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Found 20 results

  1. Hello~ I am fuwafuwakitty, but you can just call me Kittie. I am a 19 year old illustrator from Australia. I draw ponies and anime styled characters, mostly original stuff, but I do some fanarts too. Feel free to comment however you like, I don't mind criticism on my art, as long as it is constructive and I can learn from it. I hope you enjoy seeing my art on here Here is my Ponysona illustration. <3
  2. r00en

    r00 d00dles

    So I'm just starting to get into the MLP art community and pony art in general. Here's hoping I get better at it! I'll try and update any mlp work I dod (which will most likely be OC's) here often as I start getting the swing of this style. To start things off have my pony'sona!
  3. Equestria is less than a memory here. There is no magic, only enormous overpopulated Gigapoleis and miracles of genetic engineering. Living creatures are being constructed and programmed, shaped and modified, enslaved and abused. This is Earth. The indifference of its people is surpassed only by their greed and cruelty. Their kindness, honesty, loyalty, and generosity are too often just words. Their laughter too often means someone’s suffering. But while friendship stands, any evil can be brought down, right? Right? Greetings, everybrony! We are happy (and just a little bit terrified) to introduce the English translation project for The Broken Toy! What is The Broken Toy? The Broken Toy (orig. "Сломанная Игрушка"- rus.) is an epic dark novel by DarkKnight, who is well known and appreciated throughout the Russian-speaking brony community. The story takes place in the future of the Earth, where advanced genetic engineering allows humans to mass produce sapient technicolor ponies synthetic living beings with programmable minds and memories. If you want to get the basic understanding of what this novel is, just imagine the crazy mix of Do Hippoids Dream of Electric Parasprites by Filly K. Buck and Who Framed Roger Pegasus film. The novel contains 150K words, has been published as a book with an art-book, there is an audio version and also a spread of fan-made artworks and fics. Warning! Novel contains scenes of violence, coarse language, adult themes, and random combinations of the foregoing! Rated “M”: appropriate for mature teens and older. What’s our plan? Basically, our goal is to adapt and translate the original novel for the English-speaking community, chapter by chapter. We are also working on an English audio book and a set of illustrations for every chapter. Check the links below! In the longer term, we plan to publish the novel as an illustrated book. The Broken Toy team There are currently four of us, in alphabetical order: 1. Cerulean Starlight, editor of the English version. 2. Icy Shake, editor of the English version. 3. Slaaneshi, translator and charismatic PR-managing guy. 4. V_Korneev, one no fun jerk. Does: • Editing and adaptation of Russian version in coordination with DarkKnight; • Rough English translation; • Voice-acting and sound-editing for novel's audio version; • Artworks; • Whine. Links to the story • Project web-page • Illustrations on DeviantArt • Audiobook on YouTube • The Broken Toy on FIMFiction
  4. Hey all, I've been doing alot more MLP related illustrations lately do I thought I would collect them all together under one post to show everypony I would love to hear what you think and any critiques you might have. Hope you enjoy! Filly Spike OC Portait Brony Autobiography Comic
  5. So I'm drawing a little filly illustration and I was just wondering if I got the shading right. If you can see any improvements I would love to hear your thoughts
  6. ... I think Applejack is trying to tell me something.
  7. Hi all, I've just been doodling with a new style of illustration. I usually work with vector tools when drawing so this is a refreshing change. I would love to hear what you think of it Thanks very much fellow Bronies.
  8. So I finally thought I would crack on with finally getting started on a profile picture, and what better than to create an OC. I tried to make it kind of look like me as I always wear this grey flat cap also little features like the facial hair and brown eyes. I used my favourite colour, blue and I really like the white ponies so I chose to go with that. I would love to hear what people think of it, I think it looks a bit plain but I wanted to keep it within the style of the show. Thanks
  9. So I am currently 32 years of age, and I have been drawing since I was maybe 4-6? It is still my preferred way to draw. I also colour on paper, using either inks, watercolour pencilcrayons, or oil pencilcrayons. I will try and post one every once in a while in this thread, as quite a few of them have accumulated over the years. Keep in mind these are all copyrighted. You can view them all in my sig. This one is probably one of the scariest ones I ever did - I call it "Anare'il, the dragon god of Chaos" - I started in in 2004 - but I had it fully done with solid shading. I t was ok at the time.. but I felt like it had more potential. So 10 years later I went back to it, erased all the solid shading, and reshaded it all.. and the result became much much scarier.. the pencil was really cool, but I still felt it could be more.. so I took a piece of it, and isolated it, and it became much scarier. Then I took that piece and slapped some generic photoshop colour on it - I wasn't going for much here, just wanted to see what colour would do to it, and it became.. creepily alive. I then chopped it up a bit just to see what itd look like with its mouth closed etc.. it got pretty interesting.. there is also a little dot by his one claw - that is supposed to be a little girl - it shows scale - he's one big boy keep in mind the last shots were simply for my own amusement of how the mouth would look opened or closed - I made no effort to actually make it all streamlined, or even to colour it adequately - just fun experiments I will show all the images below the original solid shaded the reshaded the snapshot the coloured snapshot the variations
  10. I typically work in 3d but I have tried branching out into more illustrative work using my 3d skills as a tool. I was wondering if I could get some critique and/or opinions on my two takes on the same picture. Which do you like better? What conveys the image best for your? If you're going more technical what does or doesn't work and why in X picture? I am always trying to learn and improve so this is just another step in that journey. My usual 3d style. I messed the lighting up a little and neglected to make it as dramatic as in the following picture, but I can make it look the same. That being said, does this type of lighting/shading look better than if there were shadows as in the next one? My new attempt. As you can see I used the 3d model as a base and worked on inking, coloring and shading from there. I'm still learning on the mouth part and I neglect the other eye for reasons Thanks again for the input! [Edit: Posted in this subforum after suggestion from request guild]
  11. Hello fellow ponies! I decided to start a thread that'll feature the pony work I do. I'm afraid that pony stuff is a very VERY new subject for me. Once I get the hang of it, I know it'll vary from what I first did. (I'm typically a very detailed and full paint kind of artist, so this kind of stuff is kind of difficult for me!) Kind of get my own pony style flair, but for now it's pretty basic until I learn a bit more. MOST RECENT: Here's my most recent piece of Shadelight! I changed her around and designed her a bit more to my liking. This has been her set design for a while now. My first pony drawing is of my OC, Shadelight. Thank you for looking! UPDATE!: Alright, so I went ahead and did a full out illustrative approach to a pony. As you can see.. it's INSANELY different than my first little dinky drawing (Which was basically more of a simple image to just rough out my OC!). Get the basics down first, then go at it I suppose. I'll be posting more as I get to them. My pegasus, Skywing! She loves to dance and play, being a very active individual. She doesn't use her wings often, but will use them if needed. She prefers to run around on hoof! She also loves fashion, and will do her mane an tail in various ways. Featured in the drawing is just her simple work out clothes!
  12. Wanted to show off some Non-MLP artwork. I do a variety of things but i do a lot of Anthro illustrations. All the images link to my Deviantart gallery. :3 Let me know what you think. Feel free to critique provided its constructive and you point out flaws as well as things you think i did well. Thanks! Deviantart WildElement Studios (missing the twitter widget atm but everything else is there. :3 ) *UPDATED WITH NEW ART 11/7/2013*
  13. Which of these 4 render styles do you think looks the best? Thanks!
  14. Croaker John Come listen here to a tale of fear; it’s worth at least a penny, and pass it on to all your friends, (assuming you have any.) His mates can call him Croaker John, but his mates are very few. He's Captain John Crocutamon, nothing else, to the likes of you. Now Croaker John likes a jest, he does. He dearly loves a jape. And if you laugh and roar with him your life will be shipshape. Now the captain's laugh is the queerest thing, a mix of giggle and squall. But don't be afeared young sailor, he's a hyena, after all. Another thing about his jokes, my fine and fair sea-rover, if they're funny once, they're funny twice, and over and over and over. So don't forget, me hearty, loose your laughter in a flood, for if you don't give a great guffaw, the price will be your blood. For though our dear old Croaker John has a laugh you'de call a boomer, in some ways, (just 'twixt you and me,) he has no sense of humor. He laughs and chuckles all day long as if his life's a lark, but mayhap you put one foot wrong, he'll feed you to a shark. The captain keeps a brindle hound, a fierce and surly tyke, which trails him like his shadow, and her name is Marlin-spike. She has a nose for mutiny and lads who shirk their duty, and well she knows if a jack-tar's mind dwells on the captian's booty. Beware her eye if she comes anigh and fixes it upon you. Ill deeds she'll find deep in your mind, she'll know them afore you do. If loyalty she finds in thee, with sharp fangs she’ll defend you. But never forget; treat her like a pet, and she'll use those teeth to rend you. Old Croaker John’s the master of a sloop called Nightingale. In a swifter, trimmer craft my lad, you'll never hope to sail. But you'de better be the captain's man if you step upon her deck, and be quick and true and trusty if you value your young neck. For our captain John Crocutamon and his canny Marlinspike are a pair not to be trifled with, but this bargain they will strike: Do your duty well, and laugh like hell at whatever John finds funny, and you're bound to land in adventure grand and have pockets full of money. poem and artwork © Geonni Banner
  15. Hello there everypony! I'm Ami. Writer, illustrator and Rarity fan. Now, while I'm more writer than artist, sometimes, I draw things. And I like doing it, though mostly it's been a good handful of Kim Possible art since I started up my long arc fanfiction again. So I figured I'd start with that, because this piece, which I consider one of my best, is what got the gears turning and made me want to draw more. It was my first real picture in forever and the first time in four years I've drawn her. AND it's EQG inspired, because, yes, I actually liked that film. I'm just going to post the pics in order, including the WIP ones that amaze me. I'm like, "It started out like that?" More to come later...If y'all are interested. Also, be warned, I whomp at backgrounds, so I usually do the lazy and just choose pretty colours.
  16. I've been distracting myself from my responsibilities by drawing ponies lately. I figured I might share some. =D If you like what you see I have a DA and a Tumblr! They're both on my profile, and the banner in my sig inks to my pony blog.
  17. Hey, So I am wanting to create an MSPA webcomic of my own and I am unsure of what software would be best for me to use. I was thinking that I could use an illustrator software similar to adobe illustrator but I don't have the cash to actually buy adobe illustrator. Does anyone here know of any cheap or free illustrator programs that I could use to produce my web comic?
  18. 'sup guys. I've been horse crazy and art obsessed since I was a wee munchkin, so naturally I have drawn lots of ponies throughout my life. Here are a few recent pictures. (you can get these as individual icons, free to use, right here.)
  19. Hi everypony! So I want to make some more digital art and the programs I have are an utter pain with my drawing style. I would like a program that can accurately emulate a real pencil to begin with. For example, if you go over a line with a real pencil, it should get darker and darker with more strokes or pressure, creating a nice layered effect. You can then shade with light feathery strokes or outline with a pen tool, colour with markers or pencils or what have you. But I have Flash, which doesn't let you do any of those things and photoshop's pencil tool creates jagged pixelated lines that don't layer or respond to pressure. Here's what I can draw with pencil and paper: Ok that one wasn't pony-related And here's what I can draw with Flash: It's okay but not quite as intricate as I'd like. Can anyone suggest a decent program that I can use to make images like I do in my sketchbook? (Or tell me how I can get photoshop to do this as I have no clue) Many thanks
  20. Hey everypony! I know this is nothing related to ponies, but I just feel like sharing this to you all. It's the final project for my Illustration class! Book cover redesign, “The Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams. Recognize the drawings? They’re from Lightsaber Fightsaber; and yes, that’s Egoraptor! Thanks for the support, people! And if you're into random animations, follow me on Youtube! I have a really funny animation, which is a parody of Pinkie Pie's Giggle at the Ghostly!