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Found 14 results

  1. Shame that the way icons are structured on MLP Forums won't lemme show off the whole thing, but that's what Octavia's Hall is for! Once my Commissions shop is up on here, I'm gonna be offering these for $15 a pop ($20 with the background). I'm so excited!! 💕 Lemme know what'cha think! 💕
  2. I created this set quite a while ago for my adobe suite and I have been sitting on them for about a year now. I never really thought about posting them because I didn't know if anyone would be interested in them but since all my art is free, I figured, why not. Anyway feel free to download and use any/all of them. They are in .png format because I use RocketDock but you can easily convert them to .ico via the internet if need be or I can convert them and repost upon request.
  3. Dark Heart


    Hey guys i made this for my personal use but i might as well share it, so here you go hope you guys like them ill post new ones in the future. These are the png files. if you need to make them in to .ico file you can use this site to convert them to ico files:
  4. With Christopher Lees most recent death, it's time to pay tribute to one of the greatest actors ever. But which one his greatest and most iconic role? I would say that Dracula is his greatest role. Some would say that Bela Lugosi is the better Dracula and he is certainly great. But he just dosen't sound as menacing and seductive then Christopher Lee does. His voice is really getting to good use here, making him really sound like he is the lord of darkness himself. There is some nostalgia BS with it, since this is one of the first Horror movies i watched, but even if that's the case, you can't ignore this great performance. So, what is your favorite performance?
  5. The rules are simple: Take a screenshot of your desktop and post it!
  6. Finished a new icon I think it turned out pretty well
  7. Using stock images from the podcast I"m part of to make a few cool logo things
  8. Well I've been getting into making graphics and all and thought to take a swing at icons/avatars and all and I went to my childhood love: The Last Unicorn. It has been part of my childhood my whole life and so has the book and movie! I plan to open a Icon/Avi Shop here in the MLP soon and make things you ponies or do some trades along with Sigs/Banners/Wallpapers and all from the show to OC's! Icons
  9. So I've been in a icon/avatar making testing and trying out my hoof at and such and I made about three of them along with some Last Unicorn ones and such for the love of that movie! Here are a few and all and any feed back would be a welcome. Also thinking of opening a lot Shop here for request and such! MLP TLU
  10. Wow, this is my first blog post in aaaaages! I can't believe it's been so long! I felt like it was time for another blog post, and since not much is going on in the MLP world and I have nothing else I'm really interested in enough to talk about right now I decided to check out this song, enjoy ! Icon for Hire are a more recent band. I thoroughly enjoyed there first album "scripted". The song Cynics and Critics was released as a preview of there upcoming album (name of which is not released yet) and comes out in a few months time ! So here it is: Now I may be a bit biased, but LOVE this song. I have listened to it for an hour straight, to see if I could find any flaws in it or anything that just starts to annoy me and currently I haven't. The backing music really fits, and the alternating fast and slow singing sections (making it almost impossible to learn the words to the verses) fit together seamlessly giving the music added depth. The mix of guitar and bass and electronic music is something that they did very well in the first album, and I think this song is a prime example of how in this genre the merging of the 2 styles of sounds should be done. The way the rythm of the song changes from the verse to chorus is also something I really like, keeping the song "fun" and not repetitive and boring as some song are.. The singing varies from rock singing, to very bouncy almost reciting of the lines to straight talking. Once again I feel they merge the different types together really well (aided by the perfect backing music for each moment) to really give a great alternation of styles/sounds through the song to keep in interesting all the way through. Overall, its a great showcase of the merging of different styles of singing and electronic/classic rock. With great sections to air guitar to, as well as parts truly great fun to sing to it makes the whole song a joy to listen to. I would give it a 9/10 and recommend everyone who likes rock music to listen ! Thanks for reading, feel free to leave feedback!
  11. Pony avatars I made so far. If you wanna see somepony other then the mane 6 (ill make those anyway) Tell me.
  12. These are my favorite icons I have used at some point. I decided that for the sake of archiving them for your viewing pleasure, I will post them here. I did not draw these, by the way. And because I'm not a thief, the title above each avvie links to the source picture so that you know where I got the pictures and to give well-deserved recognition to the amazing artists. Vote on your favorite avatar in the poll above. 150x150 150x200 Also, if you're wondering which one my personal favorite is, that would be icon 9.
  13. I was bored so I decided to toy around with my YouTube icon. I made it from the ground up in Gimp. It's Fluttershy themed, so there's your explanation for the excessive use of pink and yellow XD "AU" stands for Angry Unicorn, by the way. Just in case you didn't get that :/
  14. If you have a blog, or Facebook, or whatnot, here's an Icon I made, (with concent from Feld0, of course) that you can use to link to the forums. Heres the HTML links if you have a website: <A HREF=""> <img src="" alt="MLP Forums" width="100" height="100"/> <A HREF=""> <img src="" alt="MLP Forums" width="100" height="100"/>