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Found 13 results

  1. Y'know what I just realized? It's time for the SEASON FOUR WRAP UP OF MY LITTLE PENIS: FUCKING IS MAGIC! We're only four episodes to the conclusion of season four! Can you believe it? I can't believe it. Can you believe it? I can't believe it. Can you believe it? And with this comes a few announcements for the "schedule" of future reviews. I intend to wrap up season four by the end of this month on June 30th. Yes, that's two weeks away, which means today we review "Inspiration Manifestation", next week we review "Equestria Games", and on June 30th we'll do both parts of "Twilight's Kingdom". With this in mind, I'm going to take the entire month of July off from doing reviews like I usually do. Except now I'm going to be taking my breaks after I finish one season rather than whenever I feel tired. Keeps shit balanced and what not. Then, on August 14th, we'll come back and take a look at the fifth season, which should go pretty quickly considering I've already reviewed five of its episodes back in 2015. Those episodes were the premiere, finale, "Crusaders of the Lost Fuck-Up" and "Slice of Life", and all five of them will be skipped as a result, leaving just 21 other episodes to review before year's end. So...that's the plan. And if you don't like it.........that's nice. Now, let's get this show on the hoe. This is "Inspirati-"...Oh, right, I have to say "why did I say what I said when it aired?". *ahem*.....What did I think of this episode when it first airsoft? Alrigh- ....BAHAHAHAHAHAA. Ah, that's funny. I actually had HIGH hopes that season five would've been a GOOD season. What a naive little shit I was. Okay, okay, this is "Inspiration Manifestation". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This episode opens up with, WOW, WHAT A SURPRISING TWIST FOR A PLOT DEVICE, A BIG EVENT. This time it's the "Foal and Filly Fair", which is probably the laziest party concept I've ever heard from this show. It's like they've run out of things for people in this world to care about enough to party over so they just put names with puns and poetic devices in them. Suck my dicks. We cut to Rarity, who claims that even though her audience this time is young, it doesn't mean they don't deserve her best creative work. No truer words have been spoken, except for "Africans are the reason we have AIDS". Apparently Rarity is trying to sell a travelling puppet theater to a travelling puppeteer. But he thinks the cart is shit, which sends Rarity into despair. So did McCarthy realize how shitty "Rainbow Falls" was and was like, "yo, nigga, I'mma check your work on your next episode. You ain't fuckin' up that hard again. Not on my watch. Dumbass."? After the "Skip Intro" button becomes my story editor, we see Rarity in shambles as Spike tries to cheer her up. So he and Owlowicious go to the Castle of the Two Blisters to see if there's a spell that can help her create something in time for the fair, which is about to begin. Inside they find a secret chamber with hot oily sexy Rarity porn a book that can help inspire the creative mind. Ah, so that's how the Rolling Stones are still a band. Too bad their music sucks donkey dick. Right, so this spell gives Rarity the power to zap anything she imagines into creation....kind of like...."Power Ponies" no, not another thought about that. Except, this power seems to send Rarity into a devious quest for creation. She goes back to find the puppeteer and give him exactly what he wants; a blowjob! And then after that, she gave him the theater he wanted. "Wow, you even included the stash of weed!" So Spike leaves Rarity alone with the book and goes home. The next day, Rarity has gone into a creation frenzy like a true bible thumper. Her boutique is flowing in fancy dresses and what not as her mind slips into oblivion. She even mentions sprucing up Ponyville a bit, and urges Spike to let her keep the book even longer. Spike, oblivious to Rarity's spell-induced insanity, agrees, and the pair venture out to paint the town. Literally. Cue laugh track, roll the credits, lick my anus. She finds Applejack's apple cart and bedazzles it, suggesting to Spike that they should keep the book as well as her acts of community service a secret between the "three of them". The third person she's referring to is the book. Yeah, I want to slaughter Rarity now too. As Rarity continues doing such grand deeds as giving Rainbow Dash a dress mid-flight and giving Fluttershy's bird a mansion of a birdhouse, Spike starts to realizes that his crush has gone insane. And once she's stated that she won't stop until the entire town has been reformatted in her new image, Spike starts to think...murder's a nice solution. But is stopping Rarity worth the cost of losing her as a friend? ...Yes. But what does my opinion matter? Spike can't bring himself to be blue-balled at a time like this. Spike decides to take the book from her in hopes that it will break its influence on her. However, this proves harder a task than he thought since Rarity's got it safeguarded on her saddle. He uses Owlowiscious as a distraction and finally snags it, but when Rarity beckons him, the only logical thing to do is to swallow the book whole. Ah, yes, indigestion is a wonderful thing. Why, last time I had that was when I shoved those sensitive Russian documents up my ass, and let me tell you, I couldn't shit for like twelve weeks. But even though the book is being boiled in belly acid, Rarity's power grows stronger. Spike realizes the only way to take Rarity off this crazy train is to tell her to fuck off...himself. Ooooooh, are we gonna see some character development between Rarity and Spike's dynamic? ...Yes. But what does my opinion matter? Wait a minute, that wasn't an opinion......FUCK ME. Therefore, Spike tells Rarity the truth: she's become an awful terrible piece of shit-sucking fuckazoid bitch face sparkle whore and she needs to shove her own horn up her own asshole before he does it for her. And we are to recall the final words of the spell: "only when true words are spoken will you finally be set free". Telling Rarity the truth of the matter instead of bullshitting her all this time was indeed the medicine that cured our favorite town prostitute. AVATAR STATE MOTHERFUCKER In the end, Spike learned that being honest with your friends is probably a smarter course of action then just yes-ing them to death. So concludes "Inspiration Manifestation". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uuuh, yeah, still a pretty solid episode. The continuing maturation of Spike's dynamic with Rarity from a simple crush to an honest friend has been something that I've said way back in "Secret of My Excess" is one of the stronger arcs in the series, despite it seeding root in a pretty shit episode. This is one of the stories that I had in mind. Having Spike be honest with Rarity and telling her that what she's doing is going way out of line is one of his standout moments as a character. And it happens right here in this episode. There's still some good comedy here and there, though it wasn't the funniest of the whole season like I said when it aired. Perhaps the only complaint I could pose to this episode is that I wish Rarity's breakdown was more...I don't know...natural? As in, I feel like this moral and this episode would've been a lot stronger if Rarity had started going overboard by her own free will rather than the enchantment of a spell. The spell's inclusion made it another one of those times where we know a character isn't showing any real flaws because they're not in control of themselves. This is true here. In that last scene Rarity acts like she doesn't even remember what happened, which is quite disappointing from a storytelling perspectives since Spike gained so much development from it. Despite this...yeah, probably the best Spike episode by far. I'll give this a solid 8/10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ....Yeah, yeah, you know you saw it coming: Africans are the reason we have AIDS.
  2. Here's my headcanon about that book's history. What's yours? I believe the book was created by Discord as one of his contingency plans should he be dethroned. We already saw one of his plans in "Princess Twilight Sparkle", and he probably had more than one. He seems to like complex plans. We also saw him increase in power when the CMC got into a chaotic fight in front of him. Yes, that was probably also because the EOH had been transferred to the Mane 6, but it's possible sufficient chaos surrounding him would have freed him anyway. Inspirarity's rampage was certainly chaotic in nature. I also believe Sombra was a victim of the book and an example of what the book makes its user if left unchecked. Both Sombra and Inspirarity were obsessed with shiny things (gold and jewels for Inspirarity, crystals for Sombra) and only appeared to care about themselves and their own power. Both Sombra's magic and the book's magic were referred to as dark (and note that Discord's chaos magic is literally dark, if Tirek's draining was any indication). Sombra seemed to have the power to create anything he wanted (the weird crystals, the giant staircases, the worst-nightmare door), and that last one makes me think he learned another spell (maybe more than one) from the book.
  3. This seems to be something that's debated on much more than I thought it would be. On topics discussing Spike and his terrible characterization and episodes, the two main points that are brought up in support are Equestria Girls 1 (highly underrated, but that's for a different topic), and inspiration manifestation. People retaliate with these: EQG- Its not canon, so that doesn't count Inspiration Manifestation- That was a Rarity Episode. Saying that EQG isn't canon is stupid and dumb, and doesn't require arguing back, but the second point is much more debatable. Was Inspiration Manifestation a Spike or Rarity episode? Spike was the one who saw and confronted the problem, but Rarity was the one who realized she was doing something wrong. There is valid arguments for both side. What do you guys think? Edit: and don't say both. That's no fun.
  4. This is the classic game with a little twist. Traditionally, you pick 3 items to bring with you. I want to know what 3 episodes of MLP you'd bring with you. These 3 episodes will have to sustain you for the rest of your life, so pick ones you won't get tired of! 2-part episodes may count as one I'll start: Slice of Life, Inspiration Manifestation, The Crystal Empire pt. 1 & 2
  5. Hey there I did some experimenting with different styles and nuances in and around the picture. The inspiration manifestation book suits this purpose perfectly, as I am able to concentrate mainly around the book itself and the flames of its transformation and I essentially work on two very different books and can test various techniques without sacrificing the overall look and feel. The picture rested on my hard drive until yesterday when I opened it again. I’m not entirely satisfied (but.. oh well… I never am) but decided to give it another shot in certain areas and a little bit polish. The artwork is for my boardgame: Ponyville Mystery
  6. Now: I'd like to think I've come a long way. I work for Channel Frederator now, and they definitely require you to refine your approach and try harder to work with your viewers - Then: At the start, I was just a humble guy with a camera giving my rambling feedback, thinking this show would never grow on me -
  7. What if Rarity never gets cured from the Inspiration Manifestation spell? How do you think it would end?
  8. After Sonneborn's Trade Ya!, Corey Powell and Meghan McCarthy co-wrote Inspiration Manifestation, an episode with a pretty decent, if not good, reception. Based on the comments presented and my own viewpoints, I've come up with a list of possible flaws or weaknesses impacting the episode. So if you have to choose one weakness or flaw that impacts your viewing and/or its overall quality, which is it? Please choose and explain in detail below. If your option isn't available, hit "other" and explain. And like what I wrote in the last thread: For the other "Pick a Flaw" threads: Season 1: Friendship Is Magic, Parts 1 & 2 The Ticket Master Season 4: (@@Doctor XFizzle's threads will be italicized.) Simple Ways Filli Vanilli Twilight Time It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezies Somepony to Watch Over Me Maud Pie For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Leap of Faith Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 Trade Ya!
  9. EDIT: I'm stupid, so i left out half of the title for this post. Here's a little something that got me thinking. The great and powerful (and evil) Trixie and Vs. Inspired Rarity. Who will win? What we know about the amulet: -Can't be removed by force, only Trixie can should she desire it. -Gives her incredible magic powers that (possibly?) put her spells on par with alicorn magic. -Makes the wearer progressively more and more aggressive. -Apparently allows the user to freely use spells without fatigue. What we know of the inspiration manifestation spell: -A rare, forgotten spell that can only be removed once the user is told truth of their work. -Allows instantaneous creation of anything the user can imagine, and change things into whatever the user desires in much the same fashion. -Gradually corrupts the mind of the user into making them seek to change everything around them. -Is considered "dark magic" and can be reversed. Take into account Rarity and Trixie's attributes and characters. Who wins?
  10. Okay, I know "why doesn't Celestia ___________?" is a plothole in every episode, but it's more of a problem here. Twilight made it clear that Luna and Cadence helped her clean up the mess enchanted Rarity made. So...Celestia woke up her sister and wrote her niece that lived miles away from Ponyville and told them to clean the place up? What was she doing that was so important that she couldn't come herself?
  11. That's two one-of-a-kind magical artifacts that exist that: 1) greatly amplify a pony's magic 2) alter their thought process/take over their minds Do you think there's any connection between the Inspiration Manifestation Spellbook and the Alicorn Amulet? Does a series of similar dangerous magical artifacts exist across Equestria? I like to think the answer to both of these is yes, but I'm interested to hear your theories. And I am of the opinion that the Inspiration Manifestation Spellbook was quote unquote *ahem* "retrieved unharmed" as Twilight was mad at Spike for taking the book but not at all mad about him destroying it.
  12. Cause that's the kinda vibe I got from the whole episode. It seemed a little darker than what the show usually does. Plus there's this comparison:
  13. Okay, I've got a theory about the book in IM. It is a soul jar: an inanimate object that holds the soul of a living being (usually an evil one). Rarity refers to the book as if it were alive and the book does influence her behavior. It also changed the color of her magical aura, to match that of Changelings--I might add. So...I think the book hold the soul of a Changeling that was defeated by Celestia and Luna long ago. That would explain why they hid the book.