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Found 29 results

  1. *PLEASE CHECK POLL ABOVE BEFORE POSTING* A few months back I had a discussion with a buddy of mine as to why a human invasion of Equestria would fail. I keep coming back from time to time thinking about that discussion and considering jotting it down and possibly making a presentation of it. What are your opinions on it?
  2. I've been following about on SpaceX's progress to a proper mission to start a planned trip and possible colony. They make a prediction as early as 2022! Incredible! I do surely hope that humanity will be able to begin proper space travel within our solar system within our lifetimes! And from the progress so far with their re-entry and landing boosters it looks promising. Though the cost at first flight is a bit... yeah. $10 mil is... well it is what it is. But I do understand as to why. The first of its type ever. Civillians heading to a one way colonization plan. And perhaps over the years as their success continues and the colony plans go well perhaps the cost will be reduced even to more affordable levels. What's your opinion on the topic? Like space travel? Excited for Mars? SPACE SHIP!??
  3. So people can be pretty awesome. I think most of us tend to forget that or maybe some choose to ignore it because cynicism and misanthropy are "safer" for some reason. However, people have done great things, towering things, things that never had been done before. From the forums of Plato, to Michealangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, to Darwin studying on the Galapagos Island, to Armstrong landing on the moon. Speaking of which, here's a quote I sometimes turn to: "The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were." ~President John F. Kennedy So in honor of such men, or women, who dreamt of things that never were until they made them, who are some of your favorite people, their accomplishment(s) you like, and why?
  4. Ponies Are Superior To Humanity, but only by totally unrealistic standards that could only exist in a cartoon. Wouldn't you agree? Or do you believe there could be an alien race out there somewhere just like the ponies? Less wars and all that stuff. I have a feeling that pretty much any sapient minded species behaves rather similar to humans out there in the universe. I doubt an all peaceful hippy alien race does exist. Even if there is an all peaceful, hippy alien race exists, who live in a perfect garden world and have 100% green energy and blah blah blah. And somehow gets the ability to travel the stars with ease. If they meet a warlike, industrious alien race, while they pollute the hell out of their planets, they also build massive armies and would have vast numbers of space ships to overwhelm their enemies. Along with better military experience. Topped off with the ability to travel the stars. So, the hippy aliens would likely be destroyed or enslaved pretty easily by them.
  5. How can anyone support Celestia AI from Friendship is Optimal? Even if you are a hardcore misanthrope who hates all of humanity with a passion and want to see them all dead and uploaded into Equestria... this Celestia AI would not stop with humanity. It would travel the universe and every sapient alien species it meets that does not share enough human qualities will be eaten by nanomachines. The machine will brainwash every sapient species it encounters and upload them into Equestria. The machine will devour entire planets, stars, galaxies and eventually wipe out all life in the universe. At the end every sapient species live in a nightmarish world filled with happy freaks who live forever.
  6. Would Princess Celestia and Princess Luna be worshiped as gods by humans? Note: These Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are a bit overpowered than canon version... for example they can create entire galaxies with a flick of their hoof and their bodies can withstand the heat and pressure of a hypergiant star's core without even a scratch. Would such a religion rise in popularity? Over the last several decades since they made contact with us they have stopped us fighting, cured many horrible diseases, saved our environment and even stopped world hunger and stopped other bad things for humanity. Or would they be merely viewed as celebrities? The real (close to canon anyway) Princess Celestia and Princess Luna... not evil ones from certain fan fictions that shall remain nameless.
  7. Would the ponies kill us all? Despite the fact they are canon ponies and are in character. But with even that, would the ponies still kill us all regardless? If they ever met us, transdimensional portal or whatever into our universe. Would they take one look at the human race and say "Yep! All humans are evil scum. Let's kill them all." Said killing of all humans includes creating massive storms to rampage across Earth, ignore all pleas of peace and mercy from humanity, Celestia focusing the rays of our sun like a magnifying glass in order to vaporize humans caught out in the open. When humanity's will is broken after billions of deaths and most are in hiding, the ponies send forth legions to kill any terrified humans hiding underground. And other overpowered things to kill humans like alicorn god ponies being immune to bullets/nukes and whatever. Until ...every... single.. last... human... is... dead. Once humanity is dead, they colonize our planet and build on top of the ashes of our civilization. Use 'pony magic' to heal the damage we caused to the environment and whatever. Edit Note: I don't believe the canon ponies would kill us all. I've basically created this thread for hardcore human hating misanthropes to give me them their answer to this question.
  8. Note: Conversion Bureaure related thread. I can't really talk.... (just think I'm someone else) Why such hate for something so silly? (Conversion Bureau stories are hated a great deal.) We are talking about small, pastel, alien horses invading Earth to save Earth and turn all humans into teletubbies (in the mind at least) ponies that worship Celestia as a god. Why such hate for something that sounds so ridiculous? It's alien horse people coming to Earth in order to save destroy humanity by turning them all into ponies. Does it upset people, that the ponies we know and love have been turned into basically evil alien conquerors? How out of character the ponies are? How happily they commit xenocide on humanity?
  9. I don't know what to say. I am speechless, honestly.
  10. So I just realeised something. Anita Sarkeesian got 158 thusand dollars to make like 10 or so shitty videos, while our charity foundraiser is getting to 3 thusand maybe. What the hell is wrong with this world?
  11. Okay so I'm confused now. are some people superior to others? or are all people equal? some people work harder than the rest. some are born weak, others are born in better conditions. some reach for the stars, while others prefer being drunk in an alleyway in their free time. some people dedicate their lives to making people happy, while others do everything to make others miserable. some are happy with what they have, while others want more and take what they want. the strong feed upon the weak, while some strong prefer giving to the weak. in both cases, there are strong and weak people. can a human life be given value? if a random guy gets killed no one bats an eye... a poitician gets killed and everyone loses their mind. if everyone matters, why dont all people have the same level of protection? why does everyone have the same rights when everyone's status is miles apart? should people strive to become more? should they try to elevate themselves? or should they stay how they are. i dont have any opinions really.. just confused, although i pick the first option in the poll. i wanted to hear what other people say, i since i dont wanna talk about this irl, this is the perfect place to look for opinions.
  12. Does anyone hate misanthropic stories? Like stories that bash the Human race, and portray the Ponies as the perfect beings, yet hate all Humanity? First misanthropy (negative thinking) may be a common trait among many sapient races. Especially if (multiverse theory/fan fiction) there's a universe of MLP FIM, where there are some Ponies with a mindset and similar intentions like Adolf Hitler. Every single sapient life form, if truly sapient is capable of doing evil stuff. (and also multiverse theory). The Krogan from Mass Effect had a nuclear war, it was only by their sheer adaptability and resistance to radiation did they manage to survive the nuclear winter. Ponies perfect? Nothing is perfect. Sure, your lives may be happier than us Humans, but what happens if the Borg, the Combine from Half Life or something like the Reapers attack? Not so perfect now, huh? Granted, the Borg, the Combine and the Reapers are jerks, but still are somewhat "perfect", at least by the survivability and killing everything part, but are not the kind of people you'd want as a friend and are also very anti social.
  13. Note: Sorry for bringing up The Conversion Bureau again. But this is one of the many things that annoys me about many TCB fan fictions. If another sapient alien species (their home worlds are also post apocalyptic in the TCB) had committed the same sins of Humanity. By using 'Borg TCB logic' you'd have to convert them too into Ponies. So wouldn't the Ponies have to wipe out countless sapient species just because they are apparently 'evil'? When in truth they are just trying to survive their environment. Another reason why TCB Ponies are jerks.
  14. How would the world be different if Celestia and Luna appeared to every culture 1000 years ago and announced that they were going to rule Earth and guide humanity? How would each civilization have reacted back then? Which would be most embracing? Which would be most hostile? How would interactions between the different cultures, races, and nations have changed with all of them being ruled by the same monarchs? How would the past 1000 years of history have unfolded differently under the rule of Equestria's royal sisters and what would today's world be like? What would be the same? What would be missing? What would be there that isn't here now? How would the human race be different being under one rule by magical equines? Complex questions I know but I want complex answers!
  15. Note: OK, this is my final thread on this. There will be no more Conversion Bureau threads from me here. You can shout 'yay' now. Question: Saving Humanity by destroying all Humanity? That's the basic premise of many TCB stories. Magic barrier going to erase everything we ever built and turning us all into pastel Ponies. With or without free minds, it still killing all Humans, bodies at least. Even with our Human minds intact. So, how does saving Humanity by destroying all Humanity make sense? How is that saving Humanity?
  16. The Krogan or Humanity? Who would get along better with the Ponies? Like who would be best to make first contact with the Ponies? Krogan Facts And History: Tl;dr: The krogan are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to the planet Tuchanka, a world known for its harsh environments, scarce resources, and overabundance of vicious predators. The krogan managed to not only survive on their unforgiving homeworld, but actually thrived in the extreme conditions. Unfortunately, as krogan society became more technologically advanced, so did their weaponry. The end result is that they destroyed their homeworld in a nuclear war that reduced their race into primitive warring tribes.
  17. Watch out guys! Evil overpowered pastel horses are coming to destroy us all! Our doom is at hand! Unless we can give Nicolas Cage the finest of chocolate cake to stop The Conversion Bureau. Anyway, anyone here find the doom of Humanity by pastel Ponies a little ridiculous?
  18. (Story is a work in progress) Prologue My name is name is Shadow Scoundrel. I used to be a human. Funny now I’m here, in a place that I thought was only a fantasy. This place… “This” place I now call home. It’s strange… like it was made for me. A paradise, if you will. I remember how it all began. How I got here, the infestation of Zombies, the "Swarm", Dr. Edward Richtofen, Samantha, Maxis. This is where I begin my story. It was 16th of January in the New Year. Hmff, seems like ages ago, Never the less It was my senior year at my high school, Bret Harte High, I was typing on the computer for my Senior Project during 5th period. Suddenly the lights go out. I got pissed for a moment, then remembered that it saved right before it went out. I was fine I was happy when I heard “Because of the power outage please contact your parents so then you can go home.” I was able to call home and get a pickup. While I was heading home, I had a weird feeling, like, something bad was about to happen. Regretfully I was right. On the 18th, An Orange fog slowly rolled in The CDC where confused and decided to investigate, as soon as they touched the fog, it explodes, like a nuclear bomb. Yet there is no more fog… I look around I see parts of the earth following in the air, the place where the CDC were, gone. As if they never existed. There is light spewing out of the river, and the heat, it’s like going from a blizzard to a volcano within milliseconds. It hurt a lot, and the smell, it smelled like what I imagine a rotten body going through the crematorium. That is when I saw my first “Real” Zombie. More of a “Shock and Awe” for the first thing of reanimating of a corpse, wait a minute, why is its eyes glowing? Why is its glowing orange? My mind is racing of things, then one thing of my ideas makes me almost fall flat on my face, my theory of how universes work, where anything you think, is happening in another universe. “Edward.” I whispered. “NO FUCKING WAY!! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!” “Listen, I need your help. I don’t have time to explain everything. DON’T LISTEN TO MAXIS. He is sending me back to when it all started and ending the world I’m sending Samantha down there so then he does not do so. That rat and I don’t get along but we agree on one thing, and that is to not destroy the world. You and Samantha are the only survivors left. You can make some soldiers with the M40A1 Sniper Rifle Packed a Punched. They are Idiots, but they will add some protected firepower, yet they don’t move that much.” Richthofen says. “All right…” I say, "Wait what? I thought you would need some convincing.” Richthofen said. “Richthofen." I know too much as it is.” Chapter 1 ”Do you have any weapons?” Richthofen asks. “A rifle, a handgun, a revolver, and a bat.” I reply. “Good you will need them. You will find her near the barn on your property.” “All right, but is there any way to go back to my family here?” “What are you talking about?” “I was here but it wasn’t with a shit load of zombies Richthofen, it was nothing like this then I see an orange fog on my property then BOOM! I’m here.” “You must have entered a small rift in the universal plane. I can’t open it. It’s physically impossible. I’m surprised that you are here…” “No way back…” “Correct. Oh... You cannot cross back, it’s just not possible.” That hit me like a wrecking ball. All of me just wanted to do SOMETHING! SOMETHING! Instead of nothing but I couldn’t. Even I knew it, it wasn’t going to happen. I will never see my family ever again. I fell on the ground, partly for the resend of disgust, for shock, and agony. “My family forever lost…” “You need to focus! Samantha will arrive any minute, forget your feelings and focus that can save the last of humanity. FOCUS!” Richthofen yelled. “FUCK YOU!” I screamed! “IT WAS YOUR FUCKING FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU GOD FORSAKEN NAZI!” I yelled. “I know, and regret it. I never meant to do the amount of destruction that I’ve caused. But the thing was is that I wanted to end the war. The element 115 drove me insane. I had no control over myself, and I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to change that.” “Two minutes till the particles of her teleportation will hit the atmosphere. Two more till she reassembles at the barn. Hurry! You, must get going, I’m fading! Good luck.” Richthofen said with a gasp. “May god have mercy on your sole Edward.” Then, he was gone. I Hear Maxis, “What! There still is one, where is Samantha!?” I run to the barn to get to Samantha, if she dies, she heads to Maxis I cannot let that happen. I had to hold out with the few guns that I have. The blood dripping from all the infected, I don’t know that moment but all went black. I see a night sky surrounded by a light blue waves. What made me regain consciousness was hearing Maxis scream. “STOP!!!!!” and I wake with two fuckers just holding my intestines, I grabbed the bat of mine and slammed them into the ground, the others just standing there, just watching me, with soulless eyes. I fall, it’s like the belt broke on the conveyor belt. She was alive. Holding what looked like quick revive. As soon as it hit my mouth, it was as bad as what Dempsie has said “Tastes like red herring dipped in cat piss blaaah...” All of a sudden I feel excruciating pain where my ribcage was... and I see everything growing back into me. I reminded me so much of “Meet the medic.” Except there is no maniacal laughing, no light show, and no Archimedes. I Picked up Samantha and said. “We need to get back to the house.” she shook her head in agreement. She helped me as I limped back to the house as fast as we could go, still puzzled for the resend of “(Why did Maxis stop them attacking us… because if Samantha dies, wouldn’t that mean she would be back with maxis?)” We enter the farmhouse, “Home sweet home.” I said with a mix of sarcasm and sadness. I locked the doors, barricaded the windows checked my ammo supply. I decided to rest. Still thinking this was all a bad dream. Chapter 2 The darkness in the room is complemented by its coldness. Yet, it has one thing that I myself didn’t expect… comfort. Yet uncertainty of the darkness as if the comfort that I have was distrusting… The mare of the night spikes through the darkness like a lighthouse in the blanket of fog. Something I don’t see clearly, till she stood at least ten yards, or was it twenty yards, the light blinded me so much I couldn't get a real measurement of the distance. This moment almost got me as much as going into as much as entering Richthofen infested hell hole. Yet hit me harder than losing my family. It is still to me a confusing feeling that I can’t describe in detail myself. Yet never the less, I kneel “I notice that you know me, how?” Honestly, how do you tell royalty that you’re a cartoon character from a TV show? “I just had a feeling that you were royalty...that’s all.” “All… right… then….” “There is a portal on your property; you must follow the steps that are in the scroll.” “What scroll?” “You’ll see it, but it’s now time for you to wake.” I wake with that damn Quick Revive in my mouth. “Fuck this is nasty!” “I see you're up, come in here wait what?” I see the dong lying on the ground, with its embers dying out, with a bag on her back. “What is she doing here, and why is she not chewing us up at the moment?” “(Just like what happened to Richthofen, she went mad with the element. She is nearing her final breath)” She was speechless I brush the side of the dog with my hand; a bolt lurches out like a hidden dagger. “Fuckin Hell!!!” “You say fuck a lot don’t you?” “Yea Samantha.” “How did you know my name?” “(Shit think of something)” “That German told me before he left.” “Richthofen”? “Yea, him.” I look in the bag. “What are you doing?” “Just looking.” I see the scroll. “What the fuck? That was only a dream.”” “What was only a dream?” “When I was out did you hear anything?” “I heard you mumbling a lot” “I saw a “(don’t want her to think I’m crazy)” a… person of high importance and She” “She?” “Yes a she, anyway she said that there is a way for us to escape by a scroll that is located nearby. “Ok, that explains why the bag appeared right after you woke up.” “Wait this appeared. “(Oh so that’s why you were speechless)” OK that makes sense, I think... Well let’s see what it says...” keep up by folowing this or on tumblr at Sometimes i wonder if fan fics are dying out... Well, it seams that everytime i post something at most 1 to 3 people take a look at it and after that never seen or herd of. anyone else having that problem?
  19. In the event Humanity wins in a Conversion Bureau war. A brief rundown of the Conversion Bureau for info, the Ponies tried to commit genocide on our species and many of the Ponies turned Humans into smiling Ponies, brainwashed zombie Newfoals that would charge right at machine guns to try turn other Humans into Ponies, by throwing potion bombs and overwhelming with them numbers. The Ponies were very cruel, for they even made us fight our own children, by turning them into zombie Newfoals, whom they ordered to run straight into machine guns to try turn a few Humans into Ponies. And the Ponies have a nearly unstoppable slowly expanding sphere of death called the barrier, which destroys the Human body on contact and everything man made. Xenolestia (TCB Celestia) is dead (killed by both Humans and Ponies turned against her.) the barrier is gone and the Ponies are at our mercy, there's nothing protecting them now. Should we be merciful to the Ponies, as in teach them a lesson, but don't destroy them completely? I think we should be merciful, especially if there's Ponies that fought on our side in the war like "The Other Side of the Spectrum fan fiction)" and if canon Ponies helped us in certain TCB universes. If we go all taking a page from Hitler's book and destroy them all for what they done to us. We sort of in a way prove them right. But then again they did kind of bring it on themselves, for attempting to destroy us. If we want to spare them, it might be up to our more sane Humans to hold back our more bloodthirsty fellow Humans that want revenge.
  20. What would happen if a massive army of Space Marines and the God Emperor of Mankind himself appeared in Equestria? Just randomly teleported into Equestria. Would they kill everypony, due to Ponies being xenos and abominations unto the God Emperor of Mankind? Or would they be merciful and not kill everypony?
  21. So before I joined the herd, I was curious to see what the consensus would be on what bronies/pegasister would want to happen IRL for them regarding the MLP universe. Do you love your favorite pony so much you'd be willing to spend 2.5 years of joy and happiness with them only to have them stripped away from you and never be able to see them again? Or would you rather BE a pony, like a super-fast pegasus racing the wonderbolts, a unicorn bending the world around them with their magic, or a hearty and strong earth pony? Do you just love ponies in general and you wouldn't mind someone hand picking one for you to spend the rest of your life with, risking all the social and cultural ramifications that would come with having a pony companion IRL? Do you value being a human, but would just want to get a taste of living in equestria and meeting all your favorite characters in the show while risking turning equestria into a world where the headlines "mild-mannered family stallion kills pegasus family with axe, faces minimum sentence" is possible? (Man I sound like the DOTA 2 intro cinematic...) A lot of questions, I know, but this is something I am really curious about after seeing the topics of all the FIMfics out there. I'd love to know what all you bronies/pegasisters REALLY would like. My choice? I love the ponies. I'll take the random pony and finally have a friend that won't turn their back on me. I'll fight tooth and nail to defend my little pony (MY little pony, not yours unless you have one ) from anyone out there brave enough to pick on them and God help the person who makes fun of me for taking one of these little guys under my wing. Alrighty! Please comment and tell me why you picked what you did! I REALLY would like to know what everyone (or everypony) thinks.
  22. Okay, so for the past few days on here, I've been topics like what will you do if all ponies were transported to Equestria or if you met the Mane 6 and who will win in a battle of FiM vs human being and other stuff related to that and being attracted to ponies, so here I'm gonna make a topic explaining all of this. This is a big thing I have always been iffy about and had many theories on how it will play out. This is kind of a dream I've kind of been wanting to write about sooner or later, so I'm gonna ask you guys and hope I get a good amount of replies. Everyone seems to find lot's of good and positive views on the show and enjoy watching it. They even see it as a perfect place with lot's of adventure and happiness all around where everyone is always kind and nice to each other. So I'm just gonna hurry and get to the point, from looking at and reading all the post from about ponies being in real life, being attracted to ponies and ponies being able have some violent actions and if all the Bronies in the world been transported to Equestria. If Celestia and Luna wanted to spread their civilization across the other worlds and then saw that some human being was flawed, evil, hateful creatures, and they decided to go to war against the humans, who you think would win? Would the FiM ponies be able to convince many Bronies to join them and fight with them? FiM Ponies Advantages : Unicorns and Alicorns: Magic, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Elemental Magic. The Unicorns and Alicorns possession of magic may be their biggest since their are so many possible with magic and in many stories, folklore and myth, magic have been one of the most powerful concepts and things to have as an advantage over your foe. Pegasui : Weather manipulation, speed, agility, weapons (since they descend from a proud warrior society), fighting tactics and maybe knowledge in combat. The Pegasui can probably maje it ran acid rain and kill all the trees and plant have the humans get weak and sick as well as make lighting strike on them and cause major storoms. Earth Ponies: Earth ponies have very good strength (Appejack's applebucking and big Mac pulling a house) They have good stamina and can do much hard work and have a better physical level and what not. All Ponies: The ponies can have magical weapons and medieval weapons like, canons, spears, swords, bombs, and other such. Clans and Faction: Now everything we come to love about MLP:FiM, what if the New Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire are actually real and they joined forces against the humans to win. They both have powerful factions and would hold up in a war. The royal sisters: Not to mention Celestia and Luna. They both have control over the sun and moon and if Celestia takes away the sun, game over and if Luna takes away the moon or move it, it could possibly caused tsunamis and tidal waves on cities, humanity will have no choice, but to surrender. Humans advantages: Weapons Guns Haters... Tanks Technology Advancement Nuke Bombs (which they probably would not use since they didn't use any nuke bombs on the zombies in World War Z) Now, the only question that is left is this, Which side will you choose? Who you will pledge loyalty to and hopes of a new future. A new better world that Celestia and Luna can bring about or the human world were everything is already flawed and corrupt. I know what side I'll be on
  23. Niote: Humans lose the war. Pick the following fates of Humanity. Honestly if evil versions of MLP FIM Ponies out there in the multiverse came to Earth with hostile intentions through a portal into our universe, I would rather them kill Humanity with the sword down to the last. Or possibly enslave us and force us all to live in overpopulated slums while the Ponies enjoy the high life, but leave us Humans none the less. I would hate being destroyed by The Conversion Bureau, because they are using the same tactics as Reapers from Mass Effect. They aren't fighting man to man, they use our own former Human against us (zombie minded shock troops known as Newfoals). But unlike the Reapers, the TCB Ponies hide behind their barrier like cowards. In this scenario we are both enslaved and our Human bodies are destroyed by being converted into the bodies of Ponies by force, not to mention everything we made is also destroyed. So would you rather be destroyed, Enslaved (remain Human) or be Converted (enslaved)? Good choices huh? XD
  24. Do you like fan fictions where Humanity gets their revenge on the Ponies? As in stories where Humanity gets its revenge from beyond the grave on the Ponies that wiped out their species. Maybe, it's a little cruel of me, but I like stories where bad Ponies suffer for their wrong doing. Like a story where the TCB Ponies attacked Earth and destroyed all of Humanity, only for the Reapers from Mass Effect to invade and kill everypony, where only now the Ponies at the end of their species' time do they realize why the Humans fought them to the bitter end like they themselves against the Reapers. Or a story where the Ponies wiped out the Human race, but due to their actions the Elements Of Harmony shattered and gates of Tartarus opened unleashing monsters into Equestria, turning their world into a hellish nightmare. Or Discord returning (before redeemed) and not be able to be defeated due to the evil acts of the Ponies, with the Elements Of Harmony shattered.
  25. Sorry, for another topic like this but how do you like a Conversion Bureau fan fiction to end? Knowledge of certain stories within The Conversion Bureau verse is required. In short non canon, genocidal Ponies invade our universe and Earth that wish to kill all Humans/turn them into zombie Newfoals, (new different personality and will turn on their own friends and family) forcing Humanity to fight a brutal war of survival. I'd much rather the war not happen in the first place. But here's basically how a lot of Conversion Bureau fan fictions end. Using multiverse logic all four ending happened, just depends on the universe. Note: 1 Human Sympathizers are Ponies that have turned their back on Celestia and fight for Humanity's survival. Note: 2 TCB Ponies wish to purify Humanity by destroying their bodies and turning them all into a type of Pony, that are zombie minded, smiling freaks called Newfoals. (1) Humanity wins and helped by Human Sympathizers, the barrier shut down and TCB Ponies are defeated. Relationships with Humans and Ponies slowly improve over time after the war. (2) The TCB Ponies succeed in their genocide of Humanity by turning them all into zombie Newfoals and the killing all the Human Sympathizers. (3) Humanity wins, by the skin of its teeth. Smashes the barrier and launches hundreds of nukes at Equestria leaving the world a barren wasteland with all the Ponies dead. (4) TCB Ponies destroy all Humanity in the Mass Effect universe where Humans never got to the Mass Relay. Karma happens like the Reapers committing genocide on the Ponies.