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Found 21 results

  1. I'm making a game which used to be a pony fan game, but I gave it a redesign to avoid legal troubles. It still shares some aesthetic qualities though. It's called Sulphur Nimbus: Hel's Elixir, and the main character is a hippogriff. The game shares traits with collect-a-thon platformers, as well as hack and slash games, but what makes it special is the momentum-based physics, which also apply to the flying mechanic. So it's a game where you have to put in some work to keep flying, but when you've mastered it you can go just about anywhere. I released a demo a while ago, which you can try out. Here's the video where I announced it: Here's a direct download link (50 MB): And here's a video where I'm doing a fast playthrough: I'd like to hear your feedback if you try the demo, and if you could help me spread the word about the project then that would be a big help.
  2. The Top Ten Best Games from 2015 You Might Have Heard Of is here. It was a long time coming but I’m glad that I’ve finally finished it. I was trying out a lot of new things with this list such as a new Microphone and some new editing techniques. I hope you find this video enjoyable or at the very least informative. I'd really appreciate any comments and feedback you can toss my way.
  3. I did a video talking about the Worst Games of 2015 You've Never Heard Of and it's my first video countdown that I've made since joining the Theater. I know the transitions are a little on the fast side and the audio balancing is a bit off but I'm very pleased with my first countdown video. That and I now know what to fix for my "Best of list" when it rolls around sooner rather than later. I'd really love some feedback on this and comments on the video itself are always nice. As it stands now, I'm not searchable on youtube because of their policy to only allow youtubers with 3 videos be searchable, but my third video is coming soon. So that means feedback or spreading the word helps me out immensely.
  4. background info this is a game that i started production back in the summer of 2012 i wanted to make a parody of the fight between bronies and the a.b.b. got a whole overhauled in 2014 where the story would be more relateable by may 2015 i had made a working demo ready to be released but during a storm the power when out and my computer busted losing the first beta there was a second beta but it was so rushed and not very fun i pulled it from the web but luckily things are looking good as i might be able to get a actual good beta this year hopefully the story (I copyed and pasted this from my old blog) In 2010, a race of aliens know as Equestrians made contact with Earth. These horse-like creatures had powers beyond anyone's comprehension. Some humans wanted to be friends with these aliens. The equestrians called them the Bronies. The other half hated the aliens and wanted to kill them for their powers in order to take over the world and torment the Bronies. They called themselves the A.B.B. Thus, the war of the Promised Lands began. After 5 years, the bronies have finally encountered someone who can help them... YOU. download coming soon... the original concept originally this was going to be called mlp:doom and setted in equestria where you choose between earth,unicorn and Pegasus the art style was going to be that of the show the story was going be that humans (this was a year or so before equestria girl's aired) discovered equestria and wanted to take over the land and their magic and you would fight them I changed the story to make it more relateable to other bronies and since my hard drive crashing i no longer have a working version i have an old archived version that somewhat works I'd have to check but if you guys would like to see it i might stream it one day and put it up for download. if you would like to see more projects i'm working on nonmlp or mlp related my website facebook tumblr youtube
  5. Where do I have to begin with.... We've seen the industry evolving time to time with new technology and innovation. With the possibilities of programs like Blender, 3DS Max, Unity, Source FilmMaker and Unreal, more little developers could easily make a big budget-like game. Besides little developers (Most of all called A developers when being ranked) there's also a side industry called Indie developers. Mosst of them describe them as designers who wants to be unique and special. I was openly to give them a chance. I liked the game Fez, probably because I'm a fan of platformers, and Braid was also interesting, but that's where it stops. When I went deeper in the Indie industry I found more unlikeable parts. One of the big disappointments in the industry are the heavily narrative driven walking simulators. Games like Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture look great in graphic still and that's all. Dull dialogs, no enemies to fight, few to nothing to discover, boring and hardly entertaining. But one of the biggest problem inside that industry are the developers. They're obsessed with the idea that games are art, while gaming should be active and entertaining, and behave like they're holier than the most experienced developers like Hideo Kojima and Gabe Newell. And if that's not enough, they also act hostile to people who showed appreciation for their work and whine that they're entitled to our money. Look, I've no problem if you want to start a crowdfunding for your game, but they do it on a aggressive way and think we're in debt to them. Not to forget that the anti-game rhetoric inside the Indies is horribly strong. It's like they're spiritual clones of Jack Thompson mixed with SJW craziness. It also explains why they throw so many political slurs to gamers and developers who follow the traditional way of game designing. And they're not safe for the aftermath. Most of these indies eventually go bankrupt, lose support, see their career ending in nothingness, metaphorical executed by a gaming mob or become the laughing stock of the Internet. I learned from the whole scenario that games are to keep us entertained, not being obsessed with being thinking that games should be art and that we should be thankful that gamers appreciate your work. If I would start as a developer (even with other people), I would follow the way of game designing, make games that are both fun and challenging to play, always remember to not insult your audience and never make politics out of entertainment. The whole situation around the Indies left a bad taste, but I learned a lesson from it.
  6. As you can probably guess from the purposefully misspelled title some friends and I got together and are creating in indie game for PC (And hopefully a Mac port later). And, of course, it's called MonoBlock. Spelled as -MONOBLOCK- in the game itself, but that ain't important, now, is it? The game has no storyline for the player to follow. In fact the player is YOU. A voice who refers to himself as Robert speaks to you as you play HIS game, making you play it for his enjoyment. And to add more to Robert being an asshole, his game is hard. VERY hard. And the more you die, the more rude he gets. The player takes control of a simple cube (Hence the name), navigating through puzzles whilst avoiding "The most cliche' obstacles in platformer history", including spikes, pits, lava, etc. To complete a level the player needs to get every coin in the room for the door to open without dying. Death will restart the whole level. There is no game over, but there is a death counter. As of now the game isn't even in its alpha stage, so all we have is the player's controls, spikes, coins, HUD, and death mechanics. Here, have a screenie: So far this is just a test level to show what's been made so far. The colour scheme of the levels (This one being green) changes depending on the difficulty of the world. Each world will have 10 levels, and there are to be 10 worlds total. The colours in each world go from white, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, red, brown, then black. Also the engine we're using is Game Maker: Studio. So in the long run, we'd like some help! So far this is a group of five friends (There's me doing the programming and level design, one person helping in level design, one person making the soundtrack, one person helping with writing Robert's dialogue, and someone doing the voice of Robert.). As of right now we're on the lookout for someone to help make player skins and trails, which are unlocked throughout, anyone who can help design levels, whether it be from using Game Maker or just drawing out ideas or something, and of course, beta testers. I am personally proud of this project and hopefully the entire game gets out there on the interwebs! Also, I'd like to know what you think! I do take constructive criticism well, so if you have ideas that you think would improve on the game, feel free to express it!
  7. Formerly known as Fighting is Magic, the Mane6 developers brings the game back with new characters designed by Lauren Faust .
  8. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?
  9. A little entry like this should serve as yet another reminder to the indie developers of gaming. It seems that, for every Team Meat or Yacht Club Games we get, there's usually going to be a Digital Homicide or Kobra Studio; an indie studio who essentially plays the "Oh, but it's an early build" or "It's an indie game" card when responding to criticism of their games. They often respond through means of censorship dishonesty; deleting comments on message boards, lying about the content in their games, and weaponizing the legal system against critics and YouTubers. While It's nothing new at this point, actions like these can never, ever be justified. If you're making a game, or any product for that matter, and you expect people to spend their hard-earned cash on it, you should also expect people to criticize it if they don't enjoy it. You may be a small team, and the budget that went into it may not be that big. However, that doesn't excuse you from people giving their opinions on it, whether those opinions are positive or negative. If you're so mad at someone else's opinion enough that you would attempt to censor those opinions, you've begun treading on very thin ice. Attitude like that is never acceptable, and it makes you look like a goddamn 5 year old. A 5 year old who thinks everyone will like that one picture he drew up in art class, even if it looks like someone drew it with a blindfold on. While sleeping. This probably comes off as slightly redundant, guys, and I apologize for that. This is just something that's REALLY been getting under my skin over the past few months. The mainstream gaming world is stuck in an uninspired rut, and indie games are one of the only good spots about gaming left. It sucks to see indie devs like Digital Homicide poisoning that with their unprofessional behavior and utter lack of game-creating talent.
  10. Hey everyone. Just curious as to who here has played the BIT.TRIP series. It's a series of indie games first released on the Nintendo WIi (later released on iOS, Android, NIntendo 3DS, and Steam). The six main games in the series are: BIT.TRIP Beat - hit "beats" with a Pong-style paddle in time with music, BIT.TRIP Core - hit "beats" with a laser that can shoot in four directions, BIT.TRIP Void - collect and "bank" black beats and avoid white beats, BIT.TRIP Runner - run, jump, slide and kick obstacles and collect gold, BIT.TRIP Fate - rail shooter / bullet-hell, and BIT.TRIP Flux - reprise of Beat with elements of the other games included. The games together tell the story of the birth, life and death of a character known as Commander Video. The story is told through a series of cutscenes between levels, and partly in the highly abstract and symbolic gameplay itself. It's quite deep and profound, it has at least one meta-story in it (in my opinion, the series is a commentary and celebration of the video game industry as a whole), and it's surprisingly difficult. I love it, personally. Curious to know what others think of it.
  11. I'm looking for some one to record some game play footage for a trailer I want to make. I'm seeking external help because I need some one that can record HD game play with no water marks, etc. I am working on an MLP game that of course will be free but as I said I need some one to record some footage. If interested PM me and I will send further details Game Site:
  12. Im making a game and im looking for early supporters. Yes the game will be free The game takes place in what I like to call a Post-Post-Apocalypse, its years after an apocalypse and most of civilization is gone, all that remains are ruins…and survivors. You will come across other ponies, both good and evil, as well as mutants. Thorough your adventures you will find relics and anomalies that hint to Equestria's past, you will stumble upon lore, and slowly discover what happened to our beloved world. You can visit the website at for pictures and a bit more info.
  13. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. theirs live streams here and here . The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for? , Thank you @@takai, for the list of games.
  14. There is this indie game that is currently free to play and features the ability to create your own vehicles and fight each other, the game fea- ahh, fuck it, i can't make any thing seem goo- in fact, just look at your game yourself People these days...Geez
  15. Has anyone played Magicite? It's a steam multiplayer roguelike RPG. If you have played it what are your thoughts? If you haven't played it are you interested in getting a copy? My Steam profile if you want to add me:
  16. Well, school is once again closed for me today, and today just seems a little bit boring to me. So, you know what I do during these times? I DISCUSS VIDEO GAMES WITH YOU! Anyways, down to business. Indie games have really seemed to burst on the gaming scene over the past couple years. There are even some indie games that seem to surpass Triple A titles like Call of Duty. I don't play a lot of indie games, but I'll tell you; lots of them can have more charm, gripping gameplay, and great mechanics that surpass even big-budget games. So, I'll ask you; what Indie games do you guys like the most. Mine is probably Braid. Because time and puzzles really go well together :3
  17. Has anyone played Rust? It's a survival sandbox pc game. It's still in alpha right now but it looks like it would be fun to mess around in. Anyway what are your opinions on it? It'd be cool to have a brony server up/mlpforums server up for the game if we could get enough players.
  18. I always browse the Steam store...and over the past year and a bit,I've noticed more and more "Indie games." What's an indie game you ask? It's a game made by independent teams of people.Not the big corporations like Gearbox, Valve,Capcom, Konami, etcetera. They often have smaller budgets. They also usually rely on digital distribution. Such as the Steam client or GOG, or Humble Bundle or various other online retailers of that sort. Several of you may have played an indie game. Such as Minecraft or Terraria, Rust, Kerbal Space Program, Papers Please, and many MANY more. SO my question is.With the advent of the new consoles andthe Steam box on the way, and Steam launching the "Green Light" program as well as offering pre-purchase of games with Aplha stage access....And with some major game devs not doing so well (EA, Activision) ....are Indie games the future of gaming? This applies to Console and PC. As there's a few Indie games on Xbox 360 and there's supposed to be many coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One.(Though I'm not sure if there's indie games on PS3?)
  19. In case you do not know, Spelunky is a platforming game with Rogue-like elements, namely that if you die, that's it. Game over. But every time you play the game it has procedurally generated levels, so it's different every time you play it. You start out with 4 hearts, and the majority of starting enemies do 1 damage, although arrow traps do 2 damage (but they're pretty easy to avoid if you know what you're doing). The goal is to get to the end of the level alive, but on the way you can try to get the damsel, which gives you a kiss, which is 1 health, among other micro-goals. If you haven't seen this game, here is a gameplay video of a pretty good player. Now I'm absolutely in love with this game. It is my favorite indie game currently, and I play it every chance I get (which is about once a week, considering my ancient computer can't run it). The game has a lot of elements that are enjoyable to me, which is why I've delved so deeply into this game. What are your guys' opinions on this game? Have you played it, or the original before? What's your view on the Pitcher's Mitt, or the Climbing gloves? (Heavily debated topic within Spelunky ) Personally, I LOVE the Pitcher's Mitt, because it gives you infinite range and makes sticking Shop Keepers with a bomb a lot easier. I get why some people dislike it, because they're used to the 'arc' of the throw as it is, and the arc genuinely does have it's uses. But, being able to throw perfectly straight for an infinite distance is obviously a good thing as well. Now for the Climbing Gloves, I like them of course, and I think they're an awesome item. I tend to get myself killed by them, though . My favorite Item is the Shotgun. Pretty simple, but it has a lot of uses. Killing things, and 'Shotgun-jumping.' Thoughts?
  20. I've been enjoying indiegames like FTL, Hotline Miami and The Binding of Isaac lately, so I wonder if you know any really good indiegames? Any favorites?
  21. VIOLETLINKED's GAMEJAM! 7/1/12 http://www.livestrea...linked?t=478673 ----OPEN SPOTS! APPLY BELOW!------ Hey everypony! I'm VioletLinked if you didn't know. I'm wanting to do a 1 week Gamejam. The goal: Recreate Smash TV for PC/Mac! ...and Livesteam as much of it as possible! I'll be starting it tomorrow! I need people to sign on and help me jam this through! I'm wanting to do a week long game jam to recreate 'Smash TV'. I'm willing to take ideas. This game can be pony or non-pony related. Please post below! Everyone who watches the livestream will get test builds to mess with. =3 After the gamejam is done, the game will be released here for free, for both mac and pc. If I get some help, I'll do a browser based HTML-5 port. We will be sharing files through DropBox and chatting through skype. Code: VioletLinked Extra Coder: ??? Character Artist: ??? Background Artist: ??? Music Artist: ??? Why am I doing this? > to test out some elements for other games. > practice coding. > for fun! > to get to know the community a little better. MY LITTLE BLOG AREA: 7/1/12- Starting the project, gathering team members. 7/2/12- Coded Shooting and movement. 7/3/12- [TBA] 7/4/12- [TBA] 7/5/12- [TBA] 7/6/12- [TBA] 7/6/12- [TBA] ------------------------------ FAQS: What is a gamejam? A small game made in a short period of time. What's 'Smash Tv'? A Twin stick arcade, over the top, shoot em' up. What will you be programming in? GML. I'd like to join and help you with this, how do I do so? Post Below with your Skype name and wanted role! You can post or send me some of your previous works too. Whats the link to the livestream? http://www.livestrea...linked?t=478673 ------------------------------------------------------------------- My E-mail: Skype: VioletLinked --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------