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Found 1 result

  1. Calling all fan-fiction readers, writers, and editors! For our next Fandom Q&A, Poniverse is proud to present our second Fimfiction guest, the one and only Mister Friendly! Join us at MLP Forums on February 27, 2016 at 3:00PM EST to 6:00PM EST for a Forum Q&A with Mister Friendly! Mister Friendly has been featured many times on the coveted Fimfiction feature page, and is most well known for his Irony of Applejackverse, an alternate universe fan-fiction setting in which Applejack is a Changeling and struggles with her identity and whether or not to share her secret with her friends in the wake of the Changeling Invasion. His most popular stories include The Irony of Applejack and The Advent of Applejack, both set within this alternate universe, and in his writing he's proven himself to be a sterling example of what a truly creative and gifted writer can do with a few simple but very unique changes to an already great setting such as MLP:FiM's. If you'd like to converse with a very creative member of the brony fandom and, if you're an aspiring writer yourself, get some tips from a seasoned veteran fan-fiction writer, this is a great opportunity to do so! We look forward to hosting Mister Friendly on our beloved forums and hope as many of you can join us as possible. See you all next Saturday! Art courtesy of Heilos. Be sure to check out more of her work on DeviantArt by clicking on her name and following the link to her DA page.