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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! Last night we hit over $1500, so we have a new goal for ya. A pie to the face challenge. On a riff of an ice bucket challenge suggested by @DerpyFIM4. To help raise awareness of our drive for charity: water, brave volunteers will film themselves striking themselves in the face with a pie. Put it on your facebook or youtube channel and share below to help spread the word for our charity drive. And bring on the lols. I know that Jonas Darkmane () has a video waiting to share, so he'll probably be the first. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  2. For those who were at the Convention heard at the closing ceremony that Nicole Oliver decided to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has been sweeping the social media by storm. Here is the link: Nicole Oliver's Ice Bucket Challenge If you do not want to click my link, you can see the video on Youtube. She is right about ALS: Unlike cancer and other diseases, ALS is not funded as much by the general public. When I, myself, heard about the disease was horrified about it. Nicole suggests donating, but if you want to both....GO FOR IT! Kudos to Nicole for doing it....
  3. Hey guys!! I was dragged into the ice bucket challenge! Here is a look! Shout out to you guys! Oh and the one in the chair is me! Okay!! Here you go again! I put up a different link.
  4. For those of you who are wondering who Mike Pollock is, he is the current voice of Dr Eggman on the Sonic franchise(Will once again voice Eggman on Sonic Boom). Mike was asked to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. He not only declined to do so, he actually brought up a story about a close friend named Phil Muro, who lost his life to ALS. And as a result, he donated $180 to the ALS research and requested that everyone also donate to the ALS reseach, regardless of any ice bucket challenge. You can find the video at