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Found 68 results

  1. EDIT 11/2/18: With the MLP holiday special "Best Gift Ever" presenting reindeer as canon species this fan club has now been expanded to include them. As it stands both the deer as presented in the IDW comic arc "Root of the Problem" and the magic reindeer from "Best Gift Ever" fit here; not to mention Velvet from "Them's Fightin' Herds." :p All right, thanks to issues #27 and #28 we now have deer a part of the lore in "Friendship is Magic." Granted we probably won't be seeing them in the show, but their in the lore now. <3 So yeah, we have King Aspen, his son Bramble, and Blackthorn, and the deer live in Thicket. I just LOVE their design!
  2. HUMBLE COMICS BUNDLE: MY LITTLE PONY 2019 BY IDW Humble is currently hosting a bundle of MLP comics! You can purchase digital copies of the comics at a decent price. Just for $1 you can get: Just for $8 you can get: And for $15 you can get: SUPPORT CHARITY! By purchasing anything in this bundle you also support Hasbro's charity! Interested? Be sure to check it out by clicking the link below! HUMBLE COMICS BUNDLE: MY LITTLE PONY 2019 BY IDW If you'll be having any questions regarding how Humble works, feel free to ask below. I can also add, that I'm purchasing things on Humble myself. I've purchased few bundles in the past and I have monthly subscription active for about a year now, so I can tell, that this site is legit. - related links - Humble ● Hasbro - Children's Fund ● IDW
  3. According to Andrew Griffith, comic artist at IDW, the long dream of a Transformers and horses was considered at one point, it was cancelled
  4. This seems to be the craziest pony comics series yet. Luna will be assembling a team of former villains to help her Synopsis: Powerless and threatened by a great evil, Princess Luna discovers she can't count on her sister or any of the usual heroes of Equestria. Running out of time and with nowhere to turn, Luna assembles a team specially suited to save the day... a team of former villains! source: Oh, I remember his old fanom where Trix becomes Luna's student
  5. Well, this is certainly a surprise, looks like our guys from IDW revealed that they are using a villain named Cosmos for next year issue #75, and I’m excited. Why I am excited? Because Cosmos was originally going to be the villain of the pony movie, and a sibling for Celestia and Luna to booth. Said character later evolved into best edgy horse, and the best movie character for many, but some of us where let down for throwing away such a great idea. Well, the name is being used at least, but I wonder how much of the original concept will be used ? I’m not sure how much the fans will appreciate a never seen sibling for the princesses, but... so that’s not too far off. It was even mentioned in the Art of My Little Pony the Movie that little trivia. That may show a possibility of at least being related, as it wouldn’t be the first time the pony comics takes something from the books. Right Princess Amore ?
  6. We know pony comics normally runs under two series at a time: the main series, and a secondary series. The latter has gone through a number of series by now, starting with the Micro Series, then Friends Forever, Legends of Magic, the close to end Ponyville Mysteries, and the upcoming Knightmare Knights I consider stand alone series the first two, as they are mostly stand alone issues, while starting with Legends of Magic started building more focused arcs around them. My question is, do you prefer a longer series of stand alone stories, or a whole series of a more focused story? I prefer the latter, as it goes with something the show is generally missing, an actual focused story arc, and it builds into an interesting concept, like past legends, or a pony Suicide Squad
  7. Just who are the Umbrum; you ask? Well, they happen to be these pieces of nightmare fuel that are Sombra's race; if you believe the comics. I had initially avoided making a fan club dedicated to them as there seemed to be a lack of fanart; but thankfully that seems to be changing. So please; share away, have fun, and forum rules apply! Just imagine the umbrum as part of Sombra's army. <3
  8. I kind of stopped reading the IDW comics a long time ago (the last one I read was #26 of the main series) because I didn’t really like how they treat some of the characters (especially the princesses. I mean seriously, why weren’t they able to escape not magical vines? ). Not to mention the does they have introduced which are the same species as…well, a similar race some people turned into monsters for their hate filled stories. However, when I was on derpibooru I saw a very dark comic cover (#62) and read what that comic was about. Since I don’t really want to give IDW a third chance (the prequel to the movie was the second) I wondered if there is a website or something similar, where you can read the summary of the whole comic. For example why the hay they want to give Canterlot to the griffons or why the yaks thought they might be able to attack the dragons and think they could win instead of ending as grilled food. Do you know a place with full summaries of the plot of the comics? I marked this as a spoiler because of the #61 plot I wrote.
  9. Thoughts on what this means? personally, I'm thinking the sirens won't feature in the finale, but they're going to give their magical amulets origins as being creations of the villain from the finale and were given to them by him (and that they used to be his minions)
  10. So, anyways, looking at this panel from the Recent IDW comic on the legends of magic... Do you think they're going to introduce new elements/virtues that the six represent? We got 6 Virtues here that represent the six as well as the legends of magic after all (Sorcery for Twilight, Courage for dash, strength for AJ, beauty for Rarity, healing for fluttershy and hope for pinkie)
  11. Well, the first pony movie prequel series of comics shows it's first issue preview, featuring the big bad himself: The Storm King. It shows a bit of his MO, but his personality...... is not what we expect. See yourselves at the spoilers
  12. Hey, if any of you are into the pony comics, and hooked on the movie prequel series, there'll be an early release of the whole series via Amazon, including the last one if you are into early releases I've ordered mine already
  13. Hey, there will be a seventh issue of Legends of Magic. It's supposed to tie with S7 finale, so approach with caution
  14. So, here's a question: In the prequel comic, we are introduced to strife: a villain who is disgusted by the storm kings jovial personality and lack of "true" malice, who is shown to be very cunning and outright betrays and humiliates the storm king. He is NOWHERE to be seen in the movie trailer, or any promo material. Do you think Strife is a comic only thing, or do you think he's being hidden as a villain in the movie like plot twists might be hidden in promo stuff for other movies? (Like how they outright lied bout talia al ghul being in the dark knight rises)
  15. No one's made a thread for this yet, so I thought I might as well. So, we have the second part of the Cattle Rustlers arc. I've been hearing a lot of negative things about these issues, mostly on the subject of Twilight being unwilling to use her magic to fight the rustlers. Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with this? For starters, it's the same reason why the show writers are so afraid to have Princess Celestia show up for any reason: because she would no doubt fix everything in two seconds flat and kill any sense of drama. Not to mention if Twilight had used her magic from the get-go. this "arc" would have been less than 12 pages long. Though I will admit they stretched this arc to fit two issues. This could have just as easily fit into a single issue.
  16. So, what's your prediction for how the upcoming Comic arc featuring Shadowlock will tie into the future of MLP? Do you think that Shadowlock is going to be the villain of season 7? Working for the villain of season 7? Or do you think this is instead meant to tease the movie in some way?
  17. A bit of good news; bad new here. From Equestria Daily: 1. A new series titled "Legends of Magic" is coming; which looks to hopefully fill in some blanks in regards to the history of Equestria. 2. To make room for it Friends Forever is ending at issue #39 (Celesta/Luna). I'm excited about the new series, but it hurts to see a solid slice of life series end like this. We'll see what happens. Thoughts?
  18. Lately, I've had an obsession with Pinkie Pie dressing up as if she were the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. Here, she is wielding a familiar card with her grin on it in a pose slightly similar to below.
  19. Beware of the synopsis of this upcoming mane series issue, as it's been said the upcoming comics will tie with S7, and even shows and mention the possible antagonist
  20. Seems Celly and Luna will take their squabble to god levels in the upcoming FF
  21. Okay, this might be a bit early as it's not even 12am EST, was available on iBooks, so I couldn't resist. And OMG what an issue this was. it. <3
  22. With the release of issue #37 we have the ending of the Siege of the Crystal Empire arc, and I must say...I don't know what to say about it. Considering my general enthusiasm that surprises me, but...yeah; read it for yourself. That ending...wasn't expecting that. Not sure if that is good or bad. XD
  23. Anyways, its a commonly thought about idea with fans for plots about "One of the mane six/all of them go evil" and it seems the IDW staff is doing that now too in a comic plot. But really... that doesn't make any sense at all. The mane six, Sans twilight, are honestly completely impotent as "villains" were they to turn evil. Without the EOH, the mane six (once again, sans twilight) are utterly irrellevent as a threat, apart from small time muggings or whatnot. Rarity is a fashion designer; she has no schooling in magic, isn't a prodigy, and has absolutely no ability to threaten equestria in a significant way. Pinkie pie is... a baker. She has no special abilities of any real kind nor magic. Applejack can kick things and that's about it. Rainbow dash can fly fast, sure, but she's still equaled or outclassed by spitfire and the other wonderbolts and there's way more of them than dash and are STILL irrellevent for most situations. Fluttershy has the stare, and while that's cool and all, in most every situation where push has come to shove (Discord laughing at it for example or every hostile animal in the comics utterly ignoring it) its useless. The mane six just don't have any real power apart from lucking into linking up to the EOH, and that's gone now anyways (plus, apart from the element of magic being shown to be godmode powerful in Equestria girls, they're kind of useless in most all situations without the others there and being 100% good). This Extends past the IDW comic plot and into the upcoming Guardians of harmony plotline: Really, the idea of making a more Action focused series Ironically is going to require WEAKER threats than the normal show: If you're going to have the mane six fighting villains in *actual* fights, then you're pretty much going to have to downgrade who they fight from "God of destruction level threats" (Tirek, NMM, Discord) to "A couple changelings or a couple thugs". Since the mane six (sans twilight and that's only due to being an alicorn now) aren't really superbeings, unless you use the EOH to solve things with a large rainbow, the most they will be able to handle are mooks. Its just going to be highly strange to go from them dealing with Uber world level threats in the slice of life series to Low level threats in the "action" series if they want to have the mane six realistically defeat antagonists in them.
  24. I've been in a bad mood lately, so what better time than to look at a comic that features Dash and all of Ponyville in just as bad a mood? Misery loves company, after all! In all seriousness, this was actually an interesting comic. It took a few pages for it to click, but I realized that this entire comic is written and drawn like it's a children's storybook, Dr. Seuss style. It's being narrated by Zecora for starters, so all the narration is in rhyme and several of the pages are drawn and displayed like storybook, with stand-alone images on a blank page with a blurb of narration next to it for example. The story even feels like a storybook tale. It's not overly complex, but it didn't have any reason to be. Rainbow Dash is ecstatic about the newest Daring Do book being released today, so her and Tank rush to get in line. Things go sour on her way there, ending up with her coming down with the "Grumpies", which spreads like a plague all across Ponyville and beyond as more and more ponies end up making it worse. Several pages are spent detailing the spread of this too, with RD listed as "Patient Zero" and jumping from case to case number, like Lyra being #37. Along the way, Big Mac stubs his toe on a rock, so he kicks it at Clover, Apple Bloom slams a door in Cranky's face, Shining Armor is mad that the DM murdered his level 12 Elf-pony by immolation (been there dude, I feel your pain) and Applejack mocks Luna, who then goes and makes Celestia just as mad. Also, Zecora breaks the fourth wall more than once, since she can't think of a word that rhymes with muffin. Near the end, she even goes and buys a copy of "Daring Do and the Lost Book of Words that Rhyme With Orange". (Answer: Door hinge) So Dash shows up to her grumpy friends who are sick of waiting for her and gets in line, even more mad now as things escalate out of control. Tank, being the loyal friend that he is, sets out to help Rainbow Dash... very slowly. After Zecora gives him a push and he runs right into Rainbow, she just nightmarishly tears into him while drawn like she's turned into a snarling demon straight out of hell. Under her verbal onslaught, Tank bursts into tears. Like a dead fish slap to the face, this is enough to snap Rainbow out of her nasty mood, profusely apologizing to Tank as she consoles him. This also serves to snap her friends out of their bad moods too, since they help Dash console Tank. This causes a domino-effect that ripples through the town as ponies begin apologizing to one another and stopping the grumpy mood. Big Mac apologizes to Clover and returns the rock he kicked to Maud, Apple Bloom helps Cranky with his groceries and Shining just rolls another character, since it's just a game to have fun with your friends. RD gets her book, they all go to the park to read and everything is right with the world. Except for one guy who's still grumpy. Whoops. All and all, this was a funny little one-shot and a fun read. My only complaint is the art style, which fluctuates and switches between at least 3-4 different styles from page to page. There's only one artist and colorist credited respectively, but it feels like every other page was drawn and colored by a different person. If you can get over the art changing mid-page at times, then I would recommend giving it a read.
  25. Here's a holiday surprise (that was already revealed on the IDW forums a week or two ago)! This issue will be available in December. Cover can be seen here: