about this. I hope you understand. I saw that there wasn't a single fan-club for this group which doesn't feel right to me, because it has been a well-known genre and despite all the hate this genre get, there are some excellent stories out there. Anyways this fanclub is for people who enjoy reading/writing well-made HiE (either ponified humans or not) stories or fan of this genre at all. I add Lyra to the topic because she's usually shown having an obsession with humans (obviously). As for me I love a well-written HiE story. I'd like to know your opinion. I will share some of my most favorite (SFW) stories here. Here is a beautiful fanart. These are only a few of those I has read. You can also share your own favorite (SFW) stories and fanart. Believe me: Only because a story has a human or humans in it, it doesn't mean that it has to be the worst. Rule regarding NSFW material applies here as well. Most important of all: Respect every other fanclub and members. Feel free to share your opinion on the topic.
  6. Does anyone here like Human and Pony romance stories. *Gasp!* Duh duh duh! Banish me to the moon for my heresy! Yes, romance stories between a sapient alien pastel MLP FIM Pony and a Human. I do, because I love stories that explore xenophilia between other sapient beings. Do you like Human and Pony romance? Do you have no strong feelings one way or the other? Or do you dislike Human and Pony romance?
  7. Note: Human In Equestria, an alternate Princess Celestia is a rapid My Little Human fan and blah blah blah. Would you date Princess Celestia? I would, because one I would feel extremely flattered that a thousand year old Sun Goddess would like a nerd like me, two I think she's damn beautiful. But my mortality may make her grief horribly when I die on her, although I think I would be willing to let her use magic to make myself immortal like her. I wouldn't even mind if she was a rapid My Little Human fan. Hey, it's xenophilia guys to date sapient beings.
  8. Here's part 2 of my "My Little Human" idea. It's been one year since William's arrival in equestria, and the maine six decide to throw a party for him in celebration. However, when they arrive at William's home, all they can find is his phone a note. Turns out that he was abducted by another human who calls himself "The Glue Maker". He tells the ponies to go through the same portal that William entered into equestria. When they enter, they get a call from The Glue Maker, telling them that "You're the villains, and I am the freaking hero!"
  9. I've been posting a lot of episode ideas for MLP, some of which got a wonderful amount of support. However, this idea may be my biggest one yet. Sit tight, fillies and gentle colts, because I'm about to lay down what is possibly the best episode idea ever (at this moment and time). William Stranton, a normal guy living in Missouri, gets sucked into a vortex, teleporting him to Ponyville at night. After trying to get some answers as to where he is and getting hit unconscious by rainbow dash, he wakes up in prison. He is told by Twilight that he is charged with arson. However, Twilight takes pity on William and decides to help him out by solving the arson case. Long story short, William is found not guilty, and Celestia even offers him a place in Ponyville. William agrees under one condition; if another human is to ever come into Equestria again, they are to be treated as friends, not enemies. This episode(s) would be about accepting others, even if they are different.
  10. What do you think of human turned pony stories? (Human in Equestria.... former human in Human) A human becomes a pony in a fan fiction by just being in Equestria or something. Personally, I heavily dislike such stories. I just strongly dislike ponification of a human. I much prefer the human remain human in Equestria.
  11. Chapter 1 - It's CHRISTMAS! ========================================================= His eyes jolt open to the sound of a blizzard and frantic wind blowing onto his quaint little house in Ponyville. It took him a few minutes to realize that his upper body was up while his lower body was still relaxed onto the bed, he sighs softly to himself as he had remembered what the others had said, there would be a snow storm later tonight. "Huh, guess they were right." He said out loud and to no one in particular as he got up and walked to the opened window and closed it to avoid getting hypothermia in his own home, what a way to go that would be. 'Here lies Kyo Sunbringer, forgot to close window.' The sudden mental image made him laugh a little bit and got him to remind himself that he was alone in the house to share no laughs with. Its even worse when all the ponies he knows are either to busy to hang out with him or they practically hate his guts enough to stop caring about him. It hurts, but it's the sad truth... And funnily enough, you accept that. It was a full month when he got here in Equestria by... Strange paranormal means, let's call it. And when he had met the ponies, they were incredibly excited and frightened to meet him. They all thought he would gobble them up, hurt them or take their children. ... Okay, granted he did pick up a filly and nuzzled her from her adorableness, but her sister came around and practically KICKED him in the chest and was out like a light. What a misunderstanding that was... Thought it didn't stop her from distrusting him completely and warned the other ponies to not get too involved with him, but the lavender purple alicorn herself had an interested look in her eye when she found out that Kyo was completely sentient. And believe it or not, he too was a little confused on how sentient these creatures were but that's neither here nor there. Within a full week he was able to get some ponies trust by just staying away from them, 'strangely enough you do what they ask to do and they'll start to feel bad for you.' he thought. Now a month later he was at a neutral relationship with the town, but he still needed room for improvement, but he'll cross that bridge once he gets to it. Right now, it was Christmas and he decided to celebrate it his own special way: alcohol and the time to feel sorry for himself and have a mild case of depression, y'know the usual shindig. But it was even more depressing since he was the only one who celebrated Christmas while the others celebrated... "Oh man, what was it called again?" He said out loud. "Hearth's warming! That's right!" He continued as he clicks his fingers. "Even in a happier place like this, I can't stop my old habits." He said as he walked into his workshop and got a bottle of Applejack Daniels from the cabinet. "Pfft, Applejack Daniels, seriously? Ugh, I hate whiskey..." Somewhere out there you could hear the fated words coming: "Pass the whiskey!" He shook his head and chuckled at the strange mental image again, he sighs. "Well, this is better than nothing I guess." He sat down and opened the bottle, he got a shot glass and poured some in, after that he took the shot and shivered from it. It wasn't unpleasant, it was more sweet than burning. The taste of apple and cinnamon overriding the taste of disgusting alcohol was a nice exchange... He could definitely drink more of this and hopefully feel plastered by the end of the bottle or if his lightweight side came along the first quarter would knock him clean out. His wish was for either since he wanted this day to go faster and by Tria, he would do anything to not trigger any horrible memories, not only that but he didn't want to be bothered by anyp-- Before he could finish that inner monologue, the doorbell rang. Kyo looked over to the door and sighed to himself as he ignored it and went for another drink, but the doorbell rang once more and a couple more for good measure, this made him a little bit annoyed and got up, he walks to the door and opened it. It was Spike, and he seemed to be shivering. 'Which was odd since I normally thought he was immune to weather conditions, guess it didn't sink in just yet.' He thought in his mind and then wondered. "So, what's up Spike? Need anything?" Despite Kyo's impatience and annoyance to the drake, he couldn't say anything mean to the guy, he was the only one who he found to be even close to a friend. Spike looked a little bit unsure of himself. "Hey Kyo... Uhm, I was wondering if you'd come over to the castle." Kyo blinks a bit and folds his arms. "Oh really? Why?" Now he was getting impatient, but he was curious as to see where this goes. Spike took notice and nervously smiles. "Eheh... Well, Twilight really wants to see you and it's been a few days since she last saw you... S-so did the other girls." Kyo couldn't believe a single word he said, so he looked around the snowy streets of Ponyville and looked back at Spike. "Is this a joke?" He finally said. "This isn't some prank Rainbow has you dished out, has she? Cause if so, I'm not laughing Spike. This isn't funny!" Kyo said looking at Spike whom looked a little bit hurt and Kyo felt a bit guilty from nearly exploding from rage. "I-I know that you guys haven't been getting along b-but..." He stammered out and Kyo sighed and shook his head. "Sorry Spike, I refuse tonight... I got a lot on my mind and being around friends isn't gonna help... In fact, I think its best that you ignore me for the rest of this week." Kyo said in a bit more of a tolerable tone, but it still made Spike a little upset. "O-oh... Okay, erm... Is it about this 'Christmas' thing?" He said with a bit curiousness to his voice. Oh the naivety of youth. Kyo had sighed again. "Kinda, but it's also got something to do with me and the girls in general, if I be there in the castle I'm just going to make things worse and no doubt I'd cause a lot of trouble." Spike looked down and nodded in understanding. "Oh... Okay. Alright, well if you change your mind..." He said solemnly, he looks to the floor and begins waddling back to the castle. A part of Kyo wanted to scold himself for declining the guy, but you know what they say: 'Don't feed the flames with more fuel.' And Kyo just didn't want to be THAT guy whom has fuelled the flames for just being there. Kyo closed the door and sat back down on the table to get another drink of Applejack Daniels, hopefully tonight will go down without a hitch. "Cheers." He said solemnly before downing the shot and sighing loudly to himself. [End of Chapter 1]
  12. For a while now, Malachi Dupre had been dating Rainbow Dash when they were both at LSU. Some time later, Malachi would make history by becoming the first human (and American) to travel to Equestria. The scene right before the journey: "Malachi, are you sure about this?" said Dash nervously. "Trust me, Dash, I know what I'm doing", replied Malachi confidently. "Just be careful and try not to get in any trouble." said Dash. "Don't worry, I'll be careful", said Malachi. Soon the portal to Equestria had been fired up and was now active. Malachi hugged his parents and Dash, and stepped through the portal. Unfortunately, the force on the portal was rather strong. "SHIITT!", yelled Malachi as the portal's energy sucked him through quite fast. Right before Malachi came out on the other side, he blacked out... Malachi woke up on the other side. "Ohh, man... what a ride..", he groaned. The portal had made him a little dizzy. Malachi took a step forward and began his journey. The first location was Ponyville, which looked like a nice little town. Malachi had be careful, though, because the ponies there had never seen a human before. He looked around the entirety of the village, and then moved on. The next stop: Cloudsdale. Unfortunately, he couldn't go up there because it was in the sky and he had no method of flight. The next location: Manity, a place that bordered Equestria. Malachi walked through the small town. However, when everyone saw him, they pointed towards the castle in which the Royal Family of Manity lived in. Malachi walked up the stairs of the castle to the gates. Suddenly, he was hit by a tranquilizer dart! Unbeknownst to him, the pony who had shot him was Crescent, the prince of the family. When Malachi came to, he noticed he was in a lab. He tried to move, but he was stuck. He was clamped down and laid back on a cot. "Hey! Where am I?! Let me go!!", Malachi cried desperately. "Welcome, Malachi...", said a dark and eerie voice. "Who are you?! What is this place?!", cried Malachi. "This,", said the voice, "Is the lab in which you are to be transformed. We will make sure your visit to Equestria is one to remember." "What will I be transformed into?!" cried Malachi. "Into what we are," said the voice, who turned out to be Crescent! Two other ponies walked in: Emerald and Summer. Emerald walked up to Malachi, "You look like a nice one to turn," said said sweetly. "Emerald" , said Crescent, "would you do the honors? This would make history in our world." Emerald jumped up onto the cot where Malachi lay and revealed her true form to him: a vampire pony! "What the hell are you?!", screamed Malachi in fear. "I am a vampire pony.", said Emerald."It is a type of Equestrian creature that is half pony, half vampire. They function much like the vampires in your world". Emerald reached her fangs towards toward Malachi's right shoulder and sunk her fangs into it. Malachi screamed in pain. The pain was unlike anything he'd ever felt. Emerald continued to drain Malachi. After about 5 more seconds, she released her fangs from his shoulder. "Well,", she said, "I never thought human blood would taste so good". "I.. I'll.. You'll pay for that!", Malachi groaned. "Release him.", said Emerald. Crescent released the clamps holding Malachi down. Malachi slid to the floor. He got up, and a portal opened back to Baton Rouge. He slowly trudged back through it. Right before he was through, he heard Emerald say this: "You will transform when the night is full...". Friday, November 5, 2016 8:00 PM CT Tiger Stadium Baton Rouge, LA "Here come your Fighting Tigers of L-S-UUUU!!" boomed the announcer. LSU ran onto the field. They were excited for the matchup with Alabama. LSU had not beaten the Crimson Tide in a long time. Tonight, they were looking for a win. Unfortunately, they would see something else... Later: 1st and Goal, Alabama 5, 12:00 1st quarter. Brandon Harris received the snap. He looked and threw it to Malachi for the touchdown! Malachi was celebrating when suddenly, he saw the moon.It was full! Malachi cried out in pain and crumpled to to the ground, thrashing violently. Jamal Adams came running over: "Dude, are you okay?!", cried Jamal nervously. "Jamal!.. get away!!", said Malachi. "What? Why?", asked Jamal. "You don't want to see this!", groaned Malachi. Malachi's body cracked and changed. He split his shoulder pads. He let out a roar. "What the fuck is happening to you, man?!?!", cried Jamal. "I... I'm... I'm a VAMPIRE PONY!!!!", roared Malachi. His transformation was complete. Malachi was a black-coated vampire pony with a purple tail, black wings, and purple eyes with animal-like slits... Malachi, now a vampire pony, snarled at Jamal menacingly. He unsheathed his fangs and approached Jamal: "D-don't hurt me!!", cried Jamal in fear. Malachi did not listen and continued to approach Jamal. He jumped on top of Jamal and pinned him to the ground. "Aaaahh!! Get off me!!!", screamed Jamal. Malachi reached his fangs over to Jamal's right shoulder and began to feed. Jamal screamed in pain as he was being drained of blood. Suddenly, Kendell Beckwith ran up and threw Malachi off of Jamal. But it was too late... Jamal was changing!!! He cried out in pain, his body cracking and changing into a vampire pony with a dark grey coat, golden-yellow eyes, and a purple tail. He hissed and jumped on top of Kendell. Kendell managed to fight him off, but then Malachi went after Coach Miles!!! Les did the only thing he could do: he ran, but Malachi caught up with him and tackled him. He bit Les hard and began to feed. Les transformed into a white-coated vampire pony with a purple tail and eyes. Les' vampire pony form was a lot bigger than Malachi's and Jamal's because he was an adult. Kendell ran into the tunnel with the vampire ponies right behind him. He ran back to his dorm room and took out a secret invention he had been working on for his science fair project. He hoped that it would work. Kendell bolted out of his dorm room and ran to the stadium, where the vampire ponies were waiting. Kendell had 6 antidotes loaded into the gun. The first to attack was Jamal. He roared and charged at Kendell, who shot him with the antidote. Jamal turned back into a human. Kendell reloaded his gun and shot more shots, the next one hitting Coach Miles. Coach turned back to normal. The final one to turn back: Malachi. Unfortunately, Kendell wasted 3 bullets trying to hit him, because Malachi was so fast. Kendell took a deep breath, concentrated and fired the last bullet. It hit Malachi point blank in the chest. He turned back into a human. Malachi gasped, "What happened? Where am I?". "You were a vampire pony. You're OK now", said Kendell. "Weird... said Jamal. "I haven't heard of those." "I'll tell you the whole story later", said Kendell. Kendell felt proud of what he had done. He had saved his friends, the fans, and the city from a terrible threat. In Emerald's room "Leonard Fournette will pay...". THE END TO BE CONTINUED
  13. Looking forward to some creative responses!...if I get any. Inspired by Kronos. I think. Yeah, Kronos. P.S. Sorry if I used some art I wasn't supposed to, I don't know the artists but I'll take it down immediately if I wasn't allowed to use one.
  14. I just wanted to ask you guys what you thought of the concept of "human in Equestria" as a plot point in fan fiction, etc. Personally. I think it's not in itself a bad idea, but it's an illogical one. In my opinion, Equestria Girls illustrated that crossing into the pony universe turns humans into ponies, so it shouldn't be possible for a human to be in the pony world. So overall, I don't like the concept, unless it is given a believable explanation, then it is acceptable in my opinion. So, what do you all think? Fire away with your opinions~
  15. Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, and Zane Julien were training at London Colney. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the ground and opened a portal! The portal sucked Alexis, Mesut and Zane through it. Little did they know, the portal lead to Canterlot High School! An adventure was about to begin... When Alexis woke up, he noticed he was in front of a school. "Where am I?" he asked himself. He walked up the stairs and quietly slipped through the door. He saw some of the students. They looked normal, except for one thing: they had different colored skin tones. green, blue, light purple, white, he saw a bunch. But first, he had to find Mesut and Zane. Alexis went into the library. Suddenly, a hidden trapdoor opened beneath him, and he fell to the basement. When he came to, he found Mesut and Zane chained! A cold, evil laugh echoed around Alexis. "Who's there?" said Alexis, who was very scared. "Alexis..." the voice said, "You may have heard of me. I am KING SOMBRA!!!". "If you want your friends to be released and to go home, " said Sombra, "You must defeat me in a DUEL!". "What kind of duel?", said Alexis. "A magic duel duel!", said Sombra. "I don't have any magic!" cried Alexis. Suddenly, he felt himself changing. A bright light flashed around him. Sombra recoiled from the light. When it had faded, Alexis was a unicorn with a light brown coat, a black mane, and red and blue armor resembling the Chilean national soccer team! "Now we can duel!", said Alexis powerfully. The battle started. Sombra fired a blast of black crystals straight at Alexis' horn. Alexis used his magic to create a shield made from the Chilean national soccer team crest that deflected the crystals. Then he formed a red a blue throwing axe! He used his magic to throw the axe at Sombra. A red and blue energy ring formed around Sombra. "NOOO-OOOOOOO!!!!" cried Sombra as he was vaporized by the blast. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and Alexis, Mesut, and Zane were back at London Colney. "What an adventure!", said Alexis. THE END
  16. Brandon Harris was now the starting quarterback for LSU. He had a pretty good sophomore season, with 13 TDs and 9 INTs. He wanted to learn more about LSU's championship history. So he went down to LSU's trophy room, where he found LSU's 2007 National Champions trophy. Some of the other players, Malachi Dupre and Travin Dural, were showing some of the freshman players the trophies. But, when everyone's back was turned, Derrick Henry and Cyrus Jones broke open the case and stole the trophy! "Hey!" shouted Brandon. The chase was on! Brandon chased after Derrick and Cyrus down a long hallway. It looked like they were going to get away! But then, a portal opened up, and Derrick and Cyrus vanished through it! Brandon knew he had to go after them through that portal, even if he didn't know where it went to. Then he ran through it! When Brandon came to, he noticed something very familiar. He was in Equestria! Ever since he had became president of LSU's Brony Club, he had always wanted to go there. But first, he had to find Derrick and Cyrus and get their trophy back. Little did he know that Derrick and Cyrus were being controlled by King Sombra, and that he had forced them to work for him. So began his journey to find them... Brandon was tired. He had looked everywhere and still no sign of Derrick and Cyrus. Then he saw them! They were walking up the dark steps to King Sombra's fortress! Then he watched as they went inside. Brandon began the journey to the dark fortress. "Lord Sombra, we have returned." said Derrick. "Good..." replied Sombra."Now you will continue to bring me more of LSU's trophies." "Not if I have anything to say about it!" shouted Brandon, who had just entered the room. "And I have something that will defeat you! Behold! The Tigre Sabre! One of the ancient Civil War relics that the South used in the War! It holds the power to defeat the mightiest of enemies!". "Impossible! ATTACK HIM!" boomed Sombra. Derrick and Cyrus rushed forward to attack Brandon. Brandon fired a double power blast from the sabre, destroying the control over them from Sombra. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" cried Sombra. Brandon fired another power blast, knocking out Sombra, sending him crashing to the floor. The portal opened, and Brandon grabbed the trophy, Derrick, and Cyrus, and leapt through the portal back to the LSU campus. Brandon felt proud of what he had done. He had saved his school from all its trophies being stolen by Sombra. He returned Derrick and Cyrus home to the Alabama campus, and then took the trophy back to the LSU campus and put it back in the case. THE END
  17. "Mister Anon? My school is hosting a daddy-daughter dance, but you know." The little Apple filly's puppy eyes widen as you look down at her. "All my friends are going, and I really wanna go too. Will you go with me? Please?" "Come again? You want me to go with you," she nods. "To a dance," she nods again. "As your dad?" a third nod. "All the other girls are going, and I don't want to miss out. Again," she looks away from you, quietly mumbling that last word. "Isn't there a pony that could take you? What about Big Mac?" "He's gone to go visit cousin Braeburn for the week, and there aren't that many folks around here that would want to do this. Besides, you always said if us Crusaders needed anything, we could ask you." You did say that once, as you were pretty much the de facto filly sitter whenever their sisters need to help Twilight out. Besides, those puppy dog eyes started to get to you. You knew you'd relent, one way or another. "Well, you are right about that." "So you'll do it!?" Her hopeful eyes bore into you. "Sure. Where are we going, and what am I doing?" "Oh Mister Anon! Thank you so much! I can just tell we are gonna have so much fun!" As best as somepony so small could manage, Apple Bloom vainly attempts to tug you towards Sweet Apple Acres, all while excitedly chattering about how great the dance was going to be. All while completely ignoring your questions. Chuckling quietly, you let yourself be lead down the path to the Apple's farm. They could wait until she calmed down. * * * So here you are, Anonymous the temporary dad. If anything, that is your biggest flaw: You really can't say no to any of the Crusaders. Sometimes you regret that flaw. But not tonight. While Apple Bloom has many good ponies that love and car for her, none of them are parents, and for the young filly to ask you to fill in that role, even for just a night, it stirs something in your heart. Something painful. Something joyous. You don't know what this feeling is, but you do know that there isn't anywhere in all of existence that you'd rather be. You are exactly where you want to be. In Ponyville's town hall, ears full of child-friendly music, dancing with the Apple filly. You're mostly flailing, badly imitating things you saw in music videos what feels like a lifetime ago back on Earth. Apple Bloom is keeping up with you, bouncing and stamping with the endless energy of the young. And she is smiling. Partly at how bad you are. Partly at how bad she is. Partly from being able to share bad dancing with someone. It makes your heart melt. Her smile is so honest and innocent. It lights up her face in a show of joy that makes you forget the hardships adapting to your new life, and be happy in this moment. But the night has gotten late and there is only one more song. A slow dance song to give everyone a chance to cool down before they head out into the night chill. All the other fathers begin to lead their girls through the slow steps, supporting and guiding them through the song. And you can't. All the other songs you two could just flail and stomp in time with each other. But you can't do that here - You're close to four times Apple Bloom's height. It is physically impossible for the two of you to do this dance as ponies do. And she knows it too. These are the last moments of your time acting as her father and you can't perform the final dance together. You watch as her smile dies as she looks around at the other fillies dancing with their fathers. There are no tears, but the unspoken sadness in her eyes is like a knife twisting in your heart. You can't let it end like this. Bending down, you reach your arms around Apple Bloom. Deftly you pick her up, keeping her simple dress from getting in the way. She gives a start as you lift her, but relaxes after a moment. You hold her to your chest and begin to move in time with the music. Slowly and gently you rock from side to side with the music. Apple Bloom snuggles into your torso and rests her chin on your shoulder. She closes her eyes and the corners of her mouth pull up. The filly is warm in your arms A pleasant, comforting weight. * * * The daddy-daughter dance was a big success. You really made Apple Bloom's night. Heck, you made her whole month. With the large moon overhead folks start heading home, and you're not the only one carrying a tired filly as you exit the town hall. Apple Bloom, half-asleep in your arms wriggles closer into your chest as a wave of chill air hits. She nuzzles her chin against your shoulder, murmuring sleep-talk that means nothing. It's a mile back to the farm, but Apple Bloom is light. The night is cold, but you keep each other warm through the walk. Back at the farmstead you sneak in with the sleeping filly. Applejack is reading on the couch when you enter the home. When she looks up you just raise your index finger over your lips. She gives you an understanding nob and a smile. Upstairs, Apple Bloom gives you a small whine as you let go of her to slip off her dress and tuck her into bed. With a gentle stroke of her mane, you give her a peck on the forehead. "Goodnight, Apple Bloom. Sleep well." She shifts the blanket tighter around herself as she settles into a deep sleep. "G'night, Anon." Gently you take your father's old stetson off and set it on the table beside the couch to enjoy the chill in the night air as you watch the moon crawl across the sky. Your sister was so upset when she couldn't go to the daddy-daughter dance this year. Big Mac wanted to be able to take her this year, but cousin Braeburn needed help, and Apple Bloom knew it. But even when he did, it was never quite the same and all three of you knew it. But something you never expected happened. Apple Bloom asked Anonymous to take her, and he said yes. At first you thought it was weird that she asked somepony who wasn't, well, a pony. But as you thought more about it, the more it made sense: He was always the friendly sort and willing to help out, even without needing to be asked to. He was very much like your pa. The door opening gets your attention and you see Anonymous carrying Apple Bloom in his arms. The little filly is asleep, pressed tight against him with a smile on her face. Glad she had a good time. The human motions with a finger on his lips so as to not wake her up. You nod in understanding and he takes Apple Bloom upstairs. He really is like you remember pa. * * * You wait on the couch while he's putting your sister to bed. You really did miss your father. With shame you look to the stairs as a thought overtakes you. Maybe Apple Bloom was onto something. Maybe Anon could be your-- Anonymous makes it way quietly back down the stairs, interrupting your thought as he moves over and sits on the couch next to you. "Ah take it y'all had a good time." "Yeah. She really seemed to enjoy it." "Thanks for tonight. You'd be surprised how hard it is for a filly without her daddy. Sure, she carries on and on with a tough exterior but--" "Don't worry about it, AJ. I'll always be here to help, even if it's just to play a father figure." "Y'all mean it?" "Of course I do, the Apple family has always been good to me so it is the least I can do in return." "Then maybe, if you don't mind that is. Maybe you could be," your speech trails off into a silence to put Fluttershy to shame. "Could be what?" "Maybe you could be my daddy too." You give a warm smile as the orange pony looks at you. A soft, silent chuckle works its way in your throat. You adopt one Apple you get them all. "Come on. Give me a break, AJ." Without a word she leans her head on your chest, "That were an awful nice thing ya done, Anon. We all miss our folks powerful bad, but lil 'Bloom missed out on so much. She was just a baby when they passed." Applejack snuggles in tighter. You realize she's lost something too, AJ isn't that much older than her little sister. At heart she's still a kid who lost her daddy too soon. Applejack may not be a little filly anymore, but she still feels her parents' absence painfully. If you can provide her with a little comfort it's nothing less than she deserves. You put your arm around her. She smiles, happy to be warm and accepted. "Want me to read something?" She doesn't lift her head from your chest, "How about Humphrey Hayseed and the Biggest Apple? It's there on the end-table." You reach over for the book she was reading next to her hat. It's a book for little foals. It must have been the book her father used to read to her. She looks up at you with big, adoring eyes. "Okay." "Once upon a time, Humphrey Hayseed grew a special..." * * * It's been two days since the daddy-daughter dance. You've actually been feeling rather listless and you're not sure why. "Anon!" Apple Bloom shouts as she flies into you like a wrecking ball. You've never been hit this hard by a filly before. Staggering under the impact, you just manage to grab Apple Bloom without falling on your butt. "Not that I mind surprise hugs 'Bloom, but next time can it be without the blunt force trauma?" She tilts her head and raises an eyebrow, "Without what now?" "Without you hitting me like a cannon ball." "Oh! Uhhh, sure. Sorry." You chuckle and shift her into a more comfortable position. "Now, we did establish that I do like hugs, but why exactly are you giving me a hug?" "Ah wanted to say thanks. Thanks for being my dad for the dance." The bashful look on her face is purest diabeetus. "You're welcome 'Bloom. I had fun and I'm glad you did too." You give the filly one last gentle squeeze before setting her down. "So did you have anything else that you were doing in town, or did you just come by to mangle me?" "Yeah, I was lookin' for Scoots an Sweetie, but then I saw you and remembered that I hadn't said 'thank you' yet." You give a nod and a smile. "Well how about I help you look for the other Crusaders? An extra pair of eyes should make things easier." Her eyes light up with the offer. "Sure! That'll make it much faster! 'Specially seeing as your eyes are so high up." "Well how about we get your eyes up high and make it even faster?" "Wha-- Whoah!" Slipping your hands around her barrel and under her ribs you swing Apple Bloom up and onto your shoulders. She leans against your head as you grab her legs to keep the filly steady. She laughs from above your head and points a hoof down the street. "Let's go d- ...Anon!" You're not sure what she stopped herself from saying... ...but you guess it doesn't matter.
  18. So, I had an interesting idea for a fanfic. Right now, the working title is The Iron Age. It owes some inspiration to the premise of Conversion Bureau, but not much. The idea kicks off in Ponyville. During an otherwise normal day, Rainbow Dash notices a very peculiar object flying over the town, and goes to investigate. That object is revealed to be the Spirit of St. Louis, the iconic airplane of aviator Charles Lindbergh. The year is revealed to be 1927, and Lindbergh had just discovered a new continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Lindbergh and Princess Twilight finish the flight to Paris, where they are greeted with open arms. Equestria is quickly recognized as a sovereign nation by the international community, and as an important port of trade between Europe and North America. The 20s quickly overtake Equestrian culture, as new technologies and concepts modernize the medieval nation overnight. From here, we get an anthology of the two worlds colliding, with an overarching plot dealing with the twelve tumultuous years that followed between 1927 and 1939. The Great Depression, the polarization of political extremes, an Equestrian civil war, all leading up to and culminating with the start of WW2 at the end of the story. A major theme of the story is the declining "Ages of Man" from Greek mythology. The idea that as time goes on, the world will only progress further into darkness, which I feel is an apt metaphor for the 1930s. Each "age" will also see its own descriptive motifs, such as the titular "Iron Age" having scenes of factories producing thousands of cast iron tanks. I even wrote out a short, In Media Res prologue: A conversation on Greek mythology between Twilight Sparkle and an art curator at a New York museum. So... What do you all think?
  19. Note: If you're not a fan of Human in Equestria stories... then this thread may not be the one you're looking for. But by all means reply if you wish. What's your view on a human suddenly turned into a pony during a fan fiction say on fimfiction? Let's say for example the story is very long and the human is suddenly turned into a pony after about 40k words or more. As in a fan fiction where the story is quite good...(a long story for bonus points) but then suddenly the human is turned into a pony. The only time I can tolerate this sudden twist of events if his or her transformation was only temporary, otherwise I might just un-favorite it, hit the dislike button or not read past that part where he or she becomes a pony. I really hate it when a human is turned into a pony. It kind of ruins the story for me.
  20. Would you like the ponies if they treated you horribly? How would you feel after the following ordeal? Yeah, human in equestria scenario... but these (clearly not canon ponies) ponies immediately hate you and the first thing they do when they see you walk into Ponyville is beat you to a pulp. They don't give you a chance to speak they just dog pile on you and ignore your cries for them to stop and continue to beat you. After knocking you unconscious, they bring you to a hospital, heal you up a little and then throw you in a small dark cell to live the rest of your life behind bars. The give you very little food and water, just enough to live. The only answer you got while behind bars as to why they did this was. "You are human. Therefore you deserved this. You should be thankful we didn't just kill you."
  21. So I posted a new fic and you can feel free to read it. Warning, the prequel is clop with plot so you have been warned. Link:
  22. what do you think would be more interesting story the human versions going to ponyville or the pony versions going to the human world
  23. I am soon going to write a series of Human in Equestria stories about my pony version of me going to Equestria! Feel free to tell me anything and everything you can think of about this idea. Such as: 1. Ideas as to how to make the series unique. 2. ideas for how to add more detail. 3. Proof reading 4. suggestions for future "books" 5. How he will get to Equestria. 6. My pony name. please refrain from until you see what my OC version of me will look like: He will not have close in the story. Please keep in mind, due to personal reasons, some things in my head are set in stone. Such as: 1. "Me" shall fall in love with Fluttershy. If she accepts "my" feelings or not, shall be your pick in a future story. 2. In an attempt to NOT be hated, I will interact with background ponies. Link to what I have so far: Happy writing!
  24. Hey guys, I started writing a fan fiction a little while ago but stopped because I wanted some input on it and your opinion as to weather or not I should continue writing it. I would like to clarifiy this is a work in progress but without further ado, Harbinger of Darkness (The first chapter) Chapter 1: Strange New World It was night in the Everfree Forest. The moon was full, the air still, and the eerie silence was the only sound apart from the faint hum of the portal. The portal was in the center of a large clearing of the forest surrounded by large trees and foliage in the clearing was dead and wilted. The portal itself consisted of a ring of pitch black obsidian with indecipherable symbols that glowed with a faint red hue etched into the stone and a sheet of red light filled the inside of the ring. Suddenly the humming from the portal grew louder and a man clad in black robes fell out of the portal then the portal vanished into the ground without a trace. The man fell face down into the dirt just barely catching himself before hitting the ground. His hood fell back revealing his face. He was young and pale-faced, his eyes were blue and he had shoulder-length black hair and the starting of a beard on his chin. He looked around and scanned the tree line for movement. “Where am I?” he said to himself. He lifted himself to his feet and took another look around. The brush rustled to the left of him then he turned and drew his short sword from its scabbard and shouted “Who’s there!?” A rabbit hopped out of the tree line into view, it stared at the man for a few moments then turned around and hopped back into the forest. The man chuckled slightly and relaxed “It’s just a rabbit” he said to himself. He noticed a parting the trees and saw it was a trail leading deeper into the forest. “Guess I don’t have a choice” he thought. He opened up a pouch on his belt in withdrew his flashlight and turned it on then started down the trail. The man started down the trail into the forest. It didn’t feel right, he always felt as if he was being watched by something just out of sight. It could have been just because it was night or the fact he was in a strange new place but the feeling was still there. The trees where tall looming over the man and the leaves were thick blocking out the sky the only light he had was his flashlight that he kept fixed on the trail. On either side of the trail was thick brush consisting of various plants high enough where if something were hiding in them, they couldn’t be spotted. “Hope this trail leads out of this place” he thought. After walking for a few more minutes he thought he saw the green glow of two eyes just out the corner of his eye. He quickly shown his flashlight on the spot but nothing was there. “This place is getting to you, calm down” he reassured himself and continued down the trail. After walking for another few minutes, the man saw the glow of the eyes again but this time there were three sets of eyes instead of one. The man froze and slowly drew his sword and stared in the direction of the eyes. There was no light except for the eyes and they seemed to be getting closer. The man shown his flashlight in the direction of the eyes but the eyes disappeared. His grip tightened around the sword. “There’s definitely something there” he thought “Should I stay and fight or should I run?” “If I run whatever they are would more than likely follow me. Its probably best to deal with them now.” The man kept the flashlight fixed on the spot listening closely for any sound. Suddenly he heard a growl from behind him. He spun around sword in hand. One set of eyes where mere feet in front of him then their owner leapt out of the brush at the man. The man raised his sword to defend himself and the creature’s mouth closed around the blade. The man was now able to get a better look at the creature. It appeared to be a wolf but its entire body was composed of sticks, branches and leaves. The same glow of its eyes shown threw parting in the wood that made up its body and its teeth were sharpened sticks. The man threw the creature back which landed in the brush beside the path. The man heard a stick snap to his left, he looked and another wolf was preparing to attack. As it jumped the man struck it out of the air with his sword and it shattered into a shower of sticks and branches, the source of the glow disappeared. The man turned around expecting to see another wolf but what he saw was worse. An army of eyes shown from the darkness of the forest and the man froze. “Crap” the man muttered. A single wolf stepped into the light of the flashlight about three feet in front of the man. The wolf howled starting a virtual symphony of howling from the army behind the wolf. The man sheathed his sword, spun on his heel and ran as fast as his legs could carry him down the path away from the wolves. The wolves gave chase and quickly caught up with the man. The man shouted in rage and drew his hand back as if he were about to throw something then a ball of fire appeared in his hand. He threw the fireball which struck a wolf on the back engulfing it in flames illuminating the surrounding area to reveal more wolves. The wolf howled in pain but was cut off presumably dead. The man looked back and saw the burning remains of the wolf. “Did I do that?” he thought. The man drew his hand back again but nothing happened and he continued running. The wolves started to get ahead of the man. The man tripped and tumbled into a clearing in the forest. The man flipped onto his back and looked towards the tree line and was semi-relived to see the wolves stayed in the brush. The man took a second to look around and realized the area was light up by the full moon. “The light must be keeping them at bay.” He thought, but to be careful he drew his sword and raised himself to his feet his sight locked on the tree line and the eyes. He was fully relived to see that, one by one, the eyes disappeared into the forest. The man relaxed, sheathed his sword and got a better look at his surroundings. The trail came to a fork in a road. One path lead to a mountain with what looked like a city built off the side of the mountain. The second path led to a town down the hill where the man stood. The final path lead off the other side of the hill but the man couldn’t see where the final destination might be. “A town, I’ll start there” He said. Then he started down the road that leads to the town. Before he started down the path he noticed that the road sign that pointed to the town read “Ponyville”. “Ponyville huh? Odd name” he remarked and continued on the road. The man was half way down the road when suddenly a large winged creature landed in front of him. The impact made the man fall backwards and his flashlight flew out of his hand. He drew his sword and pointed it at the creature. “Stay back!” he commanded as if it could understand him. The creature opened its eyes that glowed white and the man got a better look at the creature. It was dark but the full moon illuminated just enough of the creature to make out faint details. The creature appeared to be a horse with wings like a Pegasus and a horn like a unicorn. Its fur was dark blue and its mane and tail were translucent purple on the edge and dark purple with spots that shown like stars on the inside. It wore a black pendant with a white crescent moon in the center and a black crown. “Put thine weapon away mortal.” The creature demanded revealing herself to be female. Being in no position to oppose the man slowly put his weapon on the ground. “Rise” the creature told the man. Slowly the man rose keeping his hands in view. As the man stood the creatures eyes stopped glowing revealing them to be bluish-green. The creature’s head was at the same height as the man’s when he was standing. “What and who are you?” the man asked. “Thou hath no idea who we are? Amusing.” The creature said. “I’m new here.” The man replied. “Obviously. Thou shalt address us as Luna, and our sister as Celestia.” Luna said. “Why do you keep saying ‘we’ and talk like someone from a Shakespearean play?” The man asked. “Tis custom for a pony of power to use the royal ‘we’ and speak in the formal tongue when addressing subordinates such as thou.” Luna answered. “I see. Why did you come to me? I doubt it’s for a friendly chat.” The man said. “We sensed a magical disturbance from the Everfree forest and we decided to investigate. We saw thou coming out of the forest so we thought that thou were the cause of said disturbance. What was thine doing in the forest?” Luna asked. “All I remember was I came through a portal and ended up in a clearing a forest, the portal nowhere to be found. I saw a path that lead through the forest so, having no other choice, I followed the path but was attacked by these wolf creatures. I was able to take on three but there was an army of them hiding in the forest. So I ran as fast as I could and luckily came to a clearing. The wolves were apparently afraid of the light and didn’t pursue me beyond the forest. I found this road and saw it lead to a town so I started towards the town then I met you.” The man explained. “And thou hast no memory of anything before that?” Luna asked. “Nope.” The man replied. “What was thine name? or can thou remember?” Luna asked. “Serevok” the man replied. “Serevok, what art thou?” Luna asked. “I am a human.” Serevok replied. Luna examined Serevok for a moment then her eyes widened slightly but then she returned to normal. “Serevok the human, thou shalt come to Canterlot Castle on the morrow then we will decide what to do with thou. In the meantime rest in Ponyville there is an inn to the left of the gate. The innkeeper will allow thine to stay free of charge. We hast ensured this fact.” Luna commanded. Luna spread her wings and Flapped downwards, disappearing into the sky and sending cloud of dirt into the air. Serevok shielded his eyes then the dirt cleared. He dusted himself off picked up his sword and put it in its scabbard then searched for his flashlight. It landed in the grass to the side of the road. The man picked it up and began walking down the road to Ponyville thinking about Luna and what would happen to him at the castle all the while. Again, work in progress. Thanks in advance for your input. please don't hate me if it sucks.
  25. I've recently been planning out a fan fiction which would revolve around a hypothetical human invasion of Equestria, and a possible sequel involving a subsequent human occupation of Equestria, but, in the process of planning the sabotage that the invading humans would engage in prior to the actual invasion (disabling/destroying the Elements of Harmony, removing the Princesses from the equation, etc.) , I came upon a few questions and encountered some issues in the planning itself. If any of you would be willing to answer some or all of the following questions, it'd be a huge help. Thanks! 1. Would it be too much for the humans, assuming that this roleplay takes place far into the future, to find a way to effectively nullify Pegasus weather magic, or various types of magic in general? I've yet to work out how this would be done, so help there would also be appreciated, but I'm currently going off of the idea that magic is psionic in nature, since I really don't have much to base it on. 2. Assuming the above is possible, would it too much of a stretch for the Elements of Harmony (the physical objects, not the Mane Six) to be reverse-engineered, or even manipulated to be used against the ponies? I only really mention this specifically because Discord would be a massive problem to deal with for an invader, especially since he's been freed and reformed. 3. How would one go about neutralising beings as powerful as the Princesses? Would it be possible to get rid of them using non-magical means, or would some method of manipulating magic have to be utilised? 4. How can I avoid portraying the humans as plain old badguys? I want to avoid the typical situation where the invaders are nothing but evil. I'd rather give them reasonable motivation to engage in an invasion, if possible.