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Found 1 result

  1. (Read All This text) OH HAY GUISE So you all know school has started again. This year, I wanted to make a 'welcome back' present for my teacher, Mr. Tucker. >=D A bit of back story first.Last year I got my teacher Mr. Tucker addicted to two games: The binding of Isaac and I wanna be the guy. He would play the games during class and we'd all watch him die.This year I made him a version of IWBTG, this time a linear sidescroller with him in it. I Call it IWBTT!! So yeah, I've been just making this the past week and a half and I think it's FINALLY DONE. (Total time, about 26 Hours) The game has 3 worlds, each with 2 levels and 1 boss stage. You might die in these stages.(6 stages, 3 bosses.)So yeah, eat it up. Windows only, sorry. It's an EXE. Use Wine if your despite on a Mac. It's not a virus, so Ignore the blocker. Most blockers likes to freak out at exe's, nothing I can do. Thanks. Here ya go: (VERSION 1.2.0) http://www.mediafire...9hsu9f520jetpsy -Violet (old) Screenies Controls Want the 'Jumper Engine' I built that I made this with? Here is the bare-bones: http://www.mediafire...v4sedynd4qu8yvq Give credit if used