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Found 23 results

  1. Try finding a definition of insanity. Yeah there isnt a strict one. Per my personal definition Insanity is everything, that is not-sane. What is sane one could ask now. Sane is the adjective of the noun sanity and sanity is the description of a healthy state of mind. Onto defining , what a healthy state of mind is. Most people would say, that a healthy state of mind is the average one. Per this definition is a person with insanity a person, that thinks in a non-average way. Now one could argue, "What is the average mind?". Per my definition, the average mind is the one that decides to accept the thinking of other instead of creating their own way to think. Our way of thinking is formed by our parents, by our friends, by our education and lots of other things. If our mind doesnt come up with an original, its own way to think, it adopts the one of a person close to it. It still makes adjustments to the way of thinking, because of influences, but overall has it adopted a major part of the thinking of another person. This way of thinking spread, because of the way we humans get raised. This is why the major amount of the population is what we refer to as "sane". They have the same way of thinking. People have a problem with understanding another way of thinking, because they would have to adopt it to understand it. ( If you are a meat-eater and you see a vegetarian you will probably say, that he is still "sane" because you can understand his way of thinking. If you see a person you would describe as "insane" that is because you cannot understand his/her way of thinking. It would be like trying to understand the way a cat thinks. If a human being were to think like a cat he would be refered to as "insane" by everyone, that doesnt understand him. A cat would refer to him as perfectly sane though.) I hope, that i was understandable. I made this post way to late in the evening and it will therefore contain major logical issues. I do excuse myself for those in advance.
  2. I guess we all remember what Twilight Sparkle once said, "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY!" I can see why she might think that. Is she actually right though? Yes, most of the ponies she met are kind of strange, but is there something more to that? Yes, My Little Pony is a children's TV show, but i like to believe that alot of the character, show symptoms of serious mental disorder. It is actually very obvious if you look at it in a certain way. Are the ponies indeed have some form mental illnesses? Let's find out Ironically, the pony we know most about her psych is the same pony that declares the others crazy -- Twilight Sparkle. Her character throughout the first season and into the second was one that was relatively reclusive, untrusting, and bookish. She felt a huge obligation towards getting things done right, and getting them done on time. These are all symptoms of Avoidant Personality Disorder, a mental imbalance characterized by actively avoiding social contact, out of fear of being ridiculed. People (or in this case, ponies) with AvPD aren't afraid of social interaction, per say; they simply believe they're any good at it, and would just make things bad on themselves and others. They do however generally strive for a social life, which it is shown that Twilight did in fact wish for at the end of the season 1 opener. Victims of AvPD use fantasy or unorthodox habits as a form of escapism, which Twilight exhibits frequently with her profound love for reading and her not-so-slight OCD. Though they are withdrawn, they read a lot into body language and intonation, more often than not coming to a pessimistic conclusion. At first glance, you wouldn't believe Twilight to exhibit this, but she shows it blatantly in Lesson Zero, where she fears that Princess Celestia -- arguably the only pony Twilight trusts completely aside from her brother -- would send her back to Magic Kindergarten. Therefore, it can be concluded that Twilight had been slightly traumatized during her years in Kindergarten, likely the result of bullying and ridicule. Fluttershy as well shows a fear of social interaction; hers, however, manifests in a rather severe case of what is called Social Anxiety Disorder, or social phobia. Many people assume AvPD and SAD to be one in the same; however there are many specific differences between the two, the main one being that social phobia is an actual fear of social interaction, whereas AvPD is simply an avoidance. The main symptoms of social phobia is a pervasive and consistent fear of talking to, being talked to, or otherwise interacting with a person or persons. There is also a withdrawal from society, sometimes even to the point of hermitry. All of these, Fluttershy has exhibited on more than one occasion (though significantly less in season three). There are also several physical symptoms associated with social phobia, such as blushing, nausea, and stammering -- all of which Fluttershy has at one point or another shown, stammering being extremely prevalent. Panic attacks may also be present; and indeed, Fluttershy has a panic attack when Rainbow Dash pushes her to show how fast she can fly in front of hundreds of other pegasi. It is shown in her cutie mark flashback that she had been bullied throughout her school life, which is one of the more common causes of social phobia. Rainbow Dash's pushy nature might also be a contributing factor, but her loyalty and companionship is one that Fluttershy considers indisposable. In this, she seems to exhibit several symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder as well. This is reinforced by the fact that comorbidity between Social Anxiety and DPD is relatively common. The pony that is more often than not considered the craziest is of course Pinkie Pie, the perplexing pretty pink party pony. Her bubbly, energetic personality is a classic case of vivacious subtype of Histrionic Personality Disorder. People with HPD are defined as impulsive, hyperactive, and have a notably low tolerance for negative emotions, even ones not necessarily aimed towards them. Her element, Laughter, is pretty much a light-up sign indicating her intolerance for negative emotions. Victims of HPD have a deep-seeded craving for attention as well, which Pinkie shows rather blatantly in Party Of One. Her spontaneous party throwing can be considered a manifestation of her subconscious need for attention, which is reinforced by her persistance in trying to befriend Cranky Doodle (even to the point of breaking into his house). A possible cause of her mental deficiency is familial abuse. Having grown up on a rock farm and working day-in and day-out as a mere child undoubtedly poses severe mental health problems. The dysfunction termed Hypomania is characterized by a larger-than-life self-image, racing thoughts, and dangerous activity -- all of which can be used to describe one Rainbow Dash, arguably the loudest and most self-possessed pony in Ponyville. A major indicator for hypomania is what is called psychomotor agitation, a reflexive need to move. This is often characterized by restlessness when sitting still, pacing, or biting lips. In Rainbow Dash's case, hovering or extending and retracting her wings are strong indicators of psychomotor agitation. She also exhibits extremely dangerous activity on a daily basis, pushing herself to the brink of her ability to perform death-defying tricks and one day ultimately join the Wonderbolts, a famous team of expert stunt pegasi. Rainbow has a major egocentric personality, continually places herself higher on the pedestal than others; however, she wouldn't hesitate to help her close friends, even to the point of her giving up her dreams in order to help them in a time of need. This lends to the opinion that her hypomania is in no way destructive, except for her edge-of-the-seat lifestyle, and in fact has a positive effect on her and the people surrounding her. Applejack is a hard character to describe, much less diagnose. She's a hard-worker who hates handing the reigns over to anyone else, she never censors herself, and loves to help others who are in need. In this, she seems rather sane, but if you squint really hard you can see that she seems to exhibit several characteristics of Self-defeating Personality Disorder (aka Masochistic Personality Disorder). She deliberately puts herself in harms way throughout the series: Applebuck Season, where she decides to harvest the entire apple orchard by herself; The Last Roundup, where she moves out of town to get a better paying job so as to raise money and fix town hall; and Spike At Your Service, where she saves Spike not only from a pack of hungry timberwolves, but also a giant timberwolf at the end of the episode. She even went so far as to walk all the way around a mountain with another pony on her back, simply because said pony was too scared to climb it herself. This show of altruism definitely points towards a virtuous form of MPD, but she shows a complete lack of the feelings of deserved gratitude. This loans to somewhat oppresive tendencies, since she expresses genuine feelings towards everyone and everything (she is the element of Honesty, afterall), even if those feelings are negative. However, she doesn't have the self-pitiable nature that commonly accompanies the oppresive subtype; this could possibly be due to her altruistic tendencies. The final character we are going to go over is the element of Generosity, Rarity. She, like Applejack, is more than willing to sacrifice her time, money, body parts, etc., on other people without hesitation. Unlike Applejack, however, she is willing to gloss over unsavory comments, instead favoring to soften the blow. She has a tendency to overreact to situations and she is a professional "whiner". On several occasions she's shown to place other people before her lifelong dreams, notably in Green Isn't Your Color, where she would rather help Fluttershy become supermodel than for Rarity to become a world-famous fashion designer. She appears to exhibit characters not unlike the appeasing subtype of Histrionic Personality Disorder. Whereas Pinkie Pie's vivacious HPD focused more on being hyperactive and neurotic, Rarity's appeasing HPD focuses more on brushing away bad emotions, instead focusing on giving unto others and making them happy, as a way to avoid dealing with her own problems. The main difference between appeasing HPD and virtuous Masochistic Personality Disorder -- which we went over with Applejack -- is that there is no feelings of deservation with HPD, and there is no repressing of emotions with MPD. Self-sacrifice is a hugely defining symptom of appeaseful HPD, and Rarity's entire being is dedicated to such. This might seem like nothing but a benefit to others, however it can be extremely detrimental to the victim of the illness. Repressed emotions can cause serious health risks, and given the selfless nature of those exhibiting it, the risks might go unheeded. I think it is safe to assume that Twilight was right in her statement that all the ponies were indeed, "crazy". But we attach too many negative connotations to that word; a more accurate word -- and one that would sound less negative -- would be "disturbed". This is a very unique show, in more ways than one. We've had The Big Lebowski ponified, we've had government conspiracies, we've had international espionage -- If you ask me, it's not too surprising that we also have mental deficiencies.
  3. Welcome to THE MADNESS GUILD IN WORSHIP OF- okay, just read the title. I AM YOUR GRAND LORD SHEOGORATH (occasionally under the cover name of Flinchel), and this is where my guild resides. You must truly prove your madness to be accepted, or we will throw eight year old cheese at your face for eternity. The list of members in the madness guild is as follows: The Great, The Dashing, The Hero, Sheo Koukatsu Omar_25 This is a place where we can discuss the perks and benefits of being insane, along with discussing insanity itself as an idea and a philosophy. Quote of the Day: "If it ain't Magenta, it ain't cool" - Martha Stewart (This is a total joke. I'm being a big ham on purpose.)
  4. As some of you may already know, I'm an actor. A performer. And I'm currently in the middle of my highschool's play, The Wizard of Oz. In the moment, being onstage and in character, it's really fun. Backstage, however, is a tragically darker tale. Not dramatically so, but enough to seriously discourage me from ever trying out for anything ever again. Our cast is great-- but they all have their flaws, and when they only show you their not-so-lovable side, it's not a fun experience. Often times I'm trying to do what my director told us to do with stress: "Let it slide like water off a duck's back" It works, and I imagine being an actual duck under a waterfall, small and feathery with a setting sun in the distance, turning the sky to a violet-fade-to-magenta hue that shines on fresh green grass fields that stretch on for miles, and I just cuddle with Twilight until I open my eyes and realize I have to go onstage. Sooo, cast call is less than an hour away and still stressed from the previous performance. I'm not gonna die, but I'm not gonna love it either. I find it difficult to tolerate the cast members' behavior backstage, and changing costumes is something I'm not used to, so it's frantic and stressful, especially if something is missing. It's difficult to have foresight and remember which scenes come into play and when, and I have to hold up a tree for like, seven minutes. It's a heavy tree. I freakin' hate it. I want to burn it (it's already dead anyway, might as well). Soooooooooooooooo, yup. I dunno what else to type here, because I can't think straight from all the stress. Hopefully I see you in another entry sometime. I'm not always negative and depressing, I promise.
  5. This is a song that was written 5 years ago before I was a Brony but I think the message is still prevalent too those who feel the haters and bullies in there life.
  6. Well this wallpaper I started after working on a sig for a member here, and seeing Rare so well, looking insane I thought a bit on a layout and had some fun! Just want some feed back and all! Info: Title: Art of the Dress Maker Layers: Nine Used: Gimp 2.6/Inkscape Time: 5 daysish Theme: Losing your Mind Song Lyric:Something brash, perhaps quite fetching Hook and eye, couldn't you just simply die?
  7. im trying to write a fan fic based on the ever popular fan started..... Equestrian war. instead of celestia being evil, she is just plain insane thanks to factors starting when she banished nightmare moon. also i dont plan on including luna until later on in the story, if more details are needed please ask. thank you in advance
  8. This is a Saddark fiction. I am so sorry, Celestia. Fluttershy was sitting in her kitchen. "Come on, Angel Bunny, these carrots are delicious." She was trying to coax Angel to eating his dinner. "Please?" Angel responded by flipping the plate of carrots into the air. "Eat it." Angel shook his head. Fluttershy was losing her patience. "Angel. Eat your dinner." Another head shake. Fluttershy gave him The Stare. Angel shoved the carrot into his mouth. "Good boy, Angel!" Fluttershy praised him. "Fluttershy, are you home?" Came a voice. "I-I'm coming." The shy pony creaked open the door. "Oh, hello, Twilight." Twilight was standing in the doorway. "Are you worried you're going to be tardy? Because your mane is a lit---" "SSH!" Twilight put a hoof to her mouth. "I'm trying to be the only element." Fluttershy's eyes widened. "Wha..what?" Twilight stepped closer. "I'm gonna be the only Element--The Element Of Friendship!" Twilight squeed. "And I'm starting with you." Fluttershy let out a shrill yelp as Twilight launched herself at the defenseless Pegasus. Twilight pounded her hooves into Fluttershy's face, grinning as Fluttershy's nose bled onto her relentless hooves. "Twilight--" She gasped in pain, "What are you doing?!" Twilight cackled. "Killing you!" Fluttershy flailed her hooves at Twilight, who paid no attention to the weak blows. "Now stop moving and it'll be faster!" Twilight screeched. "No! Neveeer!" Fluttershy yelped. Twilight pounded her harder. "Oowww..." Fluttershy's weak blows were getting weaker. "Hahahaha! Die, Failureshy, DIE!!" Fluttershy squeaked in pain. "STOP IT!!!" Four voices rang out. "Buck you, You pathetic mista---" Twilight was launched off of her crying victim. "Don't EVER hurt her again!" Came a screech. Rarity gave Twilight a crazy judo-kick to the jaw. Applejack and Pinkie helped Fluttershy to her hooves, blood pooling below her. "I-it was...blood...pain..k-kill me.." The traumatized pony mumbled. Pinkie hugged her, crying. "I-it's okay Shy, yer safe now." Applejack comforted her. Rainbow Dash and Rarity were holding Twilight down. "LET ME GO, YOU ANIMALS! I MUSSSST KILL HEERRR!" The insane pony screamed. Fluttershy had collapsed, her shattered muzzle pouring blood. Applejack and Pinkie were laying beside her, comforting the scarred pony as best as they could. "S'okay, sugarcube, Ah'll keep her away." Applejack told her. Fluttershy spoke in gibberish. "I can keep you safe, Fluttershy." Pinkie hugged her. "NO! NONE OF YOU CAN! SHE WILL DIIEEE, LIKE THE REST OF YOU!" Twilight yelled. "You have a right to remain silent, you BRUTE." Rarity punched the screaming unicorn. Rainbow frowned. "I can't believe you." She told Twilight. "You're a monster, you're a second Discord. Buck you forever, you horrible equine." Dash gave her the what-for. "Y'all call the police, We're takin' Shy to tha hospital." Applejack said. "Yeah. Call the princess. I'm sure she'd LOVE to hear what her star student did today." Pinkie said. "Ah said police. But call the princess too." The two Earth ponies and the ruined Pegasus left the cottage. Rarity reached Fluttershy's phone. "Darling, how does this work?" She asked. "Gently and carefully." Rainbow replied. Rarity began pressing buttons. "Hello? Yes, Twilight tried to kill Fluttershy. Mm hmm. Okay. At her cottage. Mm hm. Bye." Rarity hung up. "They're on their way." Rainbow Dash nodded. "Good. This brat needs to be taught a lesson." Seconds later, alarms were heard. "We're coming in! Sit tight!" The policeponies burst in. "Where'd it happen?" One asked. Rarity pointed to a pool of blood. "There, darling." She told him. The policeponies hauled Twilight off, kicking and screaming. ******** A few weeks later, Fluttershy was healing nicely. Apart from a broken leg and her nose, she only had a few bruises. Her friends brought her flowers and board games and Pinkie brought a lot of treats. When Fluttershy left the hospital, she walked by the library with Pinkie. "Hey, it's all boarded up." Fluttershy noted. "That's cause Twilight had to move back to Canterlot." Pinkie explained. "Oh. Wonderful." Fluttershy said. "Now I'm safe." Hope You Enjoyed! Again, I'm so sorry, Celestia.
  9. I have a serious case of tonsilitis. It's so hard-core, I've been prescribed an equally hard-core anti-biotic (Clarithromycin 250mg) after penicillin did nothing to combat it. It all seemed fine, until I looked at the list of side-effects: Rashes Breathing difficulties and facial swelling Severe diarrhoea with blood and/or mucus Mouth, lip and skin ulcers Stomach problems (vomiting, pain, indigestion) Pins and needles Headache Joint pain Muscle pain or loss of muscle tissue Inflammation of the tounge or mouth Discolouration of the tounge or mouth Thrush (should be fine here) Changes in sense of taste and smell Tooth discolouration Dizziness Difficulty sleeping Ringing in the ears of hearing loss Liver problems (eg. hepatitis and jaundice) How lovely. Now for the possible mental side-effects! Anxiety Confusion Loss of bearings Hallucination Change in sense of reality Panicking BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! TAKE CLARITHROMYCIN TODAY AND GET A SHOT AT THE RARE EFFECTS Fainting as a result of low blood sugar Kidney problems (eg.protein in urine or kidney faillure) Pancreas inflammation Convulsions Reduction of white blood cells in the body which increase chances of infection (like HIV) Reduction in blood platlet levels which increases the risk of brusing and bleeding (like haemophilia) Even better, there's two "super rare" side-effects: Inflammation of the eye Changes in heart rhythm
  10. I'm so sorry... ...but it had to be done. But hey, it ain't all bad. Look, I gave her a navel. That has to count for something, right? I forgot how (unfortunately) fun it is to draw these.
  11. It's like a dance, you decide. Yes. A dance. A beautiful ballet. A tango. One partner forever to be the mouse, the other, the cat. The land is your stage, the wind and birdsong your music. The grass and trees are your props, and your own skin, the most creative costume to be created. That was redundant. It doesn't matter though. Redundancy is good. It's a constant, right? A constant, a constant, all you want is for things to be constant. Changing, it's always changing, why does it keep changing? You wish the wind would stop blowing the leaves out of your skull. They're the only thing that keep your brain warm. What's that? A mouse. No. A deer. A deer? There are no deer here. Ha! That rhymed! Brilliant. And away you go, stalking. Like a most fearsome hunter. What are you? You don't even know. Ever since the crows started to make nests in your head, you can't seem to recall your species. You know you're small though. Maybe you're a mouse? A cat? You don't know. Oh! The crows! The crows! You circle the deer. Is it a deer? It shouldn't be a deer. There aren't deer in this place. This you know. Leaves fly- perhaps they are the ones from your head? They seem to be falling out a lot of late- as you spring at the creature. A swift paw knocks you away, and stones tumble out of your ears. Paws. It has paws. What is is? What is it?! THE CROWS, THE CROWS ARE COMING FOR ME, OH, THE CROWS! You're pinned. Claws rip into your body. The face of your killer comes into view. A cat. Hah. A cat. Ahahahah. AHAHAHAH. You twitch. Crickets are crawling out of your guts. Curious. Caw. Caw. Oh. The crows have come for you, already? You suppose it's alright. All of the stones have trickled from your head at last. It's clear now. You can think again. The wind whistles through the hole in your skull, and, for once, you're glad for it. It's here to take you home. To spirit you back. Back to where? You don't know. It's not one of the constants. It's part of the unscripted play. The dance. -O- I shouldn't write stuff like this. It drains me too much emotionally.
  12. Was browsing imgur and found some slightly disturbing and freaky story thingy I thought I'd share. Not sure if fake or not, but still creepy either way. WARNING: This is disturbing. It may give you nightmares lol. And yay for first blog entry. xD After reading that, I'm honestly pretty freaked out. :S Being de-senseitized like that also seems like a living hell when you think about it. Just imagine it... ;-;
  13. Today is a Tuesday, a good day in my book, alas I would not settle for any other day to fall on this point in time. I have thought about my passions, and my worries. Worries are not to be confused with fear, for to fear is to show weakness, I try to destroy weaknesses whenever and wherever I can. However, the day has pursued my mind and left it in a state of enlightenment, and people have been looking at me as if I was speaking in tongues. Perhaps I should not blame them, they have not seen what I have seen, or heard what I have heard. Their minds were not as malleable as mine, I could withstand harsh psychological challenges. Maybe I was strong, maybe I was just too insane to realize the pain that I felt inside, but either way, it does not matter. The clock strikes the numerals, counting away the hours, and yet, time does not exist, it is merely a construct of human creation to explain the progression of events. This analogy is useful when describing many social situations wherein no inherent logic exists but it is society's self-imposed standards that lead to the result. Insanity is one such standard. People do not entirely understand that sometimes, the insane person can be right. They could be the most knowledgeable and wise person in the room, since the word insanity describes the feelings of the people around them and not any condition that they actually hahve. While some wish to understand the faces in their religious texts, they are fools. They cannot understand such things until they first understand the face in the mirror. The mirror can reveal a lot about a person, the unique thing about your reflection is that it does not react to anything you don't, somehow I find that this is a fitting metaphor for the real world. Wherein nothing happens unless you react to it. Everybody exists in a different reality, because reality is entirely how you perceive things. Somebody's red could be your yellow, you just don't know, there are no words that can describe it. And since you only ever live through a single person's perspective, you never can understand it. For that reason, humans are isolated creatures. Many problems people face are self-induced, but that is not the only type of problem that plagues people. A darkness seeps across the land, metaphorically, devouring people in sorrow and bleakness in unfathomable ways. Their entire lives seemingly turning against them. People ask me how I solve these problems, the simple answer is that I don't. I merely let them coexist with me, and when they interfere with my plans, I snap their neck with the knowledge of their inner workings that I have accrued. Much like a platypus, life is your greatest enemy. Also like Platypuses, life is an abominable mish-mash of things that seemingly deserve to be as far apart as physically possible. I will continue in volume 2.
  14. So last night, @Key Gear did a very dangerous thing, he asked if he could step into my mind for a moment. This is possibly more insane than anything I myself could ever even suggest doing. So let's look into the darkest corners of my mind, and discover what awaits us. We'll talk about things I've done, things I've said, and well yeah, this is gonna be a long one so just sit right back. There are many wonders here but there are also horrible, disturbing things in my mind. You have been warned. Let's start by talking about my temperament. Generally, I'm a level headed person, and for this I have quite a bit of merit in my arguments. I'm the kind of person who argued in favor of drugs in those anti-drug programs and made valid points. Debating is a skill I have carried with me all my life. However, sometimes, I do something often observed in humans. Scientifically it is known as "Losing your shit". It has been observed in every human ever. This leads me to be a serious type when I need to be. However, sometimes, that's not what a situation calls for. Sometimes, people just take things too seriously, or, maybe, maybe someone is just stupid. Let's say for a second that someone is making an incredibly invalid and homophobic,sexist, and racist argument. They deserve nothing in response but cynicism and if they're just that kind of person, an abusive behavior report. However, I don't like to be mean spirited, most of the time, I'm just playful. At best, I can be energetic and inspiring, at worst, I can be insane and irrational. There is no black and white way to cut my mind. If you cut my mind down the center, you'd see the inside of my mind, and then you'd see police cars pulling into your driveway, but that is beside the point. Onto the more eccentric parts of my personality. Let's talk about for a bit about my sense of humor. The following is very disturbing, and you should probably leave your sanity on this paragraph and come back for it later lest it be damaged by reading the following. What do I think qualifies as funny? My ego says everything that I say is side-splitting hilarious, but that's not what I use to make people laugh. In order to truly be funny, you have to be random, yet you also have to be relevant. The best way of explaining it is that while you have to understand timing intimately. Sometimes joking about horrible things really can be funny, but before you make a joke, you need to understand your audience. You have to understand the temperament of the people you're talking to. Some people can take jokes and some can't, that's just the way things are. All you can do in order to be more funny is to embrace the audience you're speaking to. Another thing about humor is that you need to think from the audience's point of view. If you were the person you are telling the joke to, would you laugh? If the answer is no you probably shouldn't tell the joke. Although it is kind of hard to be that subjective when you don't know the person well, so sometimes you just have to take the chance and hope things turn out well. Let's talk then about some specific things and people, woohoo for shout outs, I suppose. Let's start by talking about someone I like very very much, Dawn Rider. Dawn Rider just recently became a staff member, and is already doing very many wonderful things. Dawn Rider is such a nice person, that I feel bad swearing infront of them, that is just how great they are, he knows how to take a joke, and yet he is just so pure intentioned that I can't help but not joke about him anyway. Then we have people like Marco ~ Ace Attorney, the nicest person on the Earth. He lives in New Jersey, so a lot of bad things have already happened to him, I'm sure. But he can take a joke, and I'm not afraid to joke around with him. He is level headed, which is why I think he is probably one of the most helpful people around. Key Gear appears to be the same way in that he knows how to joke around. As for my ego, this is something that has been brought up a lot. I have a humongous ego, one that might even be too hard to grasp at all. I try to make up for having a huge ego by being completely honest about it. And on some levels, I exaggerate how narcissistic I am for comedic effect, in case you were wondering. Now onto one of my flaws, I'm very raunchy. I am not able to hide that, it's just something that I have, and it's something that I'm good at controlling, but under the right circumstances, it shows, it really does. Another flaw of mine is that I hate admitting I'm wrong, if you can get to me admit I have made a mistake, I must really, really, like you. That is a bit of insight into the workings of my mind. I hope it helped.
  15. My Mind is Breaking. Somewhere in my life there’s a land called “Happiness,” and a land called “Conscience;” Between the two is a gap called insanity, which I’m standing on a tight-rope over with people pushing on either side of me. I’m not sure how I got here or where I’m supposed to be, but I’m about to fall. I don’t see anything anymore; I’ve forgotten if I can. All I know is the relentless, unending need to move forward, while I’m scrambling in all directions trying to remember where forward is. I don’t see anything anymore, but I see her. I hear the dull, echoing thump of her head rapping against stiff bark as it beckons me forward. She stops. The silence echoes, reverberating loudly in the confines of my mind. As I approach steadily her head turns toward me, her jaw askew in empty, open-mouthed awe as she stares at something directly behind me. I am inches away as she dons a smile that slowly grows, splitting her whole face in half, until that smile leaves the confines of her face and begins to split my whole world in two. As I approach it opens and I step into its gaping maw. Water rushes up to meet me; slap me in the face. I’m drowning. But I do not flounder. I let myself sink, and in my vision I can see a light, slowly fading as I fall away from its glare. Through the light I see a hand come down, reaching for me. I know not if I should take it; I’ve forgotten if I can. But I do. And as I do the light starts to fade, and I’m surrounded by darkness. Not the kind of darkness I’ve always known—the darkness that screams at me with its echoing silence—but a darkness that cradles me in its gentle arms. At long last the voices in my head fall silent, replaced by one soothing coo that I know must be my own. A word emerges before me, and at once I finally know where I am. The word is insanity...
  16. I made this with Sai a day or two ago c: It's a picture of Purple Cupcake gone insane. This is just from being bored XD Hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think!
  17. Vectored and Colored: Original Scan: I drew this just now whilst listening to some....pretty dark music. Sorry for horrible quality, I'll scan it in the morning instead of using my webcam. Fixed it and scanned it and vectored it and stuff. Anyway, its my character StaticBoom, and I guess being nervous all the time finally got to him. Constructive criticism and such are appreciated since this is one of the first times I've drawn ponies.
  18. "Hello guys! I am Goldseek and I am here to answer questions. So ask away!" "Who are you even talking to?" "The people on MLPforums, duh." "What? Ponies are watching us talk?" "Not ponies, people." "Ugghhh... What? Do they die? Can we kill them?" "No you can't kill the people, moron. That would just be mean. Remind me why you are even here?" "You told me to help answer questions." "Oh yeah... Buck me. So, lets get started, shall we? Ask away!" "What he said. Are you sure we can't kill them? Just one?" "NO." "Fine........ Just one?" "Ughhhh. Whyyyyy?"
  19. I was going through some old artwork of mine, and I stumbled onto these two old drawing I did. Yeah I know the shading is dodgy and her mane ends a little short. The legs and body are a bit funny, meh
  20. After an hour of confusion on what to write for a blog, I had an epiphany on what to write. Insanity and how it affects writing blogs. *Switches to Duncan's Voice* Why does insanity make blogs hard to write? To answer that, i'd like to ask another question, how does insanity affect humans? From my experience being semi to fully insane, it makes you act random and do actions you have no reason to do and have not sent a command to the brain to do. You are basically Pinkie Pie. And depending on how your insanity is, you may be like cupcakes Pinkamena. At least in social situations. I find, when alone just talking to people over the internet, your brain goes into a state of, Ignore the second part. Also, not much evil except the occasionally ranting aggressive things like wanting to eat babies. This state of "Confusion, Evil, Chaos" makes humans... have difficulty thinking straight. often words that would be thought of are replaced with random things, depending on the subjects mental condition. Instead of thinking of what to write about or what to write on your idea, all of the ideas are usually replaced with "Derp." At least in my experience. So yeah, random blog with no significance whatsoever made about a random topic. Cruel Cruel Cruel.
  21. I have decided to make a group picture of all the members' OCs. Say of this what you will, but I am requesting that tose with OCs put them in this thread so I can get copies of them, and those wanting to be included, but don't have one yet, to use the Pony Creator on This is going to take a long time, not just because of the number of members, but also because of the various outside factors involved with life. Wish me luck. If you already have a drawing of your OC then just put it on here.
  22. This is my FIRST mlp fanfic. But it's okay. It gets dark. Please leave feedback, and don't just say: this sucks. Tell me why it sucks so I can make it better. ~UPDATES~ Im REALLY busy @ school but now that it's Christmas break you think I'd have ALOT of time. Not really. I might be able to finish a much longer chapter 2 in say, 4 months. Sorry for the long wait, but I kind of have to make this under cover. Chapter 1: ----- Information on what the story is based off: [red] remember this isn't really a crossover with hp lovecraft, except Cthulhu having a role in it. [/red]