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Found 3 results

  1. For starters, I'm talking about both legal immigration and the illegal kind. There's something funny I've seen in my own country... While my country shall remain undisclosed, I will say that we used to have a lot more immigrants -- both legal and illegal -- up until recently. These immigrants were mostly Colombians and Venezuelans. What happened? Why is it many of them left? Not long ago, Colombia's economy has started to improve. Ever since then, we've been seeing less and less Colombians. More recently was the election for Venezuela's congress where the opposition party under Henrique Capriles won the majority seats. Things seem to be looking up for Venezuela and even here, we started seeing less and less Venezuelans. Seeing a pattern? In the face of improving economies of countries which your immigrants are from, it becomes likely that they will simply return to their home country. More illicitly, Latinos in the illegal drug trade may come here as a stepping stone to get themselves and their drugs to Europe. If Europe can devalue illegal drugs through legalization and turn to harm reduction as a replacement for policing drugs and for us to do the same, there'd be even less incentive to migrate here with fell intentions. In conclusion, you're better off improving the quality of life in the countries the immigrants come from. Building walls and hunting immigrants down like animals just isn't effective because when people get desperate, not only will they find a way around anti-immigration measures but even if they don't, they'll simply be persistent. There's also the aspect of walls and hunting down foreigners like animals being inhumane but nobody really cares about being humane, it would seem.
  2. A Weevil in Manehattan Weevil is a Changeling colt whose family, amongst thousands of others at a time of mass migration, have left peasant life in the Changeling Kingdom behind in search of a better one in Equestria. Now living in the Six Points, a multi-species slum in Lower Manehattan, Weevil does his best to adapt to growing up in the big city, where he is surrounded by an oddball collection of friends and enemies and faces not just the resentment of the embittered majority, but the real, constant threat of vicious gangs that plague the streets. But through it all, Weevil keeps a level head, an unwavering dedication to his friends and family and their values, and in doing so, will hopefully come out on top from whatever twists and turns life in Manehattan throws at him.
  3. I will start off by saying that this should go in the life advice section, but alas I am not a cupcake so I can't post there. Sorry mods! I am wondering if anyone on here has immigrated to the United States, and could give me personal experience with such. I'd like to know every piece of information, because as much as Google can tell me, it can't tell me everything I need to know. I am a little Canadian girl who is moving to the states before Halloween. I will be moving to New York, we were hoping that I could move next year but I need to be out of the place I live by the end of October, that was thrown on my shoulders about an hour ago >.<. I already have a place to live down there thankfully, and I know what I need to ship and sell. I'm really stressed out right now. Excited, but still stressed. Is it possible to immigrate in 3 months? How much of a shit storm am I getting myself into?