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Found 4 results

  1. Can insults hurt you? Why do they hurt you? Do you believe there is difference between compliments and insults? What do you think compliments are? What do you think insults are? Here is example: Someone says to 1-5 year kid old: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? Someone says to teenager: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? Someone says to adult: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? Someone says to 70+ year old: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? Another example: Child says to other child: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? Child says to teenager: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? Child says to adult: "Wow you are childish." Is that insult or compliment? I believe insulting depends on a person because insults are meant to hurt a person and they are meant to be bad. Is being childish bad? How is that insult? I also believe that the person who insults others uses words that are insults to him. So basically if someone insults you saying you are gay. That means he doesn't want to be gay and he believes being one is bad. Example: Gay says to other gay: "Wow you are gay." Is that insult or compliment? Gay says to someone who is not gay: "Wow you are gay." Is that insult or compliment? Someone who is not gay says to someone who is not gay: "Wow you are gay." Is that insult or compliment? It also depends who is insulting if gay said to me "Wow you are gay." I wouldn't be insulted, because what is the reason of that insult if he is gay because if he is one then I don't think he believes it is bad to be one so it can't be insult. On the internet insults don't work, because you have no idea who you talking to or who is talking to you so I believe it is harder to insult someone over the internet. However some people took words on the screen believing they are meant to be bad even if they weren't that is why some words like gay and childish are almost always taken as insults over the internet because you have no idea who is behind those words. Tell me what you think about insults and compliments.
  2. Baisiclly, if you've ever had a fight with someone and you've tried to come up with some sort of comeback but your brain is just like "Nope" and you shout out the most random thing ever. I'll start: "How's about you go lick an Orange you rotund bicycle wheel"
  3. Let me summarize this piece of shit OC's back story (the idiot who made this, thinks its good, and defends it like do his hand full of asskissers): Was a unicorn way before the show or some shit, and was in some war against Discord with some friend of his. His friend died fighting some nonexistant minions Discord had or whatever...he then got butthurt, and took them all out. Somehow, mass murder made Celestia proud, and made him an alicorn (because that makes sense). Then he was like leader of her personal guard, and tried to stop Nightmare Moon, but didn't. So Celestia somehow through the magic of stupid, got the Dragonballs that this tard OC knew about somehow, and asked Shenron to make him a super saiyan god pony (because Shenron can make gods). So, he became a god pony of life super saiyan, and shit. He then met Fluttershy, who totally acted out of character and fell for him (because, its not like she doesn't nearly shit herself when she meets a new pony), and they had a kid he named "Goku". And to top it all off, he apparently, can go "super saiyan god" without help, and some stupid form beyond SSJGod, called "Super Saiyan Death".. How can people seriously think THIS is a good OC? How can people defend this crap? There are people who put effort into making an OC, that is truly original, doesn't insult the show or material, and show true creativity...and they get ignored for crap like this... This is the kind of crap, that makes me not want to be a fan of anything.
  4. A rant by yours truly on haters and trolls using "autistic" as an insult.