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Found 8 results

  1. I don't think its been explained who created equestrian, and I don't mean the writer of the show. I would like it to be introduced in the show somehow. plz post your oppinions even if there just theory. FOR ODIN, AND FOR EQUESTRIA!!!
  2. A medley of songs from BlackGryph0n and Baasik's album, IMmortal! Tell me what you liked and didn't like about it, it's incredibly helpful for future releases of mine!
  3. and are her mane 5 friends destined to age and die and leave her with only cadence, luna, and celestia? furthermore, will that mean that shining armor is also doomed to the same fate? Are we led to believe that only alicorns live forever, and everyone else has a regular age shelf life - as evidenced by granny smith apple?
  4. ...Nearing the end of her first thousand years as ruler of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle finds herself returning more often to the fields and hills outside what was once Ponyville - her home. Remembering her earliest years and the dearest friends who will forever live within her heart. Queridas Amigas (Dearest Friends) I can still remember, how we used-to be; Friends forever, element bearers – You were a part of me. All of our adventures; Together we were one. Now that it's over, all that I'm left with: The light of moon and sun. Queridas amigas, live in my heart. Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun. Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. Daily I remember, every laugh we shared; Troubles we faced, dreams that we chased, You were always there. All those days are over, in loving memory. Mustn't be sad, never forget Our years of harmony. Queridas amigas, live in my heart. Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun, (and the moon). Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. Your spirits always with me when I raise the sun; I couldn't without you, thinking about you And how we had begun. Queridas amigas, live in my heart! Princess forever – wish I weren't Everlasting, like the sun. Live forever in the moments, Not believing that you're gone. ------------------------------------ It is not the most popular of concepts, "Immortal Twilight," but when TheFreal approached me with the first draft of the lyrics of "Princess Forever," (a parody of "Viva Forever" by Spice Girls,) it struck me to the core of my heart. A very long time ago, I lived on the edge of the Alaskan frontier, several miles north of Fairbanks. My team of six wonderful sleddogs and I saved one-anothers' lives countless times on our adventures into the wilderness. That was my Ponyville. As years passed, I watched as one-by-one my own dearest friends, my own Mane6 grew old and passed-away in my arms. So... popular or no, I can relate. -------------------------- QUERIDAS AMIGAS (Dearest Friends) (A parody of "Viva Forever") Lyrics by TheFreal and Amadhia Performed by Amadhia (Dreamsong) Featuring Malstorm on Guitar, Drums and Bass Featuring Lilypad on Harmony Vocals
  5. So, I just participated in a thread about banishment to the moon, and my argument was that Luna is different from everypony else, so the same rules might not apply. Then when I read a thread about the Sisters' hair flowing, I just started wondering. Exactly what are the Celestial Sisters? Their past is shrouded in mystery, and they are immortal and godlike. There are things which separate the sisters from all other alicorns, and ponies in general. Their flowing mane, their birth as alicorns, their immortal status, and influence over nature itself all mark them as unique figures who are almost on a completely separate level from anypony else in Equestria, save Discord. Are they even of the pony race? Here is what I personally propose. Celestia and Luna seem to be very similar to Greek gods of nature in many respects. I think that Celestia and Luna are most likely spirits of some kind, or represent some type of pony from ages long past. They are tied to Nature, and seem to be in a separate class altogether from anypony else. So, what is the nature of this class of being? Are they gods? Spirits? Where did they come from? How are they related to ponies, if at all? What are your thoughts everpony?
  6. So after seeing all this stuff about Twi being immortal since she is an alicorn, I started thinking. I highly doubt that she would be immortal, but yet Celestia has been around for 1000 or so years. SO I have came to a conclusion that there may be 2 types of alicorns: Queen Tier and God Tier. Queen Tier would be Twilight and Cadance, while immortal God Tier would be Luna and Celestia. I have determined this by their powers. While the mortal alicorn's (For example, Cadance's love power) powers are impressive but not godly, God Tier does things like raise the fucking sun. So if a pony has that much power, then I am pretty sure they would be immortal.
  7. I have wandered, for so very long. I have formed friendships that we thought strong enough to stand the test of time. We acted as one. We played together, we sang together, but most importantly, we were together. We were young, we were naive, but we were together... We laughed, we cried, we would do anything for each other. That was so very long ago. It has been two thousand years, yet it feels as if it was just yesterday that we were sitting around our beautiful oak wood table, telling tales of conquest and laughing heartily. I no longer find comfort in these memories. When I was young, in the desert, my father had told me that like the sands, life is fluent, and ever changing. Old landmarks fade away, and new ones take their place. He was only half right. I watched my friends, my joy, and my hope fade away...crumbling to dust before me. I sit here now, in my old age, wishing for the sweet release that they were met with, I find no such refuge. I sit here, with a knife through my chest, yet still I continue breathing. Why? Why will it not release me from my suffering? My body cannot die, but each and every time my friends have passed, I have died inside, yet still I live. I just.. want to be together again.
  8. How do you think Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are immortal? And before you question think of Granny Smith, clearly evident that most of pony kind aren't immortal, not to mention Princess Celestia looks like she is only about 20 after a thousand years. Do you think some other power hungry non immortal Ponies and non Pony creatures alike would want the key to immortality? I wonder if the show will ever address this? Or if one has never made a fan fiction to address this issue? Edit on 31/05/2012 : And I just found this on Google but not in search on this site a old thread talking about: Is Celestia immortal?