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Found 17 results

  1. Here, Prince Fang has to choose between two beautiful, powerful princesses: the cool and frigid Whitney, or the fiery and mischievous Audie. Deviantart:
  2. Here are the rules of the game, insert a random/funny word in front of the phrase "On Ice". Posting more than one phrase is allowed. Examples: Turtles On Ice Hillbillies On Ice Misogyny On Ice Post your phrases in the comment section below.
  3. Here are the rules of the game, insert a random/funny word in front of the phrase "On Ice". Posting more than one phrase is allowed. Examples: Turtles On Ice Hillbillies On Ice Misogyny On Ice Post your phrases in the comment section below.
  4. I am the Queen of Arendelle, merely a human. With ice powers. I do not have much time before my gloves fall off and I freeze this keyboard, and feel free to ask me any question!
  5. Hello everypony and welcome (if this has not already been done) to the ALS Ice bucket Challenge thread! Basically just recount on your experience of doing and or being challenged to the ice bucket challenge and maybe even link the video if you posted one! As for me I am doing one right after I finish this post and will link the video when I can!
  6. What are your favorite Pokemon types? My favorites are Water, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Electric, and Dark.
  7. This is just something that I've been noticing. Whenever we have company over some want "crushed" ice specifically. Do they enjoy every little crunch of ice with their drink? Others want it cubed; Just to make it cold, and big so that they don't get an abundance of ice? Some don't want any. Personally I like crushed ice. But to me, ice is ice. I won't yell at the person "This isn't crushed!" Give me your opinions please
  8. Kirby is a lot of fun, as we all know(and if you don't you should). Anyway, what's your favorite ability in Kirby? Mine is Ice.
  9. Hi, everypony So I made this drawing of Frosty(an Ice pony I came up with), because, unfortunatly the first drawing was bad(the anatomics were all wrong, the light\shade also and that list can go to infinity), but I liked the idea of Frosty, so I spent a whole lot of time and studied the anatomics of MLP, and this is what it looks like now. and if you are interested here's the sketch i made for the anatomy accuracy and for my future drawings of other ponies(maybe) P.S. Tell me what you think and correct the sketch if correction is needed. -_-
  10. Sooo that's my third pony(and this is the last post i am giving my drawings numbers) My drawing skills are starting to get better since i draw a pony every day!) That's Frosty(I'm not good at giving names sorry for that:D)She's an ice pony and her cutie mark is an ice storm cloud, which symbolizes, that she posesses the power to control the cold(kinda) Her mane and tail consist of ice shards(which i think looks cool), she's a good friend and can help out anypony in need^^ Also had some thouht on how to give her a "daydreamer" look! Her eyes did the job i suppose) She loves dreaming and lives to achieve her dreams! P.S. Brohoofs are good but still would be lovely to have some criticism on my drawings. Thanks for reading, everypony and have a wonderfull day! P.P.S. Also have another drawing coming up, which is a drawing of my other pony, Blazy(can be found in the fan art section too if you're interested), but right now i haven't got the time to finish it(it's an epic one, in my opinion). Re-uploaded, cause some shades and lines were missing and that was quiet bad) sry for that) If you have any notices on that just tell me)
  11. this is my 2nd submission to a contest on tumblr where you ship an OC with her character (the character being Mimie -right-) and i shipped her with my OC, Colorful Crescendo -left- this is a huge improvement from my previous submission :3 hope i get a good chance at winning that contest, what do you guys think of this? how did i do?
  12. Ezynell

    Blob Ice

    How many D'aww's do I receive?
  13. Just made this for my Tumblr and had to share
  14. Ezynell

    Filly Ice

    I found this picture on the internet (actually it had a horn, and was quite bigger) and after some searching, I could not find the source, or the author, so I photoshopped him up and am claiming him in the name of Filly Ice.
  15. Ezynell

    Ask Ice

    Anyway, everypony seemed to be doing it and it sounded like fun, so feel free to ask me anything! And FYI, I love pictures, so I will answer pretty much every question with one
  16. First time drawing with photoshop, I was trying to make Ice (Icy Baronstar) I messed up the first time on his mane, and didn't notice it until after I saved it as a .PNG So I had to take the Image back into Photoshop and draw over it Any Insight? Whaddo you guys think?