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Found 24 results

  1. like Applejack in a farm i'm Raised on the hills near a small town it has cold winters celestia be praised for i loved snow as i've grown my hobbies start with nice long reads i'm a bit like twilight sparkle just before her friends she seeks a bit closed,not quick to chuckle which brings me to my other trait like fluttershy i'm very shy my similarities end there,not great for its plain i cannot fly like Rarity my greatest passion is in Art,i like to draw though i'm not well versed in fashion and i always look quite raw so if you are like Pinkie pie always looking for new friends don't hold back,just come say Hi lets form a bond that never ends p.s. as for you Rainbow Dash,i'm sorry you're too awesome to compare i couldn't fit you in my story but i wrote this verse,so there
  2. Hello this is your Master of Hugs typing at you, not so live, from the 4th story of a Dorm! I love science. I always have. There is something magical when the forces that control or shape our very existence are explained and understood. I created this blog with curiosity in mind. I want it to be sort of like a QA... If you are interested in a topic linked to science, please suggest it in the comments, and like other suggested topics. Popular topics, or ones I myself are very interested in will be discussed and explained in this blog. So yeah, please suggest topics!... I would love to know what my fellow Bronies/Pegasisters are curious about!
  3. If someone said to you, "I want to give the show a try. Could you recommend an episode for me to start with?", what would you suggest they watch? Personally, I would recommend Sonic Rainboom. It shows the personalities of and interactions between most of the major characters fairly well, and has no major flaws IMO.
  4. Hello! So yeah. That's the first time I'm actually posting something about me on this website. Some of you may know me from somewhere else. (Maybe Russia, God knows why the Russians like me!) But anyway. I've been doing pony art for two years or so. I ask for nothing in return, although a watch on DeviantArt is always appreciated. It helps me to reach more people, and make their artworks come true. I'm always available for a good chat, or advice. I work with PhotoShop CS6, Paint Tool SAI for lines, and also traditional art. So yeah, that's it. Here's some of my stuff; the artworks are not in chronological order. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Alright, sorry for the long thread. And my apologies if I messed up with the rules somehow, I'm new here guys. I won't post my entire gallery, of course. I tried to link each artwork to its own page, but it was taking too long to get all the links and it didn't worked. Sorry for that too. But feel free to check my page on if you wish. Everything is there. The best regards! - Pedro Hander
  5. yes it's a bit longer - but it just has so much more vigor and less of a girly feel to it - I always like to return and listen to it anyone else aware that it existed? and are there any other mlp intros from other countries that you favour? I know a lot of peoples beef is with the mlp intro..
  6. Given that this blog is more about me and less about the persona that I present when it comes to the main forum, I've chosen a more visually appealing font and color choice. These changes to you may seem irrelevant, but to me they are significant and crucially important. This blog will serve as a way for the reader to look more deeply into me than I would normally allow otherwise; a sort of porthole for the masses to get a better look at the interior of the ship that is 'me'. I suppose a good question to start with would be who I am. While I don't intend to divulge more than is necessary for the context of a blog, I will tell you some basic information. I'm a current college student studying to enter the field of Law Enforcement. I'm a gamer, and as I hope you already knew, a brony. When it comes to that last aspect, as you may have already knew, I am pretty passive. In both my online and real life personalities, the show does not often boldly display itself upon my chest, literally or figuratively. When I was younger, it used to - I would wear shirts and use icons that displayed proudly to the world the fact that I was a brony. In my years since I entered into the life of a teenager, this changed. I stopped wearing those shirts and icons in favor of more normal attire. This isn't because I decided that I do not like the show; quite the opposite. I love the show to death. I care deeply when I perceive an episode to be good or bad. Hell, I still have lengthy discussions about them with a friend of mine after each episode. I have argued this point again and again on the forums and internet in general: bronies will never gain any respect by forcing what they enjoy down the throats of others. It is an ideology that I stand by firmly, and don't intend to flex on. You can enjoy the show as much as you want, but showing it off is unnecessary and invites conflict. As expected, the brony aspect of my life has already taken up a large percentage of this post, as it likely will with future blog posts. It is the theme of this website, and it seems only fitting; but bronyism isn't all I want to talk about with this blog, and in this initial post I have only divulged a modicum of who I am. To use a common phrase, 'this is only the tip of the iceberg'. That iceberg, of course, is me.
  7. Hi Everypony! So, seeing as I'm still pretty new here, I thought I might as well introduce myself: (I do this to just about every forum I join, just so you know!) 1) Taken or Single? Single 2) Straight/bi/gay? Um...I consider myself bi-curious seeing as I am currently going through a part of my life where I'm questioning myself on that subject matter. 3) How tall are you? Not very; I'm only 5'3". 4) Favorite color? Black, Blue and Purple 5) Birthday? March 1st 6) Eye color? Hazel (They sometimes change from brown to green depending on my mood and my makeup) 7) Failed a class? Nope (but I almost failed Math last semester) 8) Kissed a boy? Yes 9) Kissed a girl? No 10) Did drugs? Nope (unless you count insulin as a drug...) 11) Smoked weed? Nope 12) Smoked cigarettes? Never 13) Smoked a cigar? Nope 14) Drank alcohol? Only small sips in moderation 15) Been to a wedding? Yes, when I was 3 16) Favorite TV show? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Obviously!), Glee, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time 17) Kissed in the rain? No 18) Been on a road trip for more than 5 hours? Yes, from New-Brunswick, Canada to Massachusetts 2 or 3 times 19) Got my heart broken? No...yes...sort's a bit complicated to explain... 20) Hate someone? Yes... *Looks shameful* 21) Cut myself? Nope 22) Any scars? Not that I can tell... 23) Ever been close to death? No 24) Been on a diet? No 25) Stayed up for more than 24 hours? It's quite possible, but I'm not sure... 26) Been to a concert? No, but I really want to 27) Ever had a crush on the same-sex? No 28) Wore Makeup? Yeah 29) Snuck out of the house? Yeah 30) Dyed my hair? Oh yeah; a friend of mine would call me 'Rainbow Dash' because it looked like my hair had all the colors of the rainbow (It was really just pink, purple and blue but it got all mixed up with my blonde and red hair) 31) Met someone famous? I met Brad Swaile (he plays Light Yagami in Death Note) at an anime convention a couple years back 32) Been on a plane? Nope 33) Have a crush? No... 34) Ever lost a loved one? Yes 35) Any brothers or sisters? Sadly, I have a 7 year-old she-demon...I mean little sister... (It's a sister thing if you will...) 36) Lefty or righty? I'm right-handed 37) Biggest fear? Snakes. Definitely snakes. 38) Did you lie on any of these? Maybe...haha, just playing. I didn't So that's about it, if you guys have any questions for me, go right head and ask! I'll answer just about anything! -SerenaTheMoonPony
  8. A grand hello, howdy, and hey all to every member of this fine community! Some of you may know me, but I'm sure there's a large segment of the member base that has little to no inclination of who I am. This is the reason why I am posting this blog. I want to give you a simple and/or detailed look at who I am. Of course plenty of this is covered in my profile, but I hope expand on that! In any case, let us begin! Before I begin, I want to engage the members here! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Introduction: Who I am now I am PathfinderCS; a member of the staff here at MLPForums. Specifically I work as a sectional staffer in the "Friendship is Magic" section of the forums; meaning that my area of duty includes Show Discussion, Sugarcube Corner, Equestria Girls, and any of the related sub-forums. I only became a member here on May 31, 2014 after doing a Google search for forums related to Friendship is Magic. Considering this one seemed to be the most active, I gave it a try, and I have never regretted that decision. If you're curious, I am 28 years of age, and I have a LOT of experience on the internet. My experience with message boards & forums extends all the way back to 2000/2001. Here's a link to my member profile on what is probably the first forum I ever joined: Yes, my name was Captain Spyro back in the day, and that is what the CS in PathfinderCS refers to. Anywho, I currently work for the Whitesville State Bank located in southern West Virginia. I work as a loan clerk, which doesn't match my degree at all. You see, I graduated from Concord University in 2008 with a degree in geography; with an emphasis on mapping & GIS. I also minored in history. I also currently live with my parents, so I really haven't made that big step in living by myself yet! Along with that, I'm single, though I'm not complaining. My last relationship was an online one that lasted from 03 to 07, and I never regret a moment of it. As such, while I'm not exactly looking, I wouldn't say no if the right person came along. About Me: What I'm into My main hobby is gaming. I started as a young kid when my biological father got me a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas. I have so many memories playing Mario, Donkey Kong, and Duck Hunt! Very fun times! Later on, I also got a Sega Genesis from Christmas, and I was introduced to games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Castle of Illusion, and Virtua Racing. Again, so many hours were lost playing these great games, among others. Later I was introduced to the original Playstation, and thank to a certain purple dragon by the name of Spyro my status as a gamer was finally confirmed. Spyro was pretty much my icon, and still is! I loved those games so much; as well as other games. As time moved on and I got older, I was able to enjoy even more systems and games. Now that I can provide for my own self, I can indulge in my hobby much more than I could in the past. Because of my heavy interest in gaming, I'm not as much into movies and TV as I used to be. My preferences tend to lean towards fantasy, science fiction, and adventure. As such, it's no wonder my favorite shows include the various Star Trek series, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (old & new), and Game of Thrones. Of course, I like other shows too like Mythbusters and decent documentaries dealing with history, science, and social science. As for movies, my favorite movie of all time is the Lord of the Rings; by Peter Jackson. I tend to count all three as one. Along with that, I love the older Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones, various Godzilla flicks, King Kong, Titanic, Dragonheart, and others. I'm not much of a book reader, though I do read from time to time! In regards to music, I am mostly into metal (power, progressive, symphonic), orchestral music (Classical and movie/tv/game music), and ska punk. My favorite metal bands tend to be Symphony X, Rhapsody of Fire, Sonata Arctica, Fairyland, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Pathfinder, Therion, Nightwish, Black Sabbath; among others. The only ska punk band I listen to right now is Streetlight Manifesto. As for orchestral composers, my heart beats for JS Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky, and others on the classical end, and James Newton Howard, Jeremy Soule, Inon Zur, and Christopher Franke; among others. Lastly, I'll talk about sports, and I'm not heavily into sports right now. Do I like some sports? Of course, but I'm just not into them all that much. My favorite sports tend to be hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins), soccer/football (Bayern Munich, Sporting Kansas City), and certain motorsports. I grew up on NASCAR, but I have drifted away from it as IndyCar, World Rally, and my true passion, Rally Raid, took hold. Your Turn: Give Me Questions! Now, it's your turn! Is there something you want to ask me? Something you want me to elaborate on? Perhaps there is something I could here? Please, ask me your questions. I'll be happy to answer what I can!
  9. Blog Introduction - Silky's Journal 01 ---------------------------------------------------------- Well hello guys and welcome to my Blog, unfortunately i don't know much about blogs, but i'm doing this to let people know some of my stories, whenever its weird, intresting, and others. I just want to let somepony know my story. Let's get to it. Things you need to know about the blog ---------------------------------------------------------------- I made this blog with a perspective of my OC, Silky White and also my own perspective, it's a little bit mixed up sometimes, but that's how i roll. The blogs gonna be updated atleast once a week, but probably gonna go for 2-3 times a week. And most of the blogs content are gonna be about the adventures of Silky. Why do i do this? ---------------------------- First of all, you need to know about my OC, Silky White. Silky White - Biography & Backstory ----------------------------------------------- Silky White is a white coated mare with blue mane who works as being a writer. Her actual name is Silkster White, but she liked herself to be called Silky White. Silky has the habits of panicking whenever there's alot of crowd in place. 'Silkster' "Wonderful, caring, charasmatic, loving, beautiful stong woman who lights the world up by just being there." By Amanda the Miracle Hun (Urban Dictionary) Dont ask that to me . That person has been driving me crazy and paranoid for a while, let that be a story for another time. But anyways she has a sister named Spillshy White, another white coated mare with slightly lighter blue mane. Spillshy has been a famous writer with good novels and such. Silky idolized her sister, and so she tries to follow her sister's step. And so she remembered what her sister told her in her fillyhood. "It's a big world out there, and its our choice to live and feel it, and it is our choice to tell the tales of our lives and such. It is a writers duty to be creative and imaginative about things, like fantasy. But i like it to be real, like something that i could feel. I wanna be there to see it, and let the people know from what i've learned and see. How about you Silky?" And so the tale starts as Silky became adventurous and explore Equestria. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So now why am i doing this? --------------------------------------------- The reason i'm doing this is because that Silky, yes my OC. Silky is a wonderful mare to me, even though it is just from my imagination or something like that. But she has lighten my world and my life, and i have been thinking and imaginating things about her. She helps me relax and just... so... i don't know what to say, but she lighten up my world. And because of that, i want people and ponies to know about her, and i'm gonna do whatever i can to let them know. Other Comments --------------------------- I'm guessing like others, each people want their OC to be known, but they don't care about the others. And that's life to me, for now. For that matter i'll try to make this blog worth timing to read, something that anypony or anyone can enjoy. Well, thanks for reading fellas.
  10. I know that FIM has only had 1 theme, (unless there is a super secret hidden one somewhere... ;p.) but I have learned about the opening themes for MLP in two other languages, and the whole opening music and everything is entirely different in both compared to the English one. Anyways, rambling aside, after listening to some of these other themes, I oddly enough found them pretty good. And so I wanted to see what everyone else's favorite opening themes were, and why. I have personally quite liked the Italian version, I don't know why really, I guess I just think the singer has a really awesome singing voice, even if I can't understand the majority of what is said. (And honestly when literally translated it isn't quite as cool anyways in my opinion). The Japanese one is pretty cool too, but idk, I just personally am not a huge fan of it. The English version is cool too,(The extended version is better than just the part normally played.) but the fact i've heard it so much, plus just I think liking the Italian version better makes it not come off as anything amazing. But now that i've given my lengthy opinionated explanations, I want to get to the purpose of this thread, and figure out which theme you like the most! I'm only going to include the 3 I am aware of, since i don't know of any others, if there are other themes, then feel free to inform me, and I'll add them(assuming they aren't just translations to whatever language from English.) Oh and I'll post the 3 theme's, so people can more easily compare. Italian Japanese English Looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say!
  11. So, in your opinion, which opening is the best? My little pony special: My little pony escape from catrina: My little pony the movie: My little pony n' friends (potato heads): My little pony n' friends (glo friends): My little pony and friends (moondreamers): My little pony tales: My little pony (G3): My little pony (G3.5): My little pony FIM (season 1): My little pony FIM (season 2): My little pony FIM (season 4): My little pony equestria girls: My little pony rainbow rocks: (I think there's some intros I forgot)
  12. This short, kinda dumb video is my first foray into YouTube. I wanna share it with you guys! Here you go!
  13. Who is Strawberry Cream? --- Database Image: Name: Strawberry Cream Nickname: The Sky Pony Age: 3 Gender: Mare Species: Unicorn Were did they come from: No one is sure, she fell from the sky. Special Powers: Strawberry Tear. Knocks the opponent backwards when the tear hits the floor. About them: Strawberry Cream fell from the sky just after it turned red. She crashed into the strawberry fields. She charges at people when she is crowded or threatened and when she hits them they are trapped inside a pink cage. Only Luna can break the cage. Many people believe that Luna is cousins with Strawberry Cream and that Strawberry Cream has powers relating to the sun. Luna And Strawberry together make the unbeatable force. The Candy Beam. You can read about her adventures on her new blog.
  14. So like, I saw a couple other people doing this, and figured I might as well try it out? Also, the picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was cool. BASIC: *Name: Brahian (yeah really I know) *Nickname(s): All of them? Well, here goes: Brah, Brian, Brain, B-Ri, Brahny, Brony (yarly), Afterwards, After, Afty, Squidwards, Nebraska, The Flash, Seaweed Brain, and a couple things that I forgot about and uh.... stuff. *Gender: *checks pants* Yep, definitely male. *Age: 16 *Birthday: Right before April Fools' LIKES / DISLIKES: *Favorite Color(s): Ultraviolet, Infrared, Black, White, Grey, Rainbow *Least Favorite Color: Green is not a creative color. *Favorite Food: hahaha you want me to pick a favorite food how naive of you *Least Favorite Food: Cauliflower fosho *Favorite Band/Artist: Evanescence 4LYF *Least Favorite Band/Artist: whatever my sister's currently listening to. *Favorite Type of Movie: Fantasy/Adventure/Science Fiction/Mystery/Comedy/Drama/yeah okay I can't pick a favorite *Least Favorite Type of Movie: Idk um romance I guess? I usually get bored about halfway through those :T *One thing you can’t get enough of: Air. *One thing you hate more than anything: The only thing I hate: My dear beloved sister. LOVE LIFE: *Are you single? As of recently, yes... *Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Hehe, yeah... *Do you flirt a lot? But only with the right people *Sweetest thing you're ever gotten: uh idklol *Do you believe in love at first sight? It's highly unlikely that such a thing exists. *Do you fall in love fast? I spose so... *Do you ever make the first move? I actually did *Do you want to get married? Who doesn't? ARE YOU. . *A daydreamer? Hellz yea *Shy? I guess so? idklol *Talkative? But only with the right people *Energetic? See above. *Happy? I try to be... *Depressed? Not usually... *Caring? Sharing *Trustworthy? Not sure, you be the judge *Confident? hahano *Friendly? yuh *Sarcastic? No way! I would NEVER! *Dependable? Like, in what way? *Adaptable? I spose so *Emotionally strong? hahahano *Religious? hahahahano *Indecisive? hahahahahayes *Outgoing? But only with the right people *Nosy? Far too much for my own good *Lazy? But brilliant *Artistic? For sure *Serious? so supr srs bruh *Thoughtful? I thought a thought but the thought I thought was not the thought I thought I thought. If the thought I thought was the thought I thought I thought, then I wouldn't have thought so much. *Considerate? I try to be. *Romantic? Not really *Obsessive? Nowhere near as much as a certain Rarity-centric friend of mine.... (lel shoutout to @@ghostfacekiller39) *Sincere? Like, in what way? *Tolerant? There are very very few things I'm intolerant about, but that's mainly because of having to grow up with them... So like, I guess that's it then? So yeah, now you know me... I guess.
  15. Hey there! i go under the persona of NLR 2nd Lt Ryan C, but i'm more commonly known as "DaScottishBrony" i like video games, Anime, And Owl City (and Slipknot) Hello Again!
  16. At the request of someone very dear to me, I am indeed going to continue this blog. Admittedly, I don't really know what I'll end up writing, but I guess we'll just see where it goes. Anyway, I figure I might as well explain how I'm going to go about this. First of all, as I mentioned in my first entry, I don't really read blogs. So I can't guarantee that I really know how to write one properly either, but then, I never really did things the same way as everyone else. So basically I'm just going to write whatever comes to mind that I feel is substantial and/or worthwhile enough to merit posting here. I can't say how frequently that's going to be. Sometimes there might be more than one a day, other times there might only be one or two a month. But given how much time I have on my hands, I'd bank on it being closer to the former. I also can't guarantee that all of it will be very interesting, so it may well be a hit or miss type of thing. As for the kind of thing I'm going to write about, honestly I don't know. I'll probably talk about Dungeons and Dragons at some point, as well as League of Legends, and probably just life in general, but that's all I can say with any certainty. Of course, if you have any questions for me, or there's something you want me to write about or elaborate on, go ahead and say something in the comments. I would really appreciate it, since it gives me an idea for something else to write about. Really, in general I would just appreciate any comments of any nature you have to offer. So I guess that's about it. Comment if you have anything to say or if you just want attention, I suppose. I promise the next post will actually contain legitimate content and not just me rambling. In fact, it'll probably come later today. If you have any suggestions for what it should be about, please feel free to share them.
  17. Hi, i was just thinking about it, and i was curious if it was a possibility that the opening scene in season 4 will change now that twilight is an alicorn because she isn't in the theme song. so, do you think they might change it?
  18. Okay, first off, I expect this post to be unnecessarily longwinded and awkward. Just a warning. Basically, I had been thinking about doing a roleplay designed specifically to introduce newcomers to the roleplay world, and to help them get the hang of it. Then I thought maybe I should do a whole series like that, for two reasons: A) The original roleplay might not be one that appeals to all newcomers, and this shouldn't prevent them from having an easy way to get into roleplaying. So I thought it might be best to have roleplays designed to introduce players to different genres and styles of roleplaying. So I began to wonder how a series of these roleplays would work out. Except then I realized that they would eventually have to end, either from reaching a conclusion, or simply dying out from loss of interest. That would severely limit the number of people who could benefit from them to those who happened to start roleplaying during the time when the RPs were going on. And there's also the fact that an RP can only get so big before I can't DM it effectively- I've learned that the hard way. Thus I came up with the idea of making an entire section for beginner- or perhaps a better word would be introductory- roleplays. Given that there's a section dedicated to advanced roleplays already, it seems fairly reasonable.
  19. So...Hi, I guess. My name is Gabriel Smith. I have had previous experience running a small blog nobody read - "The Eccentric World of Sir Shockwave" back a few years ago on That Guy With The Glasses. For a time, things were good - each and every Wednesday without fail, I managed to publish a new Review or Editorial. On what you might ask? Anything I could find I considered worthy of talking about. As such, I am going to set forth the following promises and rules, in addition to the ones that usually govern the Blogs. I will update at least once a week, with Special Blogs for breaking stories and news announcements. I promise to give you my undivided opinion. As such, unless otherwise stated everything written is Opinion based. As such, expect copious amounts of Heresy. I do reviews and opinion articles, which can be divided into roughly three groups - Music, Video Games and Animation. Editorials may have a further series of Categories. I will say it here and now - I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS. This is especially true if they are coming from a single loud, obnoxious individual. I and I alone will decide what goes on in the Blog. With so many things I've wanted to talk about recently, where would we start? Well, hopefully this might provide a clue of what I intend to do first: Incidentally, must find a way to make pictures smaller. Until next time, I have been your GABEN. Thank you for reading this short and sparse introduction.
  20. Well, I might as well introduce myself. I go by AngryUnicorn (no worries, I'm not really angry). I became a brony somewhere along the time of early season three and I, even more recently, became a member of this website! What I plan on posting in this little blog is exactly what the name of the blog is: On AngryUnicorn's Mind. Sometimes, I'll have a lot of random, useless information that I'll decide to put out onto the internet A little bit MORE about myself: I'm a 16 year old male I have an interest in art, writing, computers, and fun My favorite pony would have to be Fluttershy (face it, she's adorable) I tend to the internet... it needs me I love to play games on consoles as well as PC, even though my PC is almost as good as a huge block of Styrofoam. I also love feedback. Feel free to speak your mind in the comments! We're all tolerant here
  21. Hey ponies on the forums. I've been around the forums for around two months now and been an active member however I never really introduced myself. When I signed up I never made a welcoming plaza thread and I've never made a status about me or anything so here goes. First I was MJP2010, then I was Like a Boss, and now I'm Lightning Fluttershy. Most people I role play with just call me Boss. My real name is Matthew and I live in Toronto. I'm publicly open about being a brony. I mean my friends and people know I am one but I don't force it upon them or anything. I'm into video games, programming and designing, and ponies. I strongly believe curling is a real sport and that Fluttershy is best pony. This is it for now. Just a little introduction even though some of you have probably seen me before posting my opinions in threads. I'll likely post more blogs in the future!
  22. Is this thing working? Testing... 1... 2... 3... Yeah, it works fine. Welcome! Come in, come in, make yourself at home. In this particular blog you'll be following the adventures of me as I talk about life events, review games, post random stuff. Just what you'd expect from a regular blog. I'll be posting on weekends since I'm busy most of the week.
  23. Hi, I recently wanted to write a story and thought I might start off with something that's pretty easy: Survival Adventure. I'm going to write the start of it During the summer of 1035 AD(After Discord) a group of three foals ventured deep into the Everfree forest well past any mapped territories.They never returned and no there has been no sign of them since. The ponies' of Ponyville, scared out of their boots screamed to Celestia to restrict access ponies' have to the land of Equestria. Fearing an uprising, high ranking officials begged Princess Celestia to comply. Eventually Princess Celestia introduced The Pony Safety Act (PSA) in the winter of '35 AD which restricts pony access for dangerous regions such as the Everfree forest. It got hailed as the "Savior of the Foals" in addition to her normal title "God". ~The Equestrian Inquirer, 15th of January, '36 Last night a young colt named Papercut, with an suddenly disappeared. Papercut is a small orange/brown pony. He has a long mane which is laid loosely over his neck.Mostly identifiable by his cutie mark of a Map. He left a note which only had 5 words written down in large,bold letters...There has been no information of his whereabouts as of yet. His parent plea for anypony out there to contact. ~ The Equestrian Inquirer, 27th of January, '37 Papercut was bored out of his little mind. Canterlot wasn't exactly the most exiting place for a 13 year old pony, especially since The PSA. He explored every possible square inch in Canterlot and every interesting place had been off limits. It seemed like society was determined to stop fun. Life seemed pointless if it wasn't full of surprises. And since life isn't full of surprises, I might as well make my own surprises... " Wait if I make my it a surprise?" said aloud. "What are you talking about?" asked Raisin, Paper's best friend since Kindergarten. "Huh? Oh...umm...nothing." "Oh come on, you always say that you suddenly do something interesting." "Jeez,In Celestia's name shut!" "Come onnnnnnnn" Raisin was always like that, never the one to keep quiet, always talking Yap,yap yap.Even so, he was good company when he shuts his mouth. "Come on Raisin, don't be a Nightmare Moon" "Just tell me, I can keep a secret...if it is a secret." Raisin was getting to Papercut now. His incessant nagging was getting a tad bit annoying. "SHUT UP" Papercut shouted, a bit too loudly. "PAPERCUT!" shouted Mrs. Smokey, her breath reeking of cigarette smoke. Everyone was now looking at Papercut, finally getting some drama after a long boring lesson about the History of Celestia. "Sorry Mrs. Smokey" said Papercut a bit humbled. "Coward" said Raisin, giggling at Papercut. "Buck you" whispered Papercut back. This is just awful.I can't believe this is happening to me. Papercut looked up at the clock. 1800 seconds to go. As Papercut arrived home, he immediately rushed into his bedroom. He did not feel like talking right now. As we opened the door into his bedroom he immediately planted his face into his bed. "Ughhhhhh...ughhhhhh. My life is the worst!" complained in typical teen fashion. "I have to get away from here. School is without point considering I'll be good at something anyway and life in Canterlot is" "PAPER, COME AND EAT YOUR DINNER" called Paper's mum. Papercut was mentally exhausted by today's events, and could not even bother to call out to his mother or even murmur a word. "GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW" "THREE...TWO...ON-" Gee I wonder what happens at one. Well better not risk it, thought Papercut. "FINE, I'm coming, I'm coming" Papercut sat down at the table. "So Paper, how was school today," asked his dad, making the obligatory dinner conversation. "It was meh" fulfilling his part of the contract. "What's wrong with young ponies these days using words like meh and duh. Fell asleep in English as well as Mathematics?" his mum asked sarcastically, with a smirk on her face. Apparently her sarcasm was lost upon Papercut. "Mum, ehhh, you just don't get it"Papercut ate his meal of hay and roots quickly and left for his bedroom. "In Celestia's name what is wrong with that kid" "Don't worry honey, it's just a phase" the middle-aged pony said, trying to reassure her. As Paper entered his room, he made a decision in that moment, one that would change his life forever. It was a rash decision. Not well thought out but he was sticking to it. I'm making my own surprises. The next day, a note with only five words was found in his room. "The Everfree Forest is Mine." So this is my first chapter to my new survival story. If people like it I'll continue this on FIMFiction. This as made for constructive criticism. Please don't destroy me. "Like it or love it?" ~ Rarity