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Found 30 results

  1. yaasho14/10/2018 I'm Yaasho. I'm 25 years old. Outside of the Brony community, I work a full-time job as a graphic designer. Things I like to do in my down time is playing games such as League of Legends and World of Worldcraft. I've been a huge Warcraft fan for almost 9 years. The story is rich in lore and it's something I've been passionate about other than animation. I also like to study things such as video editing and character modeling. I'd say I'm a pretty relaxed person and love meeting new people. If you would like me to add more to that question I can. age3rcm14/10/2018 did you receive any help editing doors 3 from people on your job? did they see ponies or you kept it secret? yaasho14/10/2018 The only help I received in editing was just from my friends in the fandom. My boss, as well as one of my co workers, knows I am a Brony and they're okay with it. I don't tell what I do in the fandom, but they just know that I like the show and that I had went to BronyCon this year.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 how much the ponies affected your life in general? (editado) yaasho14/10/2018 Ponies has helped me change as a person, for the better good. When I first joined the fandom in late 2014, I was really in a low point in my life. BronyCon 2015 was my first convention and I had driven 10 hours by myself. I didn't really know anybody, other than some names I knew of from the SFM community. I ended up meeting people who to this day are friends with me. Learning how accepting this fandom was helped me dig myself out of the hole I was in. Over the years I have met more and more people with similar interests as me. Some of these people I have become really close with and consider family. Without this fandom, I don't know where I would be right now.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 are you more interested on the community or you think more about "pony" when thinking about the brony fandom? yaasho14/10/2018 The community 100%. Sure, I still love the show and what they do with it, but the community is what keeps the fandom together. There is so much talent spread across it, and I believe it's one of the most talented fandoms in existence. The people you meet can have a big impact on your life. The show is what brought us together, but the community keeps us strong. age3rcm14/10/2018 and now, the million dollar question: who is the best pony? yaasho14/10/2018 Who else but The Great and Powerful Trixie. Was there any doubt? age3rcm14/10/2018 what where the pre-requisites for Trixie Lulamoon to become the ideal special somepony for you? what made her stand against the dozen others? yaasho14/10/2018 If you like ponies who are entertaining and a very appealing color scheme, then Trixie Lulamoon is just for you. I would say what made Trixie stand out against other characters is that I feel that she is the most relatable pony to every day people. During the time in the show she has struggled to fit in with everyone else. She just want to be accepted for who she is and tries really hard to prove herself. She may seem like a smug antagonist, but deep down she is very caring. age3rcm14/10/2018 did you see her a lot in doors3? did you like how that pony was portrayed? yaasho14/10/2018 I saw her a couple times. I'd say my favorite scene she was in was where she was balancing the tea cups in the water, lost focus, and fell in. It was kind of funny.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 about doors 3 video editing: could you put in short words your process made to build it? how long did it take to finish everything for bronycon and then for youtube? yaasho14/10/2018 Timing is everything when it comes to this type of collab. You want to make sure the clips flow together one after another, as well as time key points in songs (such as breakdowns or choruses). It makes what your watching more immersive as well as not as boring. For the time spent to finish what we have for BronyCon, I can't confirm since that was during the time Digivee was editing the video. When I took over in mid september. I spent a good 5-7 hours each day. My time spent included fixing some transitions, timing, as well as adding on the last two songs, and the credits. The two people that helped me a lot (Genma and RedAce) also spent a lot of time working on the intro of the video, as well as the intermission. For myself, I would say I probably spent about 50+ hours working on the project, and I would say about the same with Genma and RedAce. age3rcm14/10/2018 has the doors project gained any popularity outside the community? yaasho14/10/2018 Other than the Hyun's Dojo community (The original creators of the Doors collab), I am not sure. age3rcm14/10/2018 what are your feelings towards the animation community in the bronydom? (editado) yaasho14/10/2018 There's a lot of great people in this part of the community. We all have a common purpose - to create things the fandom will enjoy. I'm glad I'm able to apart of something like this, and I wouldn't change it. The reason why I love it so much is because fan animation was the first Brony content I was introduced to before I even started watching the show. There were amazing 2D as well as 3D animations I saw, and it inspired me to want to try it out myself. Collabs like Doors help bring us all together and show what we can do. Looking back, I wouldn't change which part of the community I joined, because I feel that this place is my home.(editado) age3rcm14/10/2018 can you talk more about it please? also, there is just 2 more questions, in case this has been tiresome also, there could be a break if you wish yaasho14/10/2018 sure i can say more about it let me edit my answer age3rcm14/10/2018 soo, a break it is. i will come back after a hour or 2. you can edit the answer, since i will be translating it to brazilian after we are done. have i told you that it will be shared in brazil's brony community right? yaasho14/10/2018 correct yaasho14/10/2018 alright, I edited my answer some. age3rcm14/10/2018 hello again! time for the second to last question: doors3 has been a multi-national project? where you surprised with where some submissions came from? yaasho14/10/2018 As far as I know, since the first Doors people from different nationalities have participated in project. But I believe in Doors 3 this has been the largest diversity group of contributors yet. From China, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world. I would say the most surprised one I could say is China, since I don't really know any Bronies from there. age3rcm14/10/2018 know any famous brazilian bronies yourself? have you wondered how did the brazilian bronies impact the community as a whole? yaasho14/10/2018 I personally don't know any Brazilian Bronies myself, nor know a lot about their side of the community. I'm sure it's filled with just as great people like the rest of the fandom! age3rcm Alright then, thank you for your dedication for the interview Yaasho. do you want to say something that i did not ask or have a word with the ones watching this video? thank you to everyone who has supported the series over the years. We're glad everyone enjoyed the finale
  2. Hi everyone!I'm doing my dissertation about bronies and the different elements of the series that makes it so fun to watch.To research this I need your help!I need volunteers who would be willing to do an interview with me, via Facebook Messenger or via Skype, which takes about 30 minutes. I will not put your name/screenname in the dissertation in order to protect your privacy, and you can also win a goodie bag with loads of film-related goodies :DWho'd like to help me out? It would be VERY much appreciated :D Thanks so much!Natascha
  3. Ask questions for Mike McGuffin, My OC. I changed him up a bit, so you might want to check that out first. link in my siggy.
  4. Hey There so i got a homework for my economy class and the homework is to interview an entrepreneur.(asking him about his jobs,this that etc) and i wanted to do mine different from the others. i think i could get an A for this so i just need to find some entrepreneur. I'm Gonna do it with voice Interview via Skype you can add me on skype : skycr4ftdie the deadline is November 25th please halp
  5. I interviewed senpai Fizz in PM, asking him many questions about stuff! Now you all can really see how awesome Fizz is! Question 1: 1. Who is your favorite pony? :3 It's official! Rainbow Dash is the true waifu! His opinion is fact and your feeble headcanon is not 2. Where did you get you name "Fizz" From? Ahhhhh so that's the super secret past story behind the name!!! ahhhhh so dank nnn 3. What is your favorite song? lol pink floyd 4. How long have YOU been a brony? Oh snap he just burned on alicorn Twilight! no newfags here 5. Out of all the History textbooks, who do you think is the most amazing individual to have lived? I don't know that guy lol, yay nazis <3 Aryanne 6. If you could go back in time, what year would you go to? =3 I myself would go back in time and be Hitler's friend #edgy 7. If you could have any guy in the whole world, who would it be? LOL 8. What is the most amazing MLP fanfic you've ever read? I surprisingly read that yet, but all my fanfics are still better they are so good that I don't upload them 9. What about the most amazing actual book you've ever read? >Not including Mein Kampf 10. What's your favorite videogame? I didn't even know he played Smash bros, 1v1 me I'll destroy you 11. What is your opinion on the 2016 US presidential candidates? (I think that's what the people who are fighting for president are called idk) Lol Bernie Sanders. #TeamDonaldTrump!!! 12. Do you own any Purell Advanced hand sanitizer? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH HE DOES OWN SOME 13. And, one last question! (Although the answer may be obvious) If you had the chance to go to Equestria, would you go? :3 What would you do? That's it for the questions! But unfortunately for him if he goes anywhere near my waifus he's gonna get rekt (Loljk) Now you know more about the amazing Fizz! I might do another one of these sometime =3
  6. Hi everyone! I am making a documentary on MLP, bronies in particular, for a high school project. I was hoping that I could get some true MLP fan opinions. This film is not meant to show MLP fans or bronies in a negative way, it is simply meant to shed truth and light on the growth and transformation of the MLP fandom. So if ANYONE (boys, girls, young or old) would be willing to answer any of the following questions on the topic I would REALLY appreciate it. Stories about your journey into the fandom, experience in it, effects of being a fan, or any other stories you wish to share very welcome! There is no judgement here, so please be as honest as you can with your answers. (There are a lot of questions so, again, you don't have to answer all of them, only what you feel comfortable answering, or you can just explain your general experience with MLP and Bronies) Questions: What gender do you identify as? When and how did you find out about MLP? Why do you like the show? Do you think MLP is a high quality show? Why or why not? What about the show (how its written, characters. etc.) do you think makes it appealing to both children and adults? Do you think the show provides valuable morals and if so why (give some examples from the show)? And what demographic do those morals apply to? What do you think is MLP's target audience? Which character do you most identify with and why? Why do you think the creators decided to make the majority of the main characters adults, and do you think this is a good thing for a children's show? What is a "Brony" (In your opinion)? What is a stereotypical "Brony"? Would you identify as a "Brony"? Why or why not? (If "yes" then continue on to the numbered questions, if "no" skip the numbered questions) Questions for Bronies in specific What makes you a "Brony"? When did you first identify as a "Brony"? Why did you decide to join this particular cummunity? Why do you identify as a "Brony" as opposed to just a normal MLP fan? Has your experience in the community overall been positive or negative? Have you received any judgement, harassment, or ridicule for being a "Brony"? If so, what happened? How does MLP relate to you on a personal level? Has the Brony community helped you in any way? Has any part of the Brony community done anything you thought was wrong? Do you have ANY interesting or emotional stories you wish to share on the topic? (If you already answered the Brony questions, you can skip the rest) What is your overall opinion of "Bronies"? What do you think of them? Do you think it is wrong to be one? Has any part of the Brony community done anything that you thought was wrong? Have you ever observed judgment, ridicule or harassment aimed at the Brony community? Do you have ANY interesting or emotional opinions or stories you wish to share on the topic? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Any feedback is really appreciated
  7. Watched Obabblescribbler today where she talked to Doc Wolf, this is the resulting doodle .
  8. The new promotional trailer had some great insight into the season 5 premiere and Starlight Glimmer's character. I discuss this in the following video:
  9. Hello eveyrpony shark here and this thread is for my youtube channel which is called shark discusses please enjoy like my videos and subscribe i well be posting all my videos here
  10. fabrarity

    Ask Rarity!

    It's Rarity, and I'm bored! Ask me as many questions as you want about my stylish life, and I will reply. Rules: keep all questions SFW no hate have fun!
  11. Listen to this as you read... In less than two months... two tournaments will determine the most passionate, the most popular, and the most talented team in the world... One will shock the globe with athletic bliss and artistic footwork... the other... happens here. The MLPF World Cup is a tournament that will be filled with passion... filled with competition... filled with energy... The most loved characters in the fandom will compete in a tournament of the ages and witness the outpouring of love their fans express. At the same time, it brings fans together. People from all over the forums will see the diversity of our community and be left in admiration at just how big and unified we are as a forum. Now... you can hear it from your fellow members firsthand about their background… “I began stumbling upon pony videos on Youtube…” “While perusing another forum that I once upon a time frequented…” “A friend of mine told me…” Their passion... "I LOVE HER AWESOMENESS!!!!" "Let's all gather around some love for Best Crusader!" "Rally my brothers and sisters! Love for the Queen, Long live the Queen!" "What it'll take is support. Lots of support." "Pinkie will respond to any challenge by standing tall, and we'll be pushing her all the way through the competition..." "I don't have a cry but I can give out an epic classical music piece for Octavia!" “Let’s light them up!” Their hopes… "...remember that tournaments like these are for fun and while fanboying is a lot of fun we must remember to keep things civil and to have fun." "I will just say that it's a competition, so please, everyone stay civil and friendly to each other, sometimes forums can be harsh but it's only up to us to determine the outcome..." “We're bronies, we shouldn't let good fun like this create any kind of animosity between us.” See why they love their character, and gaze your eyes on the diversity of MLPF! As you read, you will see that almost every character in the World Cup has a major fan taking the charge for their character! All the beats drumming in one accord... for unity in diversity in MLPF! First character profile. May 12th. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, how did you find the preview guys?! In short, this thread’s where I’ll talk about every character participating in the 2014 MLPF World Cup, beginning with the Mane 6 and progressing to the rest of the characters. For each character, there will be a short background section before we head to the meat of the thread: the interviews! Here I showcase a fan from the major camps of the 2014 MLPF World Cup. You'll find that some of them aren't necessarily the most vocal, but they certainly share the same amount of love for their character as anybody else would! As the end of the preview suggests, the first character profile will be released on May 12th.
  12. This just got posted on EQD. Oh my god, the hype is going to kill me! Gahhh!!! Q: Lets get the easy one out of the way. How was it like working on the Equestria Girls sequel? A: It's been great... A lot of fun! As a new director I've been learning so much from Jayson and Jim. I've been super lucky to have them sitting in the same room as me to bounce questions of them. And I've also been blessed with an awesome crew I think every one working on the sequel to Eqeustria girls has really upped their quality this time around! People have been really passionate about this next film. Q: What was the most fun and least fun thing about working on Rainbow Rocks? A: The most fun? Everything, from giving our input on the script, to the music... We've got some awesome music in Rainbow Rocks! To working Every day next to these jokesters Jayson and Jim! Literally every day is a laugh fest! Least fun? Well there have been some late nights and stressful moments, but that's all part of the process. Nothing that's lasting in my memory as an bad moment. Q: When was Rainbow Rocks first started/put into the works? A: Around May of 2013 was when the we got the premise from Hasbro. Q: What are some aspects you believe have been improved on from the first equestria girls film. A: Not to biased, but I think the story is even better for EG2... And we had some great board artists who really got into the characters. Our layout team is a little more experiences this time around due to this being their 2nd crack at human characters. Q: On the same note, how does Rainbow Rocks compare to the first EQG film as a whole? A: Again, I may be biased but I think over all it's going to be a better film. Since EG1 set the stage for our new world... EG2 gets to focus A little more on the story Q: Have you found yourself reading all feedback on the first Equestria Girls, positive and negative, and done some things to try to address the criticisms of the first film? Perhaps not just you, but also the writer(s A: I personally didn't spend too much time reading all the feedback from the first film... I try not to get too caught up in the criticism. When we watched the movie in theaters it had a pretty great response from the audience. That being said, we did try to make a lot of Improvements on the first movie. I know that a lot of the feedback from the brony community was valid, but it's difficult to filter the Constructive criticism from the trolling some times. I can't speak for Meghan who wrote the 2nd script. But based on how it turned out, I'm sure she heard some of the feedback. Q: Were there any hiccups/mistakes/errors in the making of Rainbow rocks? A: Of course not.. Lol nothing worth saying... For the most part, everything has been running smoothly. Q: What are some scenes/ideas that didn't make the cut? A: Hahaha... Oh god, I wish I could tell you! But some of them had us ROTFL in the editing suite. Q: It was revealed at New York International Toy Fair that, like its predecessor, the film will also get a theatrical release. Do you know if it will be in limited theaters, like for EQG1, or be released in most major cinemas? A: Unfortunately I don't know exactly what plans Hasbro has for a theatrical release on EG2. So I probably shouldn't even speculate... Q: So far, the biggest gripe people have expressed towards the upcoming rainbow rocks film is that Fluttershy only has a tambourine. Was there any other instrument considered to be given to Fluttershy? A: Heh yes... This was something already established, and we didn't have the power to change it. We had a few different ideas for Fluttershy's instrument. Violin being one of them. Q: Another thing people have noticed is that the Rainbow Rocks shorts are much more visually impressive than most of EQG1. Was this just something done for the shorts, or has Rainbow Rocks been kicked up a notch? A: You can expect the same quality for Rainbow Rocks... Maybe even better! We had a lot of fun doing the shorts... And that fun carried over in the rainbow rocks Q: Should we expect to see plenty of TV/movie references and callbacks? A: There might be a couple... If you look close enough. Q: With tons of Rainbow rocks Trixie merchandise already on store shelves, and Trixie getting her own short animation, can we expect to see her play a big role in the upcoming film? A: I can only tell you that she will be more visible than she was in EG1. Q: This is an important one. Are we going to see more or less of Flash Sentry in Rainbow Rocks, compared to EQG1 A: I think we've utilized the character properly for EG2... I hope that's good enough? Q: Besides what we've seen, Pop, rock, and dubstep, are there any other styles of music we can expect to see/hear? A: As far as the music is concerned you'll just have to wait and see... All I can say is that it's really good! Daniel really stepped it up for Rainbow Rocks! Q: Was the fandom a big factor for making the decision to give dj-pon3 and Trixie bigger roles in Rainbow Rocks? A: For the Rainbow Rocks shorts we had a little more freedom to be experimental. This is why you guys are seeing videos like Music to My Ears I think it's pretty obvious that the fandom does have a little influence on what we put out there. Q: Along with EQG1, would you say that Rainbow rocks is canon to FIM? A: Not 100%. All though the universes are obviously connected, we're trying to separate them as best we can. Q: Since the portal to EQG land only opens every 30 moons, how long would you say a moon cycle in Equestria is? A: Hmmm that's a question better left for Jayson Thiessen. I'd say it's roughly around the same as the human world, but then again, A moon rotation would vary depending on how big or small the planet it was rotating around? Q: That about covers it. Is there anything else you want tell us about Rainbow ROcks, before signing off? A: I can tell you that Jayson and I just viewed the first act, and we were extremely happy with how it turned out. We've got an OTS that's going to blow your socks off... Thanks to amazing boards and layouts by Tony Cliff Our layout team has done such an awesome job on this movie, thanks to Christopher Lienonen and Steph Mahoney. You'll especially want to keep an eye out for Chris Morrill, who's storyboard panels are a work of art! All in all I think you guys will enjoy Rainbow Rocks... And for those of you who are afraid it interferes with the regular season of MLP, don't be! No matter what, the team here at DHX is going to bring you the best quality entertainment we know how to! And we're very lucky to have an amazing relationship with Hasbro entertainment, who give us the freedom to do so.
  13. Hey everypony! I am working a school assignment about the brony community, and there is a section for interviews, and I thought I would post my questions here, so that you could all have a chance to answer! Also if you have any suggestions for my question feel free to post those too! Please try to give full answers because the fuller the answer the stronger my research will be Thank you guys and have great day! I am really excited to hear what you all have to say! 1) Tell me about yourself. 2) When did you first watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? 3) What draws you to MLP? What do you like about it? 4) In your own words, what is a brony? 5) How do people react when you tell them you are a Brony? 6) Tell me about the community. 7) Could you tell me about your first brony meetup. 8) Have you always felt comfortable with the community? Was there a point in time when you hid your enjoyment of the show? 9) Why do you think the show is so successful and why do you think it has such a wide appeal? 10) Have you ever been harassed for being a brony or liking the show? If yes, could you tell me about that experience? 11) What would you say to those who are uncomfortable with the brony community?
  14. So you got a job interview coming up. You researched your company, practiced your sales pitch and then....they throw an odd ball question at ya, in which you never heard before. To make matters worse you do not know how to answer or respond to said question correctly. Or perhaps you simply have difficulties with particular interview questions and feel that you want to understand WHY they are such a silly question in your job interview. I created this thread to help those who need help with a job interview questions, since a lot of people are out of work, I figured why not help each other out. I been on 60 plus interviews (I am not kidding, that is a lot of interviews), after I graduated with my MBA (Masters of business Administration, with the concentration of Information Systems Management.) So it can get frustrating. But at my current job, I am a Senior Foremen/Manager and I hired people and asked common and not so common job interview questions. So I have been of both sides of the fence for at least a bit. I may of went through so many interviews, but you learn from trial and error on how to better yourself. As for me I always come up second it seems....If I can make it to the second, third and in rare cases a FOURTH interview, then I must be doing something right. Also If you have NO experience and need advice on how to GAIN experience for that job you want, also feel free to ask. If I cannot answer your question, then I am sure someone will be able to help you along the way. so ASK AWAY!
  15. Hey everyone! I've been assigned an interesting project in one of my upper level college classes, and part of the assignment is to interview one individual from a community of people that interest me. I'm really searching for someone well versed on all things Brony and all things My Little Pony. Please let me know if you're interested in participating. Thanks!
  16. I hope this is OK to do - if not, mods please remove the post! I interviewed Gail Tilden, the VP of Marketing at Enterplay, for the latest episode of my podcast. Enterplay, of course, have just launched the MLP Collectible Card Game in North America and have plans to unleash it worldwide throughout 2014. We talk about how Enterplay work with Hasbro, how the game came about and a lot more besides. The interview with Gail takes up the first twenty or so minutes of the show, so don't feel like you have to listen to the rest of it (though it's good, I promise ) You can search for Episode 72 of The Little Metal Dog Show on iTunes or download it directly from the site. Here's the link: Thanks for listening! And I'm trying to co-ordinate an interview with Darrell Hardy, one of the lead developers of the game, for the next episode of the show. If that comes off, I'll post it up here too.
  17. So, this thread is me forming a headcanon from various of the spoilers we have received regarding season 4, including the Twitter Q&A with Meghan McCarthy from earlier today. To start, here are the tidbitys we know: 1) In S4, a pony will give Pinkie a run for her partying money. 2) Vinyl Scratch may potentially have a singing role. And from today's Q&A. Now, where does this leave us? Welll, Vinyl Scratch is into parties as well, providing music for various celebrations. Pinkie and Vinyl also seem to know each other, based on how comfortable they were next to each other at the end of Canterlot Wedding Part 2. There is potential for a plot where they have some kind of dispute about who throws better parties of the two, and thus begins a kind of battle royale of the party animals. The rumour that Vinyl may have a singing role means that, if true, she will be a major character in at least one episode, as minor characters never get a whole song to themselves. Songs always contribute to the storyline and character development. A song would inadvertently mean that Vinyl would come out of the background. And the third, and most telling, could only refer to a couple of characters. It can't be Derpy, because her name is already canon. Octavia wouldn't be it either, because she is called Octavia on official merch. The only possibilities are Dr. Whooves and Vinyl Scratch, and I think Dr. Whooves has a canon name anyway (Time Turner). But all official Vinyl Scratch merch calls her DJ PON-3. She doesn't yet have her true name shown in any official sources. And also, we need to note the use of the phrase "fan favorite." Dr. Whooves isn't really a fan favorite. He is mostly an aside, as Derpy's coltfriend. Vinyl, however, has plenty of fan love in her own right, and she is undoubtedly a favorite, second in popularity only to Derpy Hooves. So, my headcanon is that the Pinkie party problem episode will be the one to feature the background pony, and that background pony will be Vinyl Scratch. The two will have a stink about who throws better parties, and get into a huge war of confetti, cupcakes, and wubs. This will also feature Vinyl's singing role, where she tries to show the power of wubtastic music! In the end, somepony notices the two fighting and recognises both of their party skills. This pony will want them to work together to throw one EPIC party. The two will be forced to make up, in order to make the party work. The lesson can be something along the lines of learning to not care about who's better, but instead focus on working together to achieve even greater goals. I just hope that they get somepony with a voice that is, at the very least, somewhat similar to Nowacking's. So, what do you guys think? Could this be what the clues point to? Is it a cool idea for how the episode could work? How do you folks put these hints together? Let meh know! And SEASON FOUR IS ON THE WAY!
  18. Apparently Hot Topic is doing a series of "personal interviews" with the Mane Six, and the results are VERY entertaining. Here are the videos: Applejack Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Anyways, I thought you guys might like it. -- *Edit #3: Thanks to @Sky Chaser for keeping this post up to date while I've been away.
  19. Hello everyone! My name is TheLoyalBrony and I am pleased to announce that I am (planning to) starting my new show called My Little Reviews tonight. In this show my staff and I go through fan content ranging from music, animation, and fan fiction and give a review of it. After which we interview a brony who has made the content mentioned above and more. Some of them are well known in our community, even other talented bronies who you may have never even heard of. This is all done live on Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Now to give you all a better idea on the shows layout we have myself and my friend Akkura who are the hosts and interviewers for the show. Our panelists who do the reviews consist of iSmartMan for music, ExtraExtrapie for fan fiction, and MyLittleAwesome02 for animations. Lastly we have our researchers, these are the guys who dig up the buried treasure of amazing fan content, not just from the well known bronies but those who are just getting started and have already made amazing pieces of work. I would now like to say that I am looking for more people to fill in some roles that need filling. I need researchers for animation and fan fiction. I also need backups for our reviewers in case they can't make the show that night. If you feel you can offer your help to our show then please read the appropriate section for the position you are interested in. Before you answer, keep in mind that I am looking for someone who feels they can do a great job and is dedicated enough to devote some of their time to the show. For researchers. I am not just looking for someone to pull up every single song by TheLivingTombstone, or every fan fiction written by deviceheretic, and so on. We need to give everyone a fair chance and that requires looking in those secret areas that may contain something incredible that has yet to be discovered. Along with that I am not just asking for you to link me to a video/story. I would need a short excerpt of why you feel it is worth looking at. Here is an example, 10/11/12 Title: If I go back Artist: ElectroKaplosion and Alioopster27 Genre: Alternative/electra Views: 117 Channel: ElectroKaplosion Subs: 2268 Reaction: Definitely one of the better original songs I’ve found. Very well made using a synth back ground and a piano main line. It uses some horns near the beginning and continues using the electronic synths throughout the song. It includes violins during the intro and has a good light percussion line that maintains itself during the whole song. Just a little repetitive. 7.5-8 out of 10 This is an excellent example that was given to me by one of my current researchers for a format of submitting your results. Even this is a little extreme if you ask me but if you feel you can delve deep into the amount of content made by us bronies, find that hidden gold, and give a report about as detailed as the one above. Then I will gladly accept you into the show, please leave a response below detailing why you want to do this and why you would be good at it. For backup panelists for music, animation, and fan fiction. The bar is set a lot higher here since the reviews must be professionally (by that I don't mean legitimate professional work that you would find in newspapers and such) and appropriately. Your opinion is something that must be put aside when reviewing content. By that I mean, if you have an opinion you have to have a reason for it and it must be within reason. Pointing out that you liked this about what you reviewed is okay and negative opinions are okay as long as they have a good reason for them. You may not like a certain genre of a song, or the lack of vectors in an animation, or even the category of a story, but there are others that will. How do you go about doing this? Well a good tip is to compare previous works done by the person who's content you are reviewing, pointing out how a certain tone or section doesn't seem to fit in with the song or how something that they did to it ties it all together, finding a few grammar errors or explaining why this part of the story was great, and pointing out that the lip syncing of a PMV doesn't line up with the vocals or saying why this bit in the animation was very well made. Another great thing to do is look up tips of how to review something properly, go listen to a review done by the staff of EverFree Radio, or even read one published by a professional. Lastly personal experience/knowledge of the field you are reviewing is a great resource and skill to have. My current reviewers have some of that and it has proven useful to how their reviews come out when given. As I said before this is a tough position to grab but if you are willing to show me how you can benefit the show then I will be willing to hear you out and give you a shot. Just leave a post below and I'll look at it. I apologize for such a lengthy post but that is just who I am. If you are still reading this then you are definitely showing dedication already to possibly helping out on the show. This is something that I really hope to make successful and can only do that with your help. You feel you are dedicated enough and have the skills necessary to do just that? Then I would be honored to have you on my crew. You may also even be asking "What will I get out of this?". The answer to that would be a chance to shine in the community, meet bronies who you have always wanted to talk to, get to ask them questions during the interview live, and most importantly, make some friends and have fun! Who are we going to interview? I can't say for certain who it will be in the future but the following people are some who have already agreed to be on the show real soon and what they do. Hirosashii (Music), ElectroKaplosion (Music), TNT9995 (Animation and Meme videos), M_Pallente (Music), Chaotic Harmony (Fan fiction and host of Reading Rainboom on EverFree Radio), dBPony (Music), deloreandudetommy (Remixes), DeiStar (Fan fiction), and last but not least Saberspark and PaleoSteno (Hosts of Brony Breakdown on EverFree Radio and creators of many funny and insightful brony videos on YouTube). So I will finally say thank you for taking the time to read all of this and lastly, show me what you got! P.S. If the show is to go on tonight I will need an animation reviewer ASAP because my main one I just found out is out of town this weekend so please help us out if you can!
  20. Was just curiously checking the Hot Topic channel just in case there was a new MLP Hot minute, and then found this. It's only just been uploaded! Three party cannons? Uh oh!
  21. There has been a recent interview with Tara where she discusses Alicorn Twilight and that it may not have much of an effect on the show's dynamic: (Source:
  22. Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the general sorting thread of my interviews, which also contains the queue. Reply to this thread if you wish to be interviewed. Important note: know that this is only a list, and not everyone on it will be interviewed, being on the list will only inform me that you wish to be interviewed, and I may or may not pick at random. But there is a very good possibility you will be interviewed eventually, if you are on the list. Also I highly recommend you take a look at Hiddenpairer's follow-up interview series here, he expands upon the interviews and makes sure to pick up what I lost the first round, and everything about these follow-up interviews is explained there. Link to the actual thread with the interviews: -Interviews themselves will be done through the personal messenger here on the forums, so semi-anonymously is guaranteed. -Or I can record your voice over Skype, if you want to do it with audio, and then upload it to youtube, take your pick. Line starts here:
  23. The Brony Documentary site has been updated with the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack now available for purchase. -The DVD contains the documentary as well as extra footage of BUCK and Galacon. -The Bonus Disc contains over three hours worth of interviews with Tara Strong, Lauren Faust, and John de Lancie. Both discs can be purchased separately for $25 each, or together in one complete package for $39.99. So those who aren't interested in watching the documentary itself but just want the interview disc can get it by itself if they wish. Shipping is not included. The DVD can be purchased here: Extended interview feature trailer:
  24. Welcome, to the interviews of the people, by the people, for the people. This specific thread contains all of the actual interviews, now, if you want to be interviewed, replying here won't help, you need to tell me over at the queue and general sorting thread. Just reply to that one saying that you want to be interviewed, and you will be added to the queue. That's it, enjoy these interviews Links to specific posts with interviews: Here is the interview I had with the most shining example of a brony I ever met, Flipturn. Questions in underline, answers in bold and italic like this Green text is for my after-thoughts 1. When did you first become a fan of My Little Pony, and was there anything in particular that led you to enjoy it? Ooh, first becoming a fan - that was a really awesome experience. It was the end of January 2012 when a friend invited me to a live stream of the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy episode that was being aired. Having only seen occasional references to the Brony community, all the bustling chat in the chat window was a pretty funny surprise! It was only the last few minutes of the episode, so afterwards I went to Youtube and decided to watch the very first episode. I remember being very impressed with how a show that seemed pretty children-geared used words like "imperative" and "precipice", and I thought the trotting animation was really adorable. As I kept watching, something clicked within me - why did I ever, EVER stop watching cartoons? That's when I declared myself a fan - this show was really cute, had loads of spirit and was really well made, out of any cartoon that I'd ever seen. Still is. 2. Has the community here on the forums changed your life in any significant way? Oh yes, the community has been enormous influence. I've been to a wide, wide range of forums, and I can safely say that this one has the friendliest and most creative community. The way that all the members here are so amazingly positive and make great creations about the show, as well as recognizing the greatness of promoting life values from the show, really makes me want to be as equally optimistic and to make the most of my general strengths - and that's saying something seeing as I've only been here a month I feel so at home here. 3. Why do you love Pinkie Pie as much as you do? A great question I love Pinkie Pie because she follows, and introduced me to, a wonderful life ethic - always look for the bright side in everything. That ethic has only helped me through so many life situations, and people have generally noticed me having a bright attitude - I owe it all to Pinkie Pie. In addition, she in herself is an amazing character - I love how she is truly dedicated to her friends and loves nothing more than making them happy, I love how she can provide the most excellent comic relief and still be a substantially deep character, and I especially love her complete and total zaniness - every scene she's in never fails to brighten up my day. It also definitely helps that she looks absolutely adorable as a character Pinkie Pie simply completes the show for me. If I may be honest, if there was never a Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony, I don't think I would be half as big a Brony as I am now. 4. How do you feel about season 3? As it stands right now, I'm really, REALLY enjoying Season 3. It was the first season that I was able to anticipate and look forward to over a long time, and it definitely delivered - the Crystal Empire was a beautiful gateway two-part episode for the season, and after watching it there was no doubt in my mind that we had another amazing season coming. Too Many Pinkie Pies, my all-time favourite episode, came immediately afterwards - not even the Library of Congress would be able to store my love for that episode. I've noticed Season 3 are giving many, many more nods to the fan base without it becoming pandering - the artistic side of me went wild for the new, much more fluid and attractive animation in this season, and the returns of Trixie and Discord couldn't have been better received. As a matter of fact, every Season 3 episode I've loved to bits - even Spike At Your Service, which nopony seems to have liked. So all in all, Season 3 is a brilliant season, and I'm super excited for the final two episodes that will undoubtedly be of the same standard. 5. What is your favorite thing about MLP Forums? Ooh, there are many things I love about MLP Forums. The community is a given, as I described, because they're nothing but friendly and all are very intelligent and eloquent. I love the amount of detailed discussion there is on MLP Forums - pretty much every post I see is elaborately written, and there are just so many different discussion topics to be a part of. What I also love about this place is that it's super active, all the members have something unique and likeable about them, with new posts, threads and updates from friends by the minute - without becoming too crowded for comfort. I see loads of tightly-bound friendships and shared jokes, so the atmosphere of the place is great too. Plus, the amount of notifications one typically gets makes me feel spoiled :3 I'm a little bit resentful that I didn't find this place sooner n.n But on the bright side, I'm a member and I feel completely at home here. 6. How do you feel about Alicorn Twilight? I could sum up Alicorn Twilight in four words - big fuss over nothing! What the writers and producers have delivered us so far has been great, the proof is in how massive Bronydom is - I can rely on them with ease to make sure alicorn Twilight blow us away. Very many people are acting the same way about Alicorn Twilight as they were about A Canterlot Wedding - "My Little Pony is forever ruined! The writers have completely lost it! I'm leaving the fandom!" And then it came along and we were all wowed! So as I always look on the bright side, I reckon the writers to know exactly what they're doing with Alicorn Twilight and they're yet again going to stun us. You can't really know until you've seen it for yourself, right? We say the same thing to anti-Bronies, after all I think that, given the synopsis for the final episode, that Alicorn Twilight is definitely a temporary thing. The final episode is where (spoilers) they all apparently have their cutie marks and "destinies" switched - so it would seem sensible that Alicorn Twilight would come from this, and just as likely return to normal from the solution she's supposed to conjure up. I think, if anything, the idea of Alicorn Twilight makes me even more excited to see what actually happens after all the hype about it. And randomly I asked: Welcome to the Salty Spatoon, how tough are ya'? How tough am I? How tough am I? I'll have you know that I watched Pinkie make a G3 face... ...and I only laughed for half an hour afterwards! Now go make Flipturn your friend, now, gogogogogogogogo.
  25. A few researchers and I are conducting a research paper on this forum and the Brony community (of course ,we're also Bronies as well, so it was pretty easy to get our professor's approval). We are currently in need of interviews for our research paper, so I thought it would be logical to post a topic on the subject. We are looking for Interviewees whom are active on this site, over 18, and able to answer questions regarding Brony Culture and how bronies who are active in the community see themselves and others. We are doing this for a college course, yes, but we are still approaching it with all of the proper paperwork and discretion. Personal information or any information given during the interview will be used with discretion, and kept between the interviewer and the interviewee. No names will be used in the paper that could possibly link you to the research paper - all to protect your privacy, of course. We, the research team, will need to record the interview for our finalized research paper, and will keep all of your contributions confidential. We are looking to establish answers to three questions: What type of community is the brony community? What do bronies see themselves as? And what do Bronies view as deviant? While three out of the four researchers on this project are Bronies, we're pretty quiet and less active in Brony communities. As such, we're not exactly sure how to explain the Brony Community, and lack the expertise and experience Bronies like you have. We can only accept applicants above the age of 18(as per our professor's orders), and will disclose the documents we record to you to verify that you will allow them to be used in this research paper. We are simple researchers - we will make any change you feel is necissary to help you keep your contributions to yourself. So what do you say? Want to take part in an epic research adventure? If you wish to participate, please PM me or Futtershykit. We are looking forward to hearing from you!