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Found 8 results

  1. This game is straightforward. Guess which user is the one representing the clue that the poster above you will post. This probably means that regulars will have the upper hand, but ah well. New members learn more about the oldies that way. :3 Example: That looked stupid... but whatever. Be sure to be specific in your clues. It can be about anything, ranging from age to gender to their likes and dislikes that will separate that user from all the thousands of the members here on MLPforums. If someone guessed wrong, you can quote their answer and say so, but don't post a clue after that. The next poster will take the clue from the previous of the previous. Starting now! The user is a Pinkie fan :VVVV
  2. Oh hi! My name is Double Espresso. Recently there has been this so called 'blob' fad going around Ponyville, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start my own blob. Feel free to interrogate me ask me any questions you want. EDIT : Oh! It's called a blog Now with crappy pen sketches!
  3. Let's face it. We may know or may not know about love. We may have a boyfriend or a girlfriend(or even both?),or maybe not. But there's one thing for sure. We all love @SCS The rules of the thread are simple: 1. Loving SCS is a must. 2. To be added here, you must join the SCS Love Bandwagon,which is simple,no matter if you have BF/GF. Just post,and you'll be added. 3. I don't know what more to say,except...SCS IS BEST BAE <3 4. SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!! There's never enought SCS Love <3 5. If you want,you can make SCS Fanart,and I'll add it to the roster FAN ART: LIST SO FAR: @SCS: Royal King Best Bae 4evur @Lightwing: He who makes the silly thread about the bandwagon,and only official and unofficial shipping master. : The one who wants to be best bae too : Senpai,because he's cool like that <3 : Da definive bae,SCS's lover <3 @ooBrony: Because without him,it wouldn't be the same deal <3 @Lyra Heartstrings: Lel Fruitbutt,but still,wubs wubs wubs <3 : "I was the first one with a crush on SCS." -Makusu when talking about SCS <3 @Spreelly: Eh...Uh....I dunno,but he loves SCS <3 @Artemis: Crawl away from your rock. We need the legendary Forum Barista and his coffee : 100% SCS approved : Ordained Minister and Prophet of SCSism @Yozer247: staff,who streams the weekly SCS love program : The Doctor approves,so this just turned into awesome. @Fizz.: A proof of how SCS's almighty presenxe saves lifes <3 : BFF forever,and now I love him again <3 @Pon3: Newbie,but he loves SCS <3 : Loves SCS.Enoughr said <3 : Spoon : Even more SCS love! <3 : And with Wubsybutt,this thread got better :v : No words.Just that he's questioner @Proton: He's my husband,and he loves SCS... Excelent... :v : It was all part of her Destiny... : He helped on calling SCS's attention <3 @Wingnut: SENPAI IS HELPING WITH SCS LOVE <333333 @Sugar Cube: Cubed and Sweet since 2011,she loves SCS too <3 : Good girl overall,who,guess what,loves SCS too <3 @Miles: Applejack Love+SCS Love=Best Love Combination <3
  4. I got bored and decided to draw three ponies, one a pegasus with Twilight's mane and tail style, a unicorn librarian, and a failed clone of Luna I dub FaiLuna Feedback appreciated.
  5. I've had this in my head for a few days now. I think I'm spent on this subject matter for awhile.
  6. Consider this a tie-in with the last review. Good times, good times... ... Okay, back to more reviews and Angels, ya maniacs. And to all those confused:
  7. I dunno, for some reason I've thought about this a lot. How does Equestria's education system work? Is it similar to the whole "elementary, middle, and high" school thing most of us are used to, or is it only primary schooling until you get your cutie mark? Then what? University? Vocational? Does it pertain to cutie marks? Do certain cutie marks help you out in getting into that? Can you avoid all of that? *shrug* i've just sorta pondered it a bit. What do you guys think?
  8. A bit of a pony-based orchestral chiptune song I did. It's pretty freakin' sweet if you ask me. I also recorded a more electronic version with beats 'n' stuff. You can download that as well as the "score" version (the normal one) here: