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Found 27 results

  1. At first i thought that the transformation wouldn't be that big of a deal. But their seems to be two problems with my transformations. 1. People seem to not notice that it's me (which is the bigger problem) 2. People seem to not like it. Now this blog is more a message to the guys, who don't like my new me, or just don't like my new Avatar. The reason why i changed my name and avatar, is because i have really grown close to my OC Mesme Rize in the last few months. Even going so far as to call it my ponysona. Hypnosparkle has become very stale for me and although is my favorite pony, she dosen't really represent who i am. Mesme Rize does that. I love hypnosis, Lamias/snakes and ponies and Mesme Rize has a very playful attitude like me. He pretty much represents who i am on this forum and i like to use him has my ponysona. So everyone that dosen't like him, please give him a chance. He is a very nice Lamia. <3
  2. I guess we all remember what Twilight Sparkle once said, "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!" I can see why she might think that. Is she actually right though? Yes, most of the ponies she met are kind of strange, but is there something more to that? Yes, My Little Pony is a children's TV show, but i like to believe that alot of the character, show symptoms of serious mental disorder. It is actually very obvious if you look at it in a certain way. Are the ponies indeed have some form mental illnesses? Let's find out Ironically, the pony we know most about her psych is the same pony that declares the others crazy -- Twilight Sparkle. Her character throughout the first season and into the second was one that was relatively reclusive, untrusting, and bookish. She felt a huge obligation towards getting things done right, and getting them done on time. These are all symptoms of Avoidant Personality Disorder, a mental imbalance characterized by actively avoiding social contact, out of fear of being ridiculed. People (or in this case, ponies) with AvPD aren't afraid of social interaction, per say; they simply believe they're any good at it, and would just make things bad on themselves and others. They do however generally strive for a social life, which it is shown that Twilight did in fact wish for at the end of the season 1 opener. Victims of AvPD use fantasy or unorthodox habits as a form of escapism, which Twilight exhibits frequently with her profound love for reading and her not-so-slight OCD. Though they are withdrawn, they read a lot into body language and intonation, more often than not coming to a pessimistic conclusion. At first glance, you wouldn't believe Twilight to exhibit this, but she shows it blatantly in Lesson Zero, where she fears that Princess Celestia -- arguably the only pony Twilight trusts completely aside from her brother -- would send her back to Magic Kindergarten. Therefore, it can be concluded that Twilight had been slightly traumatized during her years in Kindergarten, likely the result of bullying and ridicule. Fluttershy as well shows a fear of social interaction; hers, however, manifests in a rather severe case of what is called Social Anxiety Disorder, or social phobia. Many people assume AvPD and SAD to be one in the same; however there are many specific differences between the two, the main one being that social phobia is an actual fear of social interaction, whereas AvPD is simply an avoidance. The main symptoms of social phobia is a pervasive and consistent fear of talking to, being talked to, or otherwise interacting with a person or persons. There is also a withdrawal from society, sometimes even to the point of hermitry. All of these, Fluttershy has exhibited on more than one occasion (though significantly less in season three). There are also several physical symptoms associated with social phobia, such as blushing, nausea, and stammering -- all of which Fluttershy has at one point or another shown, stammering being extremely prevalent. Panic attacks may also be present; and indeed, Fluttershy has a panic attack when Rainbow Dash pushes her to show how fast she can fly in front of hundreds of other pegasi. It is shown in her cutie mark flashback that she had been bullied throughout her school life, which is one of the more common causes of social phobia. Rainbow Dash's pushy nature might also be a contributing factor, but her loyalty and companionship is one that Fluttershy considers indisposable. In this, she seems to exhibit several symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder as well. This is reinforced by the fact that comorbidity between Social Anxiety and DPD is relatively common. The pony that is more often than not considered the craziest is of course Pinkie Pie, the perplexing pretty pink party pony. Her bubbly, energetic personality is a classic case of vivacious subtype of Histrionic Personality Disorder. People with HPD are defined as impulsive, hyperactive, and have a notably low tolerance for negative emotions, even ones not necessarily aimed towards them. Her element, Laughter, is pretty much a light-up sign indicating her intolerance for negative emotions. Victims of HPD have a deep-seeded craving for attention as well, which Pinkie shows rather blatantly in Party Of One. Her spontaneous party throwing can be considered a manifestation of her subconscious need for attention, which is reinforced by her persistance in trying to befriend Cranky Doodle (even to the point of breaking into his house). A possible cause of her mental deficiency is familial abuse. Having grown up on a rock farm and working day-in and day-out as a mere child undoubtedly poses severe mental health problems. The dysfunction termed Hypomania is characterized by a larger-than-life self-image, racing thoughts, and dangerous activity -- all of which can be used to describe one Rainbow Dash, arguably the loudest and most self-possessed pony in Ponyville. A major indicator for hypomania is what is called psychomotor agitation, a reflexive need to move. This is often characterized by restlessness when sitting still, pacing, or biting lips. In Rainbow Dash's case, hovering or extending and retracting her wings are strong indicators of psychomotor agitation. She also exhibits extremely dangerous activity on a daily basis, pushing herself to the brink of her ability to perform death-defying tricks and one day ultimately join the Wonderbolts, a famous team of expert stunt pegasi. Rainbow has a major egocentric personality, continually places herself higher on the pedestal than others; however, she wouldn't hesitate to help her close friends, even to the point of her giving up her dreams in order to help them in a time of need. This lends to the opinion that her hypomania is in no way destructive, except for her edge-of-the-seat lifestyle, and in fact has a positive effect on her and the people surrounding her. Applejack is a hard character to describe, much less diagnose. She's a hard-worker who hates handing the reigns over to anyone else, she never censors herself, and loves to help others who are in need. In this, she seems rather sane, but if you squint really hard you can see that she seems to exhibit several characteristics of Self-defeating Personality Disorder (aka Masochistic Personality Disorder). She deliberately puts herself in harms way throughout the series: Applebuck Season, where she decides to harvest the entire apple orchard by herself; The Last Roundup, where she moves out of town to get a better paying job so as to raise money and fix town hall; and Spike At Your Service, where she saves Spike not only from a pack of hungry timberwolves, but also a giant timberwolf at the end of the episode. She even went so far as to walk all the way around a mountain with another pony on her back, simply because said pony was too scared to climb it herself. This show of altruism definitely points towards a virtuous form of MPD, but she shows a complete lack of the feelings of deserved gratitude. This loans to somewhat oppresive tendencies, since she expresses genuine feelings towards everyone and everything (she is the element of Honesty, afterall), even if those feelings are negative. However, she doesn't have the self-pitiable nature that commonly accompanies the oppresive subtype; this could possibly be due to her altruistic tendencies. The final character we are going to go over is the element of Generosity, Rarity. She, like Applejack, is more than willing to sacrifice her time, money, body parts, etc., on other people without hesitation. Unlike Applejack, however, she is willing to gloss over unsavory comments, instead favoring to soften the blow. She has a tendency to overreact to situations and she is a professional "whiner". On several occasions she's shown to place other people before her lifelong dreams, notably in Green Isn't Your Color, where she would rather help Fluttershy become supermodel than for Rarity to become a world-famous fashion designer. She appears to exhibit characters not unlike the appeasing subtype of Histrionic Personality Disorder. Whereas Pinkie Pie's vivacious HPD focused more on being hyperactive and neurotic, Rarity's appeasing HPD focuses more on brushing away bad emotions, instead focusing on giving unto others and making them happy, as a way to avoid dealing with her own problems. The main difference between appeasing HPD and virtuous Masochistic Personality Disorder -- which we went over with Applejack -- is that there is no feelings of deservation with HPD, and there is no repressing of emotions with MPD. Self-sacrifice is a hugely defining symptom of appeaseful HPD, and Rarity's entire being is dedicated to such. This might seem like nothing but a benefit to others, however it can be extremely detrimental to the victim of the illness. Repressed emotions can cause serious health risks, and given the selfless nature of those exhibiting it, the risks might go unheeded. I think it is safe to assume that Twilight was right in her statement that all the ponies were indeed, "crazy". But we attach too many negative connotations to that word; a more accurate word -- and one that would sound less negative -- would be "disturbed". This is a very unique show, in more ways than one. We've had The Big Lebowski ponified, we've had government conspiracies, we've had international espionage -- If you ask me, it's not too surprising that we also have mental deficiencies.
  3. Come in and don't be shy. My hands are very nice and smooth. :3
  4. Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor. In '87, Huey released this; Fore!, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip To Be Square". A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It's also a personal statement about the band itself.
  5. What are your thoughts on this? I won't say anything about this, since most people know my stands on Lauren Faust. But i say that i have a certain sense of deja vu from 2011.
  6. I am in a sort Les Miserables mood lately, so this is probably nice video to post. 17 Valjeans, from their respective 17 international productions of Les Miserables, sing do you hear the people sing? in their own languages, with all of them singing the closing of One day more. Les Mis is one of my favorite Musicals and i saw the german stage show 2 times and own the movie version from 2012 on Blu-Ray. Countries in order of appearance: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Canada, Austria, Australia, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, United States of America
  7. This is a complete walkthrough, of the remastered edition of Deus Ex Machina, which came out in 1984 for MSX, ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64. It's not really much of a game, it's an experience and it was very revolutionary for it's time. It was kind of like the first interactive movie that you could play, because the game came with an audio cassette that you play in the background, while you played it and listened to a complete life story, about life, life itself and other quite philosophical things. It's quite a bizzare, weird and very surreal game to play and it's different from anything that i know about video games. I made this blog, so you can experience this game for yourself and maybe you want to even buy it. I heard it's actually in the steamstore. But please, look at the vid, enjoy and be amazed. First, the infant. Mulling in the Test Tubes neck. Then the whining school child. With Cassette and Shining warming face, creeping like a snail, unwillingly to databank. And then, the lover. Sighing like a furnace with woeful video made to their lovers hologram. Then, a soldier. Full of strange oaths, jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, seeking highscore even in the lasers mouth. And then, the justice. In fair round belly, with eyes severe and clothes of formal cut full of wise words and machine code. And so, they play their part. The Sixth Age, shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon, with spectacles on nose, their youthful clothes well saved, a world to wide for their shrunken shank. And their speech synthesizer turning again towards a childish treble, piping and whistling Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history, the second childishness and mere oblivion. With out Keyboard, without Monitor, without powersupply
  8. Okay, thought that this seems kind of fun, so i also opened one. Ask me anything. Don't be shy, i don't bite.
  9. Watch at your own risk guys. it's not gory or bloody, but it's incredibly weird and creepy.
  10. Something has been really going on my nerves with this fandom, has been the constant finger pointing at Hasbro, whenever somebody got a C&D for their fan content. Notable victims of these where Mane6 with their Fighting is Magic game and JanAnimations and his webseries Buttons Adventures. The Fandom immediatly jumped the gun and started to point their fingers at Hasbro, saying how stupid they are, that the Fandom should boycott, or even suggested that MLP should be handled by another company, Disney being the one i hear of the most. Personally, i think people who are suggesting this don't know anything about Disney, or other companies that show cartoons. Hasbro is actually pretty tame when it comes to fan content, or showing episodes. For example, it's alot more easier to find My little pony episodes on the web, then shows like Gravity Falls, which are made by Disney and the times you find episodes of Gravity Falls, they are probably zoomed in or are mirrored to avoid copyright. Another thing is, that our fandom culture is so big, because Hasbro leaves almost everyone alone. It's known that a company like Disney has there eyes on pretty much everything and they are immediatly jumping the gun, if a fanwork only slightly resembles one of their trademarks. I am actually happy that we have Hasbro. Do you think another company would have a guy like Mike Vogel, who is in constant communication with the Fandom? I don't think so. What do you guys think? Should the MLP trademark go another company, or is it good where it is?
  11. I was just going through Derpibooru and found this very spoilerific Picture: Do they actually make Starlight Glimmer Twilights Friendship Student? This seems like something very official and was supposedly also revealed on EQD. So, how do you feel about the idea, of Starlight becoming Twilights Pupil. To be honest, i would be okay with that and i actually thought of this as a possibility months ago. Starlight Glimmer is a pony that would be interesting. Most people don't see it, but she has alot of things going on. She kidnapped the Mane 6, and tried to brainwash them and then if the finale predictions are true, she literally tried to ruin their entire lives and make them miserable for her own gain. Everyone but Twilight would be Discord tier suspicious and untrusting of her. That could be the basis of some good interaction. She has absolutely no idea what it's like to have any sort of friends, or atleast her perception of it is completly off, when we remember what she did in the cutie map. Twilight could teach her about all of that.
  12. I found this video on youtube and i thought it might interest some people, that might want to visit my country. Fun Fact: Bremen is in 8:26.
  13. The Signature was made by my good friend Kyoshi, who is one of the nicest people here that i met. Thank you.
  14. I really want to put my cards on the table guys, because i want to be honest with you and being honest is what a real friend should do. I've been here for 9 months now and sometimes, people look at me like i am the perfect guy, who has the perfect life and who dosen't do any sort of mistakes. That's simply not true. I am doing the same mistakes and i have the same problems like everyone else has. I have been unemployed for awhile now and during the week, i spend my time at home, playing video games, watching movies and browsing with you guys, because most of my friends IRL have an actual Job. They don't judge me for it though. The reason why i can buy myself something like a wii u, is because i donate Plasma every week, for which i get 25 bucks for and also the feeling that i did good for this world. I am cursing without end. Some of it gets into my normal vocabulary and even though i try to do it less frequently (especially in the forums and around my niece and nephew) i still have a potty mouth. I can be a bit agressive sometimes and i have a tendency to get into petty arguments, especially when i had a bad day. Again, i try to better myself and it got better. But i feel like this is something that will never quite go away from me. I didn't made this blog, so you would distance yourself from me. I did this so you would look at me in a more normal light and not like in a way, where you would believe that i am better then you. I was always a guy of honesty and granted my honesty sometimes goes a bit far, but i would never lie to anybody here. I love this Forum and there is nothing that will ever change that.
  15. Well, i can't really blame the artist. Rarity of course is best Carmen Sandiego.
  16. The year 2015 of the 25th year of unified follows the account of Hypnosparkle, High Hypnotist of the MLPforums, and the finding of the ring of power. It has come to me...the ring of power! It shall be an heirloom of my Kingdom...all those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate, for I will risk no hurt to the is precious to me, though I buy it with great pain... The marking upon the band begin to fade...the writing which at first was as clear as red flame, has all but disappeared...a secret now that only fire can tell...
  17. I have to announce that as of now, that me and LZRD WZRD do not have a re love relationship anymore. I am not getting much into the details, but i will say that it was all in good terms. I realized that we can't hold this relationship up by such a far distance and we both agreed on that. We both still remain very close friends though and we have no sort of hate toward eachother. We both respect each other for who we are and i consider LZRD a very talented young guy and very outspoken (even if i always don't agree with him. ) Do i feel sad? Maybe a bit. But LZRD is not unreachable for me. him some love and visit his Youtube page.
  18. I felt like my mind was entering another dimension. @_@
  19. I was waking up this morning with a stomach ache, as i was eating a bit too much yesterday. Twilight was asking me if i was alright and i said that i am fine and i just had a stomach ache and it would go bye. Twilight wouldn't take that nonsense from me and would lock me on my bed with her Magic. She said that it might be serious, since she has read alot of books about medicine and diseases. For the rest of the day, she would check on me and take care of me, just giving me light food like Soup and always making my bed fluffy. I was feeling a bit like a little kid, as i was pretty much forced to stay helpless in my bed all the time. But it felt quite nice being treated like that. I love you Twily. <3 (BTW, i took this Photo. This is my plushie and Stethoscope. )
  20. Okay, this is another one of my "I am coming out of my closet" posts. I like to do them here, because i always trusted the people on this forum like they always do and to show them the real me. As you saw in the title of the Blog, you already guessed that i am apparently a Cardiophile. Unsurprisingly however, not many people know what this word actually means, or what it does apply. Let me explain it to you. A Cardiophile is a person, that has a fixation to hearts and heartbeat sounds (for me, it's mostly the heartbeat sounds,) taking extreme comfort in listening to heartbeat sounds, be it from a random person, a file from the Internet, or be it his own sound. My fixation with the Heartbeat begun when i was probably 6. I remember that i had this very friendly pediatrician that i was always going to for my checkup and she would sometimes let me play with her Stethoscope and let me listen to my heartbeat, which i always found nice. From there on out, i pretty much fell in love with Heartbeats. (This Fanfic i wrote, was inspired by these days: for shameless advertising.) These days, i sometimes find people with the same interests, but it's a far more uncommon interest then hypnosis is, so i mostly just entertain myself with it. I even have my own Stethoscope at home, which i sometimes use to relax myself at night. When i listen to it, i can always say to myself "i am still alive" (lol, Pearl Jam reference.) Do you have any questions about it? Are you fascinated or weirded out by my interest? Comment below, let me know.
  21. Oh yeah, i will tackle this guy. Because something happend where i finally draw the line. John Cena is probably the number one target of every hardcore Wrestling fan out there and with good reason. Cena destroyed runs of many promising young talent. On the list is The Miz, Wade Barrett (with his Nexus guys), Umaga, Bray Wyatt, Rusev and just recently Kevin Owens. Cena always denied that he has anything to do with these decisions and he is just doing what Vince does, which i just believe to some degree. Ever since i heard CM Punks interview on Colt Cabanas Podcast in november, i know what happens during the meetups. "It's not what's next for everybody else, it's what's next for John Cena?" And i think this has been going on for almost 10 years now. But now something happend, that makes me believe is just a lying Snake, who always acts like the good guy. Charlotte, daughter of the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair, is the newest member of the main Roster and right now, the best womens Wrestler in the Company. She was holding the NXT womens Title for a very long time and everybody agreed that she should become the next Divas champ (stupid name) in the WWE. It was very loudly rumored that she was supposed to win the Title at Summerslam, as part of the Divas Revolution Storyline. But as we all know, we got a 3 way tag match. And here is why. Nikki Bella, the current WWE Divas champion, holds the title since almost a year now, after she won it from AJ Lee. She is a women, that is absolutely free of any Talent and has no right to call herself champion of anything, not to mention that she barely defends the title at PPVs. So why does she hold the title for so long? Well, John Cena makes it possible. John Cena and Nikki Bella have been going out for awhile now, after John has been single since 2012 and i am sure, that she has special privileges. Here is what i heard. Charlotte was supposed to win the Title from Nikki at Summerslam. John Cena, the "Super Hero" that he is, needs to save his crying women from losing her Belt, because she of course deserves it. John went to Vince Mcmahons Office and after an hour long butt kissing session, Vince flips over the entire Divas Revolution Storyline, so Cenas Girl won't have to give it to Charlotte. HE IS BURYING THE TALENT, BEFORE THEY CAN GET IN THE RING. Cena combines everything that is wrong with Wrestling today. Not only is he putting himself in spotlight, he is also destroying the talent that deserve the spotlight far more then him, because Cenas Wrestling moves and his Gimmick haven't changed in the last 10 years and it's not fun anymore to watch him. And don't get me started on his 15 minute Raw Promos. I can't stand his passive agressivness anymore. Vince Mcmahons daughter Stephanie always acts like this great feminism figure, who always tweets about women in sports having a revolution and that they are just as important as man. Girl, if you want your Divas Revolution, stand up to your Father and John Cena, because then this crap won't happen. I used to love the WWE and the only reason i still watch this, is because of nostalgic reasons, in the hopes that it will go back to the glory days. But i am losing more and more interest and i rather watch New Japan Pro Wrestling, because atleast there i can watch it, without having to watch that guy. I am done. Read this as much as you can, before Cena buries it.
  22. I understand that the background music is not from the actual song and is just a C64. But i couldn't find a better thing, so i just roll with it. Enioy.
  23. Ah yes, Disney. A company that has been with me through my entire Life and always put a big smile on my face. If it wasn't for Disney, i would probably never learned to love Animation. Some people like to call them a greedy and heartless money corporation, but don't kid yourself. In one way or another, you also came in touch with Disney as a kid. And that's why i like to honor the best of them today. I will give you a list of my 15 most favorite Disney Animated Movies of all time. Now, the list is containing movies from the original Walt Disney Animation studios, so no movies from Disneytoon studios, or Pixar (sorry Toy Story and Wall-E.) And also, no 3D animations. Meaning no Tangled, no Wreck-it Ralph and no Frozen. Before i begin, a few honorable mentions, that didn't make my List: The adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad Peter Pan Mulan The princess and the frog The great mouse detective (this decision hurted me the most.) 15. Tarzan "I said he could stay. That dosen't make him my son." - Kerchak Tarzan was already very recognizable before the Disney Movie even came out, since the legend of Tarzan was already filmed almost a hundred times. Disney of course gave this movie there own twist to it. Tarzans family gets killed by a leopard named Sabor and has to live with the Gorillas now. While he grew up, he always questioned himself why he is so different, as he tries hard to belong. As he grew up, he came into contact with his own kind for the first time and even fell love with the british scientist Jane Porter. It's a movie that splits the masses, mostly because Phil Collins is doing the music. But for the people who know me, they know that i am a Collins fan. I admit, it's not his best work, but it works for the movie and is certainly an enjoyable watch for me. 14. Hercules "Well, they're just fine. You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. What are you gonna do?" - Hades I admit it, it totally spits on everything that the legend of Hercules (or Herakles if you want) stands for. But damn, if it isn't an enjoyable movie. Hercules was born son of the gods Herra and Zeus on Mt.Olymp in ancient Greece. Hades, who learns that the baby will grow up to screw up his plans, tasks his henchman to make him mortal and turn him into a human. As Herc a teenager, he is getting shunned aside for his god like strength and tries to find out who he really is. His father tells him, that if he becomes a real hero, he will become a god again. 2 words. Ha Des (...wait.) James Woods as Hades is probably the greatest character in this movie. If it wasn't for him and his personality, this movie probably wouldn't be half as good. I also have to admit that i was never a fan of Meghara, since she was kind of bland to me, but she isn't the worst character i have seen. All in all, very enjoyable. 13. Alice in Wonderland "Oh, you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here." - The Cheshire Cat Now you like random things, like Pinkie Pie levels of Randomness? Alice in Wonderland was random, before random was cool. I really must Lewis Carroll credit for coming up with such a story, without the help of any drugs. Alice is bored is bored with her routine life and is imagining herself in a wonderland, where everything is upside down. She comes across a white rabbit, who is obviously late for something. Alice follows the Rabbit and get pulled down into the Rabbit hole, which leads into wonderland. She encounters all sorts of weird creatures. Singing flowers, a smoking caterpillar, a mad hatter and a crazy queen. It's really no surprise that the rerelease in the late 60s was such a success. This movie is the dream of every drugaddict. It has so many weird things in it, but in an enjoyable kind of way. It's not the most story driven movie, but it's really a good movie to just sit back and enjoy the ride. The Cheshire Cat is probably my favorite character. Sterling Holloway, who is always enjoyable to listen to, really ads to his character. 12. Sleeping Beauty "Now, father, you're living in the past. This is the 14th century!" - Prince Phillip The Princess movies before this movie (Cinderella and Snow White) never really left much of an impression. Sleeping Beauty though, is one of those very classic Fairy Tale, that i think even the brothers Grimm would have liked. In a far away kingdom, the princess Aurora is born and the whole Kingdom gathered to celebrate. The Evil Maleficent, who is jealous because she didn't get invited, curses the baby to die before she reaches her 16th birthday. The 3 fairies weaken the curse, by just making her fall asleep. Nonethenless, they want to hide Aurora from Maleficent, to protect her, calling her Rose. While this is the best of the 3 classic Princess movies, Aurora suffers from the same problem that Snow White has. She is very bland. But that's not really a problem. She is not exactly the hero of this movie. The 3 fairies are actually and they are very fun to watch. I really love the birthday preparation scenes they have in the cottage. And not to spoiler much, the climax of this movie is probably the most action packed of all the disney movies at that point. Just wonderful. 11. The Sword in the Stone "A dark age indeed! Age of inconvenience. No nothing!" Now this is a movie, that i am missing all the time in top lists of disney movies. This might be the most underrated disney movie out there and i think it deserves more praise then it has. In Medieval times, a young boy named Arthur, who gets called ward by everyone, accidentally lands in the house of Merlin the wizard. Merlin wants to take Arthur as a student, but his stepfather sir Hector sees Merlin as the devil and rather wants him to become squire for his real son Kay. Merlin and Arthur go on many adventures together. The songs of this movie are also very underrated, considering they are made by the legendary Sherman brothers, who have very imaginative lyrics (watch Mary Poppins and you know what i mean.) I remember me and my brother walking down the street, singing that's what makes the world go round. But the real highlight is the magic duel in the middle of the movie, which is just alot of fun. 10. Robin Hood "To coin a phrase, my dear counselor, rob the poor to give the rich." - Prince John Another one of those underrated classics, during a time where Disney dosen't really know where they go with the studio. Robin Hood is probably one of the funniest Disney movies i have seen, because i can still laugh to this day. While King Richard is gone for the crusade, his brother prince John has taken charge of England and milks the people dry of their money with his way too high taxes. Robin Hood and his buddy Little John rebel against the rule of John, by stealing from the crown and giving it to the poor, while Robin dreams to be back with his childhood love, Maid Marian. I think there is no story around that i watched more versions of then Robin Hood. The Disney version, while not my number 1 pick, is certainly up there with the likes of Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner. It was great that they casted Peter Ustinov as Prince John, since he was one of the most charismatic actors of the time, who also voiced John in the german version. 9. Dumbo "What's the matter with his ears? I don't see nothin' wrong with 'em. I think they're cute." - Timothy Q. Mouse Prepare your tissues guys, because this movie for me, is a real tearjerker. This is the kind of movie that bullies watch in those camps, to become better people. The little Elephant Jumbo jr. gets brought by the stork to his mother Ms. Jumbo. Upon arrival, her and the other elephants immediatly see that he has was very large ears for a baby Elephant. mockingly, one of ms. Jumbos room mates renames him Dumbo. Her mother is still keeping him, while the others shun him away. Dumbo must take alot bullying from the Elephants and even the guests, who visit his circus. He meets a mouse called Timothy, who tries to make him into a star with his ears. This movie is just an hour long, the shortest of all disney animated movies, but it really brings everything across during that time. You can't help but feel sorry for Dumbo during this whole movie. But the pay of for it is just that much sweeter. Also, don't forget the legendary elephants on parade scene. 8. Bambi "Your Mother can not be with you any longer." - Prince of the forest This movie traumatized a whole generation of kids and even beyond that. I wouldn't call it a spoiler when i say, yes, Bambis mother dies. And it's horrible. The little Deer called Bambi is born in a giant forest, where he grows up with his friend Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk. Bambi is very naive and uncautious in his childlike nature and is fascinated by everything that he comes across in the forest. One day he learns though, that life can also be very cruel to you. I really have to say, that i am a big fan of the art style in this movie. The forest looks like an actual forest and it acts like an actual forest and you can see that they put in alot of money into this movie to make it look good. I am surprised all the time how dark this movie turns, since the first 20 minutes are very cheerful. 7. Pinocchio "A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face." - The Blue Fairy I talked to some old timers, who watched this movie as a kid and they say that this is their favorite disney movie of all time and i kind of can see why that is. It was very ambitious in it's animation and it takes risks that alot of later animated movies didn't take. The watchmaker Ghepetto wishes nothing more to have a boy for himself, so he wishes to a star one night that it may bring him one. A blue fairy comes to his home and brings his wooden puppet Pinocchio to life. The fairy tells him, if he behaves and is doing nothing bad, he will become a real boy. Pinocchio also gets help from his consience Jiminy Crickett, who should always bring him to the right path. This is probably one of the darkest disney movies i have ever seen. Pinocchio is doing some bad things in it and it's shown very harshly, the consequences of his actions, especially during his time on pleasure island. And again, the art here is phenomenal. 6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame "And he shall smite the wicked and *plunge* them into the fiery *pit!*" - Judge Claude Frollo Did i just talk about dark Disney movies? Here is another one for you. This was a movie that many thought couldn't be disneyfied, because the book was just so dark, that you possibly can't make it into a family friendly movie. Quasimodo is a deformed hunchback, who lived for the past 20 years in the bell towers of Notre Dame in Paris. His father in law Frollo, always tells him that the world outside is cruel and dark and would never accept him for what he is, because he is just a monster for everybody else. One day, Quasi is deciding to join the feast of fools, just so he can interact with other people. Down there, he meets the gypsy Esmeralda and Phoebus, the captain of Frollos Guard. It amazes me how many religious and dark undertones this movie has and still manages to be an entertaining family movie. Sadly, it wasn't a very big hit because the source material is just too dark and many parents didn't wanted their children to watch it. BTW, screw the gargoyles. If it wasn't for them, this movie might be even higher. 5. The Jungle Book "An extraordinary performance. And thank you for detaining my victim." - Shere Khan Yes, you already know my story with this movie. But i guess some of you are surprised, that it's not my number one. You have to ask my big brother for that. Mowgli grows up in the jungles of India and gets raised by wolves. Sadly, the news is going around that the Tiger Shere Khan is back in the part of the jungle because he hates man and he wants to kill mowgli as long as he is weak. The pack decides to bring the boy back to the man village. Bagheera is taking the job as both journey into the jungle, meeting many colorful characters. This movie just oozes with great characterization. There is not a single character that i really don't like. It has the same episodic feeling that Sword in the Stone has, but much better and the songs are just evergreens. If there is one thing i criticize the movie for, is that it's way too short. 4. Aladdin "Oi! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck." - Genie If i can compare Aladdin to anything, then i would say it's the Indiana Jones of Disney movies. It's pretty much one of the biggest thrill rides that you will ever be on, when it comes to Disney movies and is packed with alot of things, that everyone can love. Aladdin is a young man from Agrabah, who always tries everyday to survive there. One day, the evil Grand Vizier Dschafar tries to use the boy, to enter the cave of wonders to get the magical lamp inside the cave. The lamp has a Genie in it, that will grand anybody 3 wishes, with a few exceptions. Aladdins life changes, when he falls in love with the Sultans daughter Jasmine, as he discovers "a whole new world." I think the Genie is not just the star of the movie, but also has like become the standard of how comedy sidekicks should be in an animated movie. If you take that as a plus or minus, is for you to decide. But the Genie worked extremly well for this movie. I remember a time in Kindergarten, i was 4 or so and we always recreated scenes from this movie, because we all loved it so much. XD 3. Beauty and the Beast "It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*..." - Gaston With Beauty and the Beast receiving the nomination as best picture at the oscars, it was proven that animation isn't just something for kids and it also showed that you can't kill Disney, even if they seem down and out. Belle is a girl living in a little village. She spends most of her days reading books (boy, never heard that one before ) who always dreams about more in her life. Gaston, the local tough guy of this town, tries desperately to marry her, because he believes it's their destiny. One day, Belles father was out of town to show one of his inventions, but didn't return. His horse showed her the way to a dark castle, which houses a beast in it, that was cursed. It's one of the greatest love stories told in film, animated or not. The beast looks very scary at first. But he has very soft and even shy site in him, which makes him very sympathetic. All the songs in this movie are oscar worthy, with the title song being in many peoples list on number 1. How you can't see the genius of this movie is beyond me. 2. Fantasia Now here is a disney movie, that is unlike any other disney movie out there. This was a very ambitious project from Walt Disney, who at first just wanted to make a short with music by legendary composer Leopold Stokowski, which later became more shorts and ended up being fantasia. Fantasia consists of 7 animated shorts, that are all played to the tune of classical music pieces, like the nutcracker suite by Tchaikovsky or the pastoral symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. All the music pieces are in sync with the pictures that are happening on the screen. I think my favorite short of them is the Night on Bald Mountain sequence. The art style and the overall dark feel of it is bone shivering and there are even some things in there, i would consider taboo by todays standards. 1. The Lion King "Look Simba. Everything the light touches, is our Kingdom." - Mufasa Everybody watched this movie in my childhood, everybody was remembering the characters from it and everybody remembered the songs from it. This was pretty much my generations Frozen, just better (sorry to all Frozen fans.) The little Simba was the son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, who would one day become King of the Pride Lands. His uncle Scar was jealous of Simba though, since he thinks he should've become the rightful King of the Pride Lands, so he's partnering up with the Hyenas, to get rid of Simba and Mufasa, so he could become King. Once Simba gets forced into exile, he meets Timon and Pumbaa and befriends them and tries to leave his old past behind. But you can't run forever. Lion King for me, is not only the best Disney movie of all time, it's also one of my favorite movies of all time. There is not a single thing in this entire movie, where i fast forward, or i have to roll my eyes about it. For me, this is the perfect family film and i still wonder why it never got a nomination for best pic. There you have it folks. This was quite a thing to write for me. But i really liked to write this and share it with you. Do you have problems with the list? Are there things i should have included? Comment below, let me know.
  24. I really thought for a loooooooooooong time if i should make a blog post about this, mainly because some people might find it weird. But then i pretty much said to myself: "I am already considered weird around here, so what the heck?" So, everybody who in the last half year had atleast a bit of experience with me, knows that i have a fascination with everything that has to do with hypnosis. I sometimes act as a meta hypnotist, i have a hypnotizing Twilight as an Avatar, i have Twilight hypnotizing in the background on profile etc. But why do i have this fascination? I will tell you all about my history of me and hypnosis and i will try to keep it as PG as possible. My story begins at a very early age, probably at around 3 or 4 years. I was always a big disney fan and spend alot of time watching Disney movies, mostly Peter Pan and Aladdin at that time. One day, my parents came home with a new disney movie, called "the jungle book" (you probably already know where this is going. ) The movie in general is one of my favorite disney movies, pretty much in my Top 10. But what i always found fascinating where the scenes with Kaa the snake. This was pretty much my first touch with hypnosis and maybe even the most important one for me. Everytime i think of hypnosis in cartoons, i link to this scene. At a young age, i didn't knew why i was so fascinated with it. But as i grew older, i kind of got the undertones of it. I really like the whole thought of slowly drifting away and leaving all your worries behind, as you enter a state of bliss and peace. It's a very nice thought for me. Over the years then, i would always feel weird, when they would show a hypnosis scene in a Movie or TV Show, especially when i watched the stuff around other people. There is barely anyone that knows about my fascination, since i don't want to be judged by them and at time, i thought i was the only one who felt that way. I really kept this fascination for my own, even till this day in my private life. Skip ahead to the time, where i was almost finished with high school and my parents finally got a PC that was Internet compatible. Besides from visiting my Star Wars fandom sites and looking for the newest video game reviews on Gamespot (yes, i was there. ) I also used the rare opportunitys to find some hypno stuff on the internet. The PC was in the living room back then, so i only could look it up if my parents weren't at home. Back then, i could barely find anything, except a few free self hypnosis audio files, with mostly bad quality. In 2008, i found out about a Kaa Roleplay site on the internet (i won't link to it, since it's partially NSFW.) I visited it and it was like a dream come true for me. It's like i wasn't the only one, who had those childhood experiences. I didn't participated in any RPs back then. But i was always following some of the stories these people where writing in the Forums. As i was too much into my job between 2009 and 2011, i barely had anytime to think about my fascination. I then lost my job in Summer 2011 and at almost the exact same time, i found out about My little pony of course. I watched the whole of Season 1 and was very entertained. Then it happend. The return of Harmony. Oh,,,my...god. Did Faust do that on purpose? I saw Discord discording the mane 6 and most people in the fandom where refering to Kaa and of course, there was the Fan Art. Now, at this point i was maybe 3 or 4 weeks in the fandom and thought that this will not become a big community, with guys who have interests. So i just forgot about it for now and enjoyed Season 2. In early 2013, a fimfiction writer by the name of Mightyshockwave, who would later become a very good friend of mine in the fandom, released a story by the title of Snakity. ( I was totally into the story and i was surprised how many people in the fandom liked it. It was also the first time i heard about Lamias, which i fell in love with instantly. Then in 2014, during my 1 year stay on Deviantart, i was using my name Hypnosparkle for the first time and for the first time in my life, was not shy anymore about my fascination and wanted to share it with the others. Mightyshockwave teached me a bit how to Roleplay and for months, i roleplayed different hypno stories with the mane 6, BGs, OCs and what not and always with other people. That's pretty much how my OC Mesme Rize was born then. I also was the founder of the MLP-Hypnogroup, which now is run by my friend Mightyshockwave. ( I left DA in early in 2015, for personal reasons and because i was starting to get dry from all these RP requests i got. Now i am here, pretty much going on your nerves with my meta personality. I wanted to write this to let you know how unique people can be and although some of their interests might be weird, we are still normal human beings on the outside, with the same basic emotions. If you had an interest that you would think, people would find weird, i would just say that it makes you unique, not weird. Also, i would never try to take over anyones minds in real life. That's just bad. Thank you for reading and i hope this isn't the end of my career on this Site, because of it.