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Found 11 results

  1. This is non-pony related, I need help! I can't find a piece of paper that had questions about Invader Zim on it. So, if I ever went to InvaderCON, I would ask them (that was before I knew that in 2014 was the last, I wish it wasn't) but I can't remember what was on the paper. Help? Two (or three) of them were questions about ZaGr. This is what I think one of them was about. (To Jhonen) In an interview, you said something about if you brought romance into the show, you would have paired up Zim and Gaz together, how would you've started their relationship if the show continued? ^ Alternate ^: (To the voice talent, if Jhonen is not there) Jhonen said if he brought romance into the show, he would've paired up your characters; Zim and Gaz, how do think or how would you've liked your relationship to start? (And I can't remember the other, help? Suggestions?) And 6 others, mainly for Jhonen, but can they be answered by the voice talent? In the episode "Bestest Friend", after Zim's device removed Keef's eyes and replaced them, and Keef looked out the window and saw a squirrel and the device in Keef's eye sockets reimaged the squirrel larger than what it was in reality and as Zim, now, since Keef thinks he's looking at face of Zim but since the squirrel is shorter than what Keef's imaging it to be, wouldn't he be looking over the squirrels head? But when we see outside of Keef's eyes, we see that he is looking directly at the squirrel's face, not above his head as the most likely flawed machine mechanics would cause. How exactly does the machine behave? And what's programing exactly? Did Tak ever really care or have feelings for Dib? And will Dib remain alone forever? In the episode "The Attack of the Saucer Morons", when Zim and G.I.R. crashed the voot-cruiser carrier into the alien convention center, how did they escape this problem with no extra carrier and no extra help to create a diversion? How come Invader Zim was so expensive? Was it the animation? The writers? The musicians? The voice actors? What did Gaz mean by "I have a squiggly-spooch…"? Did Zim implant one in her to upset Dib? Or is she possibly referring to a certain female organ? In "Parent Teacher Night" Robo-Mom threw Zim into a punch bowl, and he didn't burn but in "Tak: The Ugly New Girl", Gaz sprayed Zim with 'Poop' and he burned, so, does Irken skin burn when soda or water touches the surface their skin, but not Kool-Aid? Now, yes, it may seem as if I know all of what I said, but I don't know if I worded them as I did on the paper, does anypony have any suggestions to word them more properly.
  2. Apparently, the creation of Invader Zim came about when Nickelodeon approached Jhonen Vasquez to make a cartoon for them. But of all people, why did Nickelodeon go to Jhonen for a new cartoon? Surely they must've known about his previous work. Well, apparently I read that Nickelodeon wanted a Nicktoon for a slightly older audience compared to say Spongebob, kids 12+ or Something. If that was the case, then why didn't Nickelodeon put the show on TEENick in the first place (even though it was briefly on the block at one point), or even better, move it to The N for it's second Season.
  3. My first shot at some IZ fanart. Hope you guys like it!
  4. So this is how it works! Look for the first initial of your first name, then look for the first initial for your last name. You will find out your new awesome name! With the power of the Name-O-Changer: Twilight Sparkle: Black Texas Pinkie Pie: Miley McYumi Rainbow Dash: Darth Doorknob (lol I never knew doornobs were in star wars) Derpy Hooves: Tinsel Face Lauren Faust: Lyoko Taocbell (Taco Bell in a virtual world? Cool! code lyoko, iykwim)
  5. What do you think? Could the cheerful and happy Pinky Pie be, in a way, the soulmate of the small clueless robot assistant who loves trash food?
  6. These are some drawings I did quite a while back based off of a few characters from Invader Zim. I apologize for 1.) The quality of the drawing 2.) The quality of the photo (I need to figure out the whole "scanner" thing) 3.) No Gir
  7. DJShy

    Ask Gir!

    WHEE!!!! I LIKE PIGGIES AND TACOS AND CUPCAKES AND WAFFLES! ASK ME QUESTIONS! (OOC) sorry about it looking plain, but I'm on a phone, so yeah.
  8. Red: Welcome MLPForums members! This is the place where you can ask me and Purple any questions you like, while we completely ignore you and eat donuts! I'm kid, we will answer your questions, however we still will be eating donuts. Purple: Mm! *Continues to snack on some donuts*
  9. I used to watch Invader Zim alot. I thought this would be a good throw back to the show , and a good way to bring two of my favorite shows together.
  10. So, last night, on the miserable car ride home, a conversation about zombies sparked between me and a good friend. The next day, (today, duh) I messaged her again. It was a stupid idea, but I mentioned the possiblity of our alternate selves (in the Invader Zim world! ) creating the new zombie apocalypse. TIME FOR SOME TARGET PRACTICE. AIM FOR THE HEAD, BRO. So, whatcha think? I personally liked how the shading went.